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The Key Role Of Conspiracy Theory In Dumbing Down Society

Politics / Social Issues Aug 17, 2014 - 09:22 AM GMT

By: Andrew_McKillop


One Size Fits All
In a downsized western world, the abandonment of leadership and the dereliction of government are two major strands of the general dumbing down process. Examples abound.

In recent days president Obama of the USA was able to tear himself away from the golf course “to save Iraq”. The west is fighting the Islamic horde called ISIS. Previously, the west aided and supported ISIS, in Syria, but not in Iraq. Fighting the Islamic horde means that Obama and his lookalike-talkalike European partners and allies have to support Kurdistan. Previously, Kurdistan did not exist and all references to a semi-independent Kurdistan were studiously avoided by Obama and his partners.

Where is the logic in this?

The default solution is Conspiracy Theory, in fact Comfort Theory. ISIS is a tool of the US military-industrial complex, it has helped winkle Iraq's Nouri el-Maliki from power, and fighting ISIS will enable the west to make a rapprochement with Iran. Perhaps. The widespread and growing civil unrest, strife, and “selective” oppression of various minorities in Iraq will probably affect Iraq's oil production. Which will help to slow or stop the slide in oil market prices. To the benefit of Goldman Sachs, the energy market maker banks, Big Oil and probably the Bilderbergs. All is explained in 5 minutes.

Why the economy is “performing” so badly is of course nothing to do with decades of malinvestment and mismanagement. Bond traders in collusion with the central bankers are honing and sharpening their “algos” to drive interest rates through the ceiling. Helped by a massive rise in oil prices this will provoke the entire collapse of the economy, followed by the proclamation of martial law and the appointment of Mister Bilderberg as Supreme Chief of the New World Order. Read all about it!

Ignorance is not Innocence
Consumers of conspiracy theory can take a look at what happens when it rules supreme. They only have to look at the regimes of Stalin and Hitler. Both paid an army of conspiracy theorists to cobble an endless series of one-size-fits-all “explanations” of why things were so bad and a police state was the only solution. Even worse, Stalin and Hitler believed these theories and acted on them.

Using conspiracy theory to accelerate the dumbing down of society is itself a conspiracy, because the real aim is Unknowing. The public, called “the mass”, no longer needs complicated “social paradigms”, in fact society itself is not wanted on board in the one-way trip to the Void. Why exactly the shadowy elites would want this, and designed it, is much too complicated for common mortals to understand. It is in fact untrue that the shadowy elites wanted this – because they also are dumbed down. To nothing.

We could take the “underperforming” economy as a key example. For decades in western society this has been a “Black Box”. It is literally Deus ex Machina or a magic thing which surges from nowhere. Nobody at all is in charge, only “the markets”. These are all of course massively rigged, but in their own, separate and incoherent ways making then ultra-fragile when Black Swan events happen. This is a conspiracy, but by accident and not design. Because this is a somewhat complicated real world situation – reality that is -  Plot Theory surges to the rescue and becomes the default choice for “the masses”. Swirling fogs of conspiracy suit their muppet reading habits like burgers suit their eating habits, and ingurgitating plot theory needs no taste buds at all.

Conspiracy theory is easy reading. Its one size fits all, easy and total explanations of anything ideally suits a dumbed down society that moved on from not wanting  to know – to being unable to know.

Trying to lay the blame on political leaderships is not worth the time. Dumbed down perceptions and downsized goals are the new law among theso-called “elite” muppet-puppet masters. Whatever they are able to say at the microphone  is downsized and toxic but tricked out to look real. They are the victims of their own conspiracy theories.

False Flags and International Relations
For the supposed “master class” of plot organizers, the reality of stumbling from crisis to crisis is a downer for loyal imbibers of conspiracy theory. If the elite plot in Iraq, for example, was so wildly sophisticated, how come the result in the real world is chaos? To be sure the voting classes also dubbed “the educated middle classes”  hunker down and swallow the pullulating false-flags dished out by the MSM or Muppet Media, every day, waiting for the next heroic call to war. The next Surgical Intervention – but only in smallish countries which cannot fight back. Such is valor, muppet-style.

By mid-year 2014 however and showing that something drastic was afoot, the calls in the Muppet Media were for nuclear war with Putin's Russia! Obviously somebody went over the top while scripting yet another conspiracy theory for the elites.The “mass' or “the middle classes” are in any case suffering long-term deconstruction of their ability to understand anything at all, so perhaps they do not notice the “effect of scale” in the Unknowing process they are exposed to.

The consumer middle classes' role is to sop up the agit-prop like wet wads of blotting paper or the milk of the Capitoline Wolf of Ancient Rome, but with the major unintended consequence that what was called “public opinion” is now unpredictable or unknown – explained as being “hard to call” More precisely it is shredded by too much, and too successful Unknowing. Using plot theory, the middle classes after a bit of tweaking will rally to the cause and thrill to the smart missile clips they get on TV every time that war becomes dutiful if not beautiful, alongside the de rigueur images of Men in Black and virile Israeli tanks scrunching through Gaza.

Even if they don't love that, the Muppet Media feeds it to them because after all “this is a free society”.

The agit-prop for war is however dangerous and operates its own blowback. Showing the middle calss muppets enough gore-war supposedly gets them slavering for more. It appeals to their sadistic streak. It appeals to white supremacist racism and it appeals to nihilism. It is even called “the Alpha Male cult” which supposes that war-and-death pornography does not distance its viewers and consumers from the real world. In fact,more and higher doses of the same pornography are needed to excite “the masses”, but even further doses can turn them off, almost entirely, as they dumb down so far that they forget all about it..

No Excuse
So who do we take out after Putin? This is interesting. The mainstream media has not run its Putin-the-Monster number on the Chinese. Never stated but a fact, they would react and respond with military force a lot earlier and more brutally, than Mr Putin. China has rapidly distanced itself from, and is becoming unknown to the west, due to a host of different factors. For the Chinese elite, national identity and unity are critical life supports for their own continued existence, and they will quickly snap that China suffered 70 years of Western imperialism and wealth-sucking from about 1870 to 1940.

Much more simply, China doesn't want to know. It will not waste time on games and ruses like the game of sanctions, before kicking back hard in the face of what the Chinese press and media increasingly says - not hints - is a Western consumer society with leaderships that have gone lobo. The Chinese response to western aggression and war-mongering will be “Don't try that on us, Whitey”.

For the moment, the minders of consumer muppet society can only foment and probably arm the Uyghur Muslim revolt in western China with their so-respectable friends in Saudi Arabia, and gloat over civil strife and mass killings in Chinese cities. The intention to do harm is amazing, but this is of course to “defend freedom, democracy and the markets”. What a bad joke.

Fed on conspiracy theories themselves when they do not produce them, the excuse for “foreign policy” operated by degenerate western leaderships can only be chaotic – and this alone will lead to the downfall of the Western Empire of Unknowing.

There is no excuse for rejecting reality. Reality denial, with conspiracy theory, supposedly “designed and implemented” by the elites, ends up with mass schizophrenia – which is a known disease and was fully-defined about 100 years ago. It is mostly self-willed. It can also be due to biomedical causes like certain kinds of medication, but is not yet formally linked with a diet of Twinkies and McDonalds washed down with 24/7 news shows and Coca Lite. Conspiracy theorists will ask us if we know what The Minders put in the Soylent Green stuff they feed the muppets, but that argument will not wash.

The main problem for the Internet army of conspiracy theorists  is simple to state. If we assumed that “the minders did it” to the so-called masses, why did they continue upping the doses to the point where chaos ensues and the masses are now walled-up in a wonderland of imagination bounded only by their madness?  There is no problem charting this road map to No Future, but society will reject that No Alternative sooner or later.

By Andrew McKillop


Former chief policy analyst, Division A Policy, DG XVII Energy, European Commission. Andrew McKillop Biographic Highlights

Co-author 'The Doomsday Machine', Palgrave Macmillan USA, 2012

Andrew McKillop has more than 30 years experience in the energy, economic and finance domains. Trained at London UK’s University College, he has had specially long experience of energy policy, project administration and the development and financing of alternate energy. This included his role of in-house Expert on Policy and Programming at the DG XVII-Energy of the European Commission, Director of Information of the OAPEC technology transfer subsidiary, AREC and researcher for UN agencies including the ILO.

© 2014 Copyright Andrew McKillop - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisor.

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