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The Innocence of Muslims, Is "The Innocence of the Virgin Mary" Next?

Politics / Religion Sep 15, 2012 - 03:42 AM GMT

By: Submissions


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleElohim writes: A 15 minute video on youtube has sparked much outrage amongst muslims in predominately the arab world with attacks on embassies of many western nations including the US, UK and Germany resulting in an escalating number of deaths.

Anyone watching the 15 minute video clip purporting to be from a 2 hour movie (if it exists) will near instantly realise that this movie has been designed to provoke such outrage and is very much along the lines of anti-semetic material that was once produced and broadcast by the likes of the Third Reich to denigrate the Jews. Whilst much of similar anti-Jewish material remains banned today from broadcast under threat of criminal prosecution, the reaction of many in the West towards the "Innocence of Muslims" has been mainly of wanting to uphold freedom of speech as evidenced by the fact that the video clip continues to remain freely available on youtube and continues to incite outrage across the arab world as well as proving a useful tool for extremists to capitalise upon as we saw with the outrageous attack on the US Embassy in Libya.

Leaving aside the Jewish faith which has numerous laws protecting it against blasphemy in many western nations, as John Galliano discovered at huge personal cost last year in France when he made anti-semetic comments in a cafe whilst drunk that resulted in prosecution and conviction. However imagine if the Christian faith were subjected to a similar treatment that purported to reveal the truth about the origins of Jesus. The degree of outrage of such a movie depicting the life of Mary and the birth if Jesus would be measured by how far the movie maker had gone. For instance if he were to follow the line of an historian then the movie would depict and conclude that Mary was probably raped by a Roman soldier as many academics have already suggested. However a Sam Becile treatment would portray a Mary who's clientele for some time would have been mainly Roman soldiers buying her affections on a near nightly basis with the inevitable pregnancy producing a child. Such a movie would be seen as outrageous by most Christians let alone fundamentalist Christians that inhabit large pockets of America such as Pastor Terry Jones, who have been eager to promote "The Innocence of Muslims".

The media reports that "The Innocence of Muslims" movie is purported to cost $5 million, however the clearly apparent poor production values are more suggestive of something nearer $25,000, and thus a similarly poor value production of "The Innocence of the Virgin Mary" could similarly be produced at little cost. Given the free publicity value such matter would generate, therefore it is only a matter of time before such a movie is produced at least along the lines of the rape scenario which would trigger violent demonstrations across the Christian world.

Who is Sam Bacile?

The video was originally posted on the internet by Sam Bacile, who claimed to be the film-maker. He told the Wall Street Journal that he was a 52-year old Israeli real-estate development living in California. After his story aroused suspicion, the Associated Press discovered that ‘Sam Bacile’ was in fact Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian activist in southern California who is on probation after a conviction for financial crimes. Nakoula is known to have assumed at least 12 different pseudonyms in the past, including Matthew Nekola, Nicola Bacily, and even P.J. Tobacco. He has been convicted of numerous financial and drug related crimes, when last released from prison in June 2011 he was ordered not to use computers or the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer. Nakoula was released from a halfway house a few weeks before he filmed Innocence of Muslims and it is believed he wrote the script whilst in prison.

What do the actors have to say?
The cast claim that they were duped into thinking they were acting in a film called Desert Warrior. Speaking to Al Arabiya on condition of anonymity, one actor said that the film was “defamatory” while another said they were shocked to have been part of “something so dirty and disgusting”. They have claimed that the film went through heavy edits in post-production, adding in offensive references to the Prophet Mohammed that did not appear in the original script.

Where is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula,

He is reported to be under police protection at his home in Cerritos, California, in the Los Angeles area. And one of his colleagues has stated that he is scared of retaliation.


Resides in New Jersey.



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15 Sep 12, 04:57
disgusted and offended

I am very disgusted, offended, and ashamed to have witnessed such hatred, and provoking propaganda from a so called American. I cannot, and will not even associate these people with Christianity as no true lover or follower of Jesus son of Mary (peace and blessing upon him) would ever make an attempt to dishonor Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him). Two men once came before Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and one complimented him on how beautiful he was. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded by telling that individual "you have spoken the truth", and then another man came to him and told Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that he was the most hideous despicable creature he had ever seen, and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) replied to him "you have spoken the truth". The companion who was with Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) at the time asked him why he agreed with both men when their statements were complete opposites of each other. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded when the first man looked upon me and saw beauty, he only saw a mirror of himself, and when the second man came and stated I was hideous he too saw a mirror of himself. With this account I inform you that everything portrayed in your sick video is who YOU ARE! You have no right to even utter the blessed names of Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him), or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Both live honorable lives, and never lie or stole from anyone. They never caused harm to anyone, and this is a historic fact! You can continue to try and deceive people, and cause a war between muslims and christians but this will NEVER HAPPEN! You have no credibility! You can read many books about the works, and accomplishments of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) in his lifetime which have saved generations up until today! What accomplishments do you have? When you die what will you be known for? You are worse than dung! Even dung goes into the earth and helps bring new life! When you die the earth will REJECT YOU! You will one day be raised before the creator of us all, and be questioned about the unforgivable mischief you have caused! So go back to your zionist supporters who pushed you to make this video to cause a clash between muslims and christians! Go back to them and tell them MISSION FAILED! YOU COWARD!

15 Sep 12, 18:01

Havign seen the video I can see that an even worse video could be made of christianity. For instance Mary was 12 or 13 when she became pregnant which implies that God was a Paedophile and rapist as there was no consent, what a way to initiate a religion for others to follow.

And the 10 commandments imply that God is jealous and evil demanding to be worshipped at the threat of eternal punishment.

Similarly ALL religions could be deconstructed into such material.

15 Sep 12, 20:26
I should not comment... but...

At that time, 2000 years ago, families were completely different to today's families in the west at least.

Children weren't the pampered persons of today, but seen as work horses of families where 99% had to spend most of their time growing crops, much as they do today in the developing world.

Therefore for Mary, leaving aside the origins of pregnancy, she would have seen Jesus just as other mothers saw their children, as workers to support them in producing food to survive for there were no tesco's or asdas then.

This how it was then for everyone bar the uber rich who had slaves to do the hard work.

What I am trying to say it is impossible to compare the way we live today to how it was 2000 or 1400 years ago. That was a different world, uncomparable to today.

To take for instance a 13 year old Mary or one of the prophets young wives and put it into the present misses the whole point, that basically people did not live to 80 as many do today, but were lucky to even make it to 30! And that families primary focuses was on food production, and that most children were not expected to make it to adulthood.

So Imagine if your expected life expectancy was about 30, and getting to 40 was seen as being very lucky and you had to focus over 50% of your time on food production, then you will start to see things differently.

With regards the propganda video aimed at inflaming people, the problem is that it is very easy to construct and distribute such videos in today's hi-tek world.

From what I can see the only solution is for people to ignore such videos that they know will offend them, because I cannot see any other solution given that they can be created and distrbuted at little cost, it certainly is not worth killing innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with the video, in my opinion that is insane behaviour, however those were the precise intentions of the film maker so maybe he should be prosecuted for incitement into acts of terror, just as the beheading videos would be.

At the end of the day this video by apparently a coptic christian has acted as a recruiting video for Al-Qeeda, now that really is INSANE!



16 Sep 12, 09:03
Elohim's Comment on "The Innocence of Muslims" clip

Elohim's report is about the best balanced one the film clip I've come across so far.

I had an idea it was to be made and to get the effect it has – the act of it’s been in the pipeline for a few years.

It’s said the maker is Coptic Christian which rang bell's for me – and I can only wonder now what that Copt’s done to his own people not that he probably cares.

The West never really did much about it's far right more than let it carry out stuff like the introduction of AIDS (the clandestine "Osborne Pharmacy Group" and swine flu (Singleton Campus Laboratory in Swansea), the deliberately engineered Bhopal "disaster" and e.g. the Camborne event, Cumbria massacre, pretty pathetic attempts to seize Porton to "in-parallel Administration" control, the Hillsborough tragedy now being brought to light - and more than that the thermiting of the Twin Towers.

But as to the film I'm pretty sure it was discussed it would end doing more damage than the last mention above - discussed by the UK far right with the US far right and to erode those entities further and to right wing benefit.

It's all the work of MKULTRA/Gladio-associated remnants all over again with link up to the Brits' FRU & 14th Intel and to what US equivalents and with both seguing to ultra right civilian components such as ASP and BNP and EDL associated.

But it seems again that "the gang" are not averse to using some elements of ethnic minorities to spark things off.

As the West continues to allow its neo-fascists free rein on its own civilians - it would be surprising if muslims did not react in their own way and when it’s not just the film but what the anarcho-capitalist nazis seemingly do to them on top and with Royal hanger-on guidance inputted all the time. I think it's more than just the mere film.

I’ve seen it all done since the 1950s and with the original war-gaming of 9/11 was upon completion of the architect's plans and in September 1959. Later thermiting of the towers done by a British "Gladio" team with US State Dept permission.

The "gang" have wanted something more on top and the film clip has been put together quite deliberately and I believe that Mengele (d. March 2012 if you want the true date)had as much to do with "programming" the Copt for it - as much as input from such as Lewis Powles a 14th Intel asset and perhaps to from Brian Nelson of FRU (dcsd) and Paul Oliver son of CIA "disclor" Simon Oliver.

All of the above has been Atlantic Bridge linked even if the name itself wasn't officially used until (see refs to recent charity of the same name having had it's licence revoked).

18 Sep 12, 11:14
edit of comment of "huw"

Death of Mengele should read March 2011 actually (and in Swansea Wales for that matter: pedantically... Sorry.

Brian Nelson preceded him by a few weeks.

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