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Central Bankers Abuse of Global Monetary System, The Rape and Pillage of Humanity

Politics / Central Banks Nov 15, 2011 - 05:00 AM GMT

By: Rob_Kirby


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleWith a title like, the Rape and Pillage of Humanity, many of you are probably expecting this paper to be a story about greed, power, misplaced trust and abuse in College Football.  So if you thought that – you’d be wrong.

Instead, this is tale about greed, power, misplaced trust and abuse in our global monetary system – and what Central Bankers have done to it.  In short, they’ve taken us to the showers and had their way with us all.


Back in Oct. 2006, I wrote a paper titled, A Swap Story: Borrowed From The Bank of England. This paper acknowledged the existence of gold quality swaps on the books of the Bank of England – post yr. 2000 - excerpt below:

A Swap Story: Borrowed From The Bank of England

By: Rob Kirby | Wed, Oct 18, 2006

….In doing a bit of research about the make up of Great Britain's sovereign gold reserves, I ran across this tidbit [footnote on the bottom of page 5 of 8 of the pdf file] regarding different types of gold swaps that the Bank of England presumably utilizes,

"Under a gold location swap, gold stored in a particular physical location is swapped with a market counterparty for specified period with gold stored in another physical location. Under a gold quality swap, gold of a particular quality [fineness] is swapped with a market counterparty for a specified period with gold of different fineness. In each case a fee is built into the transaction."

To be honest, until today, I've never heard of a "GOLD QUALITY SWAP". Given the amount of research I've done in this area - I would only offer that this would make a Gold Quality Swap a "rare bird" indeed. But this got me to thinking WHO could possibly be involved in such a transaction if one were to occur.

And With Inclusion In These Footnotes, They Do Occur...

Fundamentally, a Gold Quality Swap would allow the holder of "less than fine" bullion to effectively sell or transact it publicly and remain anonymous. GOLD COIN melt just happens to ALL be 22 carat. Now ask yourself who would possibly care about such a thing? After all, Central Banks have declared gold a Barbarous Relic, sell it all the time - and usually have news conferences to pre announce up coming sales to boast about them, don't they? So why would a sale of "less than pure" gold need to be kept a secret? The "best fit" / counter party is; the US TREASURY OR THE FED [see argument below] was the other side of these trades. In fact, they are the most plausible counterparty for such a transaction - arising from the great confiscation of gold coin in the U.S. in 1933.

You see, U.S. sovereign gold stocks are alleged to be 8,133 tonnes. The breakdown is as follows;

- roughly 4,500 tonnes of fine gold [400 oz. good deliver bars]

- the balance in less than fine [22 carat] coin melt bars

Why Would The Treasury Keep This So Quiet?

If the U.S. Treasury were "known" to be selling this "melt" gold - disorderly markets could ensue. Remember folks, the U.S. Treasury is alleged to own 4,500 tonnes of fine deliverable gold bars stored at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and West Point, N.Y. If there was need for them to "mobilize" coin melt, it raises an even bigger question mark as to whether or not this 4,500 tonnes of fine gold is still there to sell?

Back in 2006, I speculated that the only logical counterparty for a gold quality swap would necessarily be the U.S. – due to the makeup of sovereign U.S. gold bullion reserves – with large known stashes of confiscated 22 carat coin melt.

Speculation Confirmed

Fast forward to this past Friday, November 11, 2011 in Bill Murphy’s daily Midas commentary at – a contributor named Ronan Manley found on a U.N. Treaty website and posted the following regarding gold quality swaps:

Important: US-UK Gold Swap Contract

See attached. This is the gold swap contract between the US Treasury and HM Treasury, 16th January 1981.

Notice US swapped US-assay stamped bars against London good delivery bars. This is a gold location swap and a gold quality swap. 

The source at the UN treaties web site:

Lots of interesting legal clauses on how these swaps work, including an option to reverse the swap at a later date…



Important: US-UK Gold Swap Contract

It looks like its the contract for the gold swap that the US Treasury did with the UK Treasury as part of the Iran hostage deal in January 1981.

The Iranians had gold at the Fed. This was seized. Then for some reason the US Treasury had to source some other gold as part of the deal. Where did the original Iranian gold go? And it's puzzling as to why they couldn't source good delivery bars and had to use US-government stamped bars. Notice the wording is vague about fineness for these bars. A certain number of bars just has to add up to the approximate total fineness of the London bars.

Anyway, it raises questions as to why they needed to do this swap in the first place, and how long was it outstanding, and whether similar swaps (but not through the UN) were done subsequently; and it's a good template if any legal people want to examine it as an example.

Respectfully, this smoking gun evidence that the U.S. Treasury [via the N.Y. Fed] was involved in gold quality swaps with the Bank of England as early as 1981 does MUCH MORE than raise questions – it PROVIDES ANSWERS:

The referenced gold quality swap was for the expressed purpose of procuring “good delivery bars” of gold bullion.  What the good delivery bars were required for at that time is moot.  Known [advertised] U.S. gold reserves [8,100 metric tonnes] are supposed to contain 4,500 tonnes of good delivery bars of gold bullion – which the U.S. Treasury has steadfastly maintained has not been altered or otherwise “in play” for decades.  The fact that America needed to procure good delivery bars tells us that back in 1981 – the U.S. DID NOT POSSESS ANY GOOD DELIVERY BARS of gold bullion.  Additionally, the notion that America needed to mobilize “coin melt” as early as 1981 would carry with it the strong likelihood that the U.S. has “burned through” or squandered their ENTIRE STASH of sovereign gold bullion – and perhaps owns NONE.

Do note how the communications between the U.K. Treasury and U.S. Treasury are addressed to the N.Y. Fed on behalf of the U.S. Treasury [specifically, this would be for the Exchange Stabilisation Fund or ESF – a secretive arm of the U.S. Treasury unaccountable to Congress that EXCLUSIVEY operates through the N.Y. Fed]:

In the case of the United States Treasury to:

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fiscal Agent of the United States

33 Liberty Street

New York, New York 10045

Attention:  Foreign Department

And in the case of the U.K.:

             In the case of HMG to:

Bank of England

Threadneedle Street

London, EC2R BAH

Attention:  Foreign Exchange Division

Note how the Bank of England deals with gold bullion through their foreign exchange division.  This underscores and serves as further confirmation that GOLD IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN MONEY.


What these revelations tell us is that Central Bankers LIE, DECEIVE and HARVEST what is sacred / the tangible wealth of countries in which they operate.  The notion that such atrocities could and do happen without being widely disclosed should no longer be hard for anyone to grasp.  Powerful men and “leaders” entrusted to safeguard what society holds dear have clearly demonstrated their propensity to conspire, hide, obstruct and remain silent even when confronted with OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE - while that cherished treasure is defiled, stolen, sodomized or discarded in the name of protecting and perpetuating the status quo.

                                               “We came, We saw, We stole”

Whatever is being “stored” at Ft. Knox – rest assured IT IS NOT GOOD DELIVERY BARS OF SOVEREIGN U.S. GOLD BULLION.  It’s likely not gold at all.

Wake up people.

If you don’t have physical bullion yet, you’re in good company – either does America.

By Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby is proprietor of and sales agent for Bullion Custodial Services.  Subscribers to the Kirbyanalytics newsletter can look forward to a weekend publication analyzing many recent global geo-political events and more.  Subscribe to Kirbyanalytics news letter here.  Buy physical gold, silver or platinum bullion here.

Copyright © 2011 Rob Kirby - All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any trading losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors before engaging in any trading activities.

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