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Proposed Solution(s) to Gulf BP Oil Spill

Politics / Environmental Issues May 31, 2010 - 05:50 AM GMT

By: Dr_Stephen_Rinehart


Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleDr Stephen A Rinehart writes: Background: The following comments are based in part on my 45+ years experience in structural dynamics/mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech and extensive design/project management experience including offshore oil platforms, oil pipelines, conventional/nuclear DOD weapons effects and combat weapons designs, and environmental fate and transport of chemical/oil plumes.

The following is the proposed technical and governmental approached(s) to immediately addressing the Gulf Oil Spill since BP cannot stop the well with a “Top Kill” approach by forcing mud and cement into the well to stop the flow. The secondary tap directly into the underground (beneath the sea floor) pipe-casing that is directing the high pressure oil and gas from the reservoir into the damaged BP (Blow-Out) Preventer to redirect the oil into a new pipe casing could be used to install an explosive (i.e. nuclear charge at 18000 ft – technique claimed by Matt Simmons to have been used by the Russians to stop massive underwater oil well blowouts) to break the high pressure pipeline feeding the oil and gas to the surface since the BP “Top Kill” does not work.

Matt Simmons (Who wrote the 2005 book on oil called “Twilight In The Desert” and Chairman Emeritus of Houston based Simmons & Company) is saying there is a strong possibility based on the results of an underwater vehicle commissioned by NOAA that the main wellhead is five to seven miles from the current BOP which was probably pulled off the wellhead by the sinking of the drilling Rig. It is estimated that the real wellhead is discharging in excess of 120,000 bbls of oil per day. BP should have filed an environmental impact statement with MMS which supposedly shows that even of a wellhead blow-out of 165,000 bbls per day should not show any oil reaching the Louisiana coastline.

A large underwater plume (22 miles long?) has been found 75 miles west (!?) of the current BOP location. This would be consistent that the wellhead is the primary source of a massive oil well blowout and somebody in this Government must know this information. It would not have been economical for BP to develop this well unless the flow exceeded 60,000 bbls per day. Matt Simmons is saying this second fissure is releasing an oil plume the size of Delaware and Maryland combined.

New video suggest additional fracturing of the seabed floor may have occurred (resulting in new gas/oil vents forming outside the area of the BOP on the sea floor (Video seen on Sunday night of May 23, 2010 of some type of explosion event near the robotic cam). If new vent (approx 12-inch in diameter) has formed perhaps none of the current approaches by BP are going to work including junk shots or heavy mud operations (called “Top Kill”). It is no longer clear that due to the fractured nature of this reservoir near the seabed surface that anything can any longer completely stop the oil and gas flows in the next six months.

A. Immediately Reduce the High Pressure Oil and Gas Flow from the Reservoir into the Gulf (Detonate either large conventional or small nuclear device deep down-hole against the real location of the massive oil leak.

BP needs to be told to get out immediately and the US Government needs to take over the entire operation with US military. The US Navy needs to contact the Russian experts to draw up contingency plans to detonate a small nuclear device within the reservoir to stop this massive leak. The US Navy needs to locate the real source of the massive oil leak – start checking five to seven miles west of current BOP location. Experts at Sandia Labs can support this effort with nuclear blast codes given BP’s data on the reservoir.

After BP drills the deep secondary hole(s) to the undersea pipeline (and if BP is unsuccessful in tapping into the old pipe with a secondary pipeline) then either a conventional C4 (plastic explosive package) or small nuclear weapon should be deployed down-hole against the underground pipe (as far under he seabed as possible) to stop the high pressure oil/gas flow – we are out of alternatives. The Navy has the prerequisite personnel trained in setting the charges. The proposed explosive charge is large enough to blow the high pressure oil line pipe apart locally without causing further major fracturing of the reservoir relieving most of the high pressure into the current (damaged) Blowout Preventer. We routinely tested these size charges against various steel plates at the Explosive Test Range at Tyndall AFB, FL and they are very effective in fracturing steel. It may also be possible to use thermite charges to cut right thru the steel pipeline that is beneath the sea bed.

Additional fracturing of the reservoir maybe necessary to relieve wellhead pressures by horizontal drilling of the reservoir but this would require 3-D seismic surveys (and super computer model of reservoir) to suggest the best technical approach as well as Navy underwater demolition experts. A significant number of drilling rigs may be needed to be mobilized right now to start drilling into this reservoir to relieve the pressure. This requires an expert panel of drilling experts (contact API – American Petroleum Institute) as well as experts from oil companies to immediately develop a 3-D model of the reservoir which has been drilled by BP using BP’s proprietary data and any other well log data. This model needs to be transmitted to Sandia Labs to estimate effect of the detonation of small nuclear weapon.

This is no longer a question of whether BP (or any oil company) is going to recover any oil from this reservoir. The massive oil and gas flows must be immediately reduced or totally mitigated immediately

B. Massive Mobilization and Immediate Mitigation of Gulf Oil Spill by Fleet of Super Tankers with Massive Oil/Water Separators Installed to Sweep/Separate Oil Spill (contact Aramco Experts) – Prime Approach

It is suggested a group of experts be assembled (contact former CEO of Shell Oil Company (Mr John Hoffmeister) as a consultant), who has suggested this approach which was used by Saudi Aramco to clean a massive oil spill (not reported in the media) years ago. The technology exists for large oily water separators and the super fleet of oil tankers needs to be immediately mobilized from worldwide resources with the proper equipments installed to start cleaning the Gulf of Mexico. This requires the immediate authorization of Congress of probably $100 Billion to immediately procure the fleet of super tankers and ancillary equipment and start the clean-up. It requires massive logistical planning and execution which should be outside the immediate scope of FEMA and Homeland Security and report directly to/funded by the perquisite Congressional Committee.

The immediate need is now beyond urgent. This Government is way behind the clean-up/mitigation curve with its underwhelming response and recognition of how huge this spill has become and the extensive damage that is going to occur for decades to come to the coastlines of the US. Mobilizing a “fleet of shrimp boats” and burning some pools of oil for the media to see by BP is a pathetic approach to the magnitude of the crisis which is unfolding and totally unacceptable to the American Public. The flow out of this well may well exceed 20,000 barrels per day (and 70% maybe underwater in plumes). In fact, estimates by some college professors suggest this flow could be in excess of 50,000 barrels of oil per day.

C. Massive Tracking of Underwater Gas/Oil Plumes by Navy Submarines and Reporting of Location of All Underwater Plumes to Appropriate State Environmental Authorities.

Due to the depth of this blown-out well and the fact that large amount of methane gas is escaping (which can cause 3000 times the damage of the oil spill in depleting oxygen layers in the Gulf) into plumes (one reported ten miles long and three miles wide), these large underwater plumes can travel great distance before slowly rising to the surface as they approach closer to the shorelines. It has been reported that there are literally hundreds of these oily/gas plumes which will begin to surface as “suddenly large oil slicks” coming towards or coastlines (probably first visible near/outside the Florida Keys) as the water becomes more shallow. This migration of hundreds of these large underwater plumes is probably the primary reason that “oil slicks are getting into the Loop Current”. We are way beyond that point right now.

The Navy Sonar can track these underwater plumes and report locations. Where is the data and why hasn’t any civil authorities been notified? Where is the funding to address these large oil slicks coming ashore? This is where a fleet of barges/super tankers needs to be immediately deployed as to the expected locations of these oil slicks as they start appearing on the surface.


  1. Immediate recognition by Congress that this is a “National Emergency” on the scale of a nuclear weapon attack on the US and funding an appropriate “super response” – now! This spill is already totally destroying the Gulf of Mexico as we know it. It requires the formation of a “Super Governmental/Industry Tiger Team” to address and implement both the detonation of a nuclear weapon as well as the mitigation and clean-up of this spill by a fleet of Super Tankers with oily water separators totally outside of any response by BP to date. This problem has totally overwhelmed the limited responses of an oil company such as BP. BP should be totally removed from the scene the responsibility for clean-up belongs with the US Government in making a “WWII-Type Mobilization Response”. This may include mobilizing a fleet of barges being placed as the first “ring of defense” around main well area (perimeter may have to miles in length right now) followed by a fleet of super tankers to start storing/transporting oil and discharge permits granted to discharge the water. Somebody (appointed by Congress) needs to be in charge of the entire response with billions of funding in-place right now to start cutting purchase orders (there is not time for the usual Government Bid System to be effective in a timely manner) for a fleet of tankers and it is not BP.
  2. Mobilize a Super Tanker Fleet to start sucking up the large underwater oil plumes located at 3000 to 4000 feet under the sea. These plumes can be easily located by US Navy Sonar. Immediately find the real well head location – compare known GPS locations of where the Drilling Rig should have been drilling to the current GPS location of the BOP.
  3. Monitoring what BP is doing is useless at this point as an appropriate Government response and shows a complete lack of understanding from a systems engineering viewpoint of the magnitude of the crisis. The Red Flag in this crisis is going to be that “BP has delayed the heavy mud attempt to seal the well” or at the “Top Kill” will not work and the follow-up “junk shot did not work because this is probably a red herring and not the real location or cause of the massive oil spill.
  4. Immediately remove all Mines Mgmt personnel in Louisiana associated with any Gulf Coast platform reviews until and independent audits can be conducted of the all technical decisions and drilling permits issued in the past five years. Revoke all drilling permits issued by this office in past 24 months.
  5. BP has totally misrepresented the real nature of this oil spill to Congress. It is possible that the real wellhead outflow is 120,000+ bbls per day and located miles from the BOP location. Congress should immediately send the US Navy to locate the real wellhead location.
  6. The use of Corexit 9500 maybe 4X more toxic than oil. It could also be 10X to 20X more poisonous than other dispersants. It could undergo a phase transition to a gaseous state in the warm Gulf waters and result in some type of “toxic rain clouds” over the East Coast. The US Army developed the “best performing” absorbent by the US Corps of Engineers called Oil Sponge (a name trademarked by a company called Phase III and is 100% organic) and is made from renewable resources and there are other much safer dispersants. Oil Sponge is built using a microbial and nutrient package, capable of transforming oil hydrocarbons into a safe bi-product of carbon dioxide and water. There is also AmeriHaz Petroleum Solidifier that encapsulates environmental contaminants making crude oil and other oil like substances easy to retrieve. Both of these products have been ignored by BP and the Government in the clean-up of this fiasco. Why? Has BP trying to hide the magnitude of the spill – absolutely! Contact your Congressman immediately as to why BP has refused to stop the use of this dispersant! It is your grandkids lives that may depend on it.
  7. The enormous amounts of natural gas being injected underwater in the Gulf of Mexico from this blow-out contain the carcinogen benzene which is water soluble. It is classified by EPA as a carcinogen at levels of 1 ppm. Is anyone now testing the Gulf waters for benzene levels? Any oil clean-up personnel need to be wearing Hazmat suits. If the water or beach sand smells oily then they may be exposed to benzene levels 20X in excess of safe standards. Nobody needs to be sticking there finger into some oily product on the beaches. There are probably more than 52000 bbls per day of natural gas being released into the Gulf of Mexico which will cause a huge oxygen depletion zone and possible massive fish and shrimp kills.
  8. Dr Steven Wereley, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, has testified before the House Energy and Environmental Committee that 95,000 barrels of oil are currently leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. BP would not have economically spudded this well unless it was flowing in excess of 65,000 barrels per day (and the real answer is closer to 120,000 barrels per day (50X times worse than BP/US Government stated at the outset).
  9. The Obama Administration needs to release EPA data on air quality at/near spill sites (both onshore and at the spill site). It is the responsibility of the Obama Administration to require workers to wear respirators. It is dangerous to go near large oil spills which have been sprayed with solvents like Corexit 9500 which the Natural Science Dept of Russia has stated is 4X more toxic than oil itself!? Tell your Congressman you wish to see data on air and water quality on daily basis.
  10. According to data from the University of South Florida, the massive oil spill has now entered the Atlantic Loop Current (starting to make its turn around the Southern tip of Florida and towards Miami) and maybe heading up the East Coast. I would expect large plumes of oil may start appearing in spots across the Panhandle and Florida beaches in next 30 to 45 days as these oil plumes gradually rise to the surface (one said to be over 22 miles long and 800+ feet deep!?!).

Bottom Line: We are looking at the worse environmental disaster in human history and it continues to grow and the US Government has failed totally in responding to this epic crisis because of BP and Big Oil political clout and money.

The light end of the oil will be absorbed into the atmospheric system and come down as a toxic chemical bath at some point in the future. Remember that 70% of the oil and natural gas is underwater and chemically destroying the Eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone needs to contact their Congressman about mobilizing the National Guard for clean-up and start monitoring water and air quality. We need to get Congress to budget for a fleet of super tankers to start skimmers and remove BP totally from the scene. The US Navy needs to be mobilized to start identifying underwater oil plumes as well as all marine research organizations along the East Coast. The environmental impacts are almost incalculable at this point and everyone on the East Coast is going to be impacted in some manner in next ten years. Do not go near beaches where oil spills are occurring and do not touch any spilled oil with your bare hands. Wear a respirator if involved in any beach clean-up and make sure the benzene levels have been tested in all drinking and bath water.

The US Government needs to take total control with US Navy and mobilize a massive fleet of barges and super tankers with skimmers to start clean-up. We are going to need hundreds of miles of additional rubber boom and another 50,000 to 100,000 people in clean-up.

Everybody in Congress needs to be asking some very hard questions about what is really going on and find out why they have been massively misled on the real magnitude of this oil spill. We need to make sure we know the real source of the wellhead now.

In the end as much as we hate to – we may have to opt for using a “down-hole” nuclear weapon. If the relief well being drilled (not completed until August) does not stop this oil well blow-out expect a tactical nuclear option to be seriously considered in next 90 days. You may hear it is disguised as an “earthquake” some day in the Gulf of Mexico. This option needs to be structured for an immediate Congressional decision to stop the massive wellhead blow-out. You need to know the sub-sea salt topology in detail before exercising such an option.

By: Dr Stephen A Rinehart

© 2010 Copyright Stephen A Rinehart   - All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: The above is a matter of opinion provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilising methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisors.

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E. Rens
31 May 10, 19:16
BP Oil Spill

If the injection of heavy drilling mud (2.5 g/cc)were to be replaced with metallic liquid mercury (13.5 g/cc) and the mercury was able to 'sink' into the rising oil in the 18" casing pipe below the BOP then the problem would be solved I believe. This is of course dependent upon the upward velocity/volume of flow which is of course not publicly known.

A 1000 foot column of 102,000 kgs would be required to fill the lower 7" tapered casing at the bottom of the hole. The cost would run @$3 million. The pressure of the mercury (6,000 PSI) plus the overlying oil and water would add up to 13,000 PSI which is equal to original reservoir pressure.

Elemental mercury is not as toxic as people believe, it's actually in most people mouths as dental amalgam.

gerhard schmidt
31 May 10, 19:18
oil leak solution suggestion

use a hydraulic press to flatten the pipe ,or a sleeve with a guillotine type blade at the outlet end.the sleeve could wrap the pipe like a claw closing under hydraulic power and once fastened to the pipe the guillotine could close as a shut off valve.I hope that this may be a little food for thought.Gerhard Schmidt NZ. good luck this has a planetary effect on all of us.

Octavio Chirinos Segura
01 Jun 10, 18:09

I suggest try to introduce a device with a large amount of styrofone deep inside and blow it.

Claude Allard
01 Jun 10, 20:26

Why not try to insert some kind of an umbrella inside the pipe. As soon as it starts to open the pressure should help close the pipe. After just fill the pipe with some kind of ciment

mohammad seyfabadi
02 Jun 10, 02:31
proposed solution

I am an iranian experimental mechanic. I made a machine to stop spilling oil from underwater plums and also i have found a way to accumulate the oil from the surface of sea. i don't know how can i propose my plan. this was the only place that i could type a letter for my plan. if there is any interest in my plan, please send me a letter to above e-mail address.


Ken Doran
02 Jun 10, 12:25
spill proposed solution

lower a hose with three or four inflatable bladders on the outside of the hose, and insert it into the broken line and then inflate the bladders to seal and hold the hose inside of the pipe. With the hose held in this fashion the bp crew could pump the oil off in a controlled manner.

02 Jun 10, 16:52
solution to oil spills

what you have to do it is to create a bubble with a hole in the midle for the pipe to suck it up. you would need a few submarine to attache it on the bottom of the sea but we have some army people use them because you need arms. the oil would fill the bubbble so you can pump it up thank you please let me know yours truly dominique dupont

James Dickie
02 Jun 10, 19:12
proposed solution to oil spills

I dont know the force of the oil coming out? but could you not place a plug ,like the rubber plug used in a boat. Insert it in the hole and start tightening the scew to make the rubber expand till the leak has subsided. This would do untill measures for capturing the oil can be achieved. thanks I know its a little crazy but hey,Thanks

T. Anthony Michael
02 Jun 10, 19:50
International Oil Spill Contingency Plan & Conference
To Whom It May Concern: Dr. Thomas B. Manton, the ex-CEO/President of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation, is arriving in Tallahassee from Washington, DC today to conduct a news conference. He has been participating in meetings at the highest level in an effort to coordinate a worldwide effort to put into place a contingency plan to cap the Deep Horizon wellhead. If BP is not successful with their latest attempt, he will establish a global administrative headquarters in Tallahassee to continue to coordinate this international effort. This parallel initiative has been ongoing for many days and has already brought together the most able and experienced professionals in the industry. By all accounts from industry insiders, this may simply be too big for BP to handle alone. There are many resources available, as well as various corporate, scientific and academic organizations with skill sets, knowledge bases, experience, technology and equipment which BP has not accessed. Had these brain trusts been involved from the start, BP would have never wasted time by lowering the 1st containment dome where hydrates were guaranteed to freeze. There is no more room for failure, given the current estimated flow rate of 70,000 barrels oil per day into the Gulf. In that the location of this gushing well is in the Central Planning Area southeast of NOLA, Gulfport, MS is being considered as the land-based staging area for the operational side of this endeavor. We are coordinating with many institutions along the North Gulf coast to facilitate the engineering, manufacturing and logistical support necessary to complete this project in an expeditious manner. The point is, if you have received this email, please forward to any group, company, NGO, private foundation or governmental agency that can substantively contribute their expertise/experience to this evolving think tank. We will continue to keep everyone informed based on the success or failure of the BP's current attempt to seal the well. In the meantime feel free to email any proposals or recommendations related to capping this well to: Oil Spill Solution <>

02 Jun 10, 21:23

Why not just fill the tube with tons of Salt to create an aquivalent pressure from above? It will disappear due to the water after some days and meandwhile they can fix the whole.

John Henry
03 Jun 10, 15:41

Push all the BP execs who were responsible for the corner-cutting down into the hole. Their inflated egos should help stop the leak and give time to seal if off with cement (with execs inside, of course).

04 Jun 10, 04:15
Oil Spill, please kill us, it's agony.

If I or anyone I know were responsble for the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico that now exists we would have been hunted down and locked up forever,and quite rightly. It's beyond a question of money. Money cannot fix it. The whole area has been poisioned and millions of sea creatures are now doomed to die in agony.

Anyone bothered about what BPs share price does should try and imagine the plight of a sea mammal swimming through oily gunk with no escape, while their vital organs slowly fail. Have a profitable day y'all.

S. Deas
04 Jun 10, 10:04
Foley catheter

Try something similar to a Foley catheter (a urinary catheter used in treatment of enlarged prostate) to attack the problem from inside the pipe instead of outside. Roughly it would consist of an appropriately sized pipe with an inflatable collar at or near the pipe-end which would be inserted into the problem pipe. (The Foley catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder, then the ball, or collar, is inflated with water to prevent the catheter from being pushed out. In BP's case, the pipe with the collar would carry the oil up after the inflated collar sealed the leak. Inflation might have to be done with something that won't freeze, instead of water.)

Good luck,

S. Deas

Dr. Raymond ray D.Sc
05 Jun 10, 08:59
Stoping oil leak

30 years working with oil and natural gas plant engineering I see this Oil leak I not a simple matter to cap as it is deep under water and were the pressure is so high. The oil coming out with a pressure and whatever we will try to do will fail. There are 2 possibilities I can see. First of all we must reduce the pressure. To do so a Victaulic coupling may do if only we have at list 6” straight pipe both side of the damage. If it can be done then the pressure will come down and may be then poured special concert in large volume on it. Second choice will be using same method as we did in Kuwait after Sedum Hosen blow up the oil field. It may be risky. The process will be cut the pipe straight just below the damaged part. Again we need at list 6” straight pipe here. Then use a 3000 Pound gate valve. Slowly insert the valve when the valve is open so pressure will not push the valve out. Use bolt to attach the valve with the pipe. Now slowly close the Gate valve. This will shut the flow of oil and in future we can attach another pipe on the other side of the valve and continue oil extraction. I shall be happy to talk to the BP engineers about it if I can be any help to them.

Steve Archie
05 Jun 10, 11:24
Stopping the flow.

There is a flange just above the blowout preventor where the riser was attached. Why not remove the bolts and flange and bolt on a gate valve in the open position that can be closed once it is bolted in place?

Bedford F. Carter
06 Jun 10, 14:29
I have a solution to stop the oil spill

Determine the exact inside dimension of the casing. Attach to a drill a series of cone shaped corks stepped up in size

allowing the high pressure to flow around the first,secound,third etc. corks until the last set of corks are exactly the same size in dimension as the inside diameter as the casing. Detach the drill leaving it in place. Place a split cap around drill shaft and secure with under-water weld.

06 Jun 10, 22:59

I am really shocked,the very same people who were howling for blood due to damage to the environment and et al. a couple of years back now seem to have shifted their positions on environment. Had it been any other country it would have been a circus in the US and International media. Now I understand why americans are not capable of trust as they do not have double standards but NO STANDARDS at all. Its COWBOY WEST SCENARIO in the end despite all the Jeffersons, Lincolns, Roosevelts and other founding fathers.


brian maxwell
07 Jun 10, 02:46
how to stop the leak

come on bp and there xperts its a round pipe i understand the deepth at what your working makes all repairs dificult but how hard can it be to make a spilt clamp on y fitting with stop valves on each outlet attach suction hoses to the stopvalves in open position. move each half of the y clampon fitting into close placement near the now choped off pipe start the suction and place each halfin from either side around the pipe and bolt together weld inplace if needed then turn the tapes off happy to help if wanted. do you not know what size the pipe is bp?

i have other ways to fix as well but this is probably the best solution thanks brian

Dr Stephen A Rinehart
07 Jun 10, 23:52
reports of oil seeping up from the seabed

These are from a close source (cannot confirm yet). If true, could world stock markets crash soon?! I am not the one who talked to Matt Simmons - the source talked to Matt Simmons. Interesting is Sen Nelson mentioned on National TV that there are "reports of oil seeping up from the seabed and if true may mean the relief well amy not work unless you can plug at the bottom because all the casing is damaged".

Talked to Matt Simmons today. He had just appeared on the MSNBC Dylan Ratigan show where he told a similar tale. Here’s his story:

There are not cracks in the sea floor. The Thomas Jefferson, deployed from Woods Hole, will end up finding an open hole where the well and casing used to be, some miles away from where BP is working. It is putting out 100,000 to 150,000 bpd.

The explosion blew the Blowout Preventer off and left the riser on the sea floor. The recovery effort is just coming from the riser. The gas plumes you see in the videos are only 3 to 4 feet high. That’s not the main oil source.

The claims of 11,000 bpd recovery is just lies.

We don’t know where the BOP is. That’s just the riser you’re seeing.

The well must have blown at 50,000 psi.

When they find the oil well, it will be without any casing. All the casing blew out of the well. This is common occurrence. It was a bad cementing job. That is why relief wells cannot possibly work.

The Soviets put their bombs down the open hole (not true, of course). The Navy needs to come in with a device that can force a 7” A-bomb 18,000 feet down the well and detonate it.

You have to stop the gusher. It may cover 40% of the Gulf of Mexico 400 to 500 feet thick.

We should be deploying tankers to suck up the oil from the bottom.

Oil men have agreements with BP so they don’t talk. Many oil service companies are under confidentiality agreements with BP, so they can’t talk.

Oil pollution in the intake water will cause Gulf oil refineries to shut down. it takes 3 gallons of water for every gallon of gasoline produced. If they can’t get clean intake water, they’ll have to shut down. The price of oil and gas will go up. We don’t have much refined gas on reserve.

For some reason Wall Street firms are still issuing buy orders on BP. Today there are 20 sell 20 buy, and no shorts.

Goldman Sachs probably wants to be BP’s bankruptcy adviser.

No comment,


Tom K. UK
15 Jun 10, 14:07
Some credit due

Other more disreputable companies would have sold their assets to a new company for $1 and issued share holders shares in the new company and left the Head Office and the daughter company responsible for the speculative but tragic escapade to go bankrupt. Containment of liabilites is always an issue.

michael huckman
15 Jun 10, 14:44
oil spill

how about creation of a 20foot diameter lead sphere lowered onto the wellhead with robotic guidance. must be a sphere, not a cube so that it settles into the sea floor. once this slows the flow, a second sphere or remote hammering device can cause it to settle further. to get the ball out there, it might have to be taken in quarters and assembled at sea.

Jerry Greelis
19 Jun 10, 08:09
Solution to stop it from reaching coastlines and wildlife

I can imagine you and all others involved in this oil spill are being constantly approached with products, ideas and procedures to solve this problem of controlling and resolving the situation. I have no product to sell, but I did create a product in 1993 that had features to absorb oil on water and then sink it to the bottom of my testing vessel. Subsequently, in 2008 when I move to Florida, I tossed all the remaining prototype products I had created believing they would never be of any use to me or anyone else. I however, did check the vessel containing the water, oil, and absorbent product to see if any oil leached from the product, none did - after 15 years the product was still holding the oil.

A couple of features makes this product quite attractive, first the cost is extremely low mainly because the major ingredient can be obtained free, just the transportation cost to the manufacturing facility. If the facility is close to a large metro area, even that may be free also. For oil on water, once the product absorbs the oil, both lose their buoyancy and thus sink to the bottom. The bond is quite tight, even after 15 years; even with agitation, I was unable to break the bond.

Application of the product to the oil spill is also a major benefit of the product, for a couple of reasons: 1) since it is so inexpensive, it can be applied to a wide area via dropping from aircraft on low passes over the spill area, even if it takes multiple passes to get it all; 2) it also can be blown over the spill area from a boat and thus obtain a greater concentration and absorbency on the first application.

Biggest deterrent we found was that oil companies cannot retrieve the oil, unless they want to vacuum the bottom of water area. Also, what environmental effects would this bonded oil have on the Gulf and Ocean floors? Both the oil and the product are biodegradable, eventually both will dissipate and disappear. Using the product on the Gulf has both plus and minus points, somewhere a decision would have to be made to either protect our shores by sinking it, or the environmental risks are too high to put the oil on the bottom.

One might wonder why we never went to market with the product, mainly financial and a series of events that wiped out the initial startup funds. We had the State of Nebraska willing to back a million dollars to setup a manufacturing facility and start production. Kansas pledged another million dollars after seeing the Nebraska facility up and running for a second operation in their state. I had an oil distributor willing to distribute the product in 17 western states. The Federal government mandated the GSA to purchase only biodegradable product versus non-biodegradable like product, and this product is entirely biodegradable.

So what is my purpose of this email? I am not capable to provide a product to anyone to try, or for an experiment. Should anyone have an interest, I am willing to assist them in getting the product created and on the oil to see if (in a real life crisis) it can assist in achieving control and keeping it away from our coastlines and wildlife.

Smith T (AU)
21 Jun 10, 13:29
BP has stressed it will not pay for plans submitted by people to cap the leak.

Local man pitches oil spill solution to BP

I have a plan to stop the oil spill also, but I'm bewildered by BP's response not to pay for plans submitted by people. Are they serious about finding solutions?.

The president needs to step in with its resources; find the best solution; fix the problem then bill BP for all present and future expenses.

We need an alternative body besides BP to pitch ideas...

Watson.GJ (NZ)
24 Jun 10, 05:25
Stop Leak for Dummies 101 (BP)

Some thing simple that even the cheapest available remote control sub could do. Deliver Liquid Nirtogen into or around leaking pipe, Oil freezes restricting its own flow till blocks completly corking it self. The bigger the freeze at this depth the bigger the ice blocker.

az myth
26 Jun 10, 08:08
how to fix it

What needs to be done is to cover the down end of the pipe1. And that’s easy and one doesn’t have to fight against any oil pressure coming out of the pipe1. BP should drill another hole large enough to drop (in the oil reservoir) a sphere with a diameter a bit larger than the diameter of the original pipe (the one that is damaged) = pipe1. The sphere (as light as possible, while also able to survive the pressure while in place) will obviously cover the down end of the pipe1 since everything from the oil bag is coming out through that down end. The sphere will try to come out too, but remember that the sphere’s diameter > pipe1 diameter.

There are plenty of materials a sphere (as described) can be built of. The more spheres are dropped in, the faster it’ll happen, probabilistically speaking. It’s so obvious, it’s simple high school physics. But what I’m talking about is 100% sure to work and save BP tens of billions of $$ and, by far more importantly, save the planet from the Black Holocaust …

NOTE that the sphere/s should be dropped below (and as close to the vertical axis of pipe1 as possible) the level of the down end of pipe1 for a faster Hollywood-style happy ending.

R T Baker
27 Jun 10, 07:58
Oil spill solution: tactical nuclear device

Consult the Russians for their guidance in detonating a nuclear device. That'll cut off the oil flow. The down side is that it may require radioanalytical monitoring in the region. The up side is that the radioactivity may be lower than the background radiation given off by coal generation plants. Best wishes.

K. Jarvis
27 Jun 10, 16:05
Oils spill solution

Hi I'm no expert or anything I just like to brainstorm problems.I was thinking wouldn't it work if we built a huge pyramid type structure over the broken pipe piece by piece by piece until it got to the depth that it could be caped with a pipe on the top to capture the oil?

Or try lowering a bigger piece of pipe over the broken one and have it slowly taper off until it got to the surface?

28 Jun 10, 11:14
oil leak fix

The easiest most cost effective way to stop this leak is to attach a Sea Sock/Sea Anchor type device to the riser or floor around the riser/leak. Basically just imagine a device that looks like a Indian tee-pee with a hole at the top for a suction hose. This is anchored either to the riser or sea floor (basically, if you imagine a triangle with a hole at the top and anchoring lines to the riser or Sea floor). The plume would be contained in the tee-pee/sock, and could then be suctioned to the surface. A solution such as this could be in place by the end of this week and stop ALL the leak.

Primary concerns would be making the device of a material suitable to withstand the pressures and avoid deteriorating from the oil and gas and associated chemicals. Hell make it out of KEVLAR!! Simple solution at a low cost that stops the leak in a week.

Douglas McHenry
30 Jun 10, 15:32
BP oil leak

I am a millwright for a most popular auto maker in America for the past 41 years. I have the solution for the leak. If there is a way I can show this solution to a team that can actually act on it, we could have the leak controlled before the summer is over and it won't cost nearly as much as what has been tried or previously suggested. Please contact me: 216-374-1958

01 Jul 10, 07:27
No Leak Solution

So many solutions but unfortunately none will work because you have not been told the real problem. The pipe isn't stable, it is broken beneath the surface or just erroded away thats why the top kill did not work and why they are drilling relief wells to intercept the main casing far below the surface. As well there seems to be oil coming out from numerous other locations.

I guess between Bush and Obama both pushing BP to drill regardless of safety concerns just so they could secure a quick large supply of oil and the Iran invasion plans could go forward was a mistake. Your government knew that an attack on Iran would cause a stoppage of oil transport through the straights of Hormuz for up to six months hence the pressure on BP. Seems its payback time for American Military adventurism.

01 Jul 10, 13:10
Herbs post

Hey Herb,

You drive a car right?

01 Jul 10, 14:18
Herb's post


No, I don't own a car, I live behind a rice paddy in Bali, and walk the 500 meters to the nearest road and then walk everwhere I go. Now even if I owned and drove a car how does that make a difference? Americans always want to kill the messanger, your fight isn't with me it is with the people that are destroying your country. When you wake up and figure out that your government blows over a trillion a year on bright new shiney bombs and missles and in order to keep the gravy train going they are forced to be at endless war, when you accept that then you will know who your fight is with.

For now as the Gulf of Mexico slowly dies, soon everyone connected with the fishing and tourism industry will be out of work. Remember it happened because your government in its zeal to fight another illegal, immoral war of aggression brought this mess upon you, you must look to Washington to have your fight not some Canadian commodities trader living in Indonesia.

ps I Hope like me, you were short crude today, keep your short positions, soon oil will be at 30 bucks!!!


louis a brue
05 Jul 10, 16:11
kill the oil well now- here is how

diffuse the flow spewing @ 12,000psi

prefab a steel form open top & open bottom 30 X 30 X 20 ft. high. lower & place over the 21" pipe and resting on the sea bottom.

Now using construction sling lower and drop into the open top of form scrap steel; cast iron ingots, engine blocks,steel columns short lengths cannon balls randomly placed this will create spaces that will diffuse the oil flow acting to relieve and scatter the oil and gas flow. When box is full of scrap fill voids and the form with concrete. you could continue and have a 3o x 30 another story nhigh. at some point you will kill it. plugged-killed end this thing.-

06 Jul 10, 07:06
Killing the leaks

I reckon its got to be the bomb, and better sooner than later. Detonate one real deep down. This will pulverise the rock stratas and they will then re-settle under the enormous pressure and seal all the leaks at once. Obviuously it is risky as it might cause a catastrophic leak, but if your looking for someone to push the button give me a call.

07 Jul 10, 11:36

Hello again Herb,

First and foremost, get a bike! Second, it's messenger. Third, with all of your endless wisdom, please tell me how you would create change in our Government (don't know why I capitalize it anymore). I do agree with one thing you said, and that is our Gov't is a mess. The problem is it's a broken mess with checks and balances in place not to keep citizens protected but actually to protect the cronies in Washington. From limiting oil company liability to $75 million (jeez), to a Medicare program that pays billions (yes billions) to fraudulent claimants (many of whom are not even from the US),to a popular vote that means nothing (because the electoral votes outweighs the popular vote - amazing isn't it?).

I feel the stimulus this country needed was a complete dismantling of the Gov't!! It's broke and that's what you do with something that's broken. It no longer in reality represents the people, it represents the politicians agendas ....period!

I will give you credit for being somewhere other than North America, as I feel this continent is in for a long and difficult road - anyway you look at it!

PS - you will never see oil at $30 again - mark my words!!!

Mohsen Kordi
15 Jul 10, 09:56
oil spill solutions

It seems they can't fix it again. The best solution is to drill a new 500 meters well beside this one and send down som TNT and finish it upp!

Rigards; Mohsen Kordi "3D Consruction" engineer from sweden

j. davidson
15 Jul 10, 17:43
oil clean up

why not hire some of mich laid of auto workers to come down and work on clean up we are at 13.9 percent unemployment we would jump at the chance to come and work for you. you could have a small army from here .

Sunflower Pipes
01 Aug 10, 12:52

The argument that allowed BP to drill in the gulf was that The Company would act in its own best interest according to its own profit motive. They then pointed out that they have some of the best scientists, engineers and oil rig experts in world, Therefore they would be able to drill safely at depths that far exceeded any than had been attempted before. This argument proved to be false. As a country we need responsible government regulation. Companies rise and fall and their only constant function is to make as much money as they can. By design companies have no responsibility to humanity, society , loyalty or the future any more than it serves its own interest. In order for this country to prosper in the future and pay off the national dept, we need to audit our relationship with every huge cooperation and make sure those relationships are responsible and fair.

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