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2008 Election Shocker! NOTA Wins by a Landslide!

ElectionOracle / US Presidential Election Nov 06, 2008 - 09:16 AM GMT

By: David_Haas


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleIMPORTANT UPDATE: 9am EST, November 6th, 2008 - The voting counts are now closing in on their final percentages and here is the latest approximate tally based upon a known U.S. voting-age population of 231,229,580 and currently-estimated voter turnout of 133,300,000:

97,929,000 - 42.35% - NOTA
63,500,000 - 27.46% - OBAMA
55,800,000 - 24.13% - MCCAIN
14,000,000 - 06.05% - OTHER

Despite being ignored by the national media, the least-known and least-publicized presidential candidate, NOTA, quietly circled his wagons again this year and drew in - at the very last minute in a surprise capitulation - an overwhelming plurality of votes, completely trouncing both big-party, big-money favorites; namely Barack Hussein “ For Change ” Obama and John “ War Hero-Renegade ” McCain. Despite all the focus-group strategizing and labeling and the “comic-book-action-figure- like” packaging mustered around each of them and, despite the prime-time duo's flashy, glitzy, “made-for-TV” campaigns, AMERICA'S TRUE MAJORITY calmly rose above the fray, refusing once again to be swayed or distracted by all the war-paint and shiny wrappers, and steadfastly stood by their preferred representative , NOTA.

NOTA - who mounted a surprisingly quiet and stubbornly unorthodox, “off the radar” solo campaign - refrained from choosing a running-mate, shunned participation in any staged and suspicious “TV debates”, and ran wholly without the help or support of any strong-arm lobbyists, self-important “special-interest” groups, religious fervor, corporate influence, party affiliation, and without a single dime of public or private financial support or even using any form of political advertising whatsoever. Despite these long odds, NOTA stepped up to the plate and blasted his one pitch straight out of the park. What many found to be most refreshing was that NOTA ran an “admirably clean and inoffensive” campaign against all of the media-hyped favorites and, quite literally, “stole the whole show and ate the whole sloppy enchilada” in the words of one enlightened (and hungry) observer.

What political analysts find most intriguing - even baffling - about NOTA's powerful victory is that he achieved overwhelming, broad-based, even dominating support despite the fact that he “seems very passive” and doesn't take any stand for or against wars, gay marriage, abortion, tax cuts, massive “pork” spending initiatives, military incursions or excursions, religious issues, entitlement or health-care programs, U.N. membership, or even the currently fashionable political hot-potato; illegal immigration. “He wins simply by being! How totally Zen-like!” gasped a nearly breathless and red-faced, caffeine-driven, gray-haired, blue-suited, lapel-pin-wearing TV show moderator.

When pushed to talk about his “stand” on “the issues” or describe his philosophical “platform” NOTA answers, tersely if not impatiently: “My stand? The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights spells it all out concisely and clearly for all of us so, if you're not familiar with what they say, I suggest you run - don't walk - and go read them both.” “My platform? It couldn't be simpler… Do not harm others. Mind your own business. Keep your own house in order. Live and let live. Clean up your own messes. Do all that you say you will do. Love your neighbors and your country. Always play fair with others. Be nice and be generous - in deed and in spirit.” Indeed. Words of profound wisdom seldom heard in the cacophony of the modern-day political carnival.

So, exactly who is this NOTA character? NOTA is the consistent winner in each and every election held in the United States in modern times. In fact, NOTA has probably dominated every election since 1900 or before. NOTA is more commonly known as NONE OF THE ABOVE. And, whether you like him or not, NOTA is the preferred choice of the preponderance of voting-age and voting-eligible Americans.

Here are the recent facts, according to an ongoing research project conducted by the Department of Public and International Affairs at George Mason University there were:

231,229,580 - 2008 Total U.S. Voting Age Adults (known)
213,005,467 - 2008 Total U.S. Voting Eligible Adults (known)
133,300,000 - 2008 Total Voter Turnout (projected based on results observed)

UPDATE: 2008 Could Mark Highest Voter Turnout Rate Since 1968

Observation #1. In 2008, a presidential year, 57.6% of voting-age adults voted.
Observation #2. In 2006, a non-presidential year, 37.1% of voting-age adults voted.
Observation #3. In 2004, a presidential year, 55.4% of voting-age adults voted.
Observation #4. In 2000, a presidential year, 50.0% of voting-age adults voted.

What immediately becomes clear is “to not vote is still a form of a vote”. It is still a personal statement. It should still be counted (and it is by the likes of the researchers at George Mason University) and, since these are our fellow Americans, their voices should still matter.

I would imagine that the supporters of NOTA don't see themselves being properly represented by the views and ambitions of any organized political party. These are not people who fit neatly into a prefabricated “name-brand” and wish to remain ideologically free and unhindered, perhaps more closely aligned with the free-spirit of the Founding Fathers of our great nation.

These people may be making a statement that they either have no respect for the current system or what it's become, no belief that the system acknowledges and/or fairly represents their views, no interest in forcing others to accept their will (domination), or they simply place little belief in the idea that expressing their opinion (voting) could make much, if any, difference in the general direction and “inertia” of our country. If none of these apply, I'd imagine that they're simply too lazy or too busy to bother voting. This lack of motivation would likely relate back to an acute feeling of helplessness and/or a lack of personal investment in the outcome of an election.

It should be alarming (and probably would be if it were ever widely publicized) in our so-called “democratic” system (more correctly a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy) that the “boisterous few” have managed to find such clever and insidious means of dominating the “true majority” of our country by marginalizing them to the point that “they're simply not there”. How can so many not count for anything, not even exist in the political realm?

I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that the George Mason statistics could be just as accurately deciphered as meaning the following:

2008 Election: 42.35% (est.) of all voting-age adults felt strongly that HAVING NO ONE IN OFFICE would be just as good or maybe better than having any of the major candidates who ran.

2006 Election: 62.9% of all voting-age adults felt strongly that HAVING NO ONE IN OFFICE would be just as good or maybe better than having any of the major candidates who ran.

2004 Election: 44.6% of all voting-age adults felt strongly that HAVING NO ONE IN OFFICE would be just as good or maybe better than having any of the major candidates who ran.

2000 Election: 50.0% of all voting-age adults felt strongly that HAVING NO ONE IN OFFICE would be just as good or maybe better than having any of the major candidates who ran.

Now that we have the great national distraction of the elections behind us and the facts bear out once again that THERE IS NO REAL REPRESENTATION FOR THE TRUE AMERICAN MAJORITY in Washington, DC, we should open a brand-new national dialogue to discuss what we can do about this critical problem. It might appear that if all votes - including those for NOTA - were plotted on a bell-curve, our country is alternately ruled by either the left or the right extremes. No matter how you look at it or what name you call them, extremes are extremes. The great “base” supporting NOTA would probably represent much of the middle part of that bell-curve with the Elephants and the Donkeys representing the two extremes. If this were the case, it shouldn't be any wonder why we're facing the serious problems we now face in our country. Political extremists have always held the helm and have, thus, dominated the majority.

Maybe by the next election someone - a true leader - will arise to fill the shoes and embody the political and social ideals of NOTA - and begin representing the moderate majority. This person would, no doubt, run on a platform similar to the one stated above. That candidate would surely get the votes of nearly everyone I know. He/she might be green with pink polka-dots but there is little doubt that such a candidate would gather the first REAL AND HONEST POLITICAL MANDATE ever seen in Washington.

That could be the start of the long-overdue MEANINGFUL CHANGE in America - change we could ALL believe in - because it came from us and not from some caricaturized zoo animal. That would be a “political party” worth attending and, I promise you, hundreds of millions - if not billions - would show up to toast humanity and share the bubbly. The U.S. would, once again, regain its position as the shining beacon of hope for all the world to see and, with luck, some day emulate.

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    By David Haas

    In my consulting practice, I work with individuals, business owners, and professionals.  I assist business owners and professionals in several critical areas ranging from business start-up, marketing, operational challenges, employee retention, and strategic planning to personal asset protection, financial, and retirement income planning.  Often, these areas relate and need to be integrated to work most effectively.  I also assist business owners in developing exit-strategies that enable them to maximize the value of their business interests and preserve their lifestyle in retirement.  For individuals, I primarily focus on tax reduction, financial, and retirement income planning.

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04 Mar 09, 11:34
NOTA wins by a Landslide

I was intrigued by your analysis. However, NOTA are what we could label as "Sheeple", and they will be and are destroyed. Therefore, they do not count. The true insight is in the actual size of this group. These sheeple contribute very little to the game, save for comsumption. And that is just how the "world order" wants it to be. I believe it used to be religion as the opiate, now it is "supersize" me.

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