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Mayan End of the World 2012 Prediction, Economy and Elite Use of Religion to Control

Politics / Religion Dec 12, 2012 - 10:38 AM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


The world will end on 21st December! Or so the Mayan calendar supposedly predicts, though is vague on what the actual mechanism for our extinction will be, with the hot money betting on being hit by a rogue planet called Nibiru, whilst many academics argue that the Mayan calendar actually does not predict that the end of world but the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. However these theories have not filtered through to the masses many thousands of miles away in places such as China where some are going so far as building arks to ride out the end of the world, in Russia selling doomsday kits, in France closing access to mountain passes to avoid panic amongst people fleeing to the mountains.

It is no wonder that a mini-mania exists for a look at Amazon shows over 60 books written on the prophecy and probably a similar number of films and documentaries produced on the subject, most notable of which is the 2009 hollywood movie named '2012' that in graphic style promoted the break-up of the earths continental crust and not to mention the tens of thousands of youtube videos on the subject, even NASA has jumped onto the bandwagon by seeking to debunk the various scenarios.

NASA - Skeptic

Whilst the mania is not on the same scale as that which accompanied the millennium (2000) but it is enough to increasingly grip many people and the media as the world counts down to December 21st.

Religion - End of the World Confirmed by Jesus!

On a serious note, the Mayan prophecy illustrates that virtually all religions have an 'End of the World' event built into their script as a means of fulfilling the prophecy of rewarding all of it's followers and as a warning of the consequences to those who have deviated from their respective paths.

Why Did Humans Evolve Religion?

For religion is clearly an evolutionary development because all societies from before the dawn of history have had a desire for religious belief.

The traditional answer is that humans evolved religion as a means of coping with death of loved ones, which is true, as religion preys strongly on personal crisis in helping cope with the deaths of loved ones by promising that they will see their loved ones again.

Another reason often put forward is for a means of explaining the world around us as being created by an all powerful deity, because it was only until quite recently that we have had any real clue as to the nature of the forces at work around us that have crafted our environment and state of existence.

However, whilst both are important elements of why humanity evolved God and religion, they do not explain the primary purpose of religion and why religions have evolved into the multi-million and even multi-billion user corporate entities, with their respective user manuals, logo's and ever expanding associated paraphernalia.

The Primary Reason Why Humanity Evolved Religion

For tens if not hundreds of thousands of years humans (homo-sapians) lived in relatively small groups of constantly on the move hunter gathers that numbered no more than a couple of hundred people at most, and these groups tended to be dominated by a single Alpha male who would be the strongest, best warrior / fighter and hunter of the group, the Chief of the tribe who would be responsible for most of the groups offspring, which is what evolution dictates would happen for the survival of the fittest to take place.

However, as humans discovered agriculture and started to settled down, then populations tended to grow far beyond the small hunter gatherer groups, which means that the tribes started to produce far more competing alpha males than used to be case that would result in much conflict within the groups and act as a limiting factor for growth of settlements as they would tend to continuously break into smaller groups each led by an alpha male. It took until human societies started to independently evolve religious ideas as a means of CONTROLING the behaviour of members of society, namely the alpha males such as that of rules of how people should behave that were said to be laid down by an all knowing and powerful deity, the creator, rules such as thou shall not kill, steal, and one man one wife, and off course to pay homage to the creator and follow the teachings and instructions of the deities prophets and priests, that were to be repeatedly recited and ingrained in all members of society, with similar universal rules emerging across all surviving societies, allowing them to expand as religious ideas of control spread to all those settlements that had yet to evolve means of religious control.

All religion's seek to exert total control over every member of society as it was/is believed that all events that happen are as a consequence of the pleasure or displeasure of the Gods such as natural disasters in which respect societies even went so far as to sacrifice fellow humans to please their gods, and sacrifice remains at the fundamental core of all religions i.e. that humans sacrifice independant free will in this life for freedom in the next life, and to a achieve entry into the afterlife humans need to obey the will of the Gods as set down by those that purport to represent the deities such as Emperors, Kings & Queens and Priests under the fear of what would happen to them if they did now obey the will of the Gods as iterated by their representatives on earth.

This trend took place over tens of thousands of years, long before the Egyptian Pharos first appeared on the scene, and as we see in history that religions have gone through many innovations over the subsequent thousands of years, where each religion built upon what went before it, incorporating technologically advancements as a consequence of the increase in the size of populations as larger settlements become more productive in terms of food production, industry (tradable goods) and innovation, with the greatest innovation of all being the written alphabet by the Phoenicians that emerged some 4000 years ago and that literally lit the fuse under all religions as it that allowed religious ideas to spread far more rapidly and in ever greater intensity than was ever possible during the preceding 50,000 years where religions went on to document the word of god in a series of books.

Complete religious control even upto the point of self sacrifice (martyrdom) went hand in hand with expansion of the size of societies with many tweaks along the way that allowed some religions to better able to compete against other religions such as Judaism innovation of there being one God, rather than many gods that tended to be the norm some 2000-3000 years ago, which was followed by the next big innovation of Christianity that promised life after death for all and that anyone could become a Christian, which allowed it over the next 400 years to go from an small persecuted Jewish sect to replace all of the myriad of gods of the Roman Empire as the ultimate means of the lever for control by the Elite over the tens of millions of Roman citizens. Which eventually itself was challenged by the next great innovation that was Islam that presented it's followers with an even more unified highly ritualistic way of life and accompanied by just as dire consequences for those that did not follow Islam's teachings.

Obeying a Societies Elite is Genetic - We are Born Followers!

The larger a society becomes the more intense the unifying rules and rituals become that aim to break down the ethnic and tribal barriers between peoples of a society, where for much of civilisations march though time it has been the prevailing belief that mans every actions are being constantly monitored by an all knowing, and infinitely powerful deity who will pass judgement on the day the world ends.

God and religion are an evolutionary survival mechanism which is why we are where we are today, for without god and religion we would never have progressed beyond the small hunter gather groups dominated by single Alpha males that is the case with the Great Apes today and can be seen in recently discovered isolated rain forest tribes who have literally stood still for tens of thousands of years due to failure to make the religious leap that allows groups of greater size than that controlled by a single Alpha male.

We have seen this in built tendency in all human societies, we have seen this in large empires such as the Soviet Union, and Communist China, that whilst officially stating themselves to be atheist, never-the-less still created their own religions around their prophets such as Lenin and Mae Tse Tung, and then utilised state security apparatus to perpetuate the threat and fear of an the all seeing and knowing state that knew of the general populations every actions so demanded complete obedience.

Over time this control of the masses through technology has continued to develop and intensify the hold on the general population's actions, making it far easier for the elite to control every aspect of life through monetary mechanisms namely such as debt, as God in the West has gradually given way to the all seeing and knowing power of the Elite controlled State.

In today's society we are manipulated from cradle to grave by the state to serve the interests of the elite, we are educated to be docile citizens that will go on and work for the elite, to perform all of the duties that the elite request of us for pieces of paper.We are forced to work for the state for 1/3rd of our working life is spent paying taxes. We are forced to work for the elite as 1/3rd of our working life is spent servicing our debts.

We are constantly being bombarded with propaganda to be good citizens or face the dire consequences, because our every action is being watched and monitored 24/7 by technology from millions of CCTV cameras, internet browsing logs, phone conversation, mobile phone networks, GPS positioning, financial card transactions, and in your every interaction with the state's apparatus and private corporations that is logged and which the state has constant access to determine whether our behaviour is subversive or not.

And it won't be many more years before people are convinced that it is good to have chips implanted directly in our heads under the guise of the benefits of augmented reality, heads up information displays overlaying the real world, so that a persons every action and ultimately thoughts will be recorded and monitored, so as to reinforce the idea of only thinking good thoughts that the State / elite wants you to think else you will be subject to the wrath of the all powerful state's thought police.

The only mechanism people actually have to see through the propaganda and the means of control, is pain, be it physical pain or financial pain, which is usually why those that experience pain tend to rebel against the elite, which is why the elite / State either tends to inflict severe pain on some sectors of society as a warning to the rest (i.e. Jews in 1930's Germany, Gazans 2012 Palestine) so that fear motivates compliance from the rest, or the elite buys the compliance of the masses by means of printing money coupled with all pervading economic propaganda such as 2% Inflation is good that results in an stealth inflation theft of wealth and purchasing power and thus the independence of ordinary people for inflation benefits the state and the elite and not the masses who become reliant on state handouts to fill the ever widening gap between rising prices and earnings.

Economics is the Religion of Today's Political High Priests

Economics is a form of religion, a means for controlling the masses, the fact that it is difficult for most people to recognise this despite the fact that economists have time and time again proven to be near 90% wrong, illustrates how successful economics is as a tool for state propaganda as the State continues to print money in its various forms such as debt to maintain its power over people. Know this the cause of inflation is pure and simple government money printing that benefits those that are leveraged to inflation i.e. the elite who own the means of production and assets.

The only mechanism that humans have for seeing through the propaganda is to experience PAIN and REWARD, which is something that vested interest academic economists and pseudo economists in the mainstream press rarely tend to experience as a consequence of another evolutionary development which is that people tend to easily forget when people are wrong if they experience little pain to imprint those memories.

Therefore people need to recognise a fundamental fact that as humans we are very easily susceptible towards being controlled by the state / elite because it is an evolutionary development and therefore it is hard wired in our genes. We have evolved into easily controllable individuals so that societies could be built in size that go far beyond the small hunter gather tribes as mentioned earlier.

The Problem with Evolving Religion

Whilst the God / religion evolutionary adaptation has in large part proved highly successful as illustrated by how far humans have progressed in full filling the primary purpose of life which is to spread. However as we have seen numerous times in history it can also go horribly wrong, such as Nazi Germany as the elite use fear to control the actions of people to their bidding.

The logical answer is for humans to evolve beyond the current prevailing set of religious beliefs that imply doomsday is inevitable, as illustrated by today's obsession with the Mayan Prophecy, this despite the fact that the Mayan religious doctrine went extinct over a thousand years ago as Mayan peasant slaves saw through the smoke and mirrors of the Mayan elite and rebelled. As ultimately technology will at some point allow religious fanatics of whatever persuasion to manifest the doomsday that they so ardently await as prophesied by all religions.

The Future

Humanity is clearly starting to evolve out of a requirement for doomsday cults, which means traditional religions based on thousands of year old ideologies are increasingly likely to diminish in influence.

However ultimately this also means that human's will complete the evolutionary transition towards the manifestation of every action and thought being monitored and known to an all powerful state. To those reading this today this may sound like a science fiction fantasy but this is how God will be replaced by technology, as technology fulfills what is written in our genes, as such a situation will not be something that is outside of human experience but actually mark a continuation of human evolution towards being able to create ever larger and more unified societies far removed from cultural and ethnic differences towards which evolution has been pushing mankind towards for tens of thousands of years.

The Day After - December 22nd

I think most reading this will agree that the Mayan end of the world calendar will pass without event, towards which the response of vested interests (book writers and religious fanatics) will be just as every response has been following such events which is to reinvent history and say that it meant something totally different, i.e. the beginnings of a new cycle, transformation of the world into ... what ? And thus there will be a need for many more Mayan books to be written and sold that will imply that the Mayan calendar really meant that the world would end not this month but many centuries from now as the religiously motivated crave the next end of the world myth to focus upon and some even contemplating ways of manifesting it so that they can achieve their rapture.

Source and Comments:

By Nadeem Walayat

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13 Dec 12, 15:56
Missing Important Aspects of the Mayan Calendar Message

Some of your conclusions about the role of religion in society (past and present) are based on faulty assumptions about human weakness rather than religious belief. You certainly can't blame doctrine for the actions of adherents who display the foibles of human folly.

For example, you indicate that religions, in general, share the concept of the "end of the world", however you fail to point out that the idea of the "world" is actually a synonym used to describe evil. Secularists rather enjoy making bafoons of believers by twisting the idea of an end of an era of evil, into some boogie monster showing up to administer the complete destruction of earth and humanity.

Various religions share the idea of good vs. evil as the basis for giving meaning and purpose to life. Humans were placed on this earth for a period of time to learn to distinguish between good and evil. And that becomes the basis for moving from our current sphere of living into what comes next.

What comes next is often called heaven. The details of the Christian religion attempt to explain the often turbulent years that accompany this transition from our current era into an era where evil is done away with. There is nothing in the Mayan calendar that suggests world-ending desctruction, or human genocide. The Mayans simply point out that sometime around the 21st of December, 2012, the inhabitants of the earth should expect a transition into a new era, one, according to Christian belief, which will ultimately be marked by the absence of evil, in the same way that our current era is fettered by it.

What anthroplogist have a difficult time explaining is how so many ancient societies, which never communicated with one another or traveled between continents, developed similar religions beliefs like creation, good vs evil, faith, repentance, heaven, hell, the devil, a savior, revelation, prayer, agency or free will, God, the son of God, vicarious suffering, resuurection, personal purity, love, and the pursuit of devine attributes like humility, patience, kindness, hope, charity, benevolance, and selflessness. Anthropologist have settled on a spontaneous generation theory, meaning that similar if not identical religious beliefs developed within different cultures on their own, without any influence from the development of similar religious beliefs in other cultures.

Secularists like the idea of spontaneous generation. It gives them the chance to decry the foolish of religious belief. It feeds the fire of reducing divinely revealed principles to nothing more than a ram with which to batter the masses. The faithful, on the other hand, prefer to refer to spontaneous generation as prophetic "revelation" from God. The purpose of religion isn't to restrict people. It is to provide a game plan whereby they can become clean and pure, and ultimately obtain the same god-like love that their Father in Heaven posesses. And that's the free-will choice every human gets to make.

According to the Mayans over five thousand years worth of choosing between good and evil is nearly over, and a new, evil-less era is upon us.

13 Dec 12, 20:53
Evolution is the driving force


Humans EVOLVED religion which is why we have progressed to a 8 billion global civilisation.

The reason why faiths are so similar is because over tens of thousands of years many more civilisations have become extinct / taken over by the more successful religious adaptations that have been reinforced over time through successful expansion, we see history littered with such examples, where we have a clear record of the evolution of religions into ever more dynamic entities as a consequence of technological advancement such as the Christians having the Roman empire at hand to convert which they could NOT have done had they not evolved the adaption of anyone becoming Christian which was something that came after Jesus, i.e. when Paul failed to convert Jews to Christianity and so began turning to gentiles and the rest is .... history. Just as we see a trend in the modern world towards socities seeking to embrace the secular democracy adaption that is gradually replacing relgious doctrine as a more successful system.

Look at the example of South America, where the indigenous people including surviving Mayan's were converted by force to Christianity, convert or die, which illustrates that Religion is primarily a mechanism for total control and that conquering relgions tend to wipe out those relgions that lack the same degree of adaption this continues to be the case to this very day for societies that have been unable to evolve / adapt beyond religion. Therefore religions rather than being peaceful as the propaganda suggests i.e. a a Ho-Ho-Ho Santa, are actually the ultimate weapons of war for they entice their followers to die for their religion on promise of entry into the afterlife.

The Religion weapon of mass destruction / conquest will continue to persist until we gradually adapt beyond its limitations, either that or religion will eventually fulfil its end of days prophecies by means of technological warfare.



15 Dec 12, 06:49
Evolution a false religion

Dear Nadeem,

Really like your financial articles, in fact I rate your insights highly and look forward to your articles more than any other.

However, I don’t share your views in this area I’m afraid.

In your opinion humans evolved religion as a means to grow from small groups, and we are genetically prone to be controlled, this straight away raises the question of who controls the controllers then – seems to me that there is intelligence behind controls we see in society today, one of which I agree with you on, which is the money system and debt based control, this however, has been created by humans to control other humans and therefore is not evolution but has been designed. Religion has of course been used to control by those who have abused it for their own evil desires, but that is the same with anything that is good, such as the law which has also been abused by individuals and governments.

In my humble opinion there was originally only one belief and that was of a creator God who created this universe and created us in his likeness as the bible says – every other religion is either a derivation of the original or a replacement for the one true God – this would explain why every society has had some form of deity or suppressed it such as in Russia, because it is built into us, as we were created by God in his likeness to have relationship with him. Because we have a need within us to be in relationship with God but due to pride and evil desires suppress the sub-conscious knowledge of God, we fill the space with replacements, such as materialism, hedonism, and the pursuit of worldly desires, or we make up other gods.

There is no such thing as evolution (only adaptation which is by design), on the one hand scientists describe a universe which is in decay (entropy) and then on the other hand say that there’s some driving force behind life that seems to have a survival mechanism, and isn’t deterministic, but how do we get from a deterministic universe to one that has a force that has purpose (to survive). The bible says that the universe was created from nothing (big bang) and because of sin has been subjected to frustration (entropy) – science has enabled humans to advance whilst the universe has slowly decayed from its perfect design – scientific advancements give the theory of evolution credibility to the un-inquisitive, but this is merely an ability given to humans that separate us from all other creatures because we are created in God’s likeness and have intelligent creative ability – so I believe that humans are getting less healthy but in parallel have made incredible strides in the area of medicine, we are not getting healthier (evolution) but being propped up by advancements in medicine (intelligent design).

One of the biggest forms of control in society today is that of science, which tells us how to think and sets out a world view that indoctrinates the masses, goes into school text books and is propagated by the media. Who was around 15 billion years ago to substantiate this so called big bang, what proof do we really have that humans went round in small hunter gatherer groups apart from a few tools found etc., that could quite easily be explained in other ways, they just say it, put it in a text book and the masses believe it – why should we believe they can provide such accurate pictures of things going back thousands, millions and even billions of years ago when scientists with all the technology today and the data to go back to and change various computer models, can’t predict the weather much further than 5 days in advance before we all say, oh yeah!

There are very good alternative scientific theories that dispute the common world view that science has spurted out for that last 200 years, see: and

The story of a great flood is in numerous societies around the world and due to there often being major differences, is quoted as being a case for it purely being myth, but what would you expect from an event that has been retold by word of mouth over thousands of years from a people that spread around the globe – the bible says that after the flood God confused the peoples language so that there were many different languages and because they could no longer all communicate, spread out in groups of common language around the globe – this would explain why there are over 100 stories around the world and that they differ, as they would have been assimilated into different cultures and not been kept as original as with Chinese whisper. This is an example of how atheist scientists propagate one interpretation that is swallowed whole by the masses whilst there is a perfectly good explanation that fits with the biblical account.

Look forward to your next financial article!

15 Dec 12, 09:06
Science is a religion?


Science is not a religion, it is just the current adaptation that humanity is going through as we continue to evolve after religion, which don't get me wrong was a great adaptation of its time, for without we would not have reached the point of societies being at a critical mass so as to allow scientific discoveries to take place. Religions have evolved over time, to allow science to emerge, look at Christianty and the flat earth model, or earth centre of the universe, that have had to be let go, and now many christians are questioning that Jesus is the son of god, relgions continue to re-invent themselves in the face of scientific discovery.

Science does not have all or even 10% of the answers, we are still only at the begining of our evolving journey, a young species. In 2012 we just do not know the true nature of the universe and existance to say today's science is the truth, because it probably is not and will need to go through the same process of re-invention as religion for which it is suitably adapted i.e. science has it built intself to abandon orthodoxy in the face of new discoveries.

When will we know ?

I think it is going to take many more millenia, if we make it that far, before we will fully understand the true nature of the univrse.

Just that now it is time to let go of religion adaption and move onto the next phase of our evolution towards.... Relgion is only going to hold us back on achieving our primary purpose for existing, which is to understand the true nature of the universe.

Maybe most people are not ready to move into the next phase of human evolutionry adaptation ? so it may yet take several more hundreds of years to achieve the transition.

Yes, my next article will be on the financial markets.



P.S. Adaption and evolution are the same thing just differing time scale, adaption is a short-term change, evolution is a longer term trend, religion in terms of time will prove to be a short-term adaption as will science.

15 Dec 12, 14:39
Age of Transhumanism

{the tribes started to produce far more competing alpha males...All religion’s seek to exert total control over every member of society}

It was an interesting article which made me think, more so because I couldn't accept many of its ideas.

I disagree with the idea that smarter humans started to evolve religions as a means to create and control a bigger social unit. There is enough biological forces in men to subordinate to the stronger, as much as there is biological force in strong men to dominate and control the weak. Size of a group shouldn’t matter. There has always been plenty of laic mechanisms of control and domination to ensure the existence of kingdoms, states and empires : slavery, feudal systems, social classes, laws and common customs. In some cases though religions were used to reinforce these, because the strong/elites use everything to expand and maintain their power.

Buddhism, created by a member of royal family, is a destructive religion. It promotes spiritual racism: promises reincarnation to dirty souls of lower casts' members, and offers nirvana (one of the earliest forms of brain-washing) to shut up all reasoning. If you were born to a beggar family, they broke your legs and hands in early childhood to help you be a better beggar. In Roman Republics gods were a form of pure spiritual entertainment, they easily adopted new gods from conquered lands. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs aspired to be gods themselves from pure vanity and ambition, not because of lack of power or authority.

Jesus Christ didn’t seek to control, dominate and gain power. 90% of his teachings referred to our spiritual lives on Earth and after death. He said little about how to organize and manage our material issues. He didn’t promise much to his followers, except for hardship and persecutions. Despite all this, that religion conquered the Roman Empire so that Constantine had no other choice but to accept Christianity as the official religion. Christianity then grew into an institution that seeks power and spiritual domination. It evolved ideas about how the world should look and how the people should live, its teachings being far away from what Jesus Christ taught.

I don’t believe that any HUMAN theory about the nature of our world is worthwhile. With all my mental powers I cannot create a hand, a leg, another living being, I cannot replicate life - which means I don’t get it! Therefore, how could I aspire to explain the universe, it’s beginning, nature and forces? I cannot. So if anybody tells me that everything (which one doesn’t get) was created on its own from nothing by evolution of the matter - collision of oxide with nitrogen or whatever - give me a break. Something more powerful than us must have been created by an entity more powerful than us.

Back to present times : the elites hate the Christ’s idea that we humans are subjects. They want us to be masters on Earth and beyond : science and technology are there to prove this. They want to defeat disease, old age, death, to master space and time. People spend their whole lives obsessed with their happiness, looks, belongings, poisoned with greed, gluttony and other deadly sins. They want to think ‘At least I lived my live to the fullest, I shall die happy’. They don’t get until the last hour that if you live your whole life running from death, it comes as the Disaster.

Conquest of the universe, aliens, other civilizations are pure Hollywood fiction. Modern medicine has killed more people than it healed. Scientist after 30 years still don’t know if HIV causes AIDS or not. Technology is a way to nowhere; Internet doesn’t get you friends, it alienates you from the community. Earth gives us everything we

want, we are not in the food chain of any other living creature. Our civilization is a pile of lies, inspired by what Satan offered to Jesus on the desert.

Some say that our evil elites believe in numerology. Number 11 symbolizes illumination :

09 11 2001 - WTC

03 11 2011 - Fukushima

12 21 2012 - 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11

Lets see if they fancy to entertain us with some powerful human-made eclipse:)

15 Dec 12, 15:44
Christianity or Paulianity?

Christianity only took off when the post Jesus's life convert Paul realised that the Jews were just not converting to christianity and that it was in fcat a dieing jewish sect so created his own version of the life of Jesus to convert the gentiles enmass.

Afterall correct me if I am wrong but during Jesus life he specifically said to avoid the Gentiles. So is the Christian religion that of Paul rather than Jesus? As it is Paul's version of Jesus that 99% of Christians are actually following (further later subverted by the Roman empire).

The truth is probably that Jesus never even intended for Christianity to exist because he was a Jew, and today's Christianity has virtually nothing to do with that which Jesus may have actually preached during his life time as it was invented by Paul.

Smarter did not evolve religion it was as a weapon of war. Look at the experience of the America's when christianity arrived on its shores.

Evolution is basically a arms race, survival of the fittetst, for humans relgion has always been a powerful weapon in the evolutionary arms race as is science as will be the next adaptation.

Evolution has nothing to do with creation, it has everything to do with the a series of ongoing adaptations that help organisms cope with a changing environment.



16 Dec 12, 09:23
Try not to look at Christianity so much but Jesus Christ!

Dear Nadeem,

Let me first respond to your invitation to correct you – yes you are very wrong with regard to Jesus and the gentiles:

Jesus came first for the Jews and then for the gentiles as quoted by Paul – Jesus gave parables to show how God’s invitation to the Jews to be his people would be rejected firstly through the killing/beating of the prophets and then ultimately by the killing of God’s own son (Jesus), then the invitation would go out to the gentiles – so Jesus’ ministry before his death was indeed only for the Jews, and his disciples were only to go to the Jews prior to his death, but he was also preparing them as a foundation for his church to then go into all the world. See the parable of The Great Feast (Luke 14:15-24) & the parable of the wicked tenants (Luke 20:9-19).

Jesus also said that other sheep not of this pen would come in.

God said to Abraham that all nations would be blessed through you, meaning Jesus would come through the nation of Israel, and through his death and resurrection would pave the way for all to become children of God through faith.

Jesus after his death and just before going up into Heaven said:

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Your explanation for Paul going to the gentiles is a twist of the truth - Paul was a murderer of Christians before his miraculous Damascus experience, the scriptures clearly show us that Jesus turned Saul who was a zealot defender of the traditional Jewish belief and a rejecter of Jesus as the messiah, to Paul who was ready to die for his love of Jesus and to spread the good news of salvation through Christ. So Paul became an instrument of Christ in fulfilment of prophecy that salvation would come to the gentiles though Christ, and as prophesied in Isaiah 42 that he would become a light to the gentiles.

You’re a rational thinking man and it has led you to enlighten many on the inner workings of the financial world – you will not be enlightened yourself on spiritual matters through this means – I am a deep rational thinker myself but I ultimately came to a revelation of God not by my intellect but by saying, ‘if you are out there then please come into my life’, he did and I am convinced - faith is not a leap into the unknown but a deep conviction and certainty planted by God and transcends the mind and intellect – it is for the humble of heart and not for the proud self reliant. Jesus said unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

You say the meaning of life is to know the universe – that sounds very hollow to me, so we search to know the universe better, know it a bit more than the previous generation and then die, that’s the meaning of life, sounds pretty pointless to me – when I found God I wasn’t looking for meaning, I was looking for truth, when I found Jesus who said he was ‘the way, the truth and the life’, I found a meaning that stands up to all scrutiny and all persecution, which is why Paul and others were willing to die for their faith.

You say that Christianity has been used to control, and I agree it has been abused but the true Christians are those who follow Christ and have a deep relationship with him, not those who follow their own motives in the name of religion – Jesus said love God and love your neighbour and much more besides, judge Christianity on Jesus’ words and not on the actions of those who Jesus said would be punished severely for their abuse of his word.

I really hope you dig a bit deeper because what you believe to be adaptation and progress is just another illusion of Satan dressed up in rational thinking and intellectualism – it is quite a common and pervasive belief that we are moving above and beyond belief in a creator God, when we are anything but moving forward but going slowly further towards a cliff: massive corruption and greed in the financial world, corrupt governments, escalating middle east tensions, worse and more frequent extremes of weather, breakdown in respect for authority coupled with greater measures to control by the elite, breakdown in family and community – never mind a fiscal cliff, it’s just one of a converging trend towards a bigger cliff.

In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God's chosen ones (Jesus’ words Matt 24:22).

16 Dec 12, 18:28
in all existance we assume nothing else exists

While watching Ross Kemp there was the gut wrenching disturbing segment where witches were being burnt in Kenya. For us in the west this does not make sense esp for Christians because if your faith is strong then no witch doctor can trump the power of God.... But to the poeple in Africa, witchcraft is so real to them that they hedging their bets, they helping God so to speak.

We in the west then shake our heads, but aren't we doing the same thing, shouldn't we be preaching the gospels to the Jews in Isreal instead of bombing her enemies, aren't we trying to help God by bringing Isreal to Glory by our human hands. Jesus came to teach against this hypocrisy, so no Nadeem, I disagree that religion was created by the elites to control the masses. Why was reading the bible forbidden and kept in Latin (sure poeple were illiterate, but the law still applied)

A true Christian can't be bribed, is incorrutable, will stand up for whats right even in the face of death or persecution. There was a guy who preached at our church that faced a firing squad in Africa and was saved when they got curious why he was laughing when he was about to get shot. Many christians are getting killed for their believes, not all have M16s hanging over their shoulders.

Also you say evolve, like its something natural. There were Jewish sects that made it their business to keep the texts the same over hundreds of years, thats why there was such excitment when they found the dead sea scrolls because they could see how accurate the passing down of information was.

Also Chrsitianity or at least the information of the events didn't happen over time, but over the life of one man. Sure in hindsight it is easy to say he learn't of all the 300+ phrophecies from the old testament that he had to fullfil esp if he was an expert, but some of these prophesies weren't that obvious or out of his control and when he read the Issiah 53 text where he would have to die, how keen would a mere man be to try be the Messiah, Jews reject Christianity because they still think the Messiah is to come.

Also, you cannot become a Christian by good works, by paying your taxes on time, by obeying the law, by being a good citizen, if you thought this then you clearly don't understand Christianity.

Also your last sentance about Paulinity clearly shows your lack of knowledge regarding the Bible, There are many scriptures from the old testament pre-dating Christianity talking about the saviour to both Jews and Gentiles.

16 Dec 12, 19:36
Jews copied the Egyptians, everyone copied someone....


The Jews copied the Egyptions aka "The book of the dead" which predates Judaism by about 1000 years, their adaptation was to do away with the many gods and instead have one god. Just as the egyptions built on what came before them.

Dead Sea Scrolls - Have no mention of Jesus in them. If we stick to the facts we see that the Roman Emperor Constantine is responsbile for the creation of the bible as a means of control. As soon as Constantine stated Chritianity was the relgion of the Roman empire then everyone either had to convert or die.

Christianity as is the case with all religions is just a mish-mash of what went before them with some adjustements along the way. For instance we are all about to celebrate Christmas / Yuletide- a PAGAN festival that Christianity ADOPTED. The cross is a symbol of the zodiac, for several hundreds years before and after Jesus there were a constant stream of competing messiahs that fit elements of the Jesus story.

Like I say, believing in relgion / God is genetic, without it humanity would not have got as far as it has in terms of size of civilisation and will likely be with us for many more years if not millenia. Though I am pretty sure Christianiy and all of today's relgions will themselves one day be seen in the same light as the Mayan religion is today.

The elite of the past (up until quite recently) were the priests of whatever relgion had control.

If one really wants to know the truth, then it's best to do away with the fantasy and focus on the reality, as much as an intelligent ape can experience reality from within a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and other limited senses.

Sherlock Holmes - Where did he live?

If you answered London then that explains everything...

I hope everyone has a great Saturnalia holiday.



16 Dec 12, 21:28

Dear Nadeem,

thanks so much for this article and your first reply on your comments section.

This is just great, you might consider at some point to write an Book/eBook not only with that but with your whole insights, showing us our options and their consequences.

With the right title, this book could become a bestseller and change mankind's future (at least a little bit)

All the best,


17 Dec 12, 19:49
broad brush strokes

The dead sea scrolls I used as an example of the excellent work done by Jewish sects in keeping the texts the same over thousands of years, the dead sea scrolls proves this. Evolution is something that changes over time.

Many Christains know that Christmas is a pagan day, Constantine basically told the poeple they could carry on celebrating the day, as long as it was a Christian day. Infact some Christians don't celebrate Christmas others do only because it is an oppertunity to spread the gospel. Even to this day some of the Catholics still have some of the old pagan elements in their church because Constantine incorporated it.

You make broad statements, its like saying GW Bush represents all Christians and all Christians support the war on terror and condemn all Christainity by this same brush. The early church had Christians being fed to the lions, tar thrown over them, impaled and set alight before Constantine came on the scene. The Romans misinterpreted the scripture where Jesus said to them,

"I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

They thought this was literal and they weren't too fond of Christians.

You are right Constantine did force Christianity on others, but do you blame the message or GW Bush in this instance. Man is man, in Africa mad strong men will say or do anything to gain power and keep it, in the west its more subtle with the Church used by coke sniffing, media controlloing elites. If these christians would only read their bible and wake up, they think they need to help God like the witch burning Christians of Africa.

Also the old testament with texts pre-dating Christianity was very specific on what the Messiah had to do, with the new testament laid out for us these are very obvious, but for a dude with no new testament to follow he would have to get very lucky not to get his story wrong cross referenced by the old texts.

One argument that is vaild is the selection of what got cannonized and what didn't. This argument can go on for days, and how did this benefit Constantine anyways, he used the sword, but Ghandi through Christainity apealed to the west highlighting the hypocracy of their actions vs the religion they followed.

18 Dec 12, 01:46


The primary purpose of relgion is to enable the elite to conquer and rule.

Whatever message Jesus may have had has long since been lost to what you have has in Christainity for the past 1600 years (and all successful religions) is as a means to achieving conquest and rule and it is that which history clearly illustrates.

Constantine - Used the new Christian God as a tactic towards conquering the eastern Roman empire.

Now, I need to go off and further expose the elite's taxes, debt & money printing inflation as mechanisms for controlling people.



18 Dec 12, 09:11
Spiritual Gold

{The primary purpose of religion is to enable the elite to conquer and rule.}

Paulianity...Paul is a part of the New Testament, if we want it or not.

Catholic Church became an institution, conquering with sword, promoting the idea that salvation comes through good deeds, it was also selling absolution for money. Then came Martin Luther that translated the Bible into German and opened the followers’ eyes about the true words. You’ve got many splits in the church: Methodism, Protestantism, Jehovah Witnesses, or even many reforms of the Catholicism itself. XXth century Christianity is much about Marianism and charity, helping the poor and serving the others (what a distortion). Jean Paul II called for a return to Jesus teachings. Martin Luther will be cannonized. So it cannot be true that the primary purpose of Christianity is to enable the elite to conquer and rule, Christianity is carried on on the backs of the believers who are not afraid to stand up to the institution itself which had in the end to lower its head before Christians.

People are people and the history of Christianity reflects this. To conclude, in the centre of this religion are the Old and New Testaments, for some only the Old, for some primary the new, for many both. Islam recognizes Jesus as Messiah. The Jews don’t, although all that their writings promised with the advent of Jesus happened - they have their own land bar the Third Temple. Something is missing...yeah, their Messiah!

The word of Jesus has lived and enabled the people to stay united around some values and beliefs. Its not about conquest and rule. Despite of differences, the Bible is their book. If it was inspired by Egyptian papyri, its a pure speculation, 20 times more likely Darwin copied his theory of evolution directly from the Bible which says that God created some species which he didn’t like, then he disposed of them and created some new.

Now look at the secular leg of humanity, which began with Weishaupt a few centuries ago. Bloody revolutions, two world wars, Marxism, communism, democracy, New Age, genocide, starvation of the third world, theories, sciences, views, more mess, dictatorship of banks and corporations, weapons of mass destruction, of total destruction, a total division among people, what is in the centre of all that ? What script? What value?

Bible is spiritual gold among fiat ideas of secular world.

18 Dec 12, 11:52
Religion is a Necessary short-term Adaptation

Like I said, Religion is a necessary evolutionary adaptation for humanity to reach the point it has for many of the points you mention such as breaking down barriers between peoples and likely will stay with us for many more years if not millenia.

But one day it will go the way of the errr... dinasaurs.

Fast forward 1000 a years, no 1 million years and where will technology place us ?

Will we still have bodies ? Will we live for what seems like eternity?

THAT is the power of human technological development as a consquence of evolution's demand for life to spread beyond this planet.



18 Dec 12, 19:15
end of slavery in British empire

GW Bush is a Christian, Ron Paul is a Christian. 2 very different type of men and one walks the walk.

21 At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.

If the message of Jesus was lost then what about the men of faith who worked tirelessly to end slavery in the British empire and actually succeed.

Lol.. Ok Nadeem get going with your other work, you must have known this barrage was coming your way when writing on such a topic, I'll stop now.

19 Dec 12, 00:47
World events, and expectations of December 21, 2012

DECEMBER 16, 2012.

We of the Arcturian Group speak to the world of men today about many things. We address those of you feeling great stress and pain regarding world events, and expectations of December 21, 2012. This date brings to conclusion most of the new incoming energies, however this does not mean that all is finished, but that you will be ready for a new round of energies to begin.

Evolution is a gradual process for most. Many are simply unable to comprehend what is going on, while at the same time others seem very attuned and ready for change. You who are ready have been preparing for lifetimes. You were aware when incarnating that this lifetime would bring an opportunities for completion--the wrapping up of lifetimes of experience and the opportunity to finally move out of the density of the third dimension.

There will be coming changes, but they must be initiated by you. You are the ones who must change the world through ceasing the blind acceptance of everything you are told by those who stand to benefit through your ignorance. Your neighbors from surrounding galaxies stand ready to help, to offer suggestions and to give you new technologies beyond what you now have. However, it is you the people who must be open to receive and have the courage to say "enough is enough" and mean it with regard to ideas you have grown accustomed to in spite of their being old and obsolete. Any belief that has at its basis duality or separation is of the old energy. As you empower yourselves with truth and begin to live out from it, others also seeking, will follow suit and begin to recognize the stupidity of so much the world still takes for granted as reality.

You see dear ones, you cannot await a savior (man, event, galactic, idea) to come and carry you away from all your problems. It is simply not going to happen. The man Jesus, an evolved being of Light, kept telling mankind that the kingdom of God was within them, and yet even today the majority of Christians continue to worship the man/God outside of themselves who was trying to lead them within.

Wake up dear ones, wake up. Your time is now. Energies are in place for your use and evolution. We are here, Beings of Light are here. The feast is prepared, but you must bring yourselves to it. Do you see? It is old to think of a savior coming to take away your sins and problems. This is a gross misinterpretation of the Jesus message. The Christ does dissolve sins and problems, because in the presence of the Light of illumined consciousness (the Christ), error cannot exist. Do not interpret this to mean that you read this truth and now it is yours. The spiritual evolutionary journey is the attaining that state of consciousness that knows only reality, regardless of appearances. This is how Jesus healed, he saw the appearances, but knew them to be just that--appearances with no law to support them.

Jesus attained Christhood (illumination), but know that the word Jesus and Christ are not the same word. Third dimensional issues are not God ordained or sustained but are the manifestations of erroneous beliefs- you are creators. You see why it is so important to stand vigil at the door of your thoughts and words. The energy is very high right now. Everyone ready is clearing and letting go of all that is old and finished. However we see many of you holding on to your favorite concepts and beliefs with the words; "Oh this will be ok". No, we must tell you that anything resonating with duality and separation cannot be a part of the new world. It is your choice to play a bit longer in illusion, but for those of you serious about your spiritual journey and ascension it is time to live, move, and have your being in truth.

At this time there is much singing, rejoicing, and celebrating the birth of God's only son born in a manger come to save the world. We are here to tell you that this event was also meant to be a way shower for those with "eyes to see" the symbolism. Jesus birth is the story of how each and every state of consciousness must first become a simple manger before the Christ can be born within. Your state of consciousness becomes a manger only when emptied of ego and all the trappings that accompany the belief of a self apart from the One. Only then is an individual prepared to house the the new and yet very fragile Christ (Light, truth) child.

At first, the new born Christ must be tenderly protected and held within the heart because an illumined consciousness is a threat to those who thrive in a world of false beliefs-- their power would be seen for what was proclaimed by a story book child; "The emperor has no clothes".

With time, the Christ child grows strong and becomes the everyday state of consciousness of the individual bringing with it new ideas, new friends, new ways of seeing and being, but always in love and light.

Ask yourselves; "Do I live in a mansion of third dimensional beliefs or have I prepared a quiet and sacred manger into which the Christ can be born"? This is a question all must ask themselves. You cannot live in both worlds. We see many loath to give up those three dimensional "goodies" they still believe necessary to their happiness. Now is the time of choosing dear ones, do you wish to move forward spiritually, or do you just find the whole topic to be interesting dinner party conversation? Now is the time to choose.

There is much misinformation regarding the emptying of ego that has come through many false teachings down through the ages. Humility of spirit does not mean that you must give away everything you own and live as a beggar in order to be spiritual which you still see in many eastern societies. The release of ego means that the blessings you have in your life take their appropriate place and are no longer seen as power or absolutely necessary to your sense of completeness. This means, family, friends, money, accumulated goods, fame, are seen as the "added things", not the goal.

Many churches still preach that it is holy to be poor. God never manifested Itself as poverty. A self sustained, self maintained divinity does not nor could it embody poverty within Itself. Everything within Divine Consciousness is governed by divine law and if poverty were governed by divine law, there could never be an ending to it. Poverty is the false creation of false beliefs--the result of gross and heavy ignorance of the past when man kind completely un-illumined. Medieval churches wanted to assure the people that poverty was God's will or punishment as a way to keep them under their power. You no longer need to drag along this obsolete baggage and in reality, cannot bring it with you.

Is my consciousness prepared for the real birth of the real Christ? That is what you need to ask instead of whether or not you have enough cookies baked, or the tree is straight.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/16/12.


20 Dec 12, 01:36
Energy and consciousness

Energy and consciousness can neither be destroyed nor created.

All that is and all that you are exists for eternity. If it exists, there is no such thing as it not existing. Since there are only transfers of energy, what you perceive as death is simply a portal to another existence.

However, dramatic shifts in the consciousness of a species is possible and what was emerging for the last ten days served as the launching platform to change the energy of humanity and the planet at a profound level....>>

>>...The old world, and 3rd density processes are being shredded and can no longer exist in the current 4th density which is actually a 5th dimensional reality where the earth is now residing. Although the changes will not be immediate, governments, political structure, monetary systems, social infrastructure, communication and technology are all being transformed.

There will still be some degree of polarity, however you will have more flexibility in space and time and experience greater synchronicity. In 3rd density, there was a time lag between your creations and how they would manifest into physical reality.

In 4th density, that time lag will be greatly reduced and the manifestations may be immediate for many.

Depending on your geographical location, you have approximately ten days until December 22nd to follow your excitement and passion to create positive intentions that will echo throughout the planet. Optimal integration will take place from December 21st to December 22nd.

You will feel different during this period and must write down your intentions so they are out of the mind and on paper as you will have many ideas that may escape you after this critical period.

This will have an amplifying, integrative and unifying effect on those around you including the entire collective as a whole.

Eventually, you come to embrace this integrative energy so well, you will wonder how it was possible to accomplish anything on the opposite side of this spectrum. It will be a stark contrast to the segregated and deconstructing negative energy you have been used to since your birth.

The point is to ride this wave and be more conscious as a manifester.

Rather than allow your beliefs to be governed by negative emotions of lack, fear, doubt and hesitation, you must allow positive vibrations of peace and love knowing that everything that you have ever experienced has been of service and still is.

Since you began to awaken, you have been experiencing endings and beginnings, remembering all the cycles within your own hearts and lives. You have had contact with many other beings which you are unaware of at this time, but you will remember.

It is the time of times and you are divinely positioned and primed to fulfill your intentions for this lifetime and for participating in the collective upliftment of reality on earth. Humanity will now rise above many limitations thought impossible.

You will pass through this portal with many others and you will enter into a new world which you will soon realize is very different from the old one. It will take some time, but the positive energy will outweigh the negative and this snowball effect will envelope human consciousness causing everything to change.

You are well prepared and you must trust yourself. Know that you are loved and that you are never alone.

You are divine being of light and it's time to show your magnificence.

Who you are today is always different than who you were yesterday and who you are tomorrow.

There actually is no yesterday or tomorrow since the present is all you really have control of, but since human emotions and DNA are energetically bound to perceive a past and future, these states of agreed upon circumstances called "memory" for past and "illusion" for future, affect our present state and the continual reprogramming of the cells in our body.

From this perspective and in terms of tapping into higher levels of space and time, who you are in 2013 will be an upgraded version of who you are today. This includes having greater control and awareness of your power,

20 Dec 12, 02:17


You appear to be ignoring the effect of entropy that everything in the universe is subject to.

The only way human conscioucness can fight against entropy is to record our thoughts in words and video and whatever technology next invents as otherwise consciousness IS lost to entropy. Just as evolution uses genes to battle against entropy.

All of which are reliant on use of the energy released by the Sun.



20 Dec 12, 05:56
The Rapture - End of the World Predictions

Christian predictions of the date of the rapture -

1844 – William Miller predicted that Christ would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844, then revised his prediction, claiming to have miscalculated Scripture, to October 22, 1844. The realization that the predictions were incorrect resulted in a Great Disappointment. Miller's theology gave rise to the Advent movement. The Baha'is believe that Christ did return as Miller predicted in 1844, with the advent of the Báb, and numerous Miller-like prophetic predictions from many religions are given in William Sears' book, Thief in The Night.[64]

1914,[65] 1918,[66] 1925,[67] 1942[68] – Various dates predicted for the rapture by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

1981 – Chuck Smith predicted that Jesus would probably return by 1981.[69]

1988 – Publication of 88 Reasons why the Rapture is in

1988, by Edgar C. Whisenant.

1989 – Publication of The final shout: Rapture report 1989, by Edgar Whisenant. This author made further predictions of the rapture for 1992, 1995, and other years.

1992 - A Korean group, the Mission for the Coming Days, predicted that the rapture would occur on October 28, 1992.[70]

1993 – Multiple predictions were given for 1993, seven years before the year 2000; the rapture would have to start to allow for seven years of the tribulation before the return in 2000.

1994 – Pastor John Hinkle of Christ Church in Los Angeles predicted that the rapture would occur on June 9, 1994. Radio evangelist Harold Camping predicted September 6, 1994.[71]

2011 – Harold Camping's revised prediction had May 21, 2011 as the date of the rapture.[72][73] After this prediction proved inaccurate, he claimed that a non-visible "spiritual judgment" had taken place, and that the physical rapture would occur on October 21, 2011. The physical rapture prediction also proved inaccurate.[74]

2015 – Methodist theologian Adam Clarke writing in 1825, proposed this date as a likely possibility.[75]

2060 – in 1704, Sir Isaac Newton proposed that, based upon his calculations using figures from the Book of Daniel, the Apocalypse could happen no earlier than 2060.[76][77]

20 Dec 12, 17:41
In response to Jului99

They might be Christians, but not the Christian text, here is what the bible says about the end times

The Day and Hour Unknown

36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[a] but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

21 Dec 12, 06:51

"The primary purpose of"

We could say the same about any human invention : paper, knife or spoon. Didn't a written language enable the elites to manage and control populations, and the groups to grow bigger? White man being the angel who brought a spoon to Africa: didn't a spoon help some elites to dominate the continent? However, what is the primary purpose of a car, a plane, a bed or clothes? Haven't they all been created by the people (inventors, hobbyists, smart ones) among the people and for the people?

Haven't they all been taken on and abused by the elites?

On the other hand, inventions need leverage to become popular, which in most cases can be offered by the elites only. Columbus trip had the very duality : human curiosity and venture spirit, altogether with interest and financial support from the elites. This voyage helped the elites to conquer and rule, but the driving force was human ambition.

21 Dec 12, 13:01
Elite Slavery


The Elite enslave the population to their bidding.

Ordinary people work 1/3rd of their lives to service debt that they have to accrue because of inflation.

Ordinary people work 1/3rd of their lives to pay taxes to support the Elites agenda.

The Elite avoid tax and the consquences of inflation.

The system IS designed to enslave and control the general population.

Several hundred of years from now when people look back at how we live today, they will view us as we view serfdom of several hundred years ago. Slaves tend to be blind to their own slavery as they don't know any different.



22 Dec 12, 04:50
The Reason Why Christianity Conquered Rome is...

Because Christianity promised life after death and for most of the people of Rome (citizens and slaves) life was pretty much hell on earth and the only people who tended to be granted immortality were the Roman Emperors and their family and other members of the Roman elite who tried to replace traditional Roman gods with themselves i.e. built temples in their names.

So Christianity offered most people of Rome a better life for eternity, something that many subsequent religions have adopted as a great conversion tactic.

If Rome had remained a republic and not started the cult of the immortal emperors starting with Julius Ceaser, then things may have turned out differently....



22 Dec 12, 13:30
slaves to the "elite", yes

I agree with your "elite slavery" remarks, Nadeem. We are slaves to the hereditary wealthy who control us through debt creation with their private, but govt. backed banks. We should have high inheritance taxes for the same reason that we no longer have kings (whoops -- doesn't apply to the rotten old UK, does it!) But putting control of credit creation in public hands through public industrial-style banks, as described in Hudson's The Bubble and Beyond is the only way to freedom the control by the "elites" (in quotes because they are actually effete low-quality trash)and their extractive parasitic usury banking. Only then can free enterprise thrive and work for the benefit of the nation. Only then can there be democracy because with the present system the banks have so much money power that they own the political process.

22 Dec 12, 21:00
Market Mechanism

Hi Steve

I think public banks would be a reciepe for disaster, what is needed is market mechanisms i.e. the banks should NOT have been bailedout, the central bank should NOT control interest rates, there should not be a lender of last resort, instead the weak banks should always go bust that is the only way a resiliant banking system will evolve.

And the government should NOT print debt and money, without which there would nearly always be deflation - FALLING prices as a consquence of increasing productivity.



23 Dec 12, 08:27
repeal legal tender laws

The only way we going to solve this is take on the idea of central banking. Only when a free poeple have the choice to use gold coins and silver coins in their transactions would we have a true solution.

Central banking allows the elites to steal from us and USE THIS STOLEN MONEY against us, they can fund loss making Media houses, they can buy off the poor (steal votes), buy off politians (who bail out the banks)

I'm not even calling for the abolishment of central banking, all I'm saying is a free poeple should have a choice. So if someone does not want to use fiat money then let them use whatever he wants, if others want to use fiat then fine, no one is stopping them.

All the anti gold poeple make no sense to me, surely if we all mad loonys then why do they need to save us from ourselves through LAW, why not let us fail as they predict we will if they so confidant in their theories.

Take off Vat, take away capital gains from gold and silver and allow us the freedom to transact in gold and silver, digital gold is already proven, all we need is the freedom in LAW.

30 Dec 12, 17:10
Message of Equality

From American Indian to Australian aboriginal religions, From the Aztec to Ancient Egypt, from African Voodoo to Hellenistic and Roman belief systems, from Hinduism to Christianity, there is afterlife and concept of continuity in all religions. There are differences where and when exactly a soul goes and what impact on it has one’s material life.

I personally doubt that Caesars' religious inspirations pushed Romans and their slaves into Christianity. If they banned all gods and their versions of heaven (Romans believed in reward and punishment after death before Christianity) people for some reason didn’t stick to their previous gods and beliefs.

If I had to pick up values that contributed to the expansion of Christian religion I’d say that Jesus brought an unique message : that of equality. We are all equal to God, we’re all his creatures; poverty and destitution is not a vice, shame or failure. He came and preached to common people, not to the wealthy, Pharisee or Kings. It was perhaps the reason why the Jews rejected him: it was so outrageous that he treated all people the same, even Gentiles, whores, beggars and the poor.

Jews were the chosen people (by God) and believed their promised son of God would come to the elites and make them rule the world! Their racist aspirations are still there after millennia.

Whether we believe in Karma, Holy Spirit or Wilhelm Reich’s orgone, belief beats all relaxation techniques, oriental massages, orgonites, emotional music, healthy lifestyles, and all those desperate forms of looking for happiness. One can serve only one master:)

Happy and prosperous 2013 for all traders and good souls!

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