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Ugly Scenario Epiphany & Forecast Formula

Stock-Markets / Financial Markets 2014 Feb 19, 2014 - 04:57 AM GMT

By: Jim_Willie_CB


The rabbit hole was detected long ago, leading to multiple examples of Jackass epiphany. Many clients and inquisitive followers have asked how and when the conspiracy and deep plots were recognized. A sequence occurred to produce the newfound awareness, in certain key events that reeked of suspicion, sabotage, and bad economics. The awareness began around 1990, confirmed in 2000 & 2001 with the stock bust and 911 crime scene, solidified with Lehman in 2008. The steady policy decisions were so destructive, ordered by intelligent men, that they had to be intentional. The hints were many. Certain friends, certain acquaintances, certain service veterans, certain business veterans all contributed to a perspective that has proved valuable. When the Vietnam War ended, when the Middle East hot spot never went away, when the American industry began to be dispatched to the Pacific Rim, when labor unions went too far, when presidential politics became absurd displays of Manchurian candidates, when the United States required a procession of fabricated enemies, when the financial sector boasted of victorious superiority, when the American diet turned into a carnival fantasy, when the American public turned into health freaks and Big Pharma subjects, when the genocide projects came to the fore, when the US Press turned into a propaganda megaphone, when technology was directed toward fascist forces, the Jackass had challenges in life and in industry blessed by certain accomplishments but also beset by frustations as well.

The lights went on many times from 1975 to 2003, slowly at first but faster as the decades racked up. Along the way, the Jackass exited the Matrix. My life has had numerous successes, numerous setbacks, many ugly realizations, and much exposure to a deeply flawed US State of the Union. A certain geopolitical force was detected. It did not like America, not at all, but it was hidden. Many are its agents and tools. Its dark knights were few, most with extreme success stories and baron status. Their symbols are scattered across American landscape, entering lives in subtle manner, most prominently on the back of a $1 bill. After the turn of the millennium, much changed. Darkness extended its shadow.

Many are key events that indicated with growing clarity a pathway toward destruction. With great regret, the conclusion has been inescapable that it has been far more intentional than the great majority of American citizens realize. No firm documents, or project details, or focused agendas, or formal lists, or anything of substance is in Jackass possession. Just a brain, eyes, ears, experience, and the ability to process information with a unique perspective not easily deceived or distracted. Follow the sequence for an interesting if not intrigue-filled brief ride. These are the events that influenced my perceptions of where the nation was directed. These are the turns in the road that so vividly marked the path to perdition. They followed a rough chronological order.

  1. The foundation was set on Black Monday 1987, a day that will live in infamy. The Working Group for Financial Markets was born, arousing Jackass suspicion of financial market intervention and undue controls. Almost ten years later, Greenspan gave in totally to Irrational Exuberance, knowing to expect destruction. He altered the money supply goal within monetary policy, setting it to falsified monitored price inflation, and no longer to the valid economic growth principle. He talked openly about giving the investment community (children with candy, addicts with punch bowl) what they requested. The Jackass pointed to the false CPI as license to generate obscene new money supply growth, a destructive policy.
  2. The tech telecom boom was promoted. While technology was seen as the savior to the USEconomy, the financial engineering was promoted as sophisticated and enduring. The bust was approaching, when in 1999 the Clinton Admin granted Most Favored Nation status to China that took many observers off guard. With it came the immediate promise of significant direct foreign investment. On the one side, the low cost solution was pitched to the American public. It seemed like a much bigger systemically large NAFTA destructive grenade. Nobody discussed the down side, not of the certain risk. The USEconomy would most assuredly lose legitimate wealth engines, and become hopelessly dependent upon both asset bubbles and debt to a much greater extent. The Jackass foresaw the Chinese grant as a death knell to the United States.
  3. The US financial sector was openly encouraged by Greenspan to follow his lead in bringing down the interest rates. He pushed for rallies in the USTreasury long-term bonds. He even shut down the 30-year bond. The M3 Money Supply statistic was halted in publication. Few realize the emphasized 10-year USTBond was used for setting home mortgage rates. He publicly boasted of risk offset sophistication in derivatives, which on its face was absurd. The USEconomy was openly encouraged by Greenspan to borrow against home equity in order to sustain the cost of consumption and necessities. The dependence by the USEconomy upon the housing market asset bubble and twin mortgage finance asset bubble was born. The Jackass forecasted in 2004 at the inception of Hat Trick Letter that a systemic risk was vividly evident, with a four to five year time fuse. The subprime mortgage explosion happened a little earlier than my expectation.
  4. The 911 struck the nation. After six to eight weeks the Jackass saw the inside job, saw the elements of the Nazi Playbook (for which death threats were given later), and saw the countless inconsistencies that were reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination, which also had countless inconsistencies. The events seemed clearly in sequence to be a launch of American Fascist State, with the stamps being the Patriot Act seal and the dismissal of the Constitution. President Bush II openly cited the shredding of it, a mere piece of paper. As the Gestapo apparatus was constructed with Homeland Security, the parallels with Nazi roots was obvious to the Jackass, but the death threat kept the volume down in writings and discussions.
  5. Former USFed Chairman Alan Greenspan was a key player, like a coordinator. He might have been an architect of the China Pact for MFN status on the one side, and gold lease from Beijing on the other. He opened the monetary floodgates in the mid-1990 decade and caused the asset bubble series. The USEconomy had lost its large core income production from industry. Even its intellectual property advantage was diluted, as Asian businesses used the patents and brought products to market more quickly than the US inventors. Worse, the business capital investment (CAPEX) was often spent in Asia by the US firms. When Greenspan was dubbed with knighthood, it seemed a logical consequence. He had been rumored to receive a second paycheck from Swiss sources, namely the Bank For Intl Settlements. He wrecked the USEconomy and US financial structure, and for that the Queen of England rewarded him. He fosted the deep dependence on home equity extractions, on financial derivatives, and on asset bubbles. All three factors were toxic. In the Jackass view, the systemic failure was just years away.
  6. The final grand hint was after Greenspan departed, mission accomplished on the wrecked nation. With Bernanke at the helm, a historical revisionist and poor forecaster, the US monetary policy was to extend credit to prop the big broken banks. Despite clear criminal culpability in multi-$trillion bond fraud, no talk of RICO application was heard. When the Too Big to Fail banker mantra was trotted out, the Jackass concluded that the refusal to liquidate the big US banks would be a main point of resistance. Liquidation of insolvent hollow giant pillars in the big banks should have been the textbook first step in any solution. But Wall Street had control of the USGovt finance ministry, where the monetary press resided. No liquidation would occur where the power center would be located. The Jackass concluded after Lehman Brothers was killed and Fannie Mae with AIG were nationalized in order to keep the gigantic fraud under wraps, that the systemic failure was certain and guaranteed. The Jackass made open forecasts in 2008 and 2009 of the certain path of eventual USGovt debt default in three or four years. By 2013 the default has appeared on course to occur.
  7. The tipoff by The Voice of massive Allocated Gold Account thefts, called in the industry as re-hypothecation, indicated another certain death knell environment from deep inside the banking sector. The details were difficult to obtain, like for volumes and banks as perpetrators, but the Swiss were the location most cited. The biggest private bullion banks are Swiss. The Voice estimated over 20,000 metric tons of improperly seized gold initially, later revising the estimate to 40,000 tons, then recently wondering openly of a higher amount. The Jackass smelled a rancid global financial rot, and certain nasty outcome in the form of Western banking system implosion, not just United States and Western Europe. The Voice actually in 2011 also tipped off that Deutsche Bank would contribute in significant ways to  bring down the Anglo-American banks. Indeed the German Gold repatriation demand and the Deutsche Bank accounting fraud investigations have resulted in massive disruptions.
  8. The failed Taper Talk laid bare the obvious nature of the Zero Interest Rate Policy forever, and the Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Both are Jackass forecasts from 2009 and 2011 respectively. No nation can sustain the toxic money spigot in high volume. No nation can maintain financial markets with free money as the baseline on asset value. No nation can withstand the assault on capital from unchecked volumes of toxic money, not only with official approval, but with public cheering.
  9. With no justice served against criminal bankers, and no liquidation of big broken US banks, and no effort to return to the Gold Standard, the Jackass concluded that justice would come via banker murders (a 2011 forecast), and newfound broad-based stability would come via the sudden implementation of a non-USD alternative. The Iran Sanctions seemed a flash point over time, but not immediately. The rest is history, including the massive drain of Gold bullion from London and Switzerland. The BRICS nations are using the G-20 Forum to advance gold trade settlement and its widespread implementation. The Iran-Turkish-India workarounds to the sanctions appear to have developed the prototype for gold trade settlement. Next comes the BRICS Gold Trade Central Bank, conversion of USTreasury Bonds into Gold bullion, along with over sovereign toxic paper bonds to Gold, and the adoption of Gold Trade Notes as letters of credit in trade. Lastly come the string of gold-backed currencies.
  10. Steady discouragement of private ownership of Gold & Silver bars & coins. The path was laid with obstacles galore, from registration for precious metals sales, to arguments that Gold offered no interest yield income, to legal cases against citizens who refused to pay taxes on gold coin sales, to suffocating bias in the financial press, to absurd stories about past market events, to non-existent prosecution over financial market criminality related to the Gold market, finally in climax to the Patriot Act which permits the USGovt security agencies to steal gold items in bank safety deposit boxes.

To make a correct forecast in today's incredibly confusing corrupt convoluted world, one must not listen to the popular messages, not listen at all to financial advisors, not pay heed to the USGovt pronouncements, not integrate official USGovt statistics on the economy, not follow the values set forth by the media. Instead, to make a correct forecast, assume deep criminal activity, assume deception in past critical stories of the nation, assume more deception in ongoing important stories of the economy, financial sector, and business sector.To make a correct forecast, put aside the favorite national delusions, avoid the temptation to hide from ugly realities, and find time within your busy lives to ponder the direction and priorities of the nation.

The Super Elites are on the defensive. They do not wish to be revealed to the public. The triad of Wall Street and Big Oil and Big Pharma do not wish to have their idolatry of the nether world revealed. The same clients and followers ask what key factors could change the public perception and alter the path of the nation. Tough question. My response usually centers upon some from the mad pot. It could be revelation of the USGovt direct involvement in Afghan heroin production, distribution, and profiteering, complete with Wall Street money laundering. It could be revelation of the inside job on 911 attacks, done to alter the nation's course toward fascism, with culpability lying with many parties such as the Wall Street bankers, the US security agencies, the US defense contractors, the Big Oil firms, and a certain key ally in the Mideast which controls the levers with groups like the Council on Foreign Relations. It could be the revelation of details of the Fort Knox theft by the gang led by Clinton, Rubin, and Bush, whereby the gold bars were taken under the shadows of Gold leasing with controlled lease rates. It could be revelation of the multi-faceted Fascist projects related to corn syrup sugar lacing, genetically modified foods to enter human chromosome systems, chemtrail toxic sprays, the Halliburton sabotage of the Gulf of Mexico, the frequent usage of HAARP in weather wars, or the radiation of the Pacific Coast. The American public clearly requires a wake-up call, but my personal belief is that not half have any potential for awakening.

The American public, and the Western population generally, are in the late stages of the Paradigm Shift to Eastern control and the late stages of the Fascist Model encroachment in the Western community of nations. They have already seen a great deal of their wealth stripped away, whether by home equity absconded by bond markets and their Wall Street brokers, whether by job security vacated with outsourced industry in Asia, whether by bank accounts subjected to the threat of bail-in confiscation after altering the legal status of deposits to become unsecured loans to banks, whether by the threat of money itself contaminated by the US Federal Reserve after three years of Weimar pumping off the monetary press. The voting procedure for president and major Congressional leaders has become a choice of a red jacket or a blue jacket on a personage with fealty hidden to the banking war pharma media syndicate that reeks of fascism. The protection is with Gold & Silver, since as John Pierpoint Morgan once said, "Money is Gold, and nothing else."

The nation, including its army of attorneys, seems to be unable to read the Constitution, which states that money is Gold & Silver. The nation has been deluded, deceived, and betrayed for a long time. The biggest turning points were the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the broken Bretton Woods gold standard, the Most Favored Nation status grant to China, and the Patriot Act passage,. Those events were prologue for the death of a nation. The rest is details, filling in the blanks, with lost wealth, faded dreams, frittered opportunities, and bodies littered along the road. The last chance is Gold & Silver bars & coins, with jewelry in a supporting role. The Global Paradigm Shift is in full swing. The Global Currency Reset is near, better described as the Return of the Gold Standard. The Iran Nuclear Talks will proceed to conclusion, better described as the Petro-Dollar Surrender Talks with nuclear proliferation rider agreements.

The last chance is Gold & Silver, since what comes will be like a mighty storm. In its wake, the only wealth standing will be gold, silver, resource deposits (energy, minerals, water), and farmland. Time is running low for the many citizens of the United States and the other nations of the world to wake up and benefit from their own epiphanies. It is very late, far past the eleventh hour.

Many are the images that come to mind that symbolize the path and fate of the nation. Some are cute, some tragic, some deep in meaning, others obscure. The nation is the USS Titanic, while wealth vanishes down a hole. The Bernanke helicopter turned out to be an anal paper spew, as bankers pay the price for crimes in old fashioned justice, while Wall Street built a Tower of Babel destined to fall. The big storm cometh, luring figures awaiting to deliver penalties, while the NSA eye watches all. Thoreau preached civil disobedience, and Orwell warned of a Big Brother, while the USDollar finds its true zero value with Satanic pyramid symbol for all to see.


From subscribers and readers:

At least 30 recently on correct forecasts regarding the bailout parade, numerous nationalization deals such as for Fannie Mae and the grand Mortgage Rescue.

"Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do."

   (Charles in New Mexico)

"I commend the Jackass for being the most accurate of all newsletter writers. Others called for the big move in Gold right away, but you understand that the enormous fraud in the system needs to play out before free market forces can begin to assert themselves. You seem to have the best sources and insights into the soap opera that is our global financial system. Most importantly, you have advised readers to be patient, stay safe, and avoid mining shares like the plague. Calling the top in the USTreasury Bond (10-yr yield at 1.4% yield) stands out as a recent fine accomplishment. The Jackass understands the markets, understands the fraud, and also has the sources to keep him the most up-to-date on the big geopolitical and financial events and scandals. Few or no other writers have all three of these resources."

   (Austin in California)

"A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one's head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out."

   (The Voice, a European gold trader source)

by Jim Willie CB
Editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER”
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19 Feb 14, 15:23
China Mirage

Iam sorry I just do not see this China ruling the world thesis, at least not in my lifetime. China is a joke economy really, a mirage based on sweatshop labour and levels of unbacked credit that are every bit as reckless as the wests. Most of their shiny new buildings will fall down before they become occupied. From what I can see the main aim of most Chinese middle class is to get out and move to the West!

Although I hold some gold and have done for several years, I will believe it when I see it being used for trade settlement. And if it does become a formal part of the monetary system again, I don't fancy my chances of being allowed to hold on to it.

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