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CrimeX Gold “Bust” To Cause Gold Price Collapse?

Commodities / Gold and Silver 2010 Apr 08, 2010 - 03:47 AM GMT

By: Brian_M_Thiesen

Commodities Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleIf it is illegal to use gold as collateral then disregard the following.

However I doubt this is illegal and in fact likely is encouraged.

I will attempt to address the following here in this piece.

1. Comex “crash” may not induce the “parabolic rise” some are waiting for.

2. “Elite” may well actually allow this to happen as they could care less and most will have no recourse in such an event.

3. A gold “bust” could actually be the cause of some type of “meltdown” that we do not see coming besides munis, cdo’s, cds etc. Which will include gold as is the case every time regardless of “fundamentals”

And of course to continue to debunk “gold will be the new currency and the only way to survive” fear and greed based mandate of “gold bugs”

As follows:

There has been much talk and ever growing ripples now beyond the gold community about the comex and  other sorted exchanges and banks not having the gold they say they do.

This is actually a problem for gold…. Not a Positive set to make gold skyrocket to the moon.

I have no doubt that if banks are willing to use all manner of Swaps and various other instruments to the tune of 100’s of trillions that they in no way have this gold or maybe even any gold for that matter.

It is also likely that now like many times in the early days of the goldsmiths that powerful people behind these banks and exchanges may have simply run off with the gold without a trace. For if they did who could stop them?

Also who would find out BEFORE its too late? If people are redeeming their gold or even just taking back into their hands that would be stealing back what was stolen surely they wouldn’t allow that for they stole it fair and square. Think on that!

Now combining GLD and SLV and all other manner of short instruments etc. It is said about these 2 metals alone that there is about 1 to 100 ratio of actual gold to these instruments etc. Myself I would not be surprised if this is way off to the short side, maybe even 200… who knows (they probably don’t even know)

However here to illustrate how big of a problem this is I will use even lower numbers than some claim and then they can play with the numbers…. For they always do anyway.

Let’s say banks are only playing with these numbers to half that tune of 50 to 1. Which represents more closely to housing loan side of things ratios (still insane!)

Have we really thought about what this means???

Lets say there is just 1 trillion in vaults etc. out there (again you play with the numbers ) IT may be that gold is leveraged to the tune of $50 trillion which more or less could be $300 trillion!!!!

In a world of $100 trillion problems I’m not sure if we need another. Of course I’m not saying what they are doing is right and I think they should all be jailed for life and entire estates confiscated for 100 other reasons on top of this.

This case however would cause far reaching problems and problems I don’t think any of us can really understand until they happen. Likely 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of loans would instantly or near instantly be null and void and collapse taking all counterparies down with them. This includes holders of gld and slv who if not have sold by now are fools.

What this may do is a few things. If the bank allowed the depositor (of gold) to use this deposit as collateral then the party found out the bank actually used the gold for other things or in the weeks previous “gave it back” to a “more important entity” or plain stole it as soon as they got it…. What do you think the odds of them paying back the loan are even if they wanted to? Even to a 3rd or 10th party bank?

In such cases this would likely create a hole bigger than the black holes in banks balance sheets!  These sheets would be hung out for all to see then we would really have a big problem in full view that could not be dispelled with any manner of acronomious programs and instruments that even the inventors of such do not understand.

Bringing the banking crooks into the spotlight. (even more)

Now many of these customers are not your regular guys with a few hundred ounces in a box somehwere that they open to look at once in awhile. These guys are big players in this arena. Big players have big connections because of the fact they are big players. These connections are not always to “legitimate businessmen” so to speak.

This is not a game for big players though, this like all manner of games in life is a game for the “biggest players” namely the “elite” families etc. However even the mighty can fall… and likely will and faster than even they or their enemies think in the event someone could get mad about losing/getting stolen a few milllion or billion in gold. ( in this manner as well it is likely the ones they know could do such things are the ones getting paid first)

Anyway, in this matter I would think its possible that said parties may want to retaliate and likely have the means to do so and if they cant catch or get the big fish, they will catch anything that will get them to them all the way until its over. This is upto and including any type of bank or comex or cftc etc. personnel. As much as I don’t like to wish anything bad on anyone… what goes around comes around and I’d probably toast the perpetrators rather than have any feelings the victims in the event such events transpire.

So in this case it is likely that shares of many banks, property companies etc. etc. who have ties to this scheme or have loans of any variety “backed” by gold would plummet. This can as we have seen when things plummet cause a drop across all asset classes as traders and the like sell whatever they can to make whole on margins etc.

In this case multi million or even billion dollar accounts of families, regular guys, and even entire countries would be wiped.

Just sit back and think for a second how “great” this would be globally. I think panic would errupt and fear as we know is not necessarily good for rises in anything bu the DXY and the VIX

In these types of selling events and most recently with “lehman fiasco” we saw dollar skyrocket, not dollar collapse not the other way around that was suppsoed to happen since 2002.

This would across the board be deflationary not inflationary for gold or stocks etc.

Gold and silver are not separate from all other things on all exchanges, they are tied into this matrix like all other things

As a multi trillion dollar hole is much bigger than Lehman pitily $800 billion (of course if you want add in Wamu BSC etc. and put the number where you want it will still be dwarfed by this gold problem

Now is it possible the elite would do such a thing ON PURPOSE?

Of course they do everything on purpose. There are no mistakes or accidents here or “Clueless” people in these circles (and they are wide.) I am always amazed at how little credit we give them for the masterpiece of lies and deception etc. they have set up.

To me it is an extension of not wanting to admit we have ALLOWED OURSELVES to be ripped off by a very smart group of gangsters, but rather call them fools when the fool is the ones in the mirror each day!

The fools are the ones who would leave their gold in a bank. The fools are the ones who would allow such men to enslave them with each passing year and also pay for their own enslavement and wars and drug trafficking etc.

Sitting on our high horses and complaing has done nothing, Call them the fool but if you are parted from either your money or gold in a drawn out shceme and have maybe zero recourse who is the one who is laughing last?

Now say in this way they do not control the prices (manipulation etc.) in the event this is really brought out and gold price skyrockets….. WHO DO YOU THINK THE FOOLS ARE? Not them they will be laughing all the way to their basement…. (Bank!)

Could it be the one who waited so long for this and has ZERO gold to show for it and this gold is in the hands of the “despised” is the fool?

Let’s say now that gold becomes currency which I have thoroughly debunked this possibility here:

Who would be in control of said currency by virtue of their now having even more gold than they did before? (Likely at least %80-90)

Sometimes it amazes me how simple we think problems are and yet what fools we are to believe in fairytales that such a “bust” would “bring them down” when in reality it would likely make them stronger and in reality it is likely it would only happen if they allowed it as most of the benefit would be for them only.

However this is in the event more so of a gold skyrocket which as per the above I doubt would really happen in the event a few hundred trillion in leveraged loans “evaporated”

This would likely cause a debt collapse like we saw in the last couple years and we saw in 1929-40 When the debt can’t be paid the ship goes down… THAT IS THE WHOLE SHIP NOT JUST THE SHIP Except GOLD AND PM’s. This would likely accelerate any and all problems that are happening right now. Which as we know are to numerous to count.

Gold may have made a bit better off during the last most recent fiasco…. But did it shoot “to the moon” NO.

The events that transpired after such “quantative printing” did I will say help the price but even silver is still nowhere near its all time highs which was (and still may be) supposed to be “shattered”

Now as has been the case so many times before, Who is the ones left standing when all the prices plummet and is left to suck all the blood down the drain and pay mere pennies for assets that were valued very high years, months, weeks, days or even hours ealier?

How many times have we seen this happen and still think even though it works every single time for these guys it will be any different?

Is it easier to buy assets that you for the most part control etc. at way inflated prices or massively cheap prices?

Would we be fools to look at the reserves of cash banks have and not think there is even a slight chance they may do this again? WITH OUR MONEY! AGAIN!

Of course you will say this is for all the bad loans they need to write-off…. They are only bad if they want them to be and any manner of accounting change they can and will do and have done. (which of course they could do for gold…. But then still where is all your gold?) And honestly does anything really matter anymore to these guys?

As well houses are different as they need to give people something to live in in order to work and pay taxes… but they do not need to give you gold.

If they can let the banks do all this illegal stuff as well how do we really know 3-4 trillion is all they have given them? Who is really keeping track? How do we know we are truly getting the real numbers?

So back more to Crimex collapse, this collapse would have major implications that most bugs etc. do not ever want to explain as rarely do they explain their theories.

Mostly when price goes up all is line with their predictions and when it goes down manipulation is the first cause not on display for subscribers or the public in general on how to profit from such so they can buy more gold (or money as they think it is). If I bought gold at $1230 and it is at $1140 it can be manipulated all over the place… but it is still a red bet!

It is likely all systems would collapse at which point by default the elite would be on top to organize a new one or a New World Order… that we in effect will be blamed for asking for a la comex collapse? (you decide)

They will have all or a large majority of the gold (which in such an event as I have proven I think pretty conclusively will NOT ALLOW GOLD TO BE “CURRENCY”) Nor silver or anything else for that matter except if they decide it is. Which again would involve them literally “giving away” all that they have worked for centuries if not millennia to get….. not happening folks.

All said and done it is likely they crash things before all this happens, slowing gold “redemptions” fooling all pm investors (or manipultating whatever you want to call it) I wouldn’t call it a bad thing though because all you bugs could get lots of gold playing the short side since you are such experts at seeing this manipulation and not telling others how to spot it, and gold would be much cheaper so how could you lose right?

Then when it skyrockets to the moon you could buy entire city blocks and make everyone your serfs just like the elite do. What a wonderful world. That is of course if you are “smart” right?

Personally I think gold topped at 1227 for this and these reasons and they are just playing around with the price until they break everything down and buy everything on the cheap once everyone is panicked enough like they always do. Is this tommorrow or next week? I cannot say. I don’t think for at least a while unless something “unplanned” happens.

But if gold goes higher I win, you win and the elite more than any of us win.

If gold goes down and you play your cards right you could be a big winner and one day just one day if you work hard enough you could become an elite you love so much.

Be careful what you wish for, especially when it comes to this. As I have said repeatedly like many others it is so much that when everyone looks one way the market goes the other.

You can bet on QE orComex bust to “skyrocket all assests to the moon” I will let the market decide. As firstly governments can fool the market for a while but time and again it goes where it is going no matter what often in the opposite direction of government plans…. but right in line with others plans. I think it will in this fashion.

I have gotten a lot of flack lately for my stuff, truly I take this as a good sign. So may people have been crazy or the fool so many times in many things in life. Often they are just the first to understand. Is this the case now? I don’t know. I was crazy enough to bet the farm on the crash. But I will also say I called everyone crazy who called the bottom. Maybe I was crazy to sell some gold at 1150-1200 but I was also crazy enough to buy it at $800 maybe not as good as some of you but good enough for me. If it goes even higher awesome I hope to play options and futures while it does, really “protect” on inflation and buy more. If it plummets everyones four favourite words will coming out of my mouth I ___ ___ so!

I hope I have shown you a different angle right or wrong and potentially helped your investment decisions (I hope more right than wrong)

I wish the best of luck to anyone with or without gold/silver. I also hope that if it is that crazy things happen and gold does this or that and other don’t have it that we can actually share and take care of each other and not behave like those that have spearheaded these events that we have allowed them to.

 Either way I don’t really care I am well setup in any event inside and out and know in my heart gold up or down will not make or break my survival, my portfolio or my life in general.

Brian M. Thiesen      

Authour “Time Filter,” “Egolution”

Just a man trying to grow richer in all aspects of life not just in my wallet. Trying to make sense of the quantum age with quantum thinking rather than linear.

© 2010 Copyright  Brian M. Thiesen - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

© 2005-2019 - The Market Oracle is a FREE Daily Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting online publication.


but as a good a theory as it is
10 Dec 10, 05:28
I like ur arguements

no fundamentals necessary

money printing hyperinflation,maybe, maybe not.

US dollar bull market, contrarian yes maybe.

Your theories are good, and solid. But price action does not agree.

And thus you must conclude, the gold trade, is good to continue.

brian M Thiesen
10 Dec 10, 20:30
Of course

Yes there is no doubt gold could have some use at some time regardless of price however as it is many people are deceived into many things by bugs of all nature (stocks/gold/silver) or otherwise. Which is their fault for not researching/thinking it through. Which is a death sentence to anyone who cares about their money (or what is called money)

The underlying factor of money beyond any definition is the belief that it will be for the most part unchanged in its value the next day or over a given period of time.

Hence money is more of a belief than an object. The overall consensus is that if i hand a man $10000 for his car he will be able to use the $10000 in the next little while, if he feels it is worthless or has no value the trade will not happen. Belief of worth not worth or object... belief

Hence is it possible that the 2 parties are merely trading agreed upon beliefs?

Since it is that hundreds of items have been used as cash throughout time what is the one common that has existed for those items? Belief.

This very belief that it could be or will be what it is the next day as it is the day of trade.

Now when confidence is lost in that unit (gold/dollar etc) this is the pillar of its existence/use/worth

So in a situation where gold or silver are not deemed to be of use for survival (which is very much the situation we would be in if all these "catastrophes" that are predicted to happen... happen) Belief will lie in what allows a man to survive and that is not gold or silver

I may ask anyone on this planet to list a top 50 things needed for survival i doubt anyone would list gold/silver etc.

And within that list if by "catastrophe" we are put into survival mode, it is likely we would find that the top 10 items of the consensus of the population deemed needed for survival would be deemed the most valuable, or of any value hence would carry the belief, hence likely would become money

I am not doubting gold or anything of that nature (silver copper etc.) could go to the moon, however for the general population this will mean absolutely nothing at all, hence no belief hence nearly useless

Ask any of the 45 million on food stamps what they know or care about gold price, or the 2 million about to lose benefits, these people will pay very close attention to bread prices etc. This is what matters to those trying to "survive"

Even if of use a man in all likelihood may be better off with a goat or a cow as this could produce a steady stream of units people could use to survive.

Of course this would involve work which we are pretty sure no one wants to do which is what it seems the bugs predicate onto those who do not think

"you WILL get rich by doing nothing" "you are an idiot if you dont buy gold"

"if this happens gold will go up %10000"


price action is fine now, and i would be fine with gold 10 million myself

And after collecting gold as payment (if it is of value in the particular location) those that have or had gold will no longer have it as they would have traded it for milk, that for all intents and purposes if gold went up 5X so would milk

or food in general

FOOD is required by everyone to stay alive and primal instinct dictates that this is what will become of most value

Now no one is saying again that gold is a "bad trade" or will not make money, just that we might have to consider how many people REALLY day trade or pay attention to anything in general

Just because we are traders doesnt mean others are. Just because %5 of people globally (maybe a generous number) own gold doesnt mean we all do

Regardless of anything this is just my belief in the even of a "tragedy" gold could very well mean everything however, by my and all logic of survival, gold in this scenario serves virtually no purpose

But make money on it while you can (or on anything for that matter)

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