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How to Protect your Wealth by Investing in AI Tech Stocks

Act NOW to Protect Your Wealth From PERMANENT Transitory Inflation

Stock-Markets / Inflation Dec 13, 2021 - 03:51 PM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Dear Reader

This is the concluding part 2 of 2 of my analysis that explains why 'Transitory' Inflation is about to become permanent and some pointers of what one should do to protect ones wealth from the stealth inflation theft of purchasing power. This analysis formed part of my in-depth housing market analysis in progress which has mushroomed beyond my original planned trend forecast for UK house prices which now encompasses an analysis of the state of play of most of world!. So in the interests's of timeliness my stocks analysis is being posted separately ahead of my housing market analysis as will be the case for future analysis form now on.

Part 2 of 2 of my recent extensive analysis (Part1) :

Protect Your Wealth From PERMANENT Transitory Inflation

  • Best Real Terms Asset Price Growth Countries for the Next 10 Years
  • Worst Real Terms Asset Price Growth Countries for the Next 10 Years
  • Ripples of Deflation on an Ocean of Inflation!
  • Stock Market Trend Forecast Current State
  • US Dollar - Stocks Correlation
  • US Dollar vs Yields vs Dow
  • Stock Market Conclusion
  • 34th Anniversary of the Greatest Crash in Stock Market History - 1987
  • Key Lesson - How to REALLY Trade Markets
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Current State
  • October Investing Plan
  • Can US Save Taiwan From China?

The whole of which was first made available to Patrons who support my work. So for immediate first access to ALL of my analysis and trend forecasts then do consider becoming a Patron by supporting my work for just $4 per month.

And for access to my recent analysis extensive analysis of investing in the Metaverse.

Best Stocks To Profit From the $1+ Trillion Emerging Metaverse Mega-trend

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A Video Message from Your Metaverse Analyst
Google Glass a Big Fat FAIL
META (Facebook) Dominating VR
APPLE AR Headset Coming 2022
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How to Get Rich in the MetaVerse
Bitcoin Trend Analysis
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Covid19 Winter Storm Fuel for Financial Crisis 2.0
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Consequences for the Stock Markets?
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What's driving asset price inflation?
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UK Inflation Hits 30 year High of 6%
UK Energy Customers Falling into Energy Firms Fixed Rate Tariffs Trap
Fin tech Stock - NEW STOCK

And access to my recent analysis that acts as an early warning of the increasing risks of market panic event!


What is the CI18?
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Also access to my extensive analysis on the state of the AI tech stocks that highlighted several stocks trading at bargain basement levels - AI Tech Stocks Portfolio Updated Buying Levels and Zones as Financial Crisis 2.0 Continues Brewing

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INVESTING LESSON - Give your Portfolio Some Breathing Space
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INTEL Bargain - 15.5% Discount Sale
Why Intel stock price dropped 15%?
FACEBOOK - 10% DIscount
IBM - 20% Discount
Amazon - 5% Discount
APPLE 4% Discount
AMD $136 on Route to $200
TSMC - $117
Microsoft $336
Google $2980, PE 28.7, EC 30.
Nvidia Leaves planet Earth - $299, PE of 106
Heads Up on NEW Potential Tech Stocks
AI Stocks Portfolio Updated Buying Levels
AI Stocks Buying Plan B
FREE TRADE the Perfect Stocks and Shares ISA?
High Risk Stocks Brief
Crypto's 20% Discount Event
Bitcoin Trend
Palladium Brief

So for immediate first access to ALL of my analysis and trend forecasts then do consider becoming a Patron by supporting my work for just $4 per.

Note: The information provided in this article is solely to enable you to make your own investment decisions and does not constitute a personal investment recommendation or personalised advice.

US Dollar vs Yields vs Dow

The first thesis is that when the dollar and yields are rising then stocks should be falling because it is seen as being deflationary, risk off. The actual correlation is basically 50/50, a coin flip. So a rising dollar and yields is a con flip for stock market weakness.

The second thesis is that rising interest rates are bearish for stocks and thus falling interest rates are bullish for stocks. In fact the opposite appears to be true, rising interest rates are bullish for stocks, whilst falling interest rates tend to be bearish for stocks. Which makes sense as the Fed raises interest rates to cool an overheating economy and cuts interest rates to stimulate a weak economy. So rising interest rates are definitely bullish for stocks. Whilst falling interest rates are usually eventually bullish for stocks (pattern since 2008).

So the sooner the Fed tapers and raises interest rates the better the outlook for the stock market.

Stock Market Conclusion

Stock market correction so far has been fairly mild with the tech stocks not reaching levels to offer enough of a discount to justify exposure to in the face of the coming inflation storm. Whilst October is not done with yet i.e. we could yet see a final leg down, especially given the potential for earnings surprises form the tech giants due over the next 10 days.. However with each passing day such an outcome diminishes, thus the stock market appears to be gearing up for another run to new all time highs which given the mild correction so far suggests that the Dow could trade nearer to 40k, than 37k by the end of this year.

However, my outlook for 2022 sees worsening conditions that will see transitory inflation become permanent, so there is going to come a time when investors will do the math of what high inflation means for future corporate earnings, i.e. lower earnings due to rising costs and less disposable incomes. Hence it remains highly probable that most stocks will trade to below their October 2021 lows during 2022.

34th Anniversary of the Greatest Crash in Stock Market History - 1987

It's that time of the year again when the stock market reaches the historic apex of the darkest month for stocks of the year, October the 19th, the 34th anniversary of the 1987 Black Monday stock market crash that few saw coming but ever since many expect to repeat. So regardless of what the stock market has actually done thus far, by this point of the year the perma bears can always be seen literally jumping up and down like demented rabbits proclaiming that a crash is once more imminent as they point to a myriad of harbingers of the stock market apocalypse. So it is no wonder that October tends to be an unusually irrational month for where stock market expectations are concerned. However note that EVERY crash in the general stock market indices such as the Dow, S&P and FTSE have always resolved in the mother of all buying opportunities.

Anyway here's how I successfully traded the 1987 Crash 34 years ago.

Key Lesson - How to REALLY Trade Markets

Reacting to price movements in real time as they approach, retreat and break Support and Resistance levels! That's how one actually successfully trades markets, sounds simple enough but you get out what you put in and what you need to put in is TIME watching the markets moving in real time.

It's what got me short on the Dow BEFORE it crashed in 1987. And it is not as easy as it sounds as it demands commitment in terms of time. To sit there every trading day watching maybe no more than 2 markets move between and through support and resistance levels for only then will one have the price imprinted onto ones neural net (brain), to become synchronised with that market.

Go long when prices break resistance, short when prices break support. counting the buy / sell triggers as one goes along which reinforce the direction of travel. Intra-day trading demands sitting there for a good 6 hours a day watching perhaps just 2 markets move, which I do not have the time for. So when trading my preference is for end of day trading i.e. utilising the daily charts instead of intraday.

One of the first trading books I read put me onto this track "How to Make Profits in Commodities" by WD Gann, tops and bottoms, highs and lows, and multiples thereof and that was basically how I viewed the markets mostly in terms of tops and bottoms, highs and lows. For instance the Dow bottomed at 18,213 in March 2020, the Low forecasts resistance at 150% and 200% at 27,319, and 36,425, and then you have percentages of ranges (1/8ths) and so on.

At that time I remember being skeptical of trend lines, perhaps they worked less well then than now with so many technical traders out there?


In addition to tops and bottoms I count moving averages as being of next importance and then trend lines.

This is what Facebook's trading chart looks like, and no I am not trading Facebook stock, just keeping a close eye on it as I aim to buy more given that it is less over valued than it's FAANG brethren.

The stock bounced from the 200 day moving average and cleared 2 minor resistance levels, that's as far as the trading would take it i.e. 3 minor buy triggers.

AI Stocks Portfolio Current State

Large Image -

Buying levels were achieved for Samsung, RHHBY and J&J. Facebook came close but not close enough. Whilst IBM and Intel mark time ahead of earnings on Wed and Thurs..

October Investing Plan

The stocks at the top of my October buy list are -

IBM - Buying level $118, I will be buying at or near $130 (Earnings 20th Oct).

Intel - Buying level $48, I will likely be buying at or near $50 (Earnings 21st Oct )

Facebook - Buying level $301, I will be buying at $309. (Earnings 25th Oct)

Google $2410 and then $2100 so likely somewhere between that range (Earnings 26th Oct)..

Apple - Buying level $123, I WILL likely be buying at or near $133 (Earnings 28th Oct).

Most of the rest are at or below buying levels i.e. Amazon $2933 vs $3020 (Earnings 28th Oct).

I don't think I will be buying any TSM, Nvidia or Microsoft given that they will need to sustain huge price falls for me to consider buying, but if they do fall to their buying levels then I will likely be buying these stocks. Microsoft is ridiculously over valued a negative earnings surprise on 26th October could easily send Microsoft significantly below it's October low.

I don't have any plans to buy any Samsung or J&J, Whilst Roche bounced strongly off its; 200 day MA.


Invest and forget, literally means to INVEST AND FORGET else one will make huge blunders of selling out of all ones strongest stocks when they should be left to run. My legacy stocks portfolio are literally invest and forget stocks that are NEVER on my mind, I do not think about them or ponder what they are doing. In fact all I am aware of is that they fund my account with dividend income to buy more stocks with. I am not aware of their stock prices, trends or corporate earnings reports so they have no impact or effect on me whatsoever which is how it should be, not the frenzy frenetic activity of watching day to day gyrations in stock prices, that is just wasting ones time, energy and resources best put elsewhere. INVEST AND FORGET!

So I am not going to be updating the High risk stock prices on a regular basis or pondering what they are doing as I made clear when I first created the high risk stocks portfolio as I am now more or less fully invested in this portfolio for the long-run.

The only stock that I have an active limit order on is WDC at $51.5 (Earnings 28th Oct). Whilst I am monitoring COIN and Roblox.

Chinese Stocks - Rallying strongly of the lows, though it is way .too early to say the lows are in as Emperor Jinping could decide to steal some more tens of billions for his offshore bank accounts from the likes of Alibaba or worse! Then there is the risk of China property bear market fall out i.e. the tech giants likely have significant exposure to the chinese property market.

See previous article for Key.

So I will only be updating the state of play of the high risk stocks portfolio on a quarterly basis with the next update towards the end of DECEMBER.

Can US Save Taiwan From China?

China over the past few weeks has been ramping up it's incursions into Taiwanese air space culminating with Emperor Xi Jinping reiterating that Taiwan is a province of China and will reunify with the mainland either by peaceful means or by force. Whilst recently the US deployed 3 carrier groups accompanied by Britain's sole aircraft carrier near Taiwan though not in the Straits.

This war game simulation pits the Chinese PLA Navy against the US 7th Fleet that comprises 70 war ships including 2 air craft carriers, also deployed is a third carrier group with the objective of deterring the Chinese Navy from attacking Taiwan.

Can US Save Taiwan From China? Taiwan Strait Naval Battle - PLA vs 7th Fleet War Game Simulation

My analysis schedule includes:

  • High RIsks Stocks Portfolio Quarterly Review
  • UK House Prices Trend Analysis, including an update for the US and a quick look at Canada and China - 65% done
  • How to Get Rich! - 90% done - This is a good 6 month work in progress nearing completion.

  • US Dollar and British Pound analysis
  • Gold Price Trend Analysis - 10%

Again for immediate access to all my work do consider becoming a Patron by supporting my work for just $4 per month.

Your analyst battening down the hatches for 10%+ CPI Inflation, 20%+ REAL inflation.

Nadeem Walayat

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