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How We Can Avoid Another Tragic Ponzi Fraud Scheme

Stock-Markets / Scams Dec 27, 2008 - 05:04 PM GMT

By: James_Quinn

Stock-Markets Diamond Rated - Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleIf you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. ” (Joseph Goebbels)

Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie. This is a profound observation from such an evil man. The definition of truth is being in accordance with fact or reality. The Nazis were masters of using propaganda to manipulate facts and produce the reality that suited their wicked purposes. Other states have attempted to repress dissent and rule by using the Big Lie. The Soviet Union and Communist China come to mind.

Our country was created with a Constitution that attempted to insure tyranny that occurred under British rule could not happen in the United States. Truth and freedom of speech are essential for a Republic to thrive. In the last two decades, facts and reality have been obscured, twisted, manipulated and obfuscated by our government, corporations, investment professionals and media. The Big Lie can be perpetrated by states, corporations, or individuals. The multitude of lies has made Americans increasingly dependent. The State gains more power as citizens become more dependent.

The following quote attributed to Scottish history professor Alexander Tyler in 1787, seems to portray an accurate reflection of what has occurred during our 200+ years of existence as a democracy.

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

  1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
  2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
  3. From courage to liberty;
  4. From liberty to abundance;
  5. From abundance to complacency;
  6. From complacency to apathy;
  7. From apathy to dependence;
  8. From dependence back into bondage

These words were written two years before George Washington became our first President. There is so much truth in these words it makes me shudder, especially since we are clearly in stage 7. An honest appraisal of our country's downward spiral is necessary to begin the process of redemption. We have continually voted ourselves increased benefits, dependent upon the printing presses of the Federal Reserve to sustain our country's ponzi scheme. We have pawned our future and the bill will eventually come due.

The Great American Republic

My assessment of the chronological sequence our democracy has progressed through, follows.

From bondage to spiritual faith (1760 to 1769)

  • King George III becomes King of England
  • Currency Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend Act passed by Parliament
  • Sons of Liberty formed by John Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, among others.

From spiritual faith to great courage (1770 to 1783)

  • Boston massacre
  • Samuel Adams organizes the Committees of Correspondence
  • Parliament passes the Tea Act
  • Boston Tea Party
  • The First Continental Congress
  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense
  • Revolutionary War rages for six years
  • British surrender at Yorktown
  • Treaty of Paris ends Revolutionary War

From courage to liberty (1784 to 1865)

  • Constitutional Convention
  • Constitution ratified by 13 states
  • George Washington elected President
  • Bill of Rights passed
  • Fugitive Slave Act passed
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Robert Fulton invents steamboat
  • War of 1812
  • Monroe Doctrine
  • President Andrew Jackson battles bankers which leads to the Panic of 1837
  • U.S. Mexican War
  • California gold rush
  • Compromise of 1850
  • Dred Scott Decision
  • Abraham Lincoln elected President
  • Confederate states secede from the Union
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Civil War rages for four years
  • Union is restored
  • 13th Amendment abolishes slavery

From liberty to abundance (1866 to 1969)

  • Civil Rights Act of 1866
  • First Trans-Continental Railroad
  • Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
  • Industrial Revolution
  • General Electric founded
  • Spanish American War
  • U.S. Steel founded
  • Airplane invented
  • Automobile invented
  • Federal Reserve created
  • World War I
  • Great Depression
  • New Deal programs implemented by FDR
  • Golden Gate Bridge completed
  • World War II
  • Holocaust
  • Atomic bomb used to end war with Japan
  • Marshall Plan rebuilds Europe & Japan
  • US emerges from the war as the only great economic power
  • Cold War
  • Korean War
  • Interstate highway system built
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • John F. Kennedy assassinated
  • Vietnam War
  • Great Society programs implemented
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Martin Luther King assassinated
  • Neil Armstrong walks on the moon

From abundance to complacency (1970 to 1989)

  • Roe vs Wade
  • President Nixon resigns in disgrace
  • Oil embargo
  • Ronald Reagan elected President
  • Military buildup and tax cuts
  • Fall of the Soviet Union

From complacency to apathy (1990 to 2000)

  • Gulf War
  • Bill Clinton elected President
  • Stock market boom
  • Gridlock between Congress & President leads to budget surpluses
  • President Clinton acquitted in impeachment trial

From apathy to dependence (2001 to 2007)

  • George W. Bush elected President
  • Nasdaq stock bubble bursts
  • 9/11 attack
  • Alan Greenspan lowers rates to 1%
  • Invasion of Afghanistan
  • Department of Homeland security created
  • Invasion of Iraq
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Home prices double
  • Financial derivatives grow to over $100 trillion

From dependence back into bondage (2008 to ????)

  • Housing prices collapse
  • Financial firms collapse
  • Government and Federal Reserve intervene to prop up the worldwide financial system
  • Government bailouts of financial firms and auto manufacturers
  • Federal Reserve & U.S. Treasury commit over $8 trillion of taxpayer funds
  • Barrack Obama elected President
  • Immediate borrowing & stimulus packages exceeding $1 trillion are discussed
  • Federal Reserve lowers rates to below 1%

Fact is Fiction and TV Reality

" I can't believe the news today

Oh, I can't close my eyes

And make it go away

And it's true we are immune

When fact is fiction and TV reality"

U2 – Sunday, Bloody Sunday

The greatest fraud in the history of our country was exposed in the past week. Bernie Madoff perpetuated a $50 billion ponzi scheme fraud on his formerly wealthy investors. The size of the losses is mind boggling, three times the size of the proposed bailout of the US automakers. His entire investment fund has been a big lie for decades. The immorality of his actions is incomprehensible. Charities have been wiped out, the life savings of entire families have been lost, and innocent lives have been ruined.

The potential sentence of 20 years in a country club prison and a $5 million fine is not nearly equal to the pain caused by this man's immoral evil actions. This man was well respected by the Wall Street investment community, a prominent Jewish philanthropist, and part of the wealthy high society crowd located in West Palm Beach. This begs the question, if this man has been running this type of scam for decades, how many more cockroaches are out there on Wall Street? After a year of never ending tales of scandal, fraud, lies, greed and mismanagement, this episode should be the final straw which convinces the American public the investment game is rigged and they do not have a chance.

This tragedy is a failure of morality, a failure of regulation, failure of unbridled capitalism and a failure of common sense. Bernie Madoff started his firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities in 1960 with $5,000. It started as a classic American success story and is ending as an American tragedy. Mr. Madoff had a spectacular rise on Wall Street. His firm was one of the founding members of the NASDAQ. He emerged as one of the key leaders in the rise of the NASDAQ and eventually became Chairman of its Board. Madoff served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University, as well as Treasurer of its Board of Trustees. A college class in ethics in his youth may have benefitted Mr. Madoff's clients. His firm was one of the top market makers on Wall Street. His estimated net worth grew to between $200 and $300 million.

He adapted easily to his rise from humble beginnings to immense wealth. He owns estates in Roslyn, N.Y., Montauk, Long Island, a luxury apartment that occupies the entire12th floor on Manhattan's Upper East Side valued at more than $9 million. He also owns mansions in Palm Beach and France and is a member of the Palm Beach Country Club. He also possesses a 55-foot fishing boat named "Bull." After this week's revelations, it seems appropriate that one of George Carlin's words you can't say on TV should have been added to “Bull.” His offices were located in the famous “Lipstick” building in NYC. The building is famous for being shaped like a lipstick case. The building could be considered shaped like a less flattering sexual object, and is more fitting to what Mr. Madoff did to his investors.

Source: Wikipedia

The words on Mr. Madoff's website now seem gravely ironic.

In an era of faceless organizations ... Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC harks back to an earlier era in the financial world: The owner's name is on the door. Bernard Madoff has a personal interest in maintaining the unblemished record of value, fair-dealing, and high ethical standards that has always been the firm's hallmark.

It is doubtful that the words “high ethical standards” will grace Mr. Madoff's gravestone. Even as his ponzi scheme was unraveling, his high ethical standards led him to try and distribute his $200 to $300 million to family, friends, and employees before the victims of his crimes could attempt to recover some of their money. It is too soon to conclude what the long term effects of this scandal will have on our financial system. It is likely that the name Bernard Madoff will go down in the history of ignominy with Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers, and Dennis Kazlowski as examples of the most disgraceful behavior in the history of our financial markets.

How can a man live such a Big Lie for decades and sleep soundly at night? Aspects of Theodore Dreiser's classic novel An American Tragedy are evident in this heartrending story. Dreiser's theme of the desire to rise up socially and financially in modern America holding the very seeds by which such desires are denied is clearly apparent in this tale of woe. The lure of materialism isn't solely the acquisition of wealth and goods, but the attraction such wealth and goods holds over people, often at the expense of other values.

As Mr. Madoff's success grew, his desire to attain ever higher social status must have led him to take more risk and use illegal means to continue up the social ladder. This overwhelming aspiration for acceptance and accolades in the wealthiest high society of Manhattan and West Palm Beach led this man to risk everything. The result has been a tragedy of epic proportions. This fraud is reminiscent of the 1938 indictment of the respected former President of the NYSE Dick Whitney for looting his firm, friends, relatives, and charities of millions to fund his high society lifestyle. Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it.

The definition of a ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from net revenues generated by the business. Mr. Madoff's investment firm ponzi scheme was incredibly unsophisticated. He was spectacularly successful at marketing his fund to the ultra-rich Jewish communities in New York and Florida as well as Europeans at ski competitions attended by the rich ruling elite. His fund generated returns of 12% to 13% per year consistently for decades. The fund only had five losing months since 1996.

The market has had dramatic monthly moves over this time. It is a virtual statistical impossibility for an investor to have such a consistent record through bull and bear markets. Madoff refused to provide his clients online access to their accounts. He sent out accounting statements by mail, whereas most hedge funds email statements and allow them to be downloaded via computer for easier analysis by investors. His books were audited by a three-person accounting firm, Friehling & Horowitz, operating out of a 13-by-18 foot location in an office park in New York City's northern suburbs. A $17 billion fund could not possibly be audited by one partner and one accountant. These facts were all warning signals that many skeptical investment analysts had pointed out years ago to the SEC and in articles in Barron's.

It was not topnotch undercover investigating that revealed this fraud. The SEC investigated Madoff's firm twice in the last eight years and found nothing. Madoff's son-in-law was an SEC official. The SEC has an annual budget in excess of $900 million and has failed miserably in its mission to protect investors. The oversight of hedge funds has been virtually non-existent during the Bush administration. Again, Alan Greenspan, the patron saint of free markets, proved his prescience in 2000 when he campaigned before Congress to not regulate hedge funds. He described hedge funds as

a vibrant trillion-dollar industry dominated by U.S. firms. They are essentially free of government regulation, and I hope they will remain so. Why do we wish to inhibit the pollinating bees of Wall Street?

These killer bees have contributed greatly to the biggest financial destruction of wealth in history. What are the odds of one man being on the wrong side of every major financial debacle in our country in the last ten years? Mr. Greenspan wins the grand prize again.

What brought down Bernie Madoff was not his guilty conscience, but redemptions of $7 billion from investors that overwhelmed his ability to pay them from new funds. The story that he wants everyone to believe is that he was the only one who knew about the fraud. His brother, two sons, niece, and other family members held high level positions in the firm. It is beyond believability that none of these people knew what was going on. A $50 billion fraud can not be perpetuated by one man acting alone. It certainly appears that as a 70 year old man, he is attempting to shield his family members who should also be spending 20 years in prison. If he was truly remorseful, he would have done the world a favor and taken a swan dive off his 12th floor balcony. Instead, he will hire high powered lawyers, using his phony wealth, to extend his life of luxury secluded in his 12th floor hideaway. This is a man who gives Ponzi a bad name.

Ultimately, Mr. Madoff will be judged by his Maker. A special place in Hell awaits him, next to Hitler, Stalin, and Timothy McVeigh. The victims of his crimes are many. The Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation has lost its entire $8 million endowment; The North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and the Texas-based Julian J. Levitt Foundation have lost millions; the town of Fairfield, Conn. has seen 15 percent of its retiree pension fund totaling $42 million vanish; Maxam Capital Management run by Sandra Manzke has been wiped out; Tremont Capital Management has lost millions; and thousands more have lost their life savings. A personal story told by Minyanville writer Justin Rohrlich about his grandfather addresses the true heart breaking tragedy of this man's immoral actions.

Last night, it happened to my 88 year-old grandfather Carl. World War II veteran, Captain in the Army, saw combat in the Philippines. His father was a dry-cleaner, his grandfather was a fabric dyer on the Lower East Side at the turn of the century. My granddad was scheduled to go into the invasion of Japan before we dropped the bomb. Instead of going into certain death, he came home and went to the City College of New York on the GI Bill.

Armed with a mathematics degree, my Grandfather eventually landed a job at Neuberger Berman. Became a CFA. Was a director of Tishman Speyer. Helped build Roosevelt Raceway. Ran the pension fund for Price Chopper supermarkets. I had dinner with my grandfather on Wednesday night. Over sushi, he told me about how amazing Bernie Madoff was. This was a common refrain in our conversations. “While the rest of the market is tanking, Madoff is up for the month.” Today, I bought the New York Post on the way to the subway. Bernie Madoff was on the front page. His fund was described as a “Ponzi scheme” that lost $50 billion. My phone rang. It was my mother.

“Your grandfather just lost everything,” she said.

This blackest of marks in investment history will forever alter the faith that investors have in investment managers, financial advisors, mutual funds, and hedge funds. Americans are being buried under a blizzard of lies. This is truly an American Tragedy.

The Sun Will Set For You

" And the shadow of the day

Will embrace the world in grey

And the sun will set for you "

Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day

There is a reason old sayings become old sayings. They have an underlying truth that spans the test of time. Some old sayings that apply to our current economic and investment environment are:

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  • The cards are stacked against you.

The Madoff affair illustrates that rich people can be just as gullible and foolish as poor people. In their quest for social status and fitting in with the “smart” money crowd, affluent people all over the country put their life savings into the hands of this criminal. No investor can generate positive returns using the same strategy through all market cycles. Warning bells should have been going off. Diversification is the golden rule of investing. The foolishness of these people putting every dime with one man is maddening. Mr. Madoff's nickname, “the Jewish T-bill”, is fitting today with T-bills providing negative yields.

Another American Tragedy is in the making. A much bigger Ponzi scheme that will shock every person in America is still operating. It is being conducted by the U.S. government and your elected politician leaders. It is called our National Budget. With most of our spending on automatic pilot, the aging of the baby boom generation will put tremendous strain on our economic system in the coming years.

As you can see, Medicare costs will explode over the next 40 years. The increasing debt will result in interest payments on the debt becoming the largest expenditure in the federal budget. The longer we wait to address this unavoidable train wreck, the more likely it will result in generational war between the baby boomers and younger generations. Mandatory spending for agriculture subsidies, unemployment benefits, civilian and military pensions and health benefits continues to grow. The ponzi aspect of this system is that we continue to pay out benefits by printing money. We are obligated to pay $53 trillion that we do not have. Social Security has run at a surplus since its inception. The money is not in some lockbox. Your trustworthy leaders have spent all of the surpluses ever generated by Social Security to keep the ponzi scheme going.

The following chart proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we cannot use the Republican Big Lie of growing our way out of this problem. As entitlements and net interest grow, discretionary spending gets squeezed. Non-defense programs, which include activities related to children, transportation infrastructure, education, training and research that should promote future economic growth and prosperity, are crowded out. We are forced to pay no heed to investments in the future in order to honor commitments made decades ago. The short term focus of Washington politicians has ruined our fiscal future. Children don't vote, and younger people are less involved in the political process. As a result, the political gain from immediate increases in spending or reductions in taxes outweighs the eventual economic benefits of more politically costly but fiscally responsible choices. This is a criminal and immoral act upon our future generations. President-elect Obama is about to embark on the largest unfunded expenditure program in the history of our country. This will move us closer to the point of no return where the ponzi scheme implodes.

The Government Accountability Office provided a troubling deficit forecast in January 2008 which showed we would reach a fiscal deficit of $1 trillion in 2016. Democrats and Republicans have proven that when they truly work together they can accomplish anything. The $1 trillion deficit will be reached 7 years early, in 2009. Adding enormous new spending programs is like being trapped in a deep hole and deciding to dig deeper. Something called shared sacrifice for the benefit of future generations is essential to avoid another American Tragedy. Shared sacrifice is something that hasn't been asked of U.S. citizens since World War II. They are known as the Greatest Generation. Now is time for the Next Great Generation.

Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme came crashing down when investors requested their money back and no one was willing to give him the funds to pay them off. The American ponzi scheme will come crashing down when our foreign creditors decide to no longer fund our foolish ventures. Foreigners own more than 50% of our existing government debt and have been buying 70% of our new issuances. The Treasury bills and bonds are paying less than 2.5%. Our unfunded liability of $53 trillion increases by $3 trillion per year. Our National Debt exceeds $10.6 trillion. In 2009 and 2010 we will run annual deficits in excess of $1 trillion. The Federal Reserve is printing dollars as fast as humanly possible. Every dollar printed makes the previous dollars less valuable. As our currency is debased, it will eventually collapse. Foreigners will refuse to pour more money down this rat hole. The biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the world will be over.

Friends ask me why I'm such a pessimist. These questions made me consider what I thought would happen over the last few years. I thought that the housing market would decline 10% to 20%. It has declined 30% to 50%. I thought the stock market could decline 30%. It has declined 40% to 50%. I thought our deficits due to wars could reach $500 billion. The deficits will easily exceed $1 trillion. I thought gold might reach $600 an ounce. It reached $1,000 an ounce and is poised to go much higher. All of my pessimistic projections have been surpassed to the downside. Examining Alexander Tyler's stages of democracy, I am optimistic we can avoid the final stage of Dependence back into Bondage. It seems inconceivable to me that our country could fall under the rule of a dictator. But in the midst of a total economic collapse, I guess anything is possible. Let's hope my worst fears are not realized. If enough Americans seek the truth, the Big Lies can be exposed before it is too late. Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned.

By James Quinn

James Quinn is a senior director of strategic planning for a major university. James has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his 22-year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He is married with three boys and is writing these articles because he cares about their future. He earned a BS in accounting from Drexel University and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a certified public accountant and a certified cash manager.

These articles reflect the personal views of James Quinn. They do not necessarily represent the views of his employer, and are not sponsored or endorsed by his employer.

© 2008 Copyright James Quinn - All Rights Reserved
Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

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29 Dec 08, 02:07
The Worst Kind of Lies
It may sound goofy, but I actually learned a lot of ways to personally not get suckered into a fraud, by reading John Patrick Lamont's book titled, "The Worst Kind of Lies." Although the book is fiction, a lot of what is presented in the book is fact- John Patrick Lamont draws upon fourteen years of experience working within the life insurance industry and uses facts from his experience. It is a must read for anyone interested in getting educated on any sort of fraud.
18 Jan 09, 12:49
the global PONZI scam that makes Madoff's 50 billion look like pettycash




That makes the alleged Madoff 50 billion scam a minor petty cash incident

The 60 trillion USD of global national debt that have been accumulated by the spendthrift/overspending governments to pay for their planet destruction economic growth/job creation swindles have in fact been used to pay off the debts incurred by the previous environment destructive racketeers that have over-saturated/flooded the markets:

This gigantic debt mountain is the benchmark for the similarly gigantic municipal and private debt mountains that have been fostered/fuelled by the governments and banks to sustain the planet destructive mass-production/mass-consumption shopping zombies growth economy that has wiped out 95% of the global natural habitat and its biodiversity and left the overpopulating humans in unilateral control of a dying planet.

As governments spend ever more money on IVF/reproduction methods while denying free abortion and contraception to those who want/need them most they are effectively creating the victims of the future who must pay for the debts of the previous generation and commensurately suffer the dire consequences of the environmental holocaust that was unleashed.

In an insane contradiction the humans continue to spend trillions on arms to defend themselves against themselves while killing/violating everything around them.

While Madoff's copycat Ponzi scheme will likely land him behind bars -

the indebted governments are congratulating themselves and are being lauded for having lumbered the next generation with the debt mountains that they have incurred for the present generation in what is the world's most cunning Ponzi fraud so far.

G20 - the new mafia - to reward their sponsors/racketeers and restore planet destructive economic Growth

Some politicians now want to change "Capitalism" and prevent "speculation"

(why did they not say this this before to prevent the global socio-economic-environmental-financial crisis that is now invoking them to make such statements? -

Because they and their political/religious allegiance underpin the ugly face of the global Casino capitalism and gambling speculation that thrives under their policies of

low interest; unlimited leveraged debt mountains and letting one's currency collapse!

Thousands of missionaries are out there in the poor countries to breed/convert more humans to this roulette socio-economic-environmental-financial planet destruction ideology.

The phenomenal growth of debt-financed government/local authority/municipality/state expenditures where everything is muddled/duplicated/squandered in an endless papershuffling scenario

- while the overall infrastructure is falling apart - despite ever higher underlying taxation and state enterprise extortion rackets that are covered up with PR tricks like 1000 dollars tax rebate for every family that has just been forced to contribute 20,000 dollars in "stimulus" packages to bail out the politicians favourite racketeers -

that despite employing millions of totally superfluous bureaucrats/chieftains to supervise the inefficiency;

management consultants to concoct additional job opportunities despite the fact that every additional job in the world has a direct commensurate planet destructive quantum impact;

computer programmers to compound the existing system mess;

experts who request more experts as "expertise" becomes ever more narrow;

accountants to assist in cooking the debtladen books;

lawyers to invent ever more rules, regulations and laws that contradict existing ones:

yet all this madness has failed to reduce local/national and global unemployment that continues rising.

An intelligent socio-economic-environmental-financial order would be based on first principles that would automatically prevent the chaos and disasters the world is facing.

This of course would expose the charlatans who thrive under the cloak of chaos and disasters that are used to hoodwink and disinform the masses who are being kept entirely ignorant about the law of first principle in collusion with the religions who base their belief systems on thousands of years of concealment of facts/reality and infantile idolatry that resembles drug addiction.

In A French newspaper it is suggested that the relatively cold weather in Europe that is still much milder than it was even a generation ago confirms that therefore there is no global warming. Such simpleton propaganda is now disseminated by the media in total ignorance that the massive icesheets that have detached themselves from the Antarctic - as a direct consequence of human activities - are having a cooling effect on Europe that will be made worse with ever more global warming from the insane "stimulus" packages, low interest debt financed economic growth=inflation and breeding incentives that the politicial charlatans dream up.


1. Demographic inflation

WORLD POPULATION 1925 - 1750 million humans : TODAY - 6750 million humans

Population 2050 (from



















Congo, DR.




AMAZONAS RAINFOREST 1925 - 730,000 square miles : TODAY - there's not one square mile of Amazonas Rainforest that has not been invaded/polluted by humans be it for illegal logging; cattle ranching; soya bean or bio-fuel growing; small agriculture; mining; roads; dams; eco-tourism; "scientific" expeditions etc. and ever more landless farmers

- in the countries of the Spanish/Portuguese introduced insane Roman church that prohibits contraception/abortion under the "right to life" banner -

a lunatic policy that causes 50,000 to die from malnutrition every day

(in 1972 it was 12,000 a day)

flood into the amazonas and move from one slash and burn site to another to feed their growing families often comprising ten or more children=victims.

No unmolested intact rain forests exist now anywhere.

Violence, crime, hooliganism and wars are spreading everywhere as the have nothing to lose fight for resources that no longer exist: Take Israel in 1945 "Palestine" had some 500,000 inhabitants that have increased within Israel and Gaza and the West Bank to well over 10 million and growing while resources are declining. The Palestinians rely entirely on food aid to survive because there is no land to grow food. This situation can never be resolved and is getting worse with rising population inflation. More than 50 years of violence have done nothing other than to worsen the plight of the growing number of victims. The unacceptable bombing of densely overpopulated areas is a clear sign of impotence in the face of intractable odds that reflect a microcosm of what is to come on a worldwide basis where local resources are insufficient for a decent standard of living as a result of overpopulation.

2. Stock Market Inflation

In 1925 the Dow Jones stood at around 100 compared to 14,000 in 2007 and 9,000 today and rising back up again - financing more global economic growth=inflation=climate change/natural habitat destruction/biodiversity extinction with more mass-overproduction and more mass-overconsumption.

3. Money/Debt Supply Inflation

Considering that the United States Gross Domestic Product in 1925 was less than 100 billion USD - today it is over 13 trillion USD; today's money supply has exponentially increased into so many trillions that the FED has unilaterally decided to make it a secret by refusing to publish M3 anymore.

Global debt is estimated at some 60 trillion USD today (updated from the CIA factbook) that equals the market value of all publicly traded shares in the world. Per Capita debt in the USA has risen from 5000 USD in 1985 to about 50K USD today. All countries have similar or higher per capita debt level percentage increases and that is yet another reason why every country seeks to increase its overpopulation to reduce the per capita indebtedness while the debt itself is rising. It is also another reason why inflation is tolerated if not welcomed/engineered as it literally helps to reduce debt in real terms. All of this criminal financial engineering fuels the global environmental planet destruction quantum that is causing climate change/the destruction of the natural environment and biodiversity extermination.

4. Ordinary day to day Inflation

This is reflected in the food items that have increased commensurately with the global money supply explosion; the global demographic explosion and the global stock market explosion because more money means more spending driving up prices; more humans means less land for growing food and the stock market inflation creates staggering debt mountains that can only be covered up with balance sheet inflation that feeds into everything.

5. Livestock/feedlots and motor vehicle (cars/trucks/buses) inflation

The rising dead body chewing habits of the human killer species has increased

a) global beef cattle to 1300 million

b) global sheep and goats to 1800 million

c) pigs to 2000 million

d) chicken incl. cocks to 140,000 million

(some of the more unscrupulous meat producers/traders call livestock/feedlots "biodiversity")

causing altogether even more damaging/planet destructive greenhouse gas/acid rain/resource consumption than motor vehicles that increased from about 70 million in 1950 to a staggering 700 million by 1996 and are now totalling in excess of 1000 million.

6. Poverty Inflation

The systemic poverty of the 4000 million have nots in the world is solidified by the global economic growth=inflation policies that are affecting ever more humans that have real jobs and real incomes.

One cunning political trick is to incite the "little people/retired" (i.e. the ones that do not have access to millions/billions in leveraged debt finance to manipulate markets) to save by offering "high" interest rates and safety. A few months later the government via its Central Bank lackeys drops interest rates to assist the racketeers who have taken on vast debt mountains to sustain their debt inspired lifestyles/megalomania which not only means reduced income for the little people/retired but also a massive loss of capital in international terms as the currency collapses commensurately with the low interest rates. The EURO, USD and the Pound Sterling are prime examples of how ongoing exchange rate manipulation makes the poor poorer and assist the rich in getting richer.

Hence the charlatans who currently talk about falling inflation obviously never go shopping while relying on the shortsellers who have been driving down the oil price - until they go long again when oil could easily breach the 200 USD a barrel level by 2010.

Already Russia has made it clear the cheap gas days are over.


There's already 1 kilo of deadly radioactive plutonium waste for everyone of the 6750 million humans and nobody knows where to safely stash it away since they've decided not to dump it anymore in the oceans.

Apart from that the humans have more than 50,000 nuclear weapons -

enough to wipe the planet clean of all life a thousand times over.

Now why would these decent, law and order abiding, god believing, possibly even church going, family minded, honest and upright human citizens want to blow everything up?

All this freedom, free trade, civil liberties etc. is organised under the corrupt two party democracy pretence whereby the political charlatans gain power on the ever larger voting ticket of expecting shopping zombies that they then use to further the vested planet destruction interests whose deep-seated systemic scratch my back I'll scratch yours corruption has resulted in the global financial crisis where trillions of debt dollars that should never have been issued in the first place have financed the global planet destruction/environmental holocaust ranging from acid rain to toxic/radioactive wastelaying whereby the natural habitat/biodiversity/clean air has been wiped out/exchanged for the biggest construction/mass-production/mass-consumption madness/pollution of all times that has caused climate change.

the planet destruction criminals will do everything to prevent you from reading this global plain language report

don't let the academic charlatans continue to befuddle facts with their usual cornucopia of convoluted language invented to hold sponsors and society to ransom for more of the same



Covering the planet in wind turbines/solar panels is not going to feed the billions that go hungry every day.

Hence it comes as no surprise that the ecologically defunct

- unlike the leader of the 2000 year old freak/hat show-business

(famous for its widely promoted anti-contraception/anti-abortion/anti-sex before marriage antics that has caused the human environmental holocaust/deforestation/climate change over-population quantum impact that is killing families which he pretends to cherish - based on the socio-economic-religious precept that all crimes will be forgiven if a wafer is swallowed at Sunday mass that has created the international planet destruction mafia and their supporting cast/protection racket of sponsored economists, crooked lawyers and compliant politicians)

better known as Pope who has now publicly stated that it is as important to save the Rainforests as it is to save "mankind" from transvestite and trans-sexual "behaviour". The Pope has thus instructed the millions of sterile - when they're not abusing children - transvestites that form the nucleus of his global brocade costume circus act to discard their female frocks for male trousers.

He himself has allegedly ordered some BOSS suits for himself -

a church for hooligans/barbarians that still feeds on the meat served up from

public torture of animals officially approved by their fellow EU butchers

(what they do with the ears and tail that are handed to the local priest is anybody's guess

After centuries of poisoning the minds of the cretins and easily manipulated with their hallucinogenic rituals - the religions that are nothing other than gigantic business cartels with their insane breeding/multiplying gospel that has overpopulated the planet - are now reluctantly acknowledging that the human is not the only species on the planet after having wiped out 95% of the planet's natural habitat and fellow mammals.

Having invented god as the ultimate fall guy they refused to accept the reality of the bio-ecological co-existential balance between humans and fellow species that is necessary to sustain the planet's life support system.

French Chief of the IMF - wallowing in ignorance - pushes the debtocracy governments to sling billions - that were made or must be made from planet destructive activities - in stimulus packages in all directions to bring back/sustain the beloved economic growth=inflation insanity that has caused the financial crisis and climate change and that is wiping out the global life support system.

The so-called financial crisis is nothing other than a predictable consequence of the global low interest debt spiral that caused the "get rich quick" ideology that attracted every crook, swindler and fraudster to invent the "no capital/no savings needed" global debt financed rackets such as the buy to let racket whereby massive multi-million mortgages were accumulated to buy property apparently for letting. However in many cases the mortgage was split between the crooked mass-construction racketeer and the pretended buyer who simply walked away from the building with the mortgage cash. At the height of the low interest debt bubble such properties could be sold many times over with new mortgage frauds. In an immense show of greed the banks then purchased these non-performing, over-mortgaged construction dynosaurs in subprime packs amounting to billions only to flog them again to unsuspecting clients.

The other low interest debt frauds that are yet to unfold will be corporate debt based on fraudulent business plans; the junk bond debacle; and the credit card frauds that induce the debt junkies and crooks to sustain the politically welcomed mass-consumption shopping zombie buying frenzy that sustains what they call economic growth which in reality is nothing other than underlying inflation.

The insanity is that the debt financed economic growth ideology has created the globalised chain reaction that has wiped out millions of small businesses and created commensurate unemployment that the political/institutional charlatans want to stem with their multi trillion "stimulus" packages for the globalised dynosaurs that will simply create more market saturation and oversupply.

What is a shopping zombie? The political survival of the charlatans is based on the intellectually brain dead humans who need to make up externally what they lack in intellect: that means ever more cars, perfumes, clothing, food, "beauty" creams, and ever larger TV screens etc. that are an integral part of the idiotic advertising spam diet served up by the TV/Internet/Cell phone rackets.

The shopping zombie is also distinguished by a multilateral herd identity/mentality - aping/parrotting anything that the media prechew.

In the hillbilly land where guns are needed to express meaning - the socalled media regurgitated economic/financial crisis has totally eradicated any public concern about the environment or climate change.

The shopping zombies addiction has been nurtured by government enacted destruction of the natural environment that has culminated in France with the construction of massive polluting concrete bunker cities loaded with plastic furniture in the Alps to accommodate ever larger quantities of catatonic apres ski zombies.

In France destruction of the environment is seen as progress, innovation and a god given right.

The shopping zombies lust for planet destruction is exacerbated in their psychopathic admiration for freakshows such as the Guiness World Records where demented morons are incited to become "world champions" in hacking down Pine Trees or breaking baseball bats with one leg and similar acts of violent destruction of resources that are nothing other than applied insanity.



Democracies are now corrupted totalitarian state-financed Debtogracies/empty slogan societies - other than violence - that compete/fight against each other in the global economic growth=inflation=planet destruction war ideology


Of course that does not include ordinary home mortgages or temporary small business bridging loans.





About Casino gambling: take the oil price or any commodity as an example: first the long traders drove it up to 145 USD from around 50 USD and now the short traders are pushing it down to where the gambling started or lower. As long as you have gamblers who can access leveraged debt finance ad infinitum to place long or short bets you have extreme market manipulation. It has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand despite the media having been instructed to repeat the contrary ad nauseam.

Now the criminals who run the global planet destruction rackets are doing the same with pollution trading scams that the infiltrated/corrupted environmental charlatans invented to justify their own rackets.


The global environment is being destroyed by debt that finances the economic growth mirage that is nothing other than inflation.

The socalled EU 2020 environmental agreement is just another Kyoto, Montreal, Basel etc. heap of environmental phantasmagoria designed to deceive the gullible media and those who read/watch/listen to it.

It is also a memorable piece of deception in that it pretends that certain greenhouse gas reductions which are unlikely to be achieved due to the growth in shopping zombies and their addicted mass consumption habits but which in any case cannot undo the damage already caused.

Of course true to their religious affinity the restoration of the totally wiped out natural habitat and biodiversity in Europe has been totally ignored so as not to upset the gravy train of economic growth=inflation that has just been stimulated with 200 billion of money that was made from environmental destruction/pollution/wastelaying and that was put in place by the political charlatans to sustain the same planet destructive quantum activities that produced the money in the first place and thus will finance an ever greater quantum attack on the global ecology; quantum attack that is decimating the global life support system.



As long as there is population growth there is economic growth with the usual intervals due to oversupply, market saturation AND THE USUAL DEBT DEFAULTS/FRAUDS caused by the low interest debt financed globalised mass-production/service/development rackets; and as long as there is economic growth there is ongoing pollution/natural habitat destruction, biodiversity extermination and wastelaying of the planet that is causing climate change. Hence as long as the political/institutional/bureaucratic/educational etc. charlatans and their corporate mafia bosses/lackeys/associates promote economic growth which in reality is nothing other than inflation the planet is doomed.

The political/institutional/bureaucratic charlatans totally ignore that ever more money/debt means ever less food/natural habitat/biodiversity/quality of life

The only comparison to the overcrowded/polluted/toxic/radioactive waste riddled/traffic jammed/infernal/dust-smoke-particle laden bunker city slums that are now "habitat" to more than half the 6750 million humans are the concentration camps/prisons aka Zoos that humans invented to exhibit fellow species for amusement and the usual "scientific" experiments.

During the last 60 years of ongoing boom/bust economic mismanagement/growth=inflation financed with ever larger low interest debt mountains/stimulus packages the global human footprint has produced the greatest environmental holocaust/natural habitat destruction/biodiversity extermination/pollution/acid rain/ozone layer depletion/desertification/deforestation as much as growing hunger/poverty amongst the overproliferating/overpopulating humans

- that the corporate racketeers and their political lackeys want to turn into compulsive shopping zombies -

most of whom now subsist on systemically poisoned fastfood/TV spam

- 75% of grains feed the dead body gnawing habits of those who want to resemble what they chew - the rest they now want to go on biofuels for all those SUVs that clog the gridlocked roads -

subsisting like rats in gigantic cell divided bunkers in slum cities surrounded by pesticide poisoned agri-factories and nuclear power stations while 50,000 die every day from malnutrition up from 12,000 a day in 1970.

There's already 1 kilo of deadly radioactive plutonium waste for everyone of the 6750 million humans and nobody knows where to safely stash it away since they've decided not to dump it anymore in the oceans.

Apart from that the humans have more than 50,000 nuclear weapons -

enough to wipe the planet clean of all life a thousand times over.

Now why would these decent, law and order abiding, god believing, possibly even church going, family minded, honest and upright human citizens want to blow everything up?

As the planet is getting ever more overcrowded the infrastructure is disintegrating everywhere - don't believe the publicity stunts on the media that show clean roads, smart hospitals, empty waiting rooms, attentive doctors or helpful bureaucrats - the fact is everywhere the dirt and waste riddled roads and pavements are uneven potholed danger tracks carved up by the gigantic traffic streams; zebra crossings have not been repainted for years and now constitute the most perilous crossing of any road; health centers, clinics and hospitals are not only overcrowded but also the easiest way of catching infectious diseases; parking spaces are more difficult to find than a needle in a haystack - sometimes there is one for sale at the cost of a studio apartment; at government departments queueing for hours and endless form filling has been created to employ the millions of otherwise unemployed.

60 years ago some 1000 million out of then 2000 million humans on the planet were hunger/poverty stricken.

Today the criminally insane breeding/anti-contraception/anti-abortion policies of the global Hitlerites has driven human overpopulation to more than 6750 million- increasing at more than 80 million a year - out of which more than 4000 million subsist on less than a dollar a day.

That's an inflation of poverty of more than 400% in only 60 years that the charlatans have caused with their "make poverty history/development/greening the planet etc" sales promotion rackets trying to unleash the catatonic throw away plasticized/chemicalised/artificial fibre/fastfood shopping zombie religion

- 2000 years of religious hypocrisy have created nothing but the world's biggest shopping zombie festivals like Drinkmas/Meatmas and Feaster - onto ever more victims to further their own money grabbing culture that's caused climate change.

Following some 2000 years of racial/national/religious inbreeding that has created the planet's most violent/murderous/crooked/dishonest/doubletalking/doublefaced/self-righteous/hypocritical/self-serving/self-congatulating/self-adulating planet-destructive species of all times enshrined in deceptive/dishonest slogans like "human capital", "sustainable development", "environmental governance" or cynically "the international community".

There is of course the international community of vested interests: the international racketeers, billionaires and trillionaires who fuel/sponsor the global planet destruction ideology and their servile political/institutional/bureaucratic lackeys.

How the USA and its imitators are turning into debt-riddled Banana republics/Debtocracies

A Banana republic is a debt financed state where the government is entirely controlled by the vested interests/racketeers - in whose slipstream thousands of swindlers, crooks, fraudsters have set up businesses entirely financed with debt that they will never be able nor willing to repay knowing that their political lackeys will serve up the demanded no questions asked "stimulus packages" to keep the crooks in the comfort of their debt inspired lifestyles. This has led to the global play it again Sam/Marianne debt for more debt scenario on the basis that what you borrow today will be peanuts in ten years or less as the underlying global financial inflation of business "values" is exploding that the colluding Central bankers facilitate with ever lower interest rates.

A criminal corruption of financial rectitude/ethics by the debt junkies and their dealers that is defrauding savers.

From hundreds of thousands of small time crime outfits/fraudsters like SA CHEZ FRANCE set up with no cash capital at all that have obtained millions in debt from French state organisations to the big corporate borrowers nobody knows how much backhanders have facilitated this corrupt bonanza that has made France the most systemically debt riddled country outside of the USA that is an investors nightmare and an environmental bombshell as its nuclear waste over-proliferation and agri-chemical/pesticide infested produce/cheeses and wines poison the planet. SA CHEZ FRANCE is symptomatic of the French debtocracy, a company set up purely to defraud the French taxpayers knowing that there is no retribution in what is the most bureaucratised country in Europe. SA CHEZ FRANCE epitomises the French tourism industry nesting themselves into hotels under false pretences without paying rents, insurances and taxes while ripping off the unsuspecting tourists who are innocently financing the fraud. France has the highest number of crooked lawyers in the world who specialise in running elaborate protection/conspiracy rackets for the fraudsters by abusing the Courts with endless false and fraudulent paperwork and thus helping the fraudsters continue stealing the victims money and property. It's all part of the French way of doing business. You can sue them and they can drag it through the courts while continuing to pocket the money. In France you cannot recover costs; that's why it's a thieves paradise highly advertised by its President:

as a special thanks for being stupid enough to invest in Europe's most insular, xenophobic, racist debtocracy your local tax office will double your property tax.

The aptly named French Casino supermarket group - also known as Al Campo - sells 4 estaciones salad in two packs. The small pack containing 250 grams of salad sells for 75 centimos. The large pack containing 450 grams should sell for less than 1.50 Euros as it is 50 grams short of two times the small pack. Knowing that the Spanish are weak in arithmetic the cunning French rip them off for 1.79 euros for the large pack. Or take Kikkoman Soya Sauce that today sells for more than 6 Euros while until recently it was sold for 4.50 Euros.

Not that the Spanish need any lessons in ripping off tourists/foreigners….

Remember total GDP of the USA in 1940 was less than 100 billion….Today it is more than 13 trillion: That's an indication of the exponential planet destructive inflation to come.

The political charlatans are too busy attending photo calls and trying to decipher the endless slogans their speech writers serve up for public consumption.

the fact is that the debt criminals/thieves have taken over the planet and are holding everybody else to ransom via their crooked lawyers who have corrupted and perverted the global judicial system in collusion with the faceless bureaucrats that are overproliferating the planet now deceptively referred to as Customer Service representatives.

In France the official Tribunal/Courts Administrators website is nothing other than sales outlet for French businesses that are advertised under the heading "enterprises".

In Britain the adversarial legal system has been corrupted by certain crooked lawyers operating in collusion with equally crooked "counsel" and judges who conspire to pervert the course of justice all under the protection racket of the Law Society and the socalled Bar Council. The Yellow Pages are stuffed with advertising from the aptly named "solicitors" who specialise in furthering the "rights" of crooks, thieves, fraudsters, perjurers and just about any delinquent whereby the solicitors and counsel deceive the Court and mislead the judges based on false witness and evidence that nobody has verified. Corrupt court officials collude and connive with crooked solicitors to delay communications or letting documents disappear to pervert the course of justice.

In Britain this practice of abusing the Courts has exploded during the last ten years of the "easy money" debt boom bubble that was unleashed by the Blair Government and which is now in ashes.

The corruption is evidenced by the fact that what were formerly described as wanted Terrorists such as Kenyatta or Mandela or Gaddafi were subsequently either received on official State Visits or embraced and kissed like long missed lovers.

In 2008 Blair walks up to Gaddafi and to Gaddafi's surprise embraces and kisses him on both cheeks.

As Britain's oil and gas reserves are running low - no doubt Blair was asked to kiss this oil/gas rich supplier to show that Britain did not want to initiate another Iraq style massacre.

The only question is when will Blair who is still secretly running Britain kiss the Russian Leaders.

There are now some 4000 million surplus humans on the planet who have nothing to lose.

All of them born during the last 60 years. In India alone some 1000 million out of 1400 million Indians subsist on less than one dollar a day.

This will no doubt be news to footballers like the Real Madrid or Unicef sponsored Barcelona players who earn

a basic salary of 7 million Euros p.a.

They have never heard of CNN, BBC Worldservice or Euronews and similar propaganda stations

- manned by people who are paid for every word they say by the respective commercial/corporate sponsors - they repeat everything endlessly knowing that only morons watch their half-baked exchanges of allusions, innuendo and allegations that can be denied or reaffirmed in the next show according to sponsor's wishes…the poor don't give a damn about what happens to the wealthy folks who can afford to stay at the 400-4000 dollars a night Taj Mahal or to the Indian billionaire who built himself the world's first 1000 million dollar home right in the middle of Bombay.

CNN - one of the original mass-consumption shopping zombie promoters - in their latest sales promotion feature "PLANET IN PERIL" - smugly inserted between the planet destructive advertising spots for the usual growth industries that accelerate climate change - is sponsored by the polluting aluminium/steel/concrete industry that wants to cover the planet in infernal/soil-sea polluting/bird killing wind turbines to provide the energy for more of the same planet destructive growth.

The fact is the have-nots are now a massive majority on the planet and this fact is compounded by the growing unemployment in the "industrialised" countries including the USA and Europe compounded by the fact that every year more than 80 million more humans want jobs.

The planet destructive impact of jobs has of course never been calculated but looking back over the last 60 years during which the planet's human population tripled and seeing that planet in peril fuelled by ever more economic growth=inflation that has caused climate change, the destruction of all major rainforests, the decimation of all major natural habitat and the commensurate extermination of biodiversity speaks for itself.

Knowing that easy to get low interest debt has always attracted the crooks who set up fraudulent businesses that create a few jobs the politicians still cling to this society damaging concept because it also keeps millions of crooked lawyers and an ever larger judiciary in convenient, well paid jobs.

In France debt financed state organisations like OSEO, Caisse des Depots, Avenir Tourisme and myriads of subsidiaries dish out hundreds of billions in debt to the criminals that they know will never be repaid.

In fact nobody in France knows how indebted the country is and nobody wants to know either in the secure knowledge that there is always more debt being printed to throw after the bad. When one small time trader lost 5,000 million Euros for Societe Generale the frog leg chewing French were proud that they could now match the "Anglo-Saxons" in the cocaine inspired upper echelons of international high finance.

Prior to joining the EU France was of course world champion in devaluing its rubber currency;

Today Britain has taken over this proud economic expediency by letting the pound collapse by more than 30% against the Euro in less than 6 months -

now dutifully continued by the EU Central Bank with ever lower interest rates which is defrauding savers

while rewarding the insatiable debt junkies for their environment destructive growth mania.

Whenever and wherever the political charlatans meet they talk about more trade in an exemplary display of nazi/fascist/jap style low interest debt financed inflation growth economics. At the time the nazis/fascists/japs made war for possession of resources; today they have all joined together to make war against the whole planet to scrape up the remaining resources like a cancer that grows for only one reason:

to destroy and kill its host which is the planet Earth Ecological life support system;

accompanied by cynical/empty/deceptive slogans like "International Year of the Planet" concocted by the slick cocktail party crowd that makes up the United Nations to justify more than 100,000 annual seminars, conferences, meetings in 5 star locations all paid for with the money made from planet destruction. The EU wipes out virgin forests that are replaced with ecologically damaging cash crop timbers by translating its gigantic paper mountains into 27 languages in effect multiplying the environmentally destructive quantum impact by 2700% ever year. With the usual insolence of bureaucrats they deceive the masses with the usual tripe about carbon offsetting and similar falsehoods and deceptions like pollution trading.



According to the Yale Economic Review Economics can be learned from video games;

In reality the last 60 years of Economics has been nothing other than throwing ever more low interest debt on a non-stop spinning roulette table


At best at net asset value but who can predict asset values on a climate change affected planet on which New York, London, Bombay, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Sydney and other major cities may all be submerged from the rising seas and changing weather patterns creating massive new migrations, habits and lifestyles.

The political charlatans evidently believe that they are conforming nicely to the diktats of the global corporate crime bosses by "investing" hundreds of billions of bailout gambling chips into the stimulus packaged Casino markets all of which eventually debt financed with worthless junk bonds or tax screws that will cause a massive trail of real inflation.

why anything that contributes to economic growth=inflation must be devalued until it is eliminated

why the global Casino gambling mentality must be eradicated

NYSE and NASDAQ better known as the Wall Street Casino jumped because Fed Chief who sank more than 150 billion into bankrupt AIG is to become Treasury Secretary;

and they jumped again when the taxpayers are proudly told that they will guarantee an initial 360 billion USD in gambling debts of Citigroup.

UBS got a 60 billion bailout plus 6 billion in cash from the Swiss Government. Switzerland has a annual GDP of around 300 billion. If one bank allegedly run by highly educated banking professionals supposedly known for their prudence, thriftyness and compliance necessitates more than 20% of its country's GDP what's going to happen when the others follow in the slipstream? Virtually every day we hear of billions thrown around like monopoly money

(don’t worry the UBS golf tournaments and lavish client entertainment are now secured; the Swiss taxpayers are footing the bills) It's strange that a bank that has for decades run number accounts for clients that have never been identified should continue to attract government business; Germany has asked UBS to advise on merger of German banks; Britain too is passing merger business of TV stations to UBS and cynically some "Earth" environmental outfit is doing some melting Antacrtic glacier "research" with UBS when it is the trillions of the world's biggest "wealth" manager that cause global warming in making the fortunes that are then "invested" in more environmental planet destruction ventures that melt what's left of the glaciers everywhere:

This is the systemic global corruption effect

The bailout/stimulus packages will lead to the greatest debt bonanza of all times that will turn the most indebted countries in the world, i.e. the USA and its imitators into just another overleveraged Lehman Brothers/Banana Republic/Debtogracy.....remember LB went from over 125 USD to 3 cents unlike the

trillions of bailout/stimulus packages debts that will be replaced with more debts in a gigantic inflation scenario and

a heap of non-performing/unrealisable/worthless paper collateral/junk bonds and raised taxes;

that's why the low interest debt ideology must be terminated

why the environment must come before the economy even for low IQ people that continue to pursue Keynesian economics - knowing that all money/debt originates from and fuels planet destructive activities. Hence throwing ever more money/debt into the economy with one hand and preaching environmental governance with the other is nothing other than deception and fraud.

The rapacious planet destructive criminals who see the global ecology as an infinite moneyspinner are now controlling everything and nothing more so than the advertising/sales and marketing industry and related stockmarket/trading Casinos that have turned all professionals from Professors to Doctors, Dentists, Economists, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Accountants etc. into sponsored liars/sales gumps who will do/sell/buy anything for more money either as prostitutes or pimps whichever is the more profitable.

To avoid any backlash they have instituted their own Al Capone style protection rackets aka professional associations; in France they have for example the socalled Batonniers protecting the lawyers, in Britain the Medical Council protecting the doctors, in the USA the CPA protecting accountants, consumers are supposed to be protected by the socalled Consumer Associations which are just simply another form of sales promotion agencies for the Dairy/Pharma/Chemical/Auto etc. Industries, the Meat Council, the Health rackets etc. The reality is that the global totalitarian sales/buying frenzy culture that has corrupted and perverted human society into a herd of mindless shopping zombies is entirely financed with low interest debt that feeds the underlying oversupply, market saturation and inflation that is known as economic growth=inflation that the colluding, conniving central bankers sustain with ever lower interest rates. That all sales growth has a direct planet destructive environmental quantum impact is totally ignored. In 40 C degrees Abu Dhabi (in the shade) they now want to build an entire "environmentally friendly" town as if the planet's environment needs more towns. This resource depleting growth mania is the root cause of climate change. The finance behind these schemes is of course straight off the Casino monopoly tables that will be empty when the oil has finally run out. But why think of the future if you can have a good time dreaming up gigantic construction schemes that will give short term employment to thousands of have-nots and turn them into envious radicals when the "pay days" are over.

The French stimulus package includes debt financing more than 100,000 homes while the Germans are calling for more road construction in the tradition of Hitler growth economics that culminated in a war that could have been prevented by getting rid of its cause in the same sense as today's war against the environment could be stopped by applying universal limits instead of multilateral growth.

This self-destructive quantum scenario which no other species would be criminal enough to impose on the planet's life support system has produced the global hell of systemic soot, dust and particle pollution; the systemic poisoning of the foodchain and the falsification of product descriptions. Puro Aloe Vera or Puro Glycerina means there is less than 1% of the ingredient amongst 99% of poisonous chemicals; harina integral means there is less than 10 or 20% the rest is just the usual refined flour amongst a host of chemicalised junk. In fact there are now no natural products available anywhere. Everything is part of a gigantic systemic debt financed global fraud that feeds economic growth=inflation that feeds planet destruction and climate change.

It's the way the most ignorant of all the fast breeding morons on the planet are being indoctrinated to buy ever more rubbish based on glossy slogans/lies because they are used to believe anything according to their 2000 year old religious fantasy world that sees the planet as an unlimited playground for more of the same ad infinitum.



Now they are all shrieking for a bailout of the car industry to "save 3 million jobs". The fact is that the car industry has failed to produce and sell its products at a price that covers its costs. Lunatic marketing/advertising/management overheads have failed to sell the vehicles that are in massive oversupply. Now why would anyone believe that throwing an initial 25 billion at the carmakers will save them when they will just simply carry on making losses? The problem is that we have a global economy that is entirely constructed on low interest debt, waste, inefficiency, massive management/marketing overheads sustained by an even bigger local/central government bureaucracy on the basis that you simply retire old debt with a much bigger new debt and carry on the mismanagement that boosts inflation and totally unnecessary/superfluous jobs that wipe out ever more natural habitat. Only some 30 years ago you could buy a Jaguar for about 2000 pounds that today would cost you in excess of 60,000 pounds.

Jaguar cars like literally every other "modern" vehicle easily exceed speed limits in another display of political charlatanerie.

With one hand the bureaucrats are told to impose limits with the other the politicians facilitate the debt economy that incites the mass-production and mass-consumption of products that are designed to flout the limits.

Jaguar went bust all the same and its latest owner Ford had to give company away for peanuts to the Indian TaTa Corporation who still make the Oxford Morris 1950 model which gives a thoroughly comfortable ride within the speed limits.

Nicotine which is more addictive than heroin is now subject to smoking bans virtually everywhere other than in Amsterdam and idiot films but the manufacture of cigarettes etc. is still legal largely for export to the banana republics that brings valuable trade revenues and tax for the louche/self-righteous governments which is just another form of pimping.

Aspartame, Sorbitol etc. are known carcinogenic artificial sweeteners that are dumped into just about every junk food, junk medicine and vitamine pills while alzheimer causing aluminium dust known as fluoride is poisoning water and toothpastes

all on corrupt/colluding government instructions to fuel more economic growth=inflation.

Governments of course know that the shopping zombies are morons because they voted them into power.

The heavily promoted meat and dairy industry causes more deaths from cancer and similar diseases than any other and just like the global environmental fallout from pollution it is seen as a perfect business opportunity for remedial products that provide a cornucopia of side-effects that are seen as yet another business opportunity from drugs to infernal wind turbines, solar panels and hydrogen or biofuel powered vehicles. The melting Antartica and glaciers are also welcomed as providing new shipping lanes etc. as everything is perverted by the criminals to serve the holy debt financed economic growth=inflation madness that thrives on low interest rates.

The environmental footprint of the 80 million "environmental organisations" that have sprung up in the last 60 years is greater than the entire quantum impact of the 2500 million humans that were alive in pre-pesticide, pre-plasticised, pre-fastfood 1950.




Since March 2003 the S & P increased by about 7 trillion USD that's about the same amount as the entire Gross Domestic Product of Japan and Germany together. You do not have to be an Einstein to imagine the negative quantum impact 7 trillion USD have on the global environment!


in 1940 the United States of America Gross Domestic Product was less than 100 billion USD

- that compares to bankrupt Lehman Brothers 1 trillion USD liabilities in 2008 -

Today the USA GDP is more than 13 Trillion USD


And what is behind this inflation: a low interest debt bubble economy that the charlatans have reignited forgetting all about Japan's zero interest policy that sank the Nikkei from 30,000 to a much more realistic 8000.

It's the addictive growth insanity of the insatiable human monolith that constantly wants to outgrow its excesses like a malignant cancer that wants to destroy its host. The host of the humans is of course the planet Earth. But like all addicts they constantly need more to achieve the same effect and they don't give a damn about the end result even though it's self-destructive.

If you have flooding because the tap was left open by idiots - it would be the height of stupidity to see it as a job creation opportunity to employ ever more people to clean up the planet destructive mess that the morons call economic growth=inflation, progress and success that causes climate change; natural habitat destruction; biodiversity extermination; systemic pollution and poisoning of the foodchain now that the planet is an infernal toxic/radioactive rubbish dump while refusing to get rid of the idiots and close the tap that causes the global mess.

the fact is that the debt criminals have taken over the planet and are holding everybody else to ransom via their crooked lawyers

who have corrupted and perverted the global judicial system

G20 - the usual bunch of charlatans described variously as "worldleaders/presidents/ministers/experts" - none of whom could run a sweetshop - take action to sustain the planet destruction status quo that is based on the national/racial interests of low interest, debt-financed economic growth=inflation; i.e. more trade, more mass-production, more mass-consumption, more construction, more tourism and more of any kind of job creation that has inflated global bureaucracy to such an extent that everything and in particular the global ecology that is being wiped out from the human quantum impact is just another resource depleting/wastelaying desk job/seminar/conference/waffle assembly or environmental damage contributing business/money/finance/debt opportunity to keep the money printing presses hot.

The growing human holocaust is now so gigantic that nobody can take a global view for fear of damaging local/national interests.

Throwing ever more money into the Casino that finances the destruction of the global life support system is all they can think of.

Worldbank to restart the gambling by slinging 100 billion into the "developing" countries to create more urgently needed shopping zombies. Nobody on the real poverty level has ever received a penny from the Worldbank or Aid/Development rackets.

The global growth economy versus environmental planet destruction:

It will have been noticed that in the chaotic turmoil of the global financial system Casino the punters/gamblers/players staged one more upper hand in that they prevented any relativity with the damage their unchecked gambling activities have caused to the global life support system.

The gigantic inflation of the global money supply in the last 60 years of low interest debt financed economic growth=inflation that fuelled the worldwide gigantic mass-production/mass-consumption frenzy have wiped out more natural habitat; exterminated more biodiversity in particular large fellow mammals that are threatened with extinction; caused more deforestation; more desertification; more aquifer depletion; more finite resource consumption; more pollution; more acid rain; more ozone layer contamination; more air, water, soil poisoning with pesticides, fungicides, algicides, insecticides and agri-chemicals than in the previous 60 million years.

The whole planet has been systemically poisoned/wastelaid with more than 100,000 chemicals, more than 6 million tons of radioactive nuclear waste most of it dumped in the oceans and more than 1000 billion tons of toxic, industrial, municipal and household waste for no other reason than to sustain the economic growth=inflation that destroys the planet.

Allergy sufferers have increased by more than 1000% in the last 20 years. Less than 10% of humans now die of old age.

To legalise this planet destruction holocaust the global legal system has been corrupted and perverted with the judiciary acting as nothing but servile bellboys for the planet destruction racketeers to exonerate the perpetrators while the louche governments and the media glorify them as leaders, visionaries, achievers etc. By imposing the odd financial penalty for particularly visible environmental crimes the colluding judges ignore that the money involved must be made

from more planet destructive economic growth=inflation activity.



Why has this rollercoaster of self-destructive madness happened?

The infinite stupidity of human greed, avarice and vanity has been fostered by global political ineptitude that has promoted "prosperity" as a financial quantum achievement in lieu of quality of life. Making more money every year on a consecutive annual basis was considered the ultimate honorable/laudable achievement of humans for which they expected much media acclaim and government recognition/awards/honours. It inspired entire generations of corporate racketeers to outdo thermselves in taking on more debt than their competitors to expand their globalised empires. This was called Economic Growth=inflation that was called progress and success.

Why did this apparently sustainable economic growth=inflation model suffer regular boom and bust cycles?

About every ten years or so the unrestrained low interest economic growth=inflation frenzy suffered a bust because the racketeers amassed such gigantic debt mountains to expand their globalised mass-construction/production/service empires that markets became oversaturated and even the most intrepid mass-consumption shopping zombies could not manage to buy up the rubbish quantum that overloaded the global warehouse and shopping center shelves even though new designs and models were introduced just about every five minutes to feed the buy now pay later/never throw away mentality of the daily reindoctrinated shopping zombies..

That's one side of the coin. The other side concerns the crooks who abused the low interest debt economy to gamble in the global financial Casinos with ever more leveraged exposures in derivatives which is like gambling on gambling on gambling in myriads of variations that include options, futures, forex, CDCs and every kind of financial vehicles that the human mind is capable of dreaming up - all of it financed on debt that in turn was financed with junk bonds whose value was determined by the debt worthiness of the issuer.

This led to the world's greatest scratch my back i'll scratch yours debt bonanza that we estimate to be in excess of

one thousand trillion USD without any collateral other than some worthless mortgages on unfinished or repossessed real estate; or tenanted buildings where the rent is not paid.

Of course while it lasted; i.e. as long as the crooks were able to con the greedy banks into ever more lending on the basis of lend us double what we borrowed last time and we'll pay you back the original loan on an exponential basis of a spreading malignant debt cancer that grows yet appears to be healing because each time more debt is taken on the old debt is retired that financed the global overproliferation of construction, mass-production and an accompanying service sector explosion all of them feeding off each other while fighting over every shopping/clicking zombie to increase sales.

Hundreds of millions of totally superfluous, environment destructive, paper-shuffling jobs were created in bureaucracies, institutions, organisations, legal and accounting professions and the computer software industry with only one objective to create absurd inefficiency/complexity, lunatic choice/change and built-in obsolescence for everything to push sales that push production that push trade that push jobs that push transport that push Climate Change in a chain reaction that the morons who push the levers want to reignite and expand. Of course you couldn't expect a moron to understand the environmental quantum impact of jobs. The crime syndicates that are behind the internet and computer software industry that is nothing other than a yellow pages they call "surfing"; postal service called "email" and a typewriter with telephone facilities and archive has been corrupted into one of the biggest financial rackets with a greater planet destruction impact than the steel industry employing millions of associates who do nothing but increase the daily clicking quantum for additional services that are imposed by the loopholes specifically created in the software packages that crossfeed the global advertising/marketing spam growth racket.

Typically Microsoft windows is cunningly designed like an 19th century car needing endless cranking, servicing and repairing and still breaking down. This has made its designers - hired/corrupted Professors millionaires and the bosses billionaires whose monopoly paper fortunes like those of all the other racketeers finance ever more planet destruction "business opportunities".

Endless security/software updates corrupt computers to produce the malfunction that sustains sales of more of the same rubbish. Defragmentation, virus scanning, tracking cookies, firewalls and endless security updates make the internet and computers a complete criminal racket that benefits the perpetrators at the expense of the victims.

The only industry that matches the internet rackets is the cell phone business that stands out as the most accomplished extortion racket of all times.

One insurance company alone managed to incur such fantastic leveraged liabilities in the global financial Casino that its first bailout of 85,000 million had to be increased to 150,000 million USD and even that may not be enough to pay all the gambling debts that were incurred by throwing ordinary insurance premiums onto the roulette tables.

The taxpayers footing the bill are told that they now own a large chunk of this bankrupt multinational meaning that they may have to stump up a lot more money to keep it alive because one or two investment banks could go bust if AIG is closed down. Citigroup - a global bank with over 1,5 trillion in deposits managed to go quasi bankrupt with untold gambling debts that the great American taxpayer is now guaranteeing for an initial 360 billion dollars. Nobody has questioned the leadership of these failures so that it can be said that today the charlatans would refinance Enron or Worldcom and their chiefs would sit in the gilded boardroom instead of jail. A new era of debt over-proliferation has emerged that is bankrupting ethics, integrity and business standards while simultaneously destroying the planet because all debt financed corporations are pushing economic growth=inflation through unlimited over-expansion that pushes climate change.

That's how the financial/business world helps itself in a totally delusional delirium of environmental ignorance/disregard as debts are piled upon debts to feed the economic growth=inflation insanity.

According to AP the bailout is needed to avoid a prolonged painful recession.

The fact is that a global recession is precisely the medicine that is needed to restore the natural balance between humans and the global environment before Climate Change and its commensurate fallout is imposing it on terms that will be a lot more painful.

That's why the planet needs a global leadership that is made up of reductionists instead of expansionist growth gamblers/debt junkies and conniving charlatans.



What would be the most foolish way to resolve this crisis?

The greedy banks were badly burned as ever more racketeers and crooks filed for bankruptcy leaving trillions in unpaid debt mountains and third party obligations in their global trails. So some of the banks went themselves bust leaving even bigger liabilities piling up in the Casino markets. These inter-related problems of market saturation, over expansion and bankruptcies naturally have a chain reaction that produces less mass-consumption, causing less mass-production, and consequential less service sector demand and thereby fuelling unemployment affecting government finances that nowadays consist anyway of nothing but debt instruments that are implemented via the printing press as simply ever more cheap money is printed in a worldwide inflation

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