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Election Time In Obamaland

ElectionOracle / US Presidential Election 2012 Oct 07, 2012 - 09:47 AM GMT

By: Andrew_McKillop


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleOBAMA OH BUMMER
As president, Obama carried on and carried out what many persons call "the US Imperium" - by continuing its designer wars, its domestic intimidation and mass hysteria worthy of a Ruritarian Warsaw pact country of the 1980s, such as Ceacescu's Romania, by facilitating its corporate kleptocratic empowerment and the "social eugenics" program to continually enrich the rich, and impoverish the poor, especially Black and Hispanic minorities. In a few words, a real Democrat.

Part of Obama's program involved the continual degradation of the US economy. By raising taxes, by misspending, by continually increasing US sovereign debt, by making the US dollar essentially worthless, by increasing regulation and by further militarizing the US economy, Obama guaranteed the continued rise of New Western Mercantilism and the symmetrical, dependent further impoverishment of almost all US citizens. Obama's mercantilism, the exact opposite and counterpart of China's industrial mercantilism, is applied by almost all OECD countries, today. It features massive and permanent trade deficits funded by borrowing - with the permanent threat to all creditors that the money in which the loans and the debts are denominated will be imploded, devalued, or withdrawn and replaced without warning. This is the stuff of international war, not only trade and money wars, as creditor nations turn nasty.

The linkage and relation of the US-initiated global economic crisis to Europe's ever-growing economic crisis is simple: Europe is a downsized model of the global economy. It gives us the living (and economically dying) proof the global economy does not work. Europe tried everything to "think global-act local" and similar idiot friendly, market friendly, media friendly slogans but it all fell apart and failed. We can read about it every day.

The failed European attempt at creating a regional part of a theoretical "super globalized economy" included totally free trade between the member states, free movement of capital and labour, and copious talk about the role and power of the euro single currency. This was going to be the strong, stable, single money for inflation fighting - drawing upon the supposed fear of most Europeans and supposedly all Germans, because of what happened in Germany in 1922-23, over 90 years ago: hyperinflation, making it necessary for a literal wheelbarrow load of money to buy a single loaf of bread. As we can note in Europe, today, Al Qaida hysteria is also being pumped back into all government-friendly media at this time: as in the US, economic terror and security terror are operated together, by the self-elected Elite. After destroying our economic hopes, they now offer us the threat of losing our lives or limbs in a designer atrocity.

Obama is a good front man for the interests that support him and helped place him into one of the most powerful jobs in the world. His real mission: to intensify the new and dangerous mercantilism and increase US support for the new but unreal and impossible form of internationalism, called "global governance".

His performance within this context has been judged adequate and remunerated in the shape of his impressive campaign funding by those who backed him before, and are apparently making every effort to ensure he can "finish off" whatever Grand Design he has been charged with accomplishing.

As the recent TV debate between him and challenger Mitt Romney clearly showed, Obama is somewhat psychologically disadvantaged, by the massive and serial failures relative to his apparent and nominal, declared goals, and the betrayal of his supposed and claimed values. Being a proclaimed "decent person", shown by his kind and chivalrous treatment of dogs, children, his wife and the body of the defeated arch enemy of freedom, Osama Bin Laden, he is obliged to show a certain amount of awkwardness because of his behavior in office, intended to be destructive not only of the economy, but also of the social and cultural fabric of the nation.

Of course Romney was picked by the same powerbrokers and special interests who selected Obama, invested in Obama, and funded his campaign - making it probable that Obama is the Chosen One. This provides an excellent reason for the windfall gain, to Obama, of good and highly surprising news about a sudden fall in US unemployment, coming so shortly after Obama's failed TV debate with Romney.

In the so-called New Imperium, as virtual as an Apple iPhone GPS geotag, economic terror and War on Terror are effectively mixed and mingled, for the oldest reason in the world: bread and circuses, to keep The Mob amused or rather bemused and idiotized. By no coincidence at all, in the same way as the "surprise good news on jobs" arrived days after Obama's pitiful TV debate, a film dramatizing the death of Osama bin Laden is set to debut just two days before the November elections that Obama must win. The National Geographic Channel will run the film "Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden," produced by Weinstein and Voltage Pictures. Weinstein's co-chairman Harvey Weinstein is a prominent fundraiser for Obama's re-election campaign, which has touted bin Laden's death as an example of Obama's great leadership.

Again by no coincidence, because the detructive economic, political, social and cultural results of the same policies produce the same results, European government-controlled media is increasingly rebuilding and restoring Al Qaida hysteria to its former glory. In Europe, the need to amuse and fool The Mob (also known as advanced industrial citizens) is at least as urgent as in the US.

Economic terror is at present only operated in stealth mode.  Inflation and inflation fighting are at present unrelated to the global crisis. Inflation has been chased out and extirpated from the creatively concocted, unreal CPI figures that all major countries, central banks, the IMF and other institutions have operated and used for decades. Inflation does not exist. The problem is that economic growth has also been driven right out of the system - and in fact, in Europe, it has been blackened by the same money - the euro - that has been created as Dollar-2 for the New Mercantilism.

Unknown to large numbers of persons, never hinted at in any ECB and European Commission or other official publications on the euro, the single currency has powerfully aided the growth of "the black economy". Printing banknotes of 500-euro each ($630 each at today's exchange rate) makes the euro a whiz for filling even the lightest of suitcases and high-tailing it to the next organized crime syndicate meeting, or simply shifting the cash to the nicest-best tax haven country.

The euro money and Eurozone debt-and-deficit crises, and the economic, social and political crises they have generated, and continue to drive, are only a big iceberg tip of the real economy crisis which is global. Slow motion disasters like the ever-worsening layer cake of crises in Europe, as in the US and increasingly worldwide can seem like they have a geological flavour, like glaciers or sea ice cover in the Arctic and Antarctic but we should not be fooled: the cliff side does exist and is getting near. The Obama Class of world leaders are programmed to achieve Chaos - if not Global Governance. 

The euro crisis, dollar crisis and the ever-growing dangers The New Mercantilism - a layer cake of interrelated crises - are easy to compare with global warming because so many people say its a fake or a conspiracy and is therefore unreal. But just like fake global warming and real climate change run together, there is always a nugget of truth and reality somewhere in the mountainsides of hype that are mined out and spread around the media to keep the global warming industry alive and kicking. The same applies to the euro economic disaster, the American economic disaster and the global economic disaster.

For conspiracy lovers, and extreme right and extreme left politicians and movements, both Obama and Romney are willing agents of the Global Governors whose only goal is Total Power, but for what?

The Global Governance conspiracy theory is big time on the Internet. Above all, the more we talk about it, the more it could or might exist - like Yetis and Martians and the Mayan End of the World. The main problem is not identifying who these Governors might be. This is easy, by checking up the billionaire star-studded membership lists of the Clubs of Rome, Madrid and Budapest, not forgetting the former NATO commanders and national police chiefs, presidents, princes, PMs and other Big Names who are also listed. The main problem is to ask why they want to inherit a destroyed, ramshackle economy that will take decades to put back together again, if that is possible.

Any attempt of simply repeating the same dumb movie of the single world market and free-flowing finance, capital and labour, with two or three "fiat world moneys" will produce exactly the same result.

Plenty of these would-be Governors had power, lots of it. Sometimes this was recently, sometimes further back but what they did with power - when they had it - was nothing. We are supposed to imagine they "want a second chance" to be comeback kids like Bill Clinton, who is a member of these clubs and their more shadowy New Age-flavoured semi-mystical WorldShift Network. Another member is Mikhail Gorbachev - whose time in power was about the ultimate in failure stories: he let the Soviet "Empire" fall apart while he fiddled in the Kremlin. What he did with the economy is frankly an epic in bad management, even worse than what the Eurocrats and Obamacrats are doing, but ends up exactly the same - with Chaos spelt with a capital C !

Today however, the conspiracy theorists tell us, these guys are rooting for another crack at absolute power, with a ruined economy to play with. Just imagine what they can do with it!

Showing the extent of schizophrenia, or plain stupidity of Europe's Great Leaders, the favoured scare story of politicians and government friendly media is that if the euro is abandoned and countries revert to their previous national currencies there will be fantastic inflation. In fact, getting rid of or dishonoring national debt by removing the currency unit in which it is denominated - the euro in the Eurozone - is a tried and tested, almost failsafe way to forget all about debt - and cheat one's creditors.Who can turn nasty. After a brief spate of inflation, the result is pretty massive deflation and there are plenty of living recent proofs, for example Argentina's default on its debt and the Argentine economic crisis of 1999-2002.

Underlining the stealth nature of the crisis layer cake's constant growth and spread, Europe's ECB has now moved on from saying it is the ultimate defender of the euro money's former ultimate role - fighting inflation - to also saying the ECB wants QE to aid economic growth, manage debt, reduce unemployment and (why not?) defend the environment with sustainable development, windmills and electric cars. The same money which fights inflation can also now aid the economy and environment. In fact it can do anything!

Conspiracy Theory-2 says that nobody is at the wheel or rudder or in the cockpit. Nobody designed the global economy - it just happened. It seemed a good or great idea to some, even many, but it contained its own seeds of shredding itself apart, falling apart. That time is now.

Like a one-way valve or mechanism, any attempt to "seamlessly and painlessly" return to what existed before - to the national moneys of 13 years ago for the Eurozone 17 countries - would create incredibly massive firebursts of inflation and then deflation, that is Extra Chaos, as the economy really did collapse. After these spectacular firework shows there would only be one possible ending - not happy. There would be a perfectly symmetrical and deflationary economic collapse right across the EU27 and then right across the world.

This is the only outcome.

When or if the money used to measure the extent of the catastrophe is suddenly changed, the disaster
will be like a large metoerite hitting that slow-moving and reliable glacier we all looked at and admired in comfort and security, because for a while "we wouldnt know". Some respectable leading edge finance journals can however even tell you all about it, before using this horror story as the Big Excuse to do nothing and soldier along like now. Winston Churchill is now often quoted by European politicians of 2012. They say "Blood, sweat and tears". Obama's campaign is edging ever closer to Winston Churchill talk. These dysfunctional leaders can deliver it !

Other conspiracy theories could be cobbled up - maybe The Bearded One and his CIA friends cooked up the global economic meltdown for a laugh? In fact and however, we don't need to look for other theories because we get a great proof that absolutely central to chaos theory, no part or parcel, no component or any factor in Europe's continental-sized crisis is not linked or related. This applies also to the US economic crisis and the global economic crisis.

Chaos theory as applied to all kinds of things - galaxy formation, cream and hot coffee mixtures, water droplets on a window and financial markets - says that a chaos system of change is always a bundle. For the European, US and global economic crises we have financial and monetary, economic, political, social and cultural crises bundled together - even by government friendly media which gives them one-liners like "the euro crisis", and chaos theory theory says all components will change, none will be left unaffected by the inexorable combination of multiple tipping points. This is certain.

For the financial and trading crisis this is all explained by Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "The Black Swan"

Inside Europe the glacier is moving faster than elsewhere, and the dimensions of the coming disaster are better known. In the words of George Soros, a WorldShift Big Name, the ECB and heads of state have almost no options left. They will soon have to create an "ad hoc SPV", the so-called special purpose vehicles so well known to any hedge fund manager, and a Bad Fund for the Bad Bank called the ECB, and all the national central banks of Europe, who in turn will bail out all the private "high street" banks in Europe.

The Soros SPV would sit atop all European sovereign and banking debts - all of them. It could only need a modest 15 000 billion euros in playstation nominal value betting chips, in name only. The euro would then be replaced by Euro-2, another and special money, we know not which. Otherwise, Mr Soros says, disaster will be guaranteed - and soon. Curiously enough and according to Soros, life would otherwise meander along and muddle through as normal and always. A WorldShift Dream!

The elite blame game is not instantly evident but says that things were allowed - by them, the elite - to get so bad that only extreme and unreal panic measures are possible, today. The flirt with chaos is endemic in elite thinking about running the conomy into the ground - it is called "liberalism and laisser faire" - but the end product is chaos. To an extent nobody was to blame, because the elite spent most of its time outside the cockpit, on the golf course, in the bordels and on the cocktail circuit but when the bell rings Time Up we can expect a real surprise: chaos theory says everything changes, in an eyeblink of time. For the local and real economy and real people - this can be good news, surprising as it seems.

By Andrew McKillop


Former chief policy analyst, Division A Policy, DG XVII Energy, European Commission. Andrew McKillop Biographic Highlights

Co-author 'The Doomsday Machine', Palgrave Macmillan USA, 2012

Andrew McKillop has more than 30 years experience in the energy, economic and finance domains. Trained at London UK’s University College, he has had specially long experience of energy policy, project administration and the development and financing of alternate energy. This included his role of in-house Expert on Policy and Programming at the DG XVII-Energy of the European Commission, Director of Information of the OAPEC technology transfer subsidiary, AREC and researcher for UN agencies including the ILO.

© 2012 Copyright Andrew McKillop - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

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