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Outrage at Taliban Islamic Fundamentalists Massacre of 132 Pakistani School Children in the Name of God

Politics / Religion Dec 18, 2014 - 02:58 AM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


There is NO JUSTIFCATION for the Murder of Children. NONE Whatsoever. Virtually everyone reading this will agree with this statement.When bearded Black Turbaned Taliban appear on broadcast news in front of the Black flags with Islamic verses on them to justify their murderous actions then virtually everyone reacts with the same disgust that THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for killing 132 children.

So how can the Islamic fundamentalists such as the Taliban and ISIS perceive such atrocities as being justified, the answer has always remained constant for thousands of year, and more so today in the wake of weapons that can so easily allow mass murder all committed in the name of God, in which they find justification for the murder of innocent children as they are infected with a virus far more potent and deadly than even Ebola.

The outrage has prompted much cry for action against the Islamic fundamentalists as they are clearly evil, even sub human, and that to kill and murder innocents is written in the Koran. This is the type of response I get occasionally such as following my recent article on the US Dollar (14 Dec 2014 - U.S. Dollar Collapse? USD Index Trend Forecast 2015) which included a section on the CIA effectively being America's Al-Qeeda that prompted much response.

CIA - America's Al-Qeeda

The most recent example of the lengths that the U.S. state will go to protect the supremacy of the U.S. Dollar is the 525 report into one arm of America's secret police state, the CIA's global torture terror campaign encompass the whole world that to varying degree extends to actions in over a 100 sovereign nations from overseeing the drone war on Pakistan that has killed more than 10,000 people to date, to kidnappings into dark sites situated right at the heart of the European Union, to the CIA's death camps across Africa. The terror reach of the Spectre CIA is global!

The heavily redacted and censored senate report into the CIA's global terror campaign that the likes of Al-Qeeda can only dream emulating gave a partial glimpse into what is being done in America's name.

CIA Torture Report (525 pages pdf)

In response to the publication of the report the current director of the CIA, John Brenan has been busy putting up a propaganda smoke screen to state that the widespread use of methods such as drowning (water boarding) and anal rape do not constitute torture whilst to any 'normal' non-sadist it is more than obvious that to drown someone to the point of passing out and to anally rape someone IS torture on par with anything that dictatorships right across the globe and history have engaged in which shatters the illusion of what many americans imagine their nation to be i.e. a bastion of freedom when the reality for many peoples across the world is little different than if Nazi Germany had won world war II or the Soviet Union had won the cold war, which in ideological terms sponsors and feeds death cults such as that of the Islamic States world view of being holy warriors doing gods work by battling against a global evil that mirrors the detachment from reality that most americans also suffer form, both exist in a delusional fantasy state of doing gods work for ultimate rewards in an afterlife.

The truth is that humans are the SAME the world over, there is no separate species of human, if Islamic fundamentalists exist then so do equally vicious and murderous Christian, Jewish and Hindu fundamentalists. Obviously those who are infected with the religion virus will vehemently disagree with this statement because to them, their God and religion are true whilst the rest are heresy, something that I have covered at length over the years.

14 Oct 2013 - The Illusion of Freedom - Democracy, Religion, Science and Propaganda

The ruling elite of societies have always used and encouraged religion's as their PRIMARY tool for enslavement of the mass of people on the promise of a far better Life After Death, to be granted on the condition of following the preaching's of religious doctrine in the service of the elite, and so it still persists to this very day, that despite living in the Age of Reason, still over 90% of the peoples of the world invest themselves in Religious Belief systems on the promise of life After death. This despite the fact when one a person looks on the preaching's of another religion as to what has to be done in order to gain an After Life, they will tend to find such rituals completely ridiculous, but the reality is that they are just mirror images of how other people see their religion.

Judaism - Jews nodding their lives away in front of an old stone Wall and perceiving themselves as being the 'chosen people' by god (you can't get any more elitist than that!) Who continue to say 'god gave them this that or the other land' the borders of which always tend to expand, when the truth is that the land is always stolen from the indigenous population's (Palestinians), and the same holds true for all other religions in their wars of conquest be it the muslim Ummah or the Christian Crusades, the wholesale theft of what is called the USA from the Native Indian's or Europeans civilising the African, Asian and South American savages as justification for the theft of their lands in colonial wars of conquest and slavery!

Islam - Religions encourage brainwashing through repetitive rituals such as reciting prayers and seeing the hand of god in everything, as an example the pinnacle of Muslim rituals is the Hajj which includes throwing pebbles at stone pillars, walking around the Kaba (cube shaped building) 7 times, then stampeding to kiss the black stone (meteorite) after which many of whom can expect to be in receipt of 40-72 virgins in an afterlife and everything else that is prohibited in this life such as alcohol, with everyone living in their own palaces and made young again for eternity. Whilst all those who do not follow the Islamic program will off course burn in hell for eternity.

Christianity - Christians with rosaries at hand eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ at Communion, praying to statues of supposedly a virgin girl who gave birth to a child, 2,000 years before the first test tube baby was born, or even proclaiming seeing miracles in random patterns in wood, fruit and vegetables that resemble the face of Jesus Christ and many have convinced themselves that the Rapture will take them straight to heaven just prior to End Times, despite the fact that there is NO MENTION of the Rapture in the bible! And off course Christians who followed the program will go straight to heaven whilst everyone else burns in hell for eternity.

Hinduism with a multitude of half man half animal gods such as the pink half man half elephant god, and a woman with 6 arms amongst many others. Hindus's believe in reincarnation that they are reborn in new bodies until their souls merge with God. The blatant flaw here is that there are 7 billion people alive today, TEN times the number alive 1,000 years ago! So where did all of the new souls supposedly come from? Off course there is always an answer and that is apparently animals are being reincarnated too as humans! Woof ! Woof!

Many may consider reincarnation as being ridiculous but it is just another manifestation for the desire for an afterlife, as such examples continue for all religions, where for those immersed in each religion such beliefs and rituals are perceived as being the ABSOLUTE DIVINE TRUTH but to those of other religions are seen as being ridiculous.

Religions virtually nearly always boil everything down to the all knowing and all seeing Invisible Man in the Sky who watches your EVERY action (Even more so than the NSA)! As the ultimate Big Brother mechanism for control.

Religious slave indoctrination begins early in a child's life that results in most people spending a large part of their lives preparing themselves to start to really live in an AFTERLIFE even to the extent that many followers of religions under the right circumstances would be willing to sacrifice their lives, even in young adulthood on the promise of what they will receive in the after life.

At some point in the not too distant future technology will be better able to help human's cope with their emotional needs in coming to terms with death by offering a sort of digital after life, and thus will become less reliant on the religious vultures that promise paradise in exchange for a slave existence in this life. People will increasingly learn to sing their own songs rather than to rhythmically writhe to songs of thousands years past.

The flaw at the heart of all major religions is that they were written in times of when myths and superstitions were perceived as being facts, when the editors of the holy books did not know that the earth and the moon are NOT the same size or that the Earth orbits the Sun rather than the Sun orbiting the earth, let alone that Sun was just one of over 200 billion stars in our galaxy that was just one of over 200 billion galaxies. The flaw is that as it is religious doctrine so the holy books cannot for want of a better word be UPDATED, and there in lies the problem where logically people cannot reconcile reason with superstition, so will increasingly come to live a schizophrenic existence.

The bottom line is that we are living in an increasingly technologically advanced age of reason where virtually any modern day item would in the past be perceived as a miracle to worship, and we don't need to use something as highly advanced as a smartphone the inner workings of which 99% of the population would fail to understand, but something as low-tech and simple to erect by most people as a greenhouse, which if transported back 2000 years ago would be perceived as the most holiest of holy's to direct prayers towards for the magical life giving properties that the small building exhibits that surely manifests the presence of god within it's crystal clear walls. But of course we all know its only a greenhouse!

As a reminder, CIA's drone war on Pakistan has claimed more than 5,000 lives, an estimated 2,000 of which are INNOCENT CHILDREN, the CIA just like the Taliban justifies the murder of children through the euphuism of being COLLATERAL DAMAGE. However, there IS NO JUSTIFICATION for the MURDER of CHILDREN, the CIA doing Gods work in its actions manifests itself as a global terrorist entity that is NO BETTER than that of the Taliban for there IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR KILLING CHILDREN!

132 murdered Pakistani children is outrageous, but don't forget the even more murderous slaughter of 2000 people this summer that included 538 Palestinian children killed, and more than 4,000 wounded by the Jewish Fundament states 50day war on Gaza that resulted in the leveling of 25% of the Gaza concentration camp's infrastructure as covered by Channel 4 News -

In Gaza's rubble, with the families who live there

Paul Mason meets the families in Gaza living in the rubble of buildings shelled in Israel's war on children.

"there is no more school in Gaza because all of the children are dead" chant Jewish fundamentalists.

Off course the Jewish fundamentalist of my God is the true God brigade will justify the crimes of the Jewish fundamentalist state, as do the Taliban, however, the facts remain crystal clear in that there is NO JUTUIFUCATION FOR THE MURDER OF CHILDREN!

Therefore be it by Islamic, Christian or Jewish Fundamentalists who delude themselves as doing Gods work or God being on their side for when they commit crimes in the name of a God that does not even exist!

The bottom line is that the christian, muslim, and jewish religious fundamentalists across the world if left to their own means WILL bring about armageddon for that is the corner stone of their belief - they literally crave armageddon so that they may enter paradise, and now they have the means to bring it about. My long standing view is that given the trend trajectory then the middle-east will not survive much beyond 2030.

The ONLY survivable solution is nuclear disarmament as I think it will take many more hundreds of years to eradicate the religion virus that is the greatest danger humanity faces in terms of the risk of extinction.

Source and Comments:

By Nadeem Walayat

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