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The Trump Reset - Regime Change, Russia the Over Hyped Fake News SuperPower (1/2)

News_Letter / US Politics Mar 13, 2017 - 12:26 AM GMT

By: NewsLetter

News_Letter The Market Oracle Newsletter
29th December, 2016 Issue # 33 Vol. 10

The Market Oracle Newsletter
29th December, 2016            Issue # 33 Vol. 10

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The Trump Reset - Regime Change, Russia the Over Hyped Fake News SuperPower (1/2)

$10,000 Gold on the horizon

Dear Reader,

This is the first of a two part in-depth analysis that seeks to forecast key mega-trend geopolitical consequences of the Trump Reset (Part 2: US Empire's Coming Economic, Cyber and Military War With China). Trump's US election win amounts to a pressing of the reset button on that which has passed for at least the past 40 years. Which demands a reappraisal of virtually everything to ascertain not just the impact of Trump but the trend reversal / rebellion underway amongst Western populations against the ruling elites that will impact on the mega-trend drivers of financial market trends for many years if not decades to come. Mega-trends such as climate change, war and emerging technologies such as AI, as a 40 year system based on lies piled on top of lies piled on top of even more lies resulting in delirious populations that were ripe for the likes of BrExit in the UK and Trump as my post US election video attempted to explain why delirium played a key part in Trump's election win which this in-depth analysis acts as a continuation of.

In terms of market consequences then also see my most recent video analysis of the stock market of what a Trump Reset will mean for the near 8 year stocks bull market, which acts as a wake up call for all who have ridden the relentless stocks bull market that began in March 2009 at Dow 6,470 to recently virtually touching Dow 20k, but now need to realise that "These Stocks Bull Market Delights Can Have Violent Bear Market Ends"

Trump appears to be following the Putin doctrine, one of there being no difference between that which is truth and that which is fiction, we have seen this countless times in the actions of Czar Putin over the past decade from South Ossetia in Georgia to the annexation of Crimea and large chunks of Ukraine and now most recently in Syria, after all it was only a few months ago when Czar Putin addressed a staged managed leaving Syria concert from the Palmyra ruins via video link stating that the Russian military was going to leave Syria. We'll Russia instead of leaving first doubled then tripled and perhaps now quadrupled its forces bearing down on Syria in support of fellow dictator Assad.

Putin's masterful hold on Russian power is based wholly on blurring the difference between that which is fact and that which is fiction. It's not just a case of state propaganda, it's a case of mixing and churning truth and fiction together, and being equally deliberate in the propagation of multiple points of views. The best word that describes it is for fostering permanent delirium in the Russian people, a collective state of mind where there is no point in questioning anything, for lies are truth and truth could equally be lies.

So the russian people no longer bother trying to figure out what is fact and what is fiction and thus remain in a perpetual state of delirium. The dumbing down of society, turning the people effectively into a nation of zombies, a TOTALITARIAN STATE of MIND! Which IS the doctrine that Trump is following and looks set to increasingly replicate in the the US as President.

To further illustrate the propaganda war Putin's Russia is engaged in is to realise that whilst we in the west are able to perceive the danger from the likes of Islamic State's online propaganda poses to western society in the radicalisation of the feeble minded into support for or in committing actual acts of terror of which there were numerous instances during 2016. But at the same time we are mostly blind to the insidious nature of russian propaganda infiltrating western media through the likes of the RT propaganda broadcast channel that perpetuates the same delirium inducing mix between truth and fiction with the objective for undermining the nature of reality so as to promote the manifestation of destabilising events such as BrExit and Trump.

On it's own one could laugh at the likes of RT news and Islamic states propaganda efforts as amongst many such external delirium inducing propaganda actors we're it not for the FACT that western politicians themselves have for at least the past 40 years piled lies on top of lies on top of lies to such an extent that the politicians, vested interested academics, mainstream media and the security apparatus actually BELIEVE their lies to be the TRUTH! And thus perpetuate models of democracy that are based near wholly on LIES. Which is why the likes of BrExit was inevitable in the UK, not because of RT News or their kindred propaganda spirits, but for the fact that the seeds of BrExit had been sown and fostered for literally decades as they were for America's Trump BrExit moment. For instance we had liar in Chief Ronald Reagan pumping out propaganda that elevated the Soviet Union into an imminent 'EVIL EMPIRE' threat, poised to take over the world that demanded a costly 'Star Wars' programme, ALL BASED ON LIES! In reality the Soviet Union for more than decade had already been teetering on the brink of collapse! Where the invasion of Afghanistan was the final nail in the USSR's coffin. And when it came the actual collapse of the Soviet Union, NO ONE SAW it coming! Not the mainstream media, not the CIA, MI5, KGB etc.. because they were ALL vested interests in believing their own LIES to be TRUE that had been taken as being the TRUTH for the duration of the 1980's right upto the point when Gorbochev resigned as the President of the USSR on the 25th of December 1991, and ending the Soviet Union.

And so the same has been iterated countless times over the past few decades, lies piled on top of lies, a pyramid built on lies, repeatedly deceiving the voting public who increasingly became confused, detached from the perpetually deceitful establishment who literally created an alternative fake truth reality, one which does not exist for ordinary people as the elite continued in their operative program, one of a system that is geared towards turning everyone and everything into docile debt slaves, an illusion of democracy and freedom which is what I have literally been writing of for many years as the following excerpt illustrates -

14 Oct 2013 - The Illusion of Freedom - Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda (67345 Reads)

The truth as I have often warned of many times during the years is that the intelligence agencies are arms of the elite towards the objective of total control of the general population through fear of what the state through its various institutions such as the NHS and Inland Revenue will do to Individuals and thus the Intelligence agencies seek to condition the population towards the elitist agenda of control and where those who are flagged as threats to their interests to be systematically neutralised.

Virtually everyone is psychologically susceptible towards being conditioned, so to speak having ones buttons pressed towards a particular outcome, something which the intelligence agencies have a wide arsenal of tools at their disposal and long experience of.

The bottom line is that 1984 happened, people in the UK, US and most of the west are living in a VIRTUAL PRISM (Prison). As individuals the only thing we can do is to try and ride on the coat tails of the elites agenda i.e. to profit from money printing inflation consequences of control that cycles through asset classes such as stocks and for which today's primary opportunities are in the UK and US housing markets.

The bottom line is that politicians and democracies are merely fronts for the elite to control as most of the population are taught in state schools to become docile debt slaves in the service of their elite masters. Which my articles have been focused on illuminating the consequences of and strategies for neutralising such as not partaking in the system of debt slavery and being aware of the inflation mega-trend consequences of policies aimed at funneling wealth to the elite, in that individuals can engineer their asset portfolios to be leveraged to inflation as money printing bubbles are repeatedly blown by central banks which is how the elite accumulate their wealth and through which they disenfranchise the mass of the population into owning nothing i.e. people with mortgages own nothing! All mortgage holders are just glorified renters, where if you stop paying the mortgage (rent) then you will be ejected from your home - See Stocks Stealth Bull Market 2013 and Beyond Ebook (FREE DOWNLOAD).

The point it is this that most people are genetically prone to be slaves to the elite, this is how our parents and society conditions us from birth to ensure that we follow what is programmed in our genes. However, the slave gene can be turned off during our life through environmental influences.

In my opinion the key to achieving freedom of sorts from genetic and social programming is to realise that what is most important is the PRESENT, rather than the past or future which is a distraction that the societal conditioning seeks as a means to control us i.e. we are conditioned to always be focused on the future by referring to the past. This is what religion does, this is what science does, because both achieve the same goal of making you forget about the PRESENT! As it is in the PRESENT where ALL actions take place, but most people give up most of their important decision making processes to the past for a reward in the future.

And which acted to spark my series of videos into breaking down how the elite control and manipulate the masses and how individuals could attain real freedom, break free of a system that is based wholly on LIES that the likes of the establishment politicians residing in their bubbles in large part believe to be true! Hillary actually believes the garbage that spews out from her mouth to be true, as did Cameron, whilst Obama proved to be a pawn completely devoid of independent thought, a "Yessa Massa Sir" slave to follow his masters every command.

Future Forecasts

One of the key rules towards attaining freedom is to NEVER BORROW MONEY! The system is designed to turn everyone and everything into DEBT SLAVES. Yes I know it is hard for most to come to terms with this fundamental freedom truth because that is how we have all been programmed from childhood, to take debt for granted. It's the same for religion, the my god / religion is the only true god / religion mantra. It's the same with education, most students piling up mountains of debt studying for worthless degrees. It's the same with following careers that will result in permanent wage slavery on the promise of a fantasy that workers will get to enjoy the fruits of their labour when they RETIRE! You know I am speaking the truth but the weight of the system built on systemic deceit is so over bearing that it demands an equally systematic dismantling of the mechanisms of control which is the primary purpose for comprehensive my video series, to act as step by step process towards attaining freedom.

So repeat after me, Step1 - NEVER BORROW MONEY!

Again do see my article from 2013 which pretty much summed up the key aspects of the illusion of democracy and freedom that are just as valid today as they were 3 years ago!

And so the elite became ever more extravagant. We thought the lies that led to the Iraq war could into be topped, we were wrong, for then along came the financial crisis when the politicians lied their way into SAVING the banking crime syndicate at the expense of the people, who subsequently have had to pay a heavy price in loss of purchasing power of earnings as the cost of the unlimited bailout of the banking crime syndicate that corrupt politicians lied through their teeth to ensure would continue as is, a banking syndicate whose primary purpose is to enslave anything and everything!

The corrupt system supported by an equally corrupt mainstream media and corrupt intelligence agencies. Again see the 2013 article for more on this topic. The illusion of democracy and freedom article highlighted the magnitude of the corruption of the fantasy system we live under where Democracy and Freedom REALLY are an ILLUSION. In fact my article from 2013 is far more prescient on why Donald Trump would win the November 2016 election then ANYTHING that has been published by the MAINTREAM MEDIA this year! Even AFTER the election. For it lays out in detail how lies have been piled on top of lies then piled on top of even more lies that has led to a system primed for a Brexit or Trump!

14 Oct 2013 - The Illusion of Freedom - Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda), excerpted below:

DEMOCRACY and the Illusion of Freedom

The financial crisis has given the general population a window into the reality of the system of slavery that exists in the west to the extent that the bankster elite rule the country and not the politicians who in large part are nothing more than propaganda servants in the service of their elite masters whom they hope to eventually join the ranks of on leaving office.

This is why instead of holding the bankster criminal elite to account the politicians have in action rather than rhetoric gone out if their way to protect their masters, which means in Britain no bankster's have even been charged with a crime let alone gone to prison, instead they have ALL been BAILED OUT to UNLIMITED extent by ordinary tax payers, by the SLAVES who work for the elites in their factories, offices and retail outlets.

So all that happens each time a new bankster elite fraud is revealed is that the UK Treasury and Bank of England step forward to bail out the banks with ever escalating amounts of tax payer monies all the whilst deploying mainstream media smoke and mirrors to hide the extent of the bailouts, as exampled by the mis-selling scandals with another scandal revealed virtually every other month such as PPI mis-selling and the tens of billions that will need to be paid out as compensation for the LIBOR price fixing fraud, whilst the Bank of England's brethren continue to bank billions in bonuses on the basis of fictitious taxed wage slaves funded profits.

Meanwhile the politicians play with smoke and mirrors such as alluding to the fact that the share prices of many tax payer bailed out banks are now showing a profit. What they fail to mention is that the Bank of England has stuffed the banks full of some £500 billion of free money to ensure that the stock prices would be inflated so that the Politicians can announce a small profit on for instance the £40 billion capital injection in LLoyds HBOS, that I am sure the share holdings will be sold at a deep discount to the bankster elite just as Royal Mail had recently been sold for just £1.7 billion after the companies debts and liabilities such as the pension's liability of £12 billion was dumped onto tax payers. In total the cost to the tax payers could be as high as £20 billion for a £1.7 billion return.

The Liberal Democrats betrayal of virtually everything that they stood for from student tuition fees to electoral reforms, to rail fares illustrates the degree to which virtually ALL politicians SYSTEMATICALLY LIE. The truth is that in today's western democracies politicians just cannot get elected unless they LIE.

At every election promises are made and after every election virtually NONE are kept! Because politicians primarily serve the interests of the ruling elite and the primary purpose of politics is to create a dense layer of smoke and mirrors for the elite to hide behind so as to continue to keep the slave populations as docile and as productive as possible, which is far more difficult to achieve under dictatorships which tends to result in far less productive slaves.

At this point I can imagine that many people will be arguing that countries such as Britain have the welfare state and the NHS and myriad of other state interventions that support the general population. However, that is just what all farmers do, they tend to look after their live stock! The elite want healthy baby slaves to be born and then looked after, educated upto a certain level and kept in good health so as to maximise their productive capacity in the service of the elite. But slaves who imagine that by educating themselves to a high level will allow them to gain freedom will soon find themselves saddled with increasing amounts of debt for the whole of their lives for that is how the debt based system of slavery is designed to work. For most people all that more education will achieve is an even greater amount of debt. Like wise when slaves cease to be productive they are dealt with by systematically taking away much of the wealth they may have accumulated and finally being eliminated by the NHS.

The bottom line is that the lies that led to the Iraq war, that sparked the insurgency in Iraq, that led to the Occupy movement in the west that led to the Arab spring from Tunisia, to Egypt to Libya and currently consumes Syria, whilst the west's elite gleefully looked on as the regime change they had been fostering for decades across the world was materialising, led by movements of ordinary people, the facebook generation that no longer believed the lies of the establishment elite, who collectively transferred some $10 trillions of wealth to the banking crime syndicate came home to roost first in the UK in June 2016 and then the US in November 2016 leaving the elite and their vested interests in a state of shock. REGIME CHANGE! And all the chaos that comes along with it!

The UK was the first, the US was next and soon the likes of the European Union and even Czar Putin's Russia will be on the receiving end of the antiestablishment BrExit wave as the people detaching themselves from mechanisms of control such as the mainstream media propaganda machine no longer believe the lies of the politicians, of the mainstream press of the security apparatus, of the ESTABLISHMENT!

So yes, whilst Mitt Romney was right when he called Trump a con man, and Trump definitely has done a good job of conning the american electorate. BUT Trump is the result of a 40 year long trend of LIES, piled on top of LIES, piled on top of even more LIES.


Russian hacking of of the US presidential election towards helping Trump win continues to play out across the battered and bruised US mainstream media that had collectively convinced themselves that their own propaganda (fake news) would prevail and their candidate of choice Hillary Clinton would become the 45th President of the Untied States. Which never happened due to the BrExit factor as I had been writing of for virtually the whole of 2016, first for Britains EU Referendum and then warned to expect a repeat of for the US Presidential election which meant that a lying fantasist alt-reality TV star, and according to many a con man, Donald Trump would WIN the US presidential election and all we as ordinary people could do was to try and make some money by riding on the coat tails of his election victory as betting market odds were WRONGLY and strongly betting on a Hillary Clinton win right upto and even for the first hour after the polls closed on 8th November.

Firstly lets deal with the mainstream presses subsequent propaganda mantra of FAKE NEWS being the reason why they got the election badly wrong. However, the fact is this that the mainstream press, CNBC, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, New York Times etc... ALL PEDDLE FAKE TRUTH / FAKE NEWS!

For that which they print, publish or broadcast is in the interests of -

a. Their advertisers

b. Their owners

c. Their subscriber base

d. The agenda of intelligence agencies that populate and influence their ranks.

ALL NEWS IS FAKE NEWS peddled in the interests of vested interests. This is nothing new for I have written of this for literally YEARS as the following excerpt AGAIN from my comprehensive 2013 article Illusion of Democracy and Freedom illustrates -

14 Oct 2013 - The Illusion of Freedom - Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda


One only really appreciates the degree to which we are subject to propaganda that calls itself news when we view the mainstream news media of another countries, for instance Russia's RT News and Iran's Press TV are able to construct highly convincing programming that paints a far different picture to that which we would receive from the likes of the BBC and SKY News in the UK. Off course the blatant flaw here is that both RT News and Press TV are completely blind to their own corrupt elite controlled governments criminal behaviour.

There is no such thing as FREE PRESS in the west, for the mainstream media is OWNED and CONTROLLED by the elite and thus both broadcast and printed and online media exist to propagate the elites agenda. For those who say what about the BBC? Well the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) which extorts a £145 licence fee from every household in Britain each year whether they want to watch it or not, exists to promote the British elites agenda and like all public sector agencies to justify its own self value and existence, and so the news programming in support of sedating the public in terms of how glorious and powerful Britain still is, and in support for the continuation of big government for an expanding public sector.

CONTROL THROUGH FEAR - Ruling elites primary propaganda tool for controlling the masses through the media is via FEAR. This is why the vast majority of news stories are FEAR related, such as the ever present risk of a terrorist attack, economic depression, environmental catastrophes, energy crisis, FEAR of Syrian chemical weapons, Nuclear fears, Weather Fears, Global Warming fears, Fears, FEARS!

We are always in a constant state of crisis, with ever present all pervading threats that demand government intervention, ever expanding powers and controls. Therefore most of the news media programming is aimed towards managing the general populations psychological response towards a particular FEAR that never match the magnitudes of the risk, either that or allow politicians to give voice to their LIES.

The following video illustrates how most mainstream news stories are created.

Another thing to note is that many of the most prominent journalists are on the payrolls of the intelligence agencies working towards furthering the interests of the ruling elite.

The name of the game that the mainstream media is playing post getting the US presidential election badly wrong is to scour the internet for fake news stories and then elevating them to a level far beyond that which they actually reached during the campaign. Where in fact much of the exposure / views garnered are being created POST election as a consequence of the mainstream media's spot light so that they can then create their own fake news stories about how FAKE NEWS stories influenced the election!

The the problem with not just the supposed fake news stories but the whole of the media spectrum is that people tend to read that which they already agree with it. So how can a fake news story influence an election when those who are reading the story already agree with its contents as that is the reason why they sought it out, i.e. already favour Trump over Hillary or LEAVE over REMAIN. Whilst social media magnifies this inconvenient fact as it tends to even further concentrate stories that users are most likely to agree with then disagree with so there is no influencing of opinion, no changing of peoples minds, which is why the mainstream media is back at its usual tricks of LIEING to their readers and viewers when the focus on blaming 'fake news' for the election outcomes.


Russia's dictator, Putin is well practiced in the dark arts of propaganda and misinformation, which in terms of geopolitics involves picking battles with easy to win adversaries such as Georgia, Ukraine and now Syrian rebel militias, relatively easy to win military engagements for a $66 billion annual spend military machine. And I am sure President Vlad Putin planned surprise new years visit to Syria's formerly most populous city, Aleppo, which after 4 years of civil war and the recent Russian military backed onslaught has been turned to rubble. Nevertheless a celebratory Orthodox Christmas scene had been planned to the tunes of the Russian military band playing and singing patriotic songs with russian jets flying over, a military parade through cleared of rubble and white washed streets, all topped off with Vlad Putin's grand finale that follows in the footsteps of whom he was named after Vlad the Impaler, as the pinnacle of festivities will involve Vlad Putin disrobing and bathing in the blood of hundreds of dead Syrian children harvested earlier from the rubble of East Aleppo, leaving fellow Dictator Assad to look on whilst taking notes on how to truly frighten the people into obedience which Vlad Putin is the master of.

However, all of that has now been put into doubt as the plane crash wiped out most of the military band that was set to play whilst Czar Putin pranced about in the rubble of East Aleppo.

During the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, he (Stalin) came to one Politburo meeting with a live chicken. He started to pluck its feathers one by one off.

The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing from its pores. It gave out heartbreaking cries but Stalin continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked. After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand.

Stalin then told members of his party leadership "This chicken represents the people, you must disembowel them, brutalise them, beat them up and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life.They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, it is you who brought them to that situation in the"             - A Thoughtful Read - Joseph Stalin Brutalise The People Like A Chicken first place.

Sounds familiar?

Earlier American Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers put on a great act of crying crocodile tears in the last few hours before the fall of Free Aleppo. Whilst mostly having kept her gob shut for the duration of the past few years that witnessed hundreds of thousands bombed to death by Russian and Syrian planes.

Anyway all that's about to change for the worse as Russia will soon have a bought and paid for friend in the White House, Czar Trump, the Manchurian candidate who could not have gotten elected without direct Russian intervention.

As of writing an estimated 50,000 remaining east Aleppo civilians in the remaining besieged pockets of the city are attempting to flee to western rebel areas or failing to do so preparing to be killed off Syrian.

Trump Trojan Horse?

Whilst Czar Putin may be toasting his double Christmas and New Year gifts of Trump in the White House, and Assad being reinforced in Syria. However, where Trump is concerned Putin may has seriously miscalculated the situation as much of the basis of the Putin regime's propaganda for the past 15 years hinges on blaming America for everything bad that ever happens to the Russian people, which is used to promote ever expanding series of crackdowns that started with killing off of the free press by Putin a decade ago!

The american threat has acted as a great propaganda tool to keep the Russian people subdued and confused so as to prevent a Russian freedom spring from emerging. And I am sure Trump took a few pages out of Putin's propaganda book which he used during his own Delirium inducing election campaign.

So how is Trump a friend of Putin going to work for the Russian propaganda machine now? A case of the emperor has no clothes that could trigger a significant segment of the Russian people out of the deliberate delirium they have been kept in by the all encompassing Russian state propaganda machine to revolt! Which ultimately is the only thing Czar Putin really fears the russian people rising up and revolting against his dictatorship.

And this is without contemplating the negative effects on Russia from a string of Trump policies from the expansion of US oil and gas production hitting the oil price because of course according to Trump climate change is a Chinese hoax!

Or that to "Make America Great Again" Trump intends on ramping up US military spending thus putting the Russian military capability to an even greater disadvantage in comparison. For when one looks at defence spending one soon realises that the Russian military power is mostly a smoke and mirrors propaganda exercise as Russia spends 1/10th ($66bn) that of the US ($600bn) on military spending, with the total comparable with that of the UK ($60bn).

In terms of America's military adversaries then clearly China is the real emerging threat as each year China closes the gap between US and Chinese defence spending, currently more than 1/3rd, $215bn to $600bn, as China aims to launch a new aircraft carrier every three years.

Whilst on the plus side, as illustrated by the appointment of Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobile as Trumps Secretary of State which translates into Trump seeking to scrap sanctions against Russia in the wake of the annexation of Crimea and occupation of east Ukraine as a personal thank you to Putin for all of his help in getting him elected.

So at the end of the day instead of Putin using Trump it may turn out to be the other way around, as Trump clearly views China as by far a greater threat and thus Trump seeks to USE Russia as a proxy to put pressure on China which means rewarding Russia by looking the other way as Russia's tin pot dictator attempts to annex more bordering lands and islands, especially in Europe that would go down well with the brainwashed and terrified russian masses, that is until Putin miscalculates and takes on more than a weak has been superpower can chew. Which would open the way for the russian people to garner enough courage to enact their own Russian freedom spring.

Is a Russian Freedom spring possible during 2017?

Well as of writing there is no sign of any internal revolt, but where dictatorships are concerned things can unravel quite quickly given Russia's foot print in Ukraine, with several more possible neighbouring flash points such as in George and Armenia. And then there is the Russian economy that has been in recession for the whole of 2016, so unless oil prices gets back above $80 during 2017 then ordinary Russians are going to suffer even greater economic hardship which will likely result in some sort of internal insurrection.

And finally is an attempted coup can take place in Turkey then it can also take place in Russia. Just as Russia is not as militarily strong as its propaganda portrays it to be, neither is Putin as strong in his position as he likes to portray on the world stage and the last thing Putin needs during 2017 is Ukraine to once more violently flair up.

Why Trump Will War On China

This analysis continues in Part 2 here - US Empire's Coming Economic, Cyber and Military War With China

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Source and Comments:

By Nadeem Walayat

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Nadeem Walayat has over 25 years experience of trading derivatives, portfolio management and analysing the financial markets, including one of few who both anticipated and Beat the 1987 Crash. Nadeem's forward looking analysis focuses on UK inflation, economy, interest rates and housing market. He is the author of five ebook's in the The Inflation Mega-Trend and Stocks Stealth Bull Market series that can be downloaded for Free.

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