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Europe Refugee Crisis, UK to Repatriate 120,000 Hungarian Economic Migrants Back to Hungary

Politics / European Union Sep 20, 2015 - 08:08 AM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Now if true such a policy would send political earthquakes throughout Europe if David Cameron had started to pull the plug on Eastern European mass economic migration that still continues. But of course its just not going to happen because the UK is a far more civilised nation than the likes of Hungary and its other eastern european brethren that have been showing their anti-european fascist credentials that would be home in Czar Putin's Russian empire than that which the European Union purports to be and what the people of Britain have been led to believe it be.

Despite the fact of Hungary being an epicentre for mass migration westwards for decades that culminates in the biblical exodus of economic migrants of the past 10 years, nevertheless when asked to step up and for once give a little instead of the take, take, take, take mentality. Instead Hungary's Prime Minister has implemented draconian laws as he apparently plans on being Hungary's next dictator, a nation that has a long history of dictatorships as he has mobilised Hungary's armed forces so as to defend Hungary against an estimated 18,000 refugees on Hungary's borders most of whom are women and children fleeing Syria and other war zones that the Super powers have inflicted on nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

According to the Hungarian regime that has been bleeding the European Union dry both through direct subsidy from the net contributors to the EU such as Britain and by virtue of an estimated 1 million economic migrants sent westwards where an estimated 120,000 having flooded into the UK, who themselves represent a mere tip of the 10 million plus of ECONOMIC MIGRANTS from across Eastern Europe, that's Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Slovenia amongst others that have over the past decade flooded westwards, demanding full equality in every respect, and receiving it despite putting nations such as the UK under immense pressure in terms of social services and housing as a consequence of an influx of 4 million eastern european economic migrants who now in contrast face a mere trickle of immigration, despite this are not willing to entertain more than a handful of Syrian refugees to seek refuge in their sparsely populated heavily depopulated precious wastelands.

This is the truth that the European Union has perpetuated a fraud on nations such as the UK, one of a european union of like minded nations when the gulf between east and west is that of between night and day. For decades the people of Britain have had to swallow the propaganda for not only allowing entry to over 4 million european economic migrants demanding and receiving equal access to wealth distribution such as tax credits and welfare services but that the UK as a net contributor to the EU to the tune of over Euro 5 billion per year has been FORCED to pay to subsidise the lifestyles of economically, socially and political backward eastern european nations such as Hungary that is in receipt of a net subsidy of Euro 2 billion whilst its big cousin Poland is in receipt of a whopping Euro 6 billion net subsidy and so this is why the people of the UK should vote to leave the European Union in May 2017.

Collectively the eastern block reaps well over Euro 25 billion per annum in NET EU subsidies, therefore in light of their un-european behaviour should have the net subsidy suspended until they either start to behave in a civilised manner or leave the European Union. A simple test for Hungarians would be if those residing in for instance the UK were treated in the exact same manner that Hungarians are today treating Syrian families, i.e. corralled into animal pens, pepper sprayed, and have food thrown at them at random intervals, much as the American's marched German citizens into their Nazi death camps so that they understood the magnitude of the consequences of their fascist ideology. Today millions of economic migrants from eastern europe have brought their fascist ideologies into nations such as the UK, that I am sure in some years time will start to experience blow back as the economic migrants attempt to carve out enclaves of little Poland or little Hungary with the exact same fascist mindset as we are witnessing across Eastern Europe today. In fact this is ALREADY happening!

The facts are that Hungarians / eastern europeans in Britain pose just as great a threat to Britain as do Islamic fundamentalists, it's just that their christian fundamentalism threat is not being recognised by the mainstream media, which instead is quietly building until it eventually explodes into full view.

Therefore Britain should with immediate effect -

1. Suspend payment of the net subsidy to the European Union of Euro 5 billions that is being siphoned off by the eastern european christian fundamentalist regimes.

2. Formulate a strategy for the repatriation of upto 4 million eastern european economic migrants, starting with those infected with the most virulent strain of fascism, because such many millions of economic migrants ensure that Britain has no capacity to deal with genuine refugees fleeing war as illustrated by Britains chronic housing crisis and therefore needs to free up housing by repatriating purely economic migrants.

For instance there are an estimated 120,000 Hungarian economic migrants residing in the UK, most of whom in London, so repatriating Hungarian economic migrants could free up a lot of space and resources for genuine refugees for whom it really is a question of life or death.

Of course both such policies will be met with stiff resistance from the tunnel vision europhiles with statements such as that the hard working economic migrants have contributed much to the UK economy, however as I have pointed out countless times over the years that the truth is the exact opposite when one takes account the impact of in work benefits such as tax credits -

28 Nov 2014 - Britain's Immigration Catastrophe Continues, David Cameron's Impotent Speech on Stopping In Work Benefits

Tax Credits, In work Benefits

Repeatedly a politically correct BBC brings forth a stream of recent migrants on broadcast news to proclaim that they are in the UK to work and not to claim benefits. But what state propaganda repeatedly tends to ignore or brush over is the consequences of the IN WORK BENEFITS such as Tax credits, housing benefit and social housing which amounts to HUGE benefits payments for migrant workers and a subsidy to employers.

Analysis by the Open Europe think tank illustrates the effect of in work benefits on actual earnings and why contrary to state propaganda that it is BENEFITS as the PRIMARY reason why eastern europeans arrive to WORK in the UK at huge expense to British workers, both in terms of continuing high unemployment especially for british youth as 1 in every 3 jobs created goes to migrant workers (ONS) and in terms of depressing wages that contributes to the cost of living crisis.

Weekly take-home pay: single earner, minimum wage, no dependent children (UK GBP at PPP)

UK nationals and EU migrants under current rules

EU migrants in UK under OE rules

Spanish minimum wage

Polish minimum wage

Bulgarian minimum wage







Total deductions






Income post deductions






Benefits/tax credits

















Effect on income of moving to UK under current rules





Weekly take-home pay: single parent, UK minimum wage, two dependent children (UK GBP at PPP)

UK nationals and EU migrants under current rules

EU migrants in UK under OE rules

Spanish average wage

Polish average wage

Bulgarian average wage







Total deductions






Income post deductions






Benefits/tax credits

















Effect on income of moving to UK under current rules




Source: Open Europe

This analysis shows that the effect of in work benefits results in 'single' Polish workers being typically 150% better of coming to the UK in terms of pay and a Bulgarian near 400% better off. Whilst a single parent polish worker would be near 100% better off and a Bulgarian typically 250%. Where it is the benefits that on several measures are many multiples of the actual pay rates in Poland and Bulgaria hence why migrant workers are contributing NOTHING in terms of net economic output because on average tend to consume far more in benefits than contribute in economic output let alone in terms of taxation which does not even amount to 1% of the amount taken in benefits.

Additionally other costs / benefits are not being factored into the equation such as the NHS, social services, education and child benefit.

The truth is that most migrant workers, at least 80% make NO NET positive contribution to the UK economy. However, neither do some 80% of british workers as Britain's political system through inflation and election bribes has been designed by successive governments to turn virtually everyone into a vested interest benefits claimaint. 80% of the British people ARE benefits claimants, where the cost of which is financed by PRINTING MONEY (Government bonds and QE) which causes the inflation that the elite leveraged themselves to by means of oscillating asset prices around the exponential Inflation mega-trend as I have covered at length over the past 5 years in the Inflation mega-trend series of ebook's (FREE DOWNLOAD).

Meanwhile all of those jumping on the bandwagon such as the Scottish Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon and other usual suspects who are demanding a similar response from the UK to that of Germany's insanity are ignoring the fundamental fact that in terms of population density England is by far the most over crowded major european nation as the table below illustrates based on House of Commons, UK and EU statistical agencies data.

  Population Density / sq km New Migrants to Match England's Density
England 419  
Holland 408 .45mill
Belgium 370 1.5mill
Wales 258 1.8mill
Germany 226 68.8mill
Italy 205 62.6mill
Poland 130 85.6mill
Portugal 116 27.4mill
Hungary 108 28.8mill
France 105 197mill
Spain 94 161mill
Romania 89 74mill
Greece 82 44.3mill
Scotland 67 32.5mill
Bulgaria 66 38.8mill

What stands out from the table is the overwhelming disparity in capacity to accommodate migrants, especially for depopulated eastern european nations many of whom are demonstrating ZERO inclination to offer asylum to refugees despite having exported many millions of their own people westwards. For instance Poland would need to experience an influx of 85 million migrants to equal the population density of England.

Meanwhile the finger wagging Germans could allow 68 million migrants to settle in Germany and still be less densely populated than England. Whilst France would need to increase its population by near 200 million! Even a constantly bleating Greece would require a 44 million jump in its population to equal the state of over crowding in England.

Whilst Nicola Sturgeons Scotland, rather than letting in 1,000 refugees would need to let in 32.5million migrants, increasing the population six fold for Scotland to equal the population density of England, which once more shatters SNP propaganda that do not match reality.

In fact politicians such as Sturgeon and Yvette Cooper are playing games with the electorate when they make statements of wanting to offer their homes to refugee families. We'll why have they never offered their homes to homeless British families? Pure smoke and mirrors propaganda.

Therefore the migration crisis debate needs to seriously take into account the huge disparity in population density that has brought public services such as health, housing and education in many areas of southern England to the brink of collapse, something that works in the interests of Scottish nationalists whose primary objective is to sow chaos throughout the UK so that they can convince ordinary Scots that they are better off being Independent from an over populated collapsing UK.

The obvious solution to the migration crisis remains for the migrants to be settled in the depopulated Eastern Europe with HUNGARY being a good starting point as it is a primary transit route and could easily accommodate several tens of millions before reaching the same level of population density as England and then there is the mega empty space called Poland that could take 85 million and still not be as densely populated as England. For instance 4 million Poles have recently migrated westwards therefore Poland could easily be repopulated by 4 million Syrian refugees. But of course these fascist states don't want that to happen! Because their membership of the European Union has always been one of take, take, take and give nothing in return.

The bottom line is that the migration crisis as did just a few weeks ago the euro debt crisis illustrate that the European Union is BROKEN and is trending towards an apocalypse of sorts the magnitude of which cannot be discerned at this point in time. So this is a wake up call for the people of Britain to vote to LEAVE THE E.U. before it starts to disintegrate in unpredictable and probably very violent ways!

And as for the title of this article, whilst seeming impossible today, however the trends already underway are such that it may not be that many years before Europe arrives at such a destination.

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By Nadeem Walayat

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20 Sep 15, 09:22
Balanced view

Dear Nadeem.

we do not have the full story of what is happening with refugees.

Firstly, yes there are women yes there are kids there but majority are quite agressive young man 18-35 years old wanting to illegally cross the boarder. Illegally is the key word.

Now these people are using safety in numbers strategy and want to overrun the boarder. So there are many issues here.

Another one, Europeans western or eastern are still Europeans who integrate and coexist nicely with common views history and beliefs. But Syrians, afghans and other nations just too far apart of European mentality.

Third issue is that UK was ignoring the refuge issue for years refusing to contribute to its southern neibours.

20 Sep 15, 20:37
Europe Migration Crisis


History and the present says the exact opposite.

We only need to look at today's Ukraine.

However, this is a component analysis of a larger piece that I hope to complete within a week.

The issue with the UK is that over 4 million eastern european migrants have flooded in and so the UK is full as this article illustrates in terms of population density. Whilst Germany craves migration so as to deal with its demographic time bomb.

Again my larger piece will be far more comprehensive as its focus is with Islam and the dangers it poses as do the eastern european fundamenetlist christians.



15 Oct 15, 16:13

I disagree with your point of view Nadeem, very strongly.

1. Christian fundamentalists vs Islam

Sharia laws : life of a Christian is worth 1/3 of life of a Muslim.

Life of an atheist is worth 1/15 of life of a Muslim

Slavery is legal, sex with a female slave with no consent is legal

Death penalty for leaving Islam

No freedom of speech

Islam don't recognize laic European laws

While European laic laws are derived from Christian laws.

Then you say that Muslim fundamentalism is a threat as much as Christian...

2. You compare Eastern European educated internal EU migrants to 'these people' from Africa : uneducated, unable to work, coming to the EU for benefits to the tune of 2000 Euro per month, only because Angela Merkel has invited them. Some of them are terrorists form ISIS. Some may carry ebola and other diseases, unknown in Europe. That's not fair.

3. Your point with population density is a MISS. Equallying the density to a set standard would mean that the ethnic and cultural identity of some countries would disappear. Then you call these normally thinking folks 'fasists'.

4. There is no milions of homes left by EU internal immigrants in their home countries. They have been contributing for a decade to the Western economies, so how homes should surface in their lands?

What is my point of view?

I am against the existence of EU.

Flood of these aggressive male illegal immigrants is on the political agenda. Soros is financially involved. The same Soros that was backing Obama for presidency. The same Obama that was dropping bombs on Libya.

If there is a country that should take care of those 'economic' immigrants, it's the US. Unfortunately, the countries involved most in destabilizing African countries (USA, Israel) don't accept immigrants. Israel, which has been developping the Ethnic Bomb may be very interested in mixing races in Europe. Their religion says that the Jews are 'chosen ones' so they surely don't like the fact that they share European genes.

UK is a victim of political insanity of UE as any other country. People in Hungary may not like the banks and supermarkets coming form Germany and UK. Many British people don't like Britain disappearing in Britain, which doesn't mean that they are fascists.

You won't be able to change my point of view. Repeating the lies form maistream media that these are poor people that need help. No. They are agressive demanding male men with smartphones and navigation. So aggressive, that they should have won any kind of war they are supposedly fleeing from.

15 Oct 15, 19:54

If it were left upto christianity than europe would still be in the dark ages.

The truth is that Islam saved Europe by rescuing greek knowledge that Chritanity had been trying to hard to erase for a thousand years.

Without that knowledge built on by Islam upuntil the crusades then today's Europe would be little different to that of 600 years ago !

The crusades had 2 effects.

1. Islam hit a brick wall that halted progress.

2. Europe competing against Islam as well nations against one another discovered Islamic knowledge that was built upon Greek knowledge that slowly, very slowly dragged europe out of the dark ages with much resistance from the likles of the Catholic Church.

Christianty had nothign to do with europes prosperity, in fact christainity has resisted EVERY advancedment in science and learning, EVERY !

It was VIOLENT AND ECONOMIC COMPETITION BETWEEN STATES that has led Europe to where it is today. NOT RELIGION.

And your assuming that I agree with stuff like Sharia law, which is a 7th-9th century technology.



15 Oct 15, 23:07

At present it's Europe that is hitting the brick wall. Brick wall of socialism. Non-fundamentalist Muslim culture today is closer to what European culture was like in the past, than to what the EU is today.

Of course I must agree with you about the role of the 'Holy' Church in Europe.

But if I compare the hard core teachings of Christ : 'don't kill', 'don't steal', 'respect your parents', 'don't fornicate' to the Muslim hard core : 'rape her because she shows her face', 'kill the infidel, if he refuses to convert', I must say that to my standards this is more an evil ideology than a religion.

Yes, I want a violent economic competition between states. The UE is the exact opposite of what made Europe grow. I'm affraid more of today's European laic socialism than of Christian fundamentalism. "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money" (M. Thatcher), but for me socialism is destruction of the human mind. If you treat people as slaves, then you will have demographic problems, death of inventiveness, death of competition and eventually bankruptcy.

I am not assuming you would agree with Sharia.. also I am far from being religious. I may believe that the world was created by an entity more intelligent than humans, although I live accordingly to my set of laic rules.

Prosperous trading!

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