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Homo Sapiens Rationalensis Diverging From Revelation to the Apocalypse

Politics / Evolution Oct 18, 2015 - 04:51 AM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


This article continues from Part 1 - The First Prophet - Homo Sapiens Shrinking Brains Diverging Species, that covered the period from the emergence of Homo Sapien Religious some 75,000 years ago, their journey out of Africa and the role religious myths have played in bonding tribes of humans together, eventually settling down and farming some 10,000 years ago. However, the consequences of which has unfortunately been for the shrinkage of average human brain size by about 10% as 99% of humans along with many animals and plants were domesticated, slaves where a religious elite made all of the major decisions for them, hence reduction in the requirement for a large energy hungry brain.


Fast forward through most of the past 10,000 years of the age of agricultural, starting in Mesopotamia (Iraq and Syria), as the stone age gave way to the the bronze age, then iron age and we finally start to arrive at the era of recorded history starting some 3,000 years ago courtesy of the Phoenicians (Lebanon) meant mankind could now document in great detail accumulated knowledge to pass on to others and down through future generations in the form of written texts.

What is revealed by the historic accumulation of knowledge is the fact that Homo Sapien Religious clearly could never have been the only human species for there had always been other divergent human species probably having existed for as long as Homo Sapien Sapiens have and definitely the length of the 75,000 years of the emergence of Homo Religious, though this particular divergent species had never numbered even near 1% of the population of humans, as clearly being the offspring of Homo Religious parentage thus chance would only randomly selecting a small number to have only have one observable difference in behaviour to the majority of humans, that of being immune to the smoke of the camp fire myths and ancient superstitions, those who were born skeptical of all that they could not observe, test and explain through reasoned thought, HOMO SAPIEN RATIONALENSIS - RATIONAL MAN

The past 3,000 years reveals a long history of pockets of Homo Rationalensis attempts to break free of the religious constraints imposed by civilisations populated nearly wholly by Homo Religious that had been bred over thousands of years to serve the interests of the Elite, that required an obedient population over one that engages in rational argument. Advanced pockets of science and learning such as Athens, Greece and Rome illustrate that they were mere pockets of rationality amidst literal slave populations. All of whom would fall victim to Christianity, which went from being just another marginal Roman religious cult to being declared as the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire.

All Roman emperors had one thing in common which is that they saw themselves as living gods who were immortal, who would continue to live for eternity, and as gods demanded prayers from the religious masses, so it was for Emperor Constantine, for he did not just see himself as the mere follower of the cult of Christ, nor even to proclaim himself as being the thirteenth apostle, no he went much further, for he saw and portrayed himself as being the SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST! Which is why at the time he furthered a sole interpretation of Christian religious doctrine based on one text that at that time had yet to be compiled and finalised at the Council of Nicaea (380AD) and so all those who said Jesus was less than God or even an ordinary man were declared as being heretics and such Gnostic gospels were to be burnt, destroyed and erased from history until that is 52 of the lost heretical texts were discovered hidden in a cave in Egypt in 1945.

And so it was during Constantine's life-time that he was the second coming of the Christ God, something that has been erased from Christian history soon after Constantine's death so that Christian ideology of slavery can continue in perpetuity where it is always in the age that one lives in when the prophecies are said will become manifest, as we see with the present day conflict in Syria that is seen through the prism of prophecy of the second coming of Christ being imminent, just as the millennium was before.

It was not long after formerly adopting Christianity that the Roman Empire effectively died, all within a short 100 years (by 476AD) as christianity sought to purge Europe of all gods, religions, thoughts, ideas and knowledge that were contrary to the teachings of the bible, even the Olympic games were deemed to be heretical and thus banned as temples were converted to churches and library's full of ancient knowledge were burned as being heretical texts contrary to that which was contained in the recently assembled bible as illustrated by the destruction of the Roman Empires greatest library of all at Alexandria (Egypt) said to be full of over 750,000 ancient scrolls of learning that Christian fundamentalist burned to the ground in around 400AD.

Agora-Hypatia-last moments of the Library of Alexandria

And so Christianity plunged Europe into a 1000 year long Dark Age as Christianity sought to erase everything that had come before for nothing could contradict the word of God. And if it had not been the explosion on the scene of another great empire then Christian Europe today would likely continue to be little changed to that of 1000 years ago, populated by subservient Homo Religious slaves not allowing any pockets of Homo Rationalensis to come together as any ancient knowledge that was rediscovered was deemed to be heretical.

However, and given the state of the world today, it is highly ironic that it is Islam which literally came to the rescue of Homo Rationalensis in Europe, when Islam literally exploded onto the scene led by a military genius who carved out a huge empire in a short span of time that would continue to expand after his death to encompass much of the former Roman Empire. Islam full of self confidence due to a series of military successes as the Caliphate expanded into Europe was different enough to Christianity in doctrine that instead of fearing ancient knowledge instead embraced it probably for military advantage it offered, and so embarked on a 800 year long learning spree, whilst science and learning had long since become extinct in the Christian world as the Holy Roman Empire reinforced the supremacy of the Church, and not allowing any deviation from doctrine into forbidden texts.

The reality is that Islamic scholars discovered, preserved and then built on Greek and Roman texts, incorporating Indian and Chinese knowledge as the Islamic expire expanded eastwards over a good 800 years. Which is why the Islamic world of 1000 years ago would have resembled the West of today in terms of relative advances in science and learning compared to Europe that would have seemed little different to today's ISIS Islamic State as the fundamental flaw with Christianity right from the start is the obsession with Christ's Second Coming, that is always deemed to be imminent which negates the need to gain knowledge as what is the point if Christ is definitely just about to come again.

Islamic knowledge finally slowly started to filter into Christian Europe via Islamic Spain (Andalusia) that spanned some 800 years from 800AD to 1492AD which played a critical role in sparking Europe's Renaissance during the 15th century as the Holy Roman Empire started to lose its tight control over Europe's monarchies and secular city states such as Florence (probably due to the earlier failure of the crusades) that became pockets for Homo Rationalensis to concentrate under the protection and patronage of powerful families such as the Medici's, encouraging science and learning to flourish resisting the Roman Church's attempts to outlaw knowledge as being heresy, producing individuals such as Leonardo da Vinci amongst hundreds of others who built on Islamic knowledge and then spread their ideas across Europe, all the time weakening the hold of the Roman Church on Europe as the Dark Age slowly flickered out.

Again for duration of the Renaissance right upto the 20th century the Church in all its forms has resisted every discovery that contradicted the teachings of bible,where probably the most recognised individual example being that of the astronomer Galileo whose observations confirmed Copernicus's heliocentric cosmology that displaced the Earth from the centre of the universe and thus contradicted Christian doctrine that placed Earth at the centre of the Universe. Galileo was hauled before the Roman Catholic Inquisition in 1633 finding him guilty of heresy sentencing him to indefinite imprisonment. Galileo was kept under house arrest until his death in 1642.

As for what happened to the Islamic Empire given that it was technologically so advanced at the time? Well, I will leave that topic for another day as clearly the Islamic Empire hit its own Imperial and religious brick wall that it was not able to overcome reverting to the default setting of Homo Religious obedient subservient slaves to a religious elite, and thus lost their advantage of military knowledge to Europe.

Furthermore, Christian Europe has tried hard to erase from history the Islamic origins of western science as illustrated by a Sir John Bagot Glubb, British lieutenant general and commander of the Arab Legion in Middle East 1920-1956:

"The indebtedness of Western Christendom to Arab civilization was systematically played down, if not completely denied. A tradition was built up, by censorship and propaganda, that the Muslim imperialists had been mere barbarians and that the rebirth of learning in the West was derived directly from Roman and Greek sources alone, without any Arab intervention."

So whilst Homo Rationalensis has proved successful in progressing rational thought, science & learning throughout Europe and then the wider world despite stiff resistance from the Church as it fought tooth and nail against each discovery that contradicted doctrine culminating in Charles Darwin's seminal work on the Origins of Species that was the genesis for the arrival of secular western democracies as now there was a reliable alternative to the creation myths of the past 75,000 years that had focused God given powers into the hands of the Elite to rule over the 99% with impunity.

The bottom line is that Homo Rationalensis today despite greatly expanding in numbers remains a mere fraction of populations of even western nations as the vast majority of the worlds population perhaps as high as 97% remain as Homo Religious with the elite of many western nations successfully dumbing down a large percentage of the populations into Homo Benefitus. Therefore this implies that despite all that science has discovered and built upon during the past 500 years, it is virtually impossible for most living Homo Religious to change the way they think from irrationality to rational thought resembling that of Homo Rationalensis and thus remains a painfully slow process that will likely take several thousands of years to achieve a transition. The implications of which are that given that Homo Rationalises represents such a small fraction of the population then there is a constant danger for western secular societies to revert back to irrational religious constructs, as religious observance remains the default position for 97% of humans, that tend to become more manifest in times of population distress i.e. wars of crisis.

How Evolution Really Works

The consensus scientific view is that evolution works by means of chance genetic mutations that if giving rise to an advantage to individuals could then be more capable of propagating and passing on their genes to future generations, eventually replacing the preceding species population. However, the history of Homo Sapiens of the past 10,000 years suggests a different mechanism of evolution at work that may be closer to what actually happens, and that mechanism is for the existing species population persistently acting as pool that is prone to repeatedly producing very similar variations in small numbers over a long period of time that results in a spectrum of difference that can both move the whole population in a particular direction or result in pockets of significantly differences that continue to exist over time, i.e. it is not necessary for one species to replace another, as the existing species would continue to give occurrences of the new species for some time.

Homo Sapien Religious exploded on the scene 75,000 years ago as virtually all humans were primed and capable of making the leap of being convinced to follow deities and religious myths as being real. However Homo Sapien Rationalensis was a mere reaction to this dominant population, giving rise to perhaps no more than 1% of the population just as those who hear voices in the head (Schizophrenics) tend to be no more than 1% of a population. Clearly in the hunter gatherer era, being rational was a DISADVANTAGE in forming bonds between groups under shared beliefs and therefore have never been able to gain traction in terms rivaling Homo Religious in numbers.

Then by 10,000 years ago with the age of agriculture and expanding size of settlements, pockets of Homo Rationalensis were able to come together, and were tolerated by Homo Rationalensis to significant degree and so started to effect societies and cultures in for instance construction of ever more sophisticated settlements. However, again Homo Rationalensis were never able to gain traction in terms of number as clearly rational thinking in evolutionary terms were a disadvantage and hence have remained a small marginal percentage.

The below graphic better illustrates how human evolution probably played out over the past 10,000 years as Homo Sapien Religious - Hunter Gatherer gave rise to the much smaller brained Homo Sapien Religious - Domesticated.

This also explains the myths that surround lost advanced civilisations such as Atlantis, the truth is that the past 10,000 years will likely have seen many lost civilisations centered around concentrations of Homo Rationalensis, and probably yet even more ancient lost cities across Africa as advances in knowledge may have occurred many, many times in the past and lost, long before the recorded history of the past 3,000 years or so. This also once more illustrates that Homo Rationalensis not being susceptible to superstitions and religious ideologies also makes it a less durable species hence why numbers even in today's modern world are barely more than 3% of the worlds population that remains firmly a Homo Sapien Religious World.

If the trend for secular science and learning continues to persist that fosters the emergence of greater Homo Rationalensis like traits amongst peoples then their number can only grow over the coming years. However it is still a slow painful process that will likely take several thousands of years to progress.

Unfortunately is not a done deal that Homo Sapiens Religious will give way in any significant number to Homo Rationalensis as illustrated by past stops and starts where each outbreak of rationality apparently would hit the brick wall of the mega-trend for the mass of humanity of trending towards becoming docile unthinking cattle in the service of the elite for whom religion is one of the primary tools for control, that in fact have de-evolved to have on average 10% smaller brains than our ancestors of as little as 10,000 years ago.

Therefore today's civilisations built on the backs of Homo Rationalensis learning, which despite all technological achievements are still subject to being erased by the actions of the the dominant default species Homo Sapien Religious. Which is why western secular societies need to guard against the dangers of not immigration per se, for the greatest capital a society has is its people, and young people at the prime of their ability to learn and produce are the most valuable asset of all. So it is not immigration itself that is the problem but the insidious religious ideologies that after taking root soon seek to recreate Homo Religious centric world views that lack reason to understand that the reason why nations such as Britain are advanced and prosperous, which is because they are concentrated pockets of Homo Rationalensis that they are actively seeking to undermine through slavish obedience to religious ideology. This and the fact that the emergence of Homo Benefitus in these advanced nations further acts to limit the expansion of Homo Rationalensis through a drain on limited resources.

Western society Instead of strictly reinforcing secularism and rational thought, has for several decades adopted the socialist ideology of multiculturalism, that of all cultures being equal despite the fact all cultures clearly cannot be equal. So instead of promoting assimilation and abandonment of primitive cultures that should allowed to go extinct, instead the cultures that most foster Homo Rationalensis are the ones being undermined and eroded as has been repeated in countless past dead advanced Rationalensis civilisations.

Thus the true danger of immigration is not the people, not if the numbers are controlled in terms of the capacity of states to cope with the inflows. But rather reinforcement of destructive ideologies of Homo Religious against which rational thought cannot compete, for Homo Rationalensis has always been outnumbered and out gunned in terms of how far Homo Religious is willing to go in the service of gods and religions, i.e. willing to irrationally die for their religion convinced of fictitious rewards.

Therefore today’s developed societies built on the backs of Homo Rationalensis discoveries could once more be snuffed out for several more thousands of years, for future pockets of Homo Rationalensis to wonder who they were and why they died out.

Homo Religious Obsession with the End Times Apocalypse

All of the worlds major religions with their irrational ideologies literally crave the end of the world so that they may live again for eternity where terrorist actions are just the mere tip of religious fanaticism as at the end of the day state military apparatus can commit far more carnage than a few suicidal individuals with knives, guns or bombs.

My following video from November 2013 illustrates the Homo Religious trend trajectories that the world is battling against that unfortunately Homo Rationalensis has greatly aided the probability of making manifest as the world attempts to make the transition from the 'Age of Religion' to the 'Age of Reason' as exponential technological advancements are increasingly bringing the mechanisms to bring about Armageddon into the hands of states under the firm grip of fanatical Homo Religious.

Age of Reason World Map 2015

The following map further illustrates the current state of the evolution of humanity from the 'Age of Religion' to the 'Age of Reason' as Homo Rationalensis increasingly has a dominating influence on all peoples as nations attempt to literally pull themselves out of the iron grip of ancient superstitions towards ENLIGHTENMENT when humanity really does start to understand the true nature of the universe, utilisation of which triggers exponential leaps in development as we have see in China that has done in 30 years what took the West 300 years to achieve.

The key point that stands out from the world map is that the countries that tend to be the most religious also tend to be the poorest. However, the automatic western response of sending aid to poor countries just does not work for the fundamental reason that many aspects of civil society are skewed towards the veneration of a deity such as in religious schools that continuously draw resources away from education based on the 'Age of Reason' that at least subdues the natural tendencies of Homo Religious and fosters taking on or emulating Homo Rationalensis traits.

Even western nations such as the United States are effectively crippling themselves by wallowing in exposure to the 'Age of Religion' whilst competitor nations such as China have far surpassed the likes of the United States in terms of Enlightenment. Though off course whilst important, lack of Religiousness is only one factor as there are others such as Freedom, Human Rights, the Rule of Law and off course Democracy, for all of which China is found lacking, far behind the United States though again the trends are in OPPOSITE direction, where China is slowly liberalising whilst the United States is slowly turning into a totalitarian state that increasingly defers towards religious ideologies as its security apparatus seeks ultimately to spy on virtually everyone on the planet, effectively seeking to reinforce all westerners as Homo Religious slaves as the secret police seeks to God like monitor every action.

Whilst the Islamic world is primed for a reformation of sorts that the West should encourage as a matter of the utmost urgency as the means of bringing about Armageddon will only become easier to obtain with each passing year.

So instead of the current mainstream media's obsession with the 'clash of civilisations' nonsense or fearing Islamification instead it is Islam that fears the West for what it represents - ENLIGHTENMENT, and it is this that is resulting in schools being blown up across Afghanistan and Pakistan, hundreds of school girls being kidnapped in Nigeria. Islam, Muslims, even Christians, Jews and Hindus FEAR the truth of what Western Secular Rational Education reveals, weakening the hold of religious ideology. Whilst western civilisation has over 400 years painfully detached itself from the Christian death cult, other death cults across the middle east still crave the end of the world so that they may ascend into paradise for eternity for the Islamic world is literally living on borrowed time as Islamic nations are not just sinking but imploding into chaos and anarchy promoting huge waves of migration to Europe and North America that unfortunately will seek to dilute the concentrations for rational thought.

The best case scenario is for an Islamic Reformation for most of the worlds muslims happening far more quickly than the West's 400+ year long march towards secularism that firmly put the Christian death cult in its box (for at least the time being). An Islamic Reformation within the next 30 years would result in a world where today's slogans of Islamification and Fundamentalism just would no longer be relevant, for Islam or Judaism or the many other 'religions' would not have to go through the painful process of of battling against the Roman Church from Galileo to Darwin to Einstein to Planck to Watson and Crick, for the knowledge already exists and is freely available literally at the click of a mouse! It would be totally unnecessary for Islam to be blind as the first century of the Europe's Reformation, that took several centuries to build the centres of Homo Rationalensis learning.

The bottom line is that what we are witnessing with Islamic fundamentalism are violent reactions to the beginnings of the Islamic Reformation where despite being unimaginable today, the Islamic world could within a few short decades come to mirror western societies in terms of economy, secularism, freedom and democracy. The best thing that the West can do is to FOSTER the Islamic Reformation through SECULAR EDUCATION INITIATIVES. The West's universities are breeding grounds for enlightenment and western governments should stop supporting dictatorships such as that of Egypt or those states that ferment religious ideologies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia which through their actions are acting as Great Resistors of the Islamic Reformation and instead reinforce the trend of Homo Religious.

Mankind Facing a Bleak Future

Unfortunately it is more probably than not Homo Rationalensis is going to succeed in doing what it is best adapted towards achieving, which likely implies extinguishing all that civilisation has achieved over the past 3,000 years. Pressing the RESET Button, a new bottleneck that wipes out most of humanity leaving behind concentrations of Homo Religious that revert to form after knowledge has once more been erased just as civilisations of likely tens of thousands of years are lost to history.

Again my recent video covered one of the most probable mechanisms amongst many that paint a bleak future for mankind. That of the rise of the 'intelligent killing machine'. That implies we possibly have no more than about 200 years before we face a series of bottlenecks and probably a lot sooner.

Perhaps mankind will survive the next bottleneck with knowledge largely intact in which case it could prove a mere blip as the tools of genetic engineering literally spark an explosion in the number of species where instead of the dominant Homo Religious accompanied by 1-3% of Homo Rationalensis, instead humanity may be at the cusp of fragmenting into an near infinite number of species and that no longer need the slow process of natural selection to do its job, a wide divergence of species that I can barely imagine the huge variation of human specialisation.

Mankind's Imminent Future

Whilst there is the Killer Machine Intelligence ticking time bomb, nevertheless humanity is primed both environmentally and culturally for explosive change in the number of different species that are likely to emerge far beyond anything that the Homo Genus has experienced during the past 2 million years.

1. Large population size - Today's huge population of over 7 billion humans and still increasing number about one thousand times greater than that which had numbered at any time for 99% of human history. This large population has the potential to produce much variation due to mutations and regional diverging adaptations without applying any genetic technologies.

2. Homo Benefitus - Divergence Between Productive and Unproductive Humans - As positive natural selection has temporarily come to a halt as a consequence of the benefits culture welfare states, resulting in 99% of all adult humans able to reproduce and successfully pass on their genes than would be the case under natural selection, so we are likely to see divergence in the characteristic traits of productive and unproductive humans (evolutionary dead ends) who are supported by the state to reproduce in unlimited number, hence the ongoing population explosion.

This is one of the reasons why many western nations whist having experienced huge technological advancements, are instead immersed in economic depressions without end as a consequence of out of control welfare spending and public sectors in support of an ever expanding number of unproductive persons, which is heading towards a world in the not too distant future that will be populated by billions of fat lazy people reliant on someone else to feed, cloth and house them from cradle to grave.

In evolutionary terms, the productive humans will tend to become leaner, taller, fitter, and ever more productive in terms of output. Whilst the unproductive human population will continue to become more obese, and physically and mentally less capable of productive activity, with shorter life spans. As time progresses there will be less exchange of genes between these emerging populations within all benefits culture nations and thus eventually reinforcement of the emerging separate species.

3. Changing Human Physiology

The world of modern man of the past 100 years has increasingly been one of trending towards that of a sedentary life style of excess calories and in-action so human physiology is changing towards that of becoming far more obese and less mobile and heavily reliant on technology to survive having lost much of the survival skills of the past 200,000 years that were honed on the savanna's of the rift valley. Therefore at some future point in time after a post civilisation extinction of modern man as we know the species today, then the bush men of East Africa may once more be called upon to migrate out of Africa and repopulate the world with Homo Sapiens Sapiens San as being the only time tested sustainable version of human.

Alternatively natural selection will seek to resolve solutions towards the obesity crisis as a new human sub species that is adapted towards being fat and inactive emerges from the obese population groups.

4. Technology Resulting in Loss of Brain Power - Humans are increasingly relying on machines to do the thinking for them, many of our day to day tasks have become black box push button exercises where most people have little comprehension of what goes on inside the box. Therefore instead of science and technology halting the trend of shrinking brains of the past 10,000 year may in fact accelerate it. Use of technology is resulting in the loss of intellectual ability as humans lose the experience of using their brains in terms of day to day survival as the world demanded barely until 100 years ago. For instance if electricity were turned off tomorrow, then within a month billions would be dead! Which illustrates that rather than modern man being robust is in actual reality very fragile in terms of its ability to survive.

5. Advances in Medicine allow those with defective genes to reproduce when they would not be able to do so as a consequence of natural selection, this has the effect of passing on the defective genes to future generations when they should have died out, and thus this continues to corrupt the general gene pool and result's in not only increasing occurrences of genetic disorders but further mutations in future generations.

6. Designer Babies - The Elite's Genetic Advantage- The elite will continue to seek competitive advantage against one another, and genetic engineering offers them the opportunity to go far beyond that which the likes of buying the best schooling has thus far achieved by engineering advantageous characteristics in their off springs.

Already babies can be designed by sex, eye and hair colour. With many more traits to be added over the coming years such as height, and the most desired that for an increase in intelligence, children who on reaching adulthood will then go on to seek prospective partners with optimum genetic characteristics, whose offspring will further be enhanced by the latest genetic technology which will result within a relatively short space of time in the emergence of several elitist human species that will be far more capable in ability to rule over the mass of docile humans.

7. Genetic Slavery - Today's slavery in the west takes the form of controlling most of the population by means of debt and wage slavery. In the future slavery will be based on what is written in our genes. What you can become in your life will be limited by what is contained within your genetic code, in which respect most humans will be resigned to remain as low paid wage slaves as a consequence of an analysis of their DNA as they will be deemed to be less worthy of long-term investment in terms of education and professional development by profit motivated corporations. The separation on the basis of genetic codes can only intensify as the cost for genetic engineering falls so will many parents seek to enhance their children with a view to better being able to compete against a growing population of genetically altered humans that will increasingly be making unaltered humans obsolete, a genetic slave under class.

8. Military Genetic Arms Race - The military is nearly always first to make use of new technologies the truth of which we only tend to discover many decades after the event. Thus the world's militaries are probably already meddling with genetic engineering towards creating military advantage that will amount to a new genetic arms race between nations that will ultimately result in several new killer species unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Therefore, Humanity looks set to experience an imminent emergence of many multiple species of humans, where in the not so distant future people will not be able to imagine a world where there only existed one species of human.

Going Beyond Being Human (Homo)

Whilst humans may be biologically de-evolving as a consequence of technological and environmental influences suspending natural selection, however, another consequence of ongoing technological advancement is for humanity being at the very beginnings of a process that could within 200 years rather than hundreds of thousands of years, result in a population that whilst labeling itself as being human however in reality will no longer be human.

That trend is one of technological augmentation to enhance every aspect of human biology, that will result in hyper natural selection, as the most advantageous human characteristics will be enhanced at a pace that is many thousands of times that natural selection could have achieved, such as the use of cyber technology to replace limbs and internal organs and nano-technology to replace and enhance the neural pathways of the brain.

We are already enhanced by technologies such as computers and mobile phones that act as extensions of ourselves, therefore it won't be many years before these technologies integrate directly with our nervous systems and migrate to within our bodies to take over many aspects of processing, communications and memory storage, thus allowing humans to function far beyond that which natural selection has delivered as coded in our genes.

Ultimately this will mean that at some point in time the distance between man and machine will become blurred as we will have dispensed with much of that which is biological in favour of technologically far more superior alternatives and thus effectively no longer be human, especially as our genetic codes will have been altered to make such transformations from birth far easier to incorporate, i.e. many of us will have become genetically altered / designed to only be able to survive as man-machines.

The question posed by such a future is how will these man-machines perceive non augmented humans? Will man-machines treat wholly biological humans as equals or as we treat the likes of the Great Apes today, to keep small populations of in Zoo's and on reserves for entertainment and research purposes.

Therefore in terms of attempting to capitalise on humanities' mega-trend's, then the focus should be on investing in companies in sectors that are at the cutting edge of genetic engineering, augmentation and artificial intelligence, many aspects of which I covered at length in my articles and my last stocks ebook Stocks Stealth Bull Market 2013 and Beyond (Free Download)

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