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The Most Exciting Medical Breakthrough Of The Decade?

Companies / BioTech Oct 19, 2021 - 03:12 PM GMT

By: OilPrice_Com

Companies According to Google’s Health boss David Feinberg... over one billion people a day search Google for health concerns.
But, what if, instead... they could "consult" a phone app with the power of hundreds of doctors?
That's exactly what will be available weeks from now when’s (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) and their big tech platform for healthcare, deliver the breakthrough  AI app Cara launches.
After five years in beta, we think that they are about to disrupt the $11.8 trillion healthcare industry.

It will be available to 300million smartphone users in USA

And that’s just for starters. Eventually, it could target the world’s 3.8 billion users.
When this happens, (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF)  - the maker of the global library of medicine driving Cara--could see an exponential boost in revenue...
The AI healthcare market is growing at an astonishing rate.
It's growing at a compound annual growth rate of 41% a year, according to GrandView Research.
Some predict it will go from $6.7 billion a year to $120 billion a year in revenue by 2028 That’s 18X growth.

The smart money is moving into this sector now, chasing these potential returns.
So, how does Treatment’s Carabreakthrough AI app work?

Cara was trained by hundreds of doctors to think like a doctor to be your personalized symptom-checker, provide intelligent follow-up, and manage healthcare for your entire family.

Not only was it trained by doctors, but it’s also licensed to train doctors at the University of Minnesota’s medical school.


Instead of turning to Google…
Tens of millions of people are now turning to the next generation of health apps…

And those apps have been statistically proven at times to be better than actual doctors at performing correct diagnoses and providing the right medical guidance and prescriptions.

Cardiologists are now competing with IBM’s Watson Health, which has a track record of diagnosing heart disease better.

The entire healthcare sector is undergoing digitization, whether it's something as basic as patient records, as convenient as wearables or as complex as AI diagnosis. It’s redefining healthcare monumentally.

According to TechCrunch’ Kai-Fu Lee, diagnostic AI will “surpass all but the best doctors in the next 20 years”.

And studies have already demonstrated that AI trained on big enough data can outperform doctors in various elements of diagnosis--from brain tumors and skin cancer, to eye disease, breast cancer and lung cancer.

And the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the disruption . And even then, an April 2020 study found that an AI system managed to detect 17 out of 25 positive COVID-19 cases based on normal CT images, while professionals had failed to detect any .

This could be the biggest disruption the $11.9-trillion global healthcare industry has ever seen. And it’s just getting started.
Like Amazon disrupted retail...
Like Netflix disrupted everything from cable TV to Hollywood …’s (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) Global Library of Medicine (GLM) Powered Cara app is looking to disrupt symptom diagnosis and healthcare management.

How? By empowering consumers to take control of their healthcare in an increasingly dysfunctional system that is impossible to navigate and wildly unaffordable.
For the past 5 years, Cara's tech team has been harnessing the power of AI...
To develop a more accurate smartphone AI engine.
The biggest opportunity in an AI healthcare sector that hit $120 billion in 2020 and some predict will hit an unbelievable $4 billion by 2025 is going "direct to consumer".

Currently, people try to self-diagnose online… But soon that will change.

Treatment’s Mobile application with Cara Digital Health Assistant provides users with tailored assessments and recommendations from personal medical history, wearable data and individual tracking data.

It also provides intelligent, AI-powered follow-ups--just like a doctor. It integrates intelligent tracking and monitoring into a single app to support health and illness prevention.

And it seeks to become the most accurate health data on the market -- this AI has been trained by a global team of doctors, engineers and mathematicians to continually learn--until all ~10,000 diseases known to man is part of Cara’s intelligence portfolio.

It's been so successful that it's now being licensed by universities to train doctors.

And now, by the end of October, this same technology -- the Cara Health App -- will launch in the public ...
Giving you the power of a huge number of doctors in your smartphone.
A first or second opinion is only a tap away.

And with each tap, (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) the maker of Cara--could see a boost in revenue.

The market is limitless…
The direct-to-consumer phone app model is one of the most profitable in history...
And first-movers in new categories become tomorrow’s big stock winners.

WebMD isn’t a publicly traded company, and it’s valued at $2.8 billion--without any intelligent AI or healthcare management aspect at all.

Babylon Health is valued at $4.2 billion now and is gearing up to go public.

But Cara is a breakthrough.
It's the next gen app and could become worth more than the others in the industry.

Considering the estimated one billion Google searches a day for health concerns... Cara only needs a 1% market penetration... To gain 10 million new users.
10 million users could turn this small company into a multi-billion-dollar household name.

In time, (CSE: TRUE; OTC: TREIF) could grow much more because it has first-mover advantage with North American Heritage, unlike a number of competitors

It’s already clear that the multi-trillion-dollar healthcare industry is being thoroughly disrupted by AI …

AI in the healthcare industry will grow by multiples more … from $6.7 billion to over $194 billion by 2030...

With a direct-to-consumer model …

That links the consumer up with wellness, telemedicine, pharma and health products for multiple revenue generators, plus collects a goldmine of data that could ping major industry radar …

The Treatment Mobile,  Cara app could become as big as any of its 3 competitors... even bigger.

If it does, it could turn this small $371-million market cap company into a multi-billion-dollar household name.

The time to get in is now… before it launches. And we’re just weeks away from that.

By. Joao Piexe


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