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Russia Election Fraud, Czar Putin Elects Himself President of Corrupt Russian Mafia State

Politics / Russia Mar 04, 2012 - 01:41 AM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleCzar "Prime Minister" Putin in September 2011 decided they would swap jobs again with his President front Man Medvedev and today Vladimir Putin elects himself President for another 6 year term in a repeat smoke and mirrors bogus fraudulent election.

However there is a fly in the ointment as the Russian population having watched a series of tin pot dictators across the Arab world being taken down as populations fight for their freedom aided by the social media revolution to bypass official propaganda with revolutions starting in Tunisia that spread like a virus across the Middle East, and which is now intensely focused on the Syrian dictatorship that is hell bent on being the bloodiest to date, but which will be no match for the what a real Russian revolution could spark during 2012.

The Russian people clearly no longer have the stomach to put up with Putin's corrupt Mafia Police state for another 6 years.

Russia Election Fraud

Russian Election: Workers 'Paid To Vote Putin'

25% of Moscow's 200,000 Utility workers bribed to obtain 5 votes per person for £200 each to result in 250,000 fraudulent votes for Putin

Russian Election Fraud - How its Done

Merry Go Round - The same person votes several times at different polling stations in exchange for money

Falsified Ballots - Staff at Polling stations falsify ballots

Erasable Ink - Pens at polling booths contain erasable ink

The Hanging Shad - Sorry that fraud tends to take place during US elections.

Russian Middle Class Smart Phone Revolution.

The revolution in Russia started In December 2011 following wide spread disgust at blatant vote rigging during the parliamentary elections which marked the start of the "White Revolution", now 3 months on the growing revolution is aided by the smart phone revolution amongst Russia's Middle Class. What Czar Putin has not factored into the equation is that the Russian Middle Class to have survived the upheaval, chaos, violence and endemic corruption of the past 20 years will have become hardened to the states aggressive tactics to control and subvert society and so are more vocal in their opposition as Vladimir Putin recently experienced when he was booed at a Boxing Match.

This is not a 2012 story but a trend towards democracy and freedom that has been in progress since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It has taken the people of Russia two decades to recover from the aftermath of the first attempt at freedom of 1991 and they are now ready to complete process after having been subjected to Putin's vicious regime during which time countless critics, opponents and journalists have been killed off under mysterious circumstances as the Russian Oligarchs under Putin's patronage raped and pillaged Russia of countless $ hundreds of billions of wealth that they have siphoned off to buy assets outside of Russia such as London property.

The only certainty is that Putin's Russian mafia police state won't relinquish power without much innocent bloodshed, which will probably see many cities receive the Grozny treatment before the Russian people gain their freedom.

The time for corrupt dictatorships is coming to an end, Russia 2012, Saudi Arabia 2013, Iran 2014, China 2016.

Source and Comments:

By Nadeem Walayat

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04 Mar 12, 12:38
Blah Blah Blah

I'm so sick of everybody ragging on Putin being corrupt and all this nonsense about democracy and freedom. The same sh*t goes on in every single country in the world. One can make a very strong case that America is no better, the difference is that Americans are so dumbed down and preoccupied with entertainment and other trivial things that they can't even detect how bad they are getting screwed by their government. Most don't even have the intelligence to think differently than the media tells them to. This ignorance will come back to haunt them. Its obvious that all these protests in the Arab world and to some extent Russia are being funded by American/Western sources since the regimes being targeted generally run against the Zionist/Globalist agenda (Syria being the best example)...Wouldn't it be funny if Russian/Chinese money funded rebels in America to oust the Obama Regime...I bet American's wouldn't like that but they have no problem with us doing it in other countries. The hypocrisy is mind numbing

Anderson of Poland
04 Mar 12, 15:57
Don't be so optimistic, Nadeem

It took nearly 10 years in Poland for the people to break free, from 1980 when the Solidarity first came to be to 1989 the year of first free election. In 1980 about 10 million Poles belonged to the Solidarity out of 38m the whole population. The system in today’s Russia is pretty much the same as it used to be. The difference between then and now is civilization, I mean communication developments so people can support each other very easy to overcome fear and develop their desire to be free. It is similar to the stock market: fear and desire to earn money to be financially free. Unfortunately the masses are almost always wrong and few big investors almost always win and in political movements the few big sharks fight against the street and finally win or make so called “compromise” in order to prevent their wealth and status and perhaps some power. Russia is not like any Arabic state. In Russia they have 200 years of experience of the secret police (including the Czar secret police). ¼ of the whole Russian population would have to participate in some kind of free movement to make them “make a compromise” with the rest. If so, it will take dozens of years during people in Russia organize in a movement so strong to be able to break free.

Best regards


What about the present situation on DOW, Nadeem? Do you think the widely expected correction will come soon or they will go higher and higher in order to make small bears capitulate and loose money as usual and then the correction occurs?

04 Mar 12, 18:31
Simple test


Would you live in Russia ?

The state should fear the people not the people fear the state.


06 Mar 12, 07:10
Simple test

Since 2001 West became like old communist Russia. Now the tables have turned.



06 Mar 12, 09:03


I wouldn't live on Majorca as well.

Bill is right. When the country is under pressure from outside and this is the case with Russia, it cannot allow itself democracy.

No other man did as much for Russia as Putin did. Hope You know and will remember what was the situation in Russia before Putin, under the rule of the western sponsored oligarchs. Some of them are now in London, Gorbatchev is lecturing in the USA. what can he teach? Democracy..???

Leave Putin in peace. Without him and an independent Russia the world will be a completely different place which no one will like and would like to live in.

By the way it is obvious all the stories about the manipulations of the elections are so seriously inflated, pure propaganda.

06 Mar 12, 13:23
Elections in Russia

It is funny how anti-Russian propaganda becomes self-destroying. I can already see in the comments to your article that international readers don't see situation in Russia as something horrible. It happens everywhere - those who at power continue to hold it. It is expected.

I am Russian. And I would give my vote for Putin, same as my family. Because for the time of his rule the country didn't collapse more. Some political connections were made - with China and Khazakhstan noticeably. Our country stood its ground in NATO expansion affair. And for the time of Putin rule there was no defaults and currency devaluations which happened TWICE in Gorbachev/Elcin era.

I'm not agree with his policies. And I'm not happy with situation in my homeland.

But in coming times I think the biggest objective will be to stay united. To stay one country. Putin has chance. But no western-supported Russian politician would "achieve" it.

I am glad Putin is at rule. And international hysterics just confirms this))

06 Mar 12, 14:45

Putin was the strongest voice against the US invasion of Iraq. Now ten years later, consider whose advice would have better served US interests: George W. or Vladimir?

06 Mar 12, 14:45
Russia - A Long Path To Freedom

The comments illustrate how far Russians have yet to go, because criticism is taken personally rather than facing the facts that Russia is a Corrupt Mafia state where the wealth is being systematically syphoned off.

My commentary is not anti-russian, or pro western, you only need to read my analysis / articles on the US and UK such as the US and UK banks setting the scene for global financial armageddon that we have come close to at least 3 times over the past 4 years.

Or the stealth theft of wealth by the UK and US government (aided by their central banks) to buy votes by means of rampant money printing inflation.

Yes, a good 90% of politicians in the west are corrupt and in the back pockets of the bankster elite. But I am not pretending that they should be let off the hook because of FEAR perpetuated by the Government.

You HAVE TO OPEN YOUR EYES else you could lose more than just your wealth.

Obama is little different to Bush who worked for the Industrial Military complex that demands wars for profit.

Cameron is a bankster in disguise, who is continuing Labour policy of transfering tax payer wealth to the banksters.

Putin is a Mafia godfather.



06 Mar 12, 17:18
UK Oligarchs

Nadeem, why does the UK offer "political asylum" to so many ex-Russian mafia godfathers (sorry, oiligarchs)?

07 Mar 12, 05:53
OIligarchs in Britain

The Oligarchs / mafia choose Britain to store their stolen russian wealth because they know that if Putin chooses to he can take it all away from then as he did with Gasproms Khodorkovsky.

The UK is always open for business for the mega-rich be they mafia oligarchs or tin pot dictators.

Nick Graves
07 Mar 12, 07:06
Gulag Archipelago?


I've been meaning to ask your thoughts on that. The UK seems to me to have been a long-term haven for the super-elite persecuted elsewhere; traditionally the jewish bankster/industrialist families, fallen monarchs, the oil-rich, latterly the oligarchs.

Does that imply some sort of "competitive advantage" (term somewhat misused)for the UK in the forthcoming creditgeddon? Do you think much of it might filter down to the servile classes?

07 Mar 12, 10:18
The next megatrend

Hi Nick

Your touching on aspects of the next mega-trend that I have not had the time to write up.

More to follow.... soon... after the inflation MT update.



07 Mar 12, 14:13
arab spring treatment

Putin opposes the Western/Jewish plot to destroy Persia and leave Israel the dominant power in the Middle East. All of a sudden Western-funded NGOs operating in Russia flip into overdrive to try to delegitimaize his leadership. I notice no such response in the great Democracy, America, to the laughably obvious vote fraud there over the past ten years. Maybe Russia needs to start sponsoring a few traitors in the US. Israel certainly does.

07 Mar 12, 14:37
Great Power Empires

Hi Paul

All countries are trying to exert their own power and influence across the globe.

The question we need to ask is which is best for the ordinary person ?

For that we look at history which suggests that a German, Russian, Chinese, Arab, Persian or Japanese world would be disasterous for ordinary people.

Whilst a US / UK dominated world is far from perfect, compared to what the other empires have to offer it is far more preferable for ordinary people and their quality of life.



09 Mar 12, 16:44
US/UK dominated world

Part of me agrees with you Nadeem, however given the historic level of interference by great powers (National and corporate) in other nations' own development it can be hard to fairly asses what life could be like under other influences if the people were to be left alone to reach their potential unmolested and un-manipulated.

11 Mar 12, 16:15
Pro Putin propaganda

The Russian youth group Nashi has paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to a vast network of bloggers, journalists and internet trolls to create flattering coverage of Vladimir Putin and discredit his political rivals, according to a haul of thousands of emails allegedly sent to and from the group that have been released by Russian hackers.

More manipulation of a democracy,

It is always surprising how many ordinary people cooperates with dictators to maintain them in power. In a way, the dictator (Putin in this case) is the representative of a large subset of the population that benefits from his regime, usually through easy money, and also the convenient scapegoat when things don't go as plan for the country.

12 Mar 12, 04:37
Russian Election

I respect your right to your opinion but it is a fact that Vladimir Putin is the most popular politician in Russia. Putin pulled Russia out of its economic doldrums in the nineties to its current relatively hopeful situation today. Did you know that thousands of election places were shown on the internet during the election - an unprecedented show of election transparency. The West hates Putin because he has defied their attempts to humiliate and bully Russia to do their bidding. He will continue to show he cannot be pushed around as easily as Dimitri Medvedev and they will continue to hate him for this.

12 Mar 12, 15:51
Russian Economy

High oil prices not Putin have lifted Russia out of the 1990's abys.

There is nothing sustainable about the Russian economy under Putin, if oil prices fell then so would the Russian economy.



ernie messerschmidt
12 Mar 12, 17:24
Russia to become europe's richest country

GS economist O'Neill, who came up with the BRICS term, predicts Russia to be the richest economy in Europe by 2030. It has a lot going for it besides oil. Like Jim Willie says, interest rates are locked in at near zero for the indefinite future because otherwise the interest on the debt will be unsustainable. We're debt and interest slaves to the banks, in case you hadn't noticed. What's this freedom you're talking about? Freedom from what? If we were freed from indentured servitude to the private banks, then we'd have something, then we could make some progress.

12 Mar 12, 20:47

Russia does have a lot going for it, and yes it could be the richest country in europe, but in order to become so it needs a revolution.

The current mafia system will funnel all of the wealth abroad and invest little of it in russia.

Interest rates will rise. Infact they are already rising.



Marcin Strojny
14 Mar 12, 04:12
Putin - guarantor of world peace

Globalist mafia wants to take over Russia the easy way, by financing unrest in Russia and launching global anti-Putin media campaign. China and Russia are the main reason why there is peace and freedom in the world. China and Russia are the targets for those who are responsible for the past world wars, hiding behing official lies about the motifs - money and politics - of their origin.

China and Russia are not allowing globalist bankster rules on their territory = no debt slavery. Would I move to Russia? If I spoke Russian and was granted permament visa.

The same way Poland was 'liberated' from communism : Eastern Europe was taken over by globalist mafia empire. Since then - 1990 - it gets worse every year for the population, more debt creating illusory growth and propaganda 2x more sophisticated than before 1990.

Why the western media are so obsessed about Russia now? Prabably because Putin is not going to allow America to happily-slappily invade Iran - another great country free from globalist mafia.

14 Mar 12, 23:17
Tyranny and Dictatorship and Max Keiser Silence

All governments gravitate towards tyranny and dictatorship.

The ONLY think that can hold them to account is close scrutiny and criticsm, plus free and fair elections.

Russia cannot be free if the state keeps killing off its critics (Russian journalists).

Russians need to learn to be VERY critical of their government and hold it to account, else they will never be free and always live in fear of what the state can do to them.

My advice, get rid of the rose tinted glasses and see Putin for what he really is rather than what the propganda says he is.

I look across at Russia TV and it makes me puke the amount of propaganda at work. They even have Max keiser manginifying every flaw of the UK, US and Europe (and rightly so) but ABSOLUTE SILENCE ON THE RUSSIAN MAFIA GODFATHER PUTIN STEALING ANOTHER RUSSIAN ELECTION - SILENCE ? MAX KEISER IS SILENT ON THE BIGGEST STORY OF THE WEEK !!!!




23 Mar 12, 17:29
Nadeem is right

I agree completely with Mr. Walayat. Putin's story of success began in the early 90's when he was put in charge of external economic affairs at St. Petersburg mayory. You would be surprised to know how many millions he and his friends and partners stole during that time. In fact today all of his early friends form back then, are the richest people in the country. Putin is in charge of the clan and is not going to give power away easily. Russia geopolitically under Putin is very vulnerable as not nearly enough investments are being made into vital sectors of the economy.

02 Apr 12, 16:33
putin saved the russia (probably world too?)

After the collapse of ussr, russia (and others) were plain s.hit. some of others became satellites of western allies. russia was shared by oligarks and mafia. russian people was in shock or trauma when they saw that they are not super power anymore but also they dont have proper goverment. putin came put (almost) everything in order. by using oil money russia paid all the foreing debt before it's due. russia is still a mafia country, not very democratic and oil money is not distributed evenly. but democracy takes time, altho cold war is over, both sides know where to stand.

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