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As the U.S. Constitution Burns, we sleep...then wake!

Politics / US Politics Mar 27, 2012 - 06:51 AM GMT

By: Michael_T_Bucci


Are Americans willing to surrender their constitutional protections in order to fight “terrorism”? Attorney General Erik Holder and President Obama believe they are willing, and continue to pave the way for dismantling our rights in the name of national defense.

From the Patriot Act to HR347 (acts of terrorism against Americans and the Constitution by this and past administrations), the American people have remained numb, dumb and compliant. When the Constitution, the legal foundation of law itself, is compromised and violated by the very branches of government to whom it is entrusted, all law is violated, and lawlessness prevails in its stead.

I ask those who voted for President Obama — for “change” — to explain their passivity, indifference and total disregard for this president’s continuation of the Bush-Cheney-Pentagon-DHS agendas of total war, total fear, total militarism, total supplication to Wall Street and “the markets.” The hushed constituency of Dems, liberals and progressives would, by now, threaten to have our president impeached if he were not Obama.

President Obama’s role was to neutralize opposition and dissent, and move the entire political spectrum into right field. He succeeded.

But Obama loyalism, GOP religionism and militarism, and middle America’s creeping “good German” mentality are induced principally by the news media, which says nothing about losses to our constitutional safeguards over the last decade, nothing about an escalating dismantling of our democracy, nothing about increasing censorship and the suppression of opinion and views contrary to the status quo.

To many, today’s media content is no better than propaganda. Ray Bradbury's book burners are masked as Google and Amazon and his "book people across the river" are found among those brave enough to pull the digital plug from the present technological totalitarianism we seamlessly network within. Our intelligence community is far worse than the KGB and Stasi. And our unbridled militarism has surpassed that of any previous administration.

Meanwhile the people continue in sleep as the Constitution burns. The true enemies of the Republic are winning, and they are we who have remained silent.

Seemingly, there are no Thomas Paine's on the visible horizon painting in simple language the signs of the times and the responsibilities ahead. But if the Constitution, democracy and truth are to prevail, they can do so only with people that are vigilant and awake, active, resolved and thoroughly lawful.

Failing this, we will be judged: "America needed no outside enemies to destroy it. In the end, America destroyed itself."

William Cobbett once said about Thomas Paine, "that whoever may have written the Declaration, Paine was its author". Paine's biographer, Moncure Conway, wrote in 1893, "Paine's unique service in the work of independence may now be more clearly defined. It was that he raised the Revolution into an evolution."

It just may be, another "evolution" is upon us.

Should it be so, I submit it will be found upon vision, not hindsight; upon cooperation, not competition; upon recognition that spiritual laws underlie all natural law and human relations.

  • It is to believe that humankind will burn those ancestral roots that sprout weeds of hate, malevolence, competition and war, before such weeds overtake the landscape and eradicate all life-forms.
  • It is to believe that social values change only when those of the individual change, and change arises from experience, which is the true teacher.
  • It is to believe that humankind does and will create its own destiny and answer for it - the good and the bad - in this life or the next.
  • It is to believe that no one is pre-ordained by God or any other god to serve another and their self-interest while suffering their neglect and abuse. Nor does any God or god create humans in order to suffer them the terrors from others, least of all the terrors and damnation from Divinity itself, which is fraudulently characterized as a revengeful, wrathful murderer, even of his own children.
  • It is to believe that each deed, act and thought is as imperishable as the soul is eternal. The judgment of each is by each, and stems from inviolable laws decipherable by conscience. No two sets of laws exist, nor many; there is one set that needs no intermediary or judge to interpret. It is found in the deepest depths of the heart.
  • It is to believe that one's welfare and growth is dependent upon all others; economic and political systems that promote slavery, exploitation and "competition to the death" are toxic fountains antithetical to those creating peace, brotherhood and true spirituality.
  • It is to believe that time spent on earth is but a millisecond to the eternal - the destination of all living things. Earth is a school for learning and advancement, not one for inculcating ignorance and destructiveness.
  • It is to believe that no one can save another from the results of his own actions and thoughts - no person, magistrate, court, religion, baptism, redeemer or savior. Spiritual law does not punish but corrects and instructs; only man and his religions judge, punish and condemn.
  • It is to believe, should one wish a Heaven tomorrow, he must make it today. For tomorrow is today, and today is forever.
  • It is to believe that the advancement of one soul depends upon the advancement of all souls. All move forward or none do.

Paine's "inspired" vision led to more than a revolution; it led to an evolution. It just may be, another "evolution" is upon us.

By Michael T Bucci

Michael T Bucci is a retired public relations executive from New Jersey presently residing in New England. His essays have appeared at The Market Oracle. He is the author of nine books on practical spirituality including White Book: Cerithous.

    © 2011 Copyright Michael T Bucci - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

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