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Speculators are Evil According to EU and Devila Merkel

Politics / Government Intervention May 19, 2010 - 04:49 AM GMT

By: Brian_M_Thiesen

Politics Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleGod and Markets in general have officially conceted that political masterminds are smarter and better than them.

The easiest way to “help” markets is to ignore any and all signals and just go with your gut being the experienced trader you are. Angela I am proud to donate my entire portfolio to you, I consider Germans pretty smart so if they are willing to do it why wouldn’t I be?

Most traders have racked up considerable gains betting against technicals and what the market is saying.

Some of the best techniques known to all good traders are:
  1. Doubling down
  2. Adding to losing postions
  3. Holding any and all losing positions
  4. Having both EGO and EMOTION as your guide in all trades
  5.  Never make a plan just see what happens and make it up as you go
  6. Create a system and never follow it, having a prethought of rational guide only causes problems

There could be others but in my young trading life I don’t know them all. I wish I had the oportunity to learn from any one of the geniuses the politicians have learned from. I wish I could just dive into one of those dark pools and suck up money!!!

But all jokes aside, does anyone know of any one politician that has ever been a successful trader?

When successful traders fall into a very small fraction of total traders, and usually if they are they do not “quit” to be full time politicians, unless of course they realize the gravy train has a totally different and better system on another track. A track that there is always someone else to blame for your losses and most importantly always someone to pay for them !!! (with interest)

Wouldn’t it be wise for maybe one second to know what even one decent trader thinks some type of law may do to a merket before implementing it?

Wouldn’t it be wise to find one human on the planet who could without backtracking and messing up more than 10 times explain what a CD Swap is?

Wouldn’t it be wise for us to see maybe the decision makers portfolio being somehwere in the green column by even a fraction of a %  ?

Instead we have geniuses who make statements like this !!!!

 “In some ways, it’s a battle of the politicians against the markets” and “I’m determined to win,” Merkel said May 6. “The speculators are our adversaries.”

YES READ THIS A FEW TIMES, this statement alone is the key to our future folks, the people in highest office have egos bigger than the market (or so they think) THIS IS NOT SPELLED G-O-D


I don’t even know if I can fathom what this statement means but will try.

Imagine someone being handed a Multi-Trillion dollar trading account with virtually zero experience to anyones knowledge, walking in thinking they are above the market?

Also imagine that this person and the ones before them and so on and so on nearly %100 of the time have been %100 wrong on all moves forecasts, SPECULATIONS  etc.?

Now imagine this same person wanted to trade for you part time… I highly doubt you would give them full reign and let them start placing all-in bets in games they don’t understand and never will would you?

Well it appears Germans now have absolutely no problem with this, and surely they, when this fails, can be expected to pay the necessary taxes for this gambler to have at least a few mor go’s at it. Or if not her one just like her cloned or otherwise.

Of course the USA did this in ’08 with fantastic results of which humanity is far better from.

Effectively MERKET is saying she is above all things, most notably speculators which by my last check are humans. Humans by their nature and in abiding with the laws of economics let alone the universe ARE ALL SPECUALTORS. Nearly every move we make is by %100 pure speculation.

However lets take a small look at how this applies to this forum.

If we are to ban naked short selling… why aren’t we banning fully clothed long buying? How about all futures contracts? Any and all options? Any Mortgages? (FRENCH FOR DEATH PLEDGE BY THE WAY) Car loans? Student loans?..... on and on.

We should just outright ban markets altogether and let MERKET decide what should happen in every decision we make

(I’ll let all you NWO’ers go where you want and truthfully you’d not be far off)

Let’s ban anyone from buying a share in any company in the hope it rises (SPECUALATION)

No one should be allowed to buy gold in the hope or even thought it will be of some benefit via a rise (SPECULATION)

Surely the most foolish thing we could do is have anyone in Germany or otherwise become an “adversary” of the government, or just Merkel, and borrow money to buy a house in the hope it may rise (SPECULATORS) Or allow banks lend this money in the hope it will be paid back at a profit via interest on the DEATH PLEDGE.

I don’t like to create to many enemies so I think I will invite this mastermind over to my house for the rest of my life and she can make any and all decisions for me, for how could I ever do anything right?

Maybe we should just clone Merkel and eliminate the rest of us and the world would be better? I’d ask god but she is to busy trading German FUTURES  or GERMANY’S FUTURE right now…. SPECULATING THAT BANNING SHORT SALES ON THOSE MOST USEFUL BANKS WILL SOLVE GERMANY’s Problems.

But of course her SPECULATION is in no way ADVERSARIAL but in fact the hand of god itself. Of course we saw how effective god’s hand was during lehman when those nasty humans weren’t allowed to be in the market….. MERKET  !!!

Maybe we should turn to computers and have a flash crash every other week? Or the computers should operate the humans? Or we should eliminate all bears polar or bipolar or otherwise from the planet. Maybe we should get rid of bulls for if they were out of the way the market couldn’t go higher therefor it couldn’t fall so far either right?

I don’t think we can really fully grasp what this means for someone in this kind of position to make such a law

This means citizens have FREEDOM except of course if they do something the godverment doesn’t like.

And of course we should be allowed to be adversaries (via naked shorting) against those useless grocery stores, retailers, auto companies… you know the people who really provide mankind with nothing. But not against those god king banksters who have so helped the world.

Why should we be able to manipulate the markets one way or another when we have perfectly experienced bankers who have been doing for hundreds of years doing it for us and with great track records?

Essentially as well it seems SPECULATOR in this case means MANIPULATOR, anyone reading this right now surely sees the irony of such words.

Basically saying:

“Only manipulators should be allowed to speculate but speculators that are not experienced cannot manipulate certain things determined at this time not to be speculated upon until a time when the manipulators have speculated is a proper to time for speculation at which time those deemed worthy enough to manipulate can speculate on whether or not manipulation will be allowed at a later time. Any speculation of which will be closely monitored by the appropriate manipulators and subject to review or cancellation without warning by the appropriate manipulators or non-adversarial speculators”



Essentially it seems in this very statement that the Powers that be want to eliminate markets altogether. But if we dig further we will see that humans do as well.

As she is an aspect of the larger machine (unless of course she is god) it should be seen in quantum eyes that we are tired of this mess and tired of the market (at least in the way it is today)

This should be a sign to all that really big things are coming and I doubt very much they will work out to what most would call good (ever and constantly increasing asset prices) unless of course we are in some type of massive inflation. I cannot recall, which is a very sad sad thing when at any time a politician has made a “good” decision, and what is more sad about this statement is that we decide to let them decide.

This type of behaviour causes much fear as can be seen by the irrational decisions being put forth. Which in a sense means the collective is now very afraid.

Fear and panic always result in bad decisions and big time selling which I think is on the way. Will I pick the day or what wave we are in or this or that? No… because only god or Merkel know that.

I also believe in the near or slightly distant future inflation if it comes will not be caused by money supply (which despite all the printing is not going anywhere and being dumped into ever growing black holes)

But by supply line break downs and the inability to get A to B where all those adversaries need it hence what is there will become valuable.

Of course this is specualtion and surely soon enough I should cuff myself and put myself in jail.

This is not to say this is the end just to say with monkeys like this in charge of the casino it is doubtful the house will win and will likely collapse before then, and maybe we will get what we want a free market with no speculators long or short clothed or not afterall it seems we are scared of the market itself and in such a case why operate in fear.

Humans it seems in this age will disposing of those things that are untruthful, which involves markets, churches etc. as we I hope can see right now.

These will be exposed like no other and rather than turning to God-wannabe priests or politicians I hope we turn inward to see we didn’t need to make such a mess but rather we did because the mess was inside us and we relied on monkeys to clean it up.

If we all took care of our own house instead of letting someone else do it things would be much better. Now the reality of our laziness is this troublesome time ahead, and troublesome it will be.

Let us hope we can learn from our mistakes….. and get rid of these Gods we call politicians and see them for what they are SPECULATORS of another kind to try and do whatever to get you to think them god and they will spend every dime you have or manipulate you in any way to get your vote.

My vote is on you and I.

“Evil is the root of all evil”  - speculator

Brian Thiesen- The Guy who is praying to “merkel” this all works out and is wondering who the hell DEVILA MERKEL is praying to !!!

Brian M. Thiesen

Authour “Time Filter,” “Egolution”

Guy who believes the system is the exact mirror of the real machine that claims it is in control up until the point it goes “wrong” then blames the other furthering its ability to be a victim in a system that is “truly” without. A true system that overrides the market although most would believe this impossible and it is they who care only for their ends and they who are so much like those they despise.

© 2010 Copyright  Brian M. Thiesen - All Rights Reserved Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

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