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The following are a selection of economic and financial markets analysis online video's.

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The Government Lied... There is No More Silver! 24th Feb 2011 - 8 minutes

Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Eric Sprott told investors that there is no more silver left to go around, "There's $22 billion of silver available in the world, of which the ETFs already own half, and between you guys and us we probably own the other half... Which means there's nothing left."

Click below to read more about Ed Steer's case for $60 silver:

Marc Faber Mature economies To Beat Emerging Markets, Food Inflation Worrying19th Jan 2011 - 6 minutes

Marc Faber on CNBC-TV18 : Mature economies To Beat Emerging Markets, Food Inflation Worrying

The Next Financial Meltdown, State Budgets Day of Reckoning23rd December 2010 - 60 minutes

Steve Kroft Reports On The Growing Financial Woes States Are Facing. The day of reckoning is at hand. Steve Kroft tells us what we need to know about the looming financial crisis that almost no one is talking about.

Why Government is More Afraid of Debt than Economic Depression 18th December 2010 - 10 minutes

Michael Hudson: Deficit Hawks Want a One Two Punch Against the Economy.

China Overbuilding to 'Hit a Wall': Chanos14th December 2010 - 11 minutes

The overdependence on new real estate in China, when the demand isn't there, will cause the nation to eventually "hit a wall," hedge fund manager James Chanos told CNBC Friday.

“Construction is 60-plus percent of GDP, compared to exports of 5,” said Chanos, who is the founder and president of Kynikos Associates.

“The problem is that consumption as a percentage of Chinese economy has declined in the last 10 years, from 40 to 35 percent. It’s all real estate,” he said. After the US, China has the world's second largest economy.

John Williams of ShadowStats Warns Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months!11th December 2010 - 10 minutes

In the US we don’t have a back up system. Zimbabwe had the worst hyperinflation anyone’s ever seen. But, they survived. They had an ongoing economy. That was because of a black market in US dollars. We don’t have a black market in the US. There’s no backup to our system.

Marc Faber on China Interest Rate Hike and Still Expects Stock Markets to Fall 20th November 2010 - 5 minutes

Marc Faber discusses China interest rate hike for the fifth time this year as inflation surges. Inflation hits people all over the world, official CPI do not reflect real cost of living increases, which is worse in emerging markets as per capita income is lower. Real chinese inflation is running at about 10% per annum. Still expects stock markets to fall, no new imminent high.

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20 Years of Fed Stock Market Manipulation Revealed 17th November 2010 - 29 minutes

Jeremy Grantham: "The Fed Has Spent Most of the Last 15, 20 Years Manipulating the Stock Market"

Deflation, Inflation and Quantitative Easing For Goldman Sachs Explained 15th November 2010 - 7 minutes

What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here and why.

Marc Faber on U.S. Trade Deficit Doom as a Cause of the Financial Crisis11th November 2010 - 8 minutes

Marc Faber Discussing the U.S. trade deficit as the real cause of the financial crisis that boosted emerging markets and commodities which should be thanking Ben Bernanke. U.S. could benefit form exporting agricultural commodities.

Stock Market Dow Jones Index Priced in Gold, What It Means for the Long-Term Trend27th October 2010 - 3 minutes

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Marc Faber Says QE2 to Drive Down Stocks27th October 2010 - 7 minutes

Marc Faber discusses the potential impact of further quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve on stocks.

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Gold $1,400, Marc Faber Will Never Sell Gold as Long as Bernanke Keeps Printing Money25th October 2010 - 5 minutes

Gold on reaching 1400, Marc Faber says he will never sell his Gold as long Bernanke keeps printing money.

Foreclosure Bombshell20th October 2010 - 14 minutes

Watch this interview for a flavor of what's next - Banks breaking into homes to repo them and homeowners fighting back by taking possession: "Nobody in this country knows for sure who owns any real estate, residential or commercial."

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