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Spread of Islamophobia and the Upsurge of Ultra-Fascism to Contain and Counter Arabization and Islamization of the West

Politics / Social Issues Dec 18, 2015 - 04:43 PM GMT

By: Dr_R_M_Mathew


The World, especially the West is under the grip of Islamophobia consequent on the onslaught of the western culture, democratic values, open society and women empowerment by the new brand of Radicle Islam and above all Islamic Terror Attacks. Radical Islam or Islamism ultimately aims at Arabization, more specifically Primitive Arab Tribalization of the West and the Rest of the World.

Arabization and Islamization

There is an unprecedented inflow of the Muslim migrants and refugees from the Arab or African or Asian countries to the West for the liberal policies of the corrupt politicians and ruling political parties bribed by the Arab Muslim Billionaires who want to fill the west with the Arab or African Muslims. Both Christianity and Secularism become ineffective in counter this trend. This has aggravated the sense of fear of the common people, especially the youth and women in the west that provokes the widespread growth of Ultra-Fascism to counter and contain the massive and systematic Arabization and Islamization of their culture by the growing Muslim population capable of swallowing the Western Democracy.

Donald Trump is Not a Lone Voice

Though being attacked from many corners, especially the Muslims, costing his business in terms of billions besides his political interests, Donald Trump has been expressing the fear and concern of the western society and not his own concerns. However, he could make 'Islamophobia' a major agenda in almost all important discussions both in the Islamic and Non-Islamic World.

The Russian President Putin has become the strong supporter of Donald Trump. His legacy is long lasting. Islamophobia is getting viral in almost all non-Muslim worlds as the offspring of Radical Islam and Islamism. The world is getting divided into Pro-Muslim and Anti-Muslim leading to greater tension that can prolong the global economic crisis leading to further fall of oil prices.

Spread of Islamophobia

The very basis of the wide spread of Islamophobia in the west and the rest of the world is not Islam as a religion but Arabization and Islamization of the Non-Muslim world. It is done by the super-imposition of the Primitive Arab Desert Tribal Values, Faith and Culture, Social and Political System, called Caliphate built upon Mistrust and Terror in the West, jeopardizing the hard-earned Western Democratic Values, Liberal Thinking, Open Society and Women Empowerment.

Migrant Muslims from the Arab World besides Africa and Asia with their primitive tribal Muslim dress, behavior and culture and total seclusion or isolation from the rest of the society, besides their tendency for mass breeding and geometrical growth rate and amassing the social benefits and welfare schemes have reinforced Islamophobia and acted as a catalyst for the wide-spread of Ultra-Fascism among the Non-Muslim young men and women in the west and elsewhere.

Rise of Ultra-Fascism

Every Islamic Terror attack has a multiplier effect on adding the weapons and aggressiveness of Ultra-Fascists against the Muslims in general and Muslim men and women with Arab signs, culture and symbols in particular. Further, in the west and the non-Islamic world, these Muslims have been forming their own colonies, setting up mosques in key locations and exhibiting their religious practices and festivals in highly provoking and objectionable manner.

To complicate matters more, the Muslims men have been targeting the Non-Muslim Girls and Women for seduction or raping or kidnapping or human trafficking or forced conversion to Islam. Highly provoking and emotionally charged propagandas  of the Islamic Preachers and Terrorists posted in social media and YouTube have been considered by the Ultra-Fascists as an attempt of the onslaught of the western values, culture and democracies.

All these have necessitated counter-strategies and hard course of actions to do away with the Primitive Arabization and Islamization at any cost. While young Muslims are attracted towards Islamic Radicalism and Terrorism, the young Non-Muslims all over the world, especially the West, are attracted towards Ultra-Fascism, though their elders uphold Liberal Values with Mercy and Humanism.

Democracy, Secularism and Christianity have proved that they cannot contain Islamic Radicalism and Terrorism that provoked the youth and women in the Non-Islamic world, especially in the west to turn towards Ultra-Fascism.  Except some old men and women in the west, nobody in the west is happy to make Muslim Refugees as part of the western societies.

Clash of the Two Brands of Islam as Peace vs. Terror

Islam is in crisis and total confusions for the clash of two dominant brands of Islam – ‘Islam as Peace’ and ‘Islam as Terror’ for which the entire Muslim world is divided knowingly or unknowingly. This clash of Islam is inevitable as a large number of Muslims are getting aware of the specific Surahas in the Quran and Hadiths that support these two contradictory brands of Islam.

Islam as Peace

There are specific Surahas and Hadiths that tell very high things about Jews and Christians besides projecting Jesus and Mary with very high esteem. This may be due to the fact that the first wife of Mohammad was a Christian well versed in the Bible having some Jewish relatives. A major part of the Quran is a modified Arabic version of the Old Testament, re-interpreting the Laws and the Prophets, starting with Adam to Moses besides glorifying Abraham, especially his aborted human sacrifice of his own son and his dramatic sacrifice of a goat.

For a very long time Islam had been confined with the Five Pillars of Islam  such as,  Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophet-hood of Muhammad; Establishment of the daily prayers; Concern for and alms-giving to the needy; Self-purification through fasting; and The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able. All these helped project Islam as a Religion of Peace. Even Sufism had been emerged as part of Islam searching the spiritual and mystical aspects of Islam though later declined or annihilated. The Modern Muslim countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have subscribed to Islam as Peace and even set up a joint military force to fight against Islamic Terrorism.

Islam as Terror

Radical Islam gives over-emphasis to those Surahas of the Quran and Hadiths that declare Jews and Christians as Non-believers, Infidels and Enemies of Allah to be murdered without any mercy. Muslims are also forbidden to have friendship with them.

These writings contradicting the earlier soft approach towards Jews and Christians may be due to the dominating influence of the youngest wife of Mohammad in his old age. She had some serious resentment against the Jews and Christians in connection with her marriage at a very tender age with him at his middle age or above.

Further, Mohammad had to lead or command a series of war for which he had regimented the entire society with military like drills, prayers, dress codes, fasting and feasting for everybody at specified time announced. Death was awarded to anybody who had abandoned Islam and converted to other religions. All these constitute the core of Islam. Even in the twenty first century there are so many Muslim countries that award Capital Punishments to those Muslims who abandon Islam, even violating the Human Rights or the Freedom of Religion.

Muslims as Fighters of Allah

Radical Islam makes every Muslim a Fighter to protect Allah from the enemies, infidels, critics and non-believers. The foremost duty and responsibility of a Muslim has been specified as : to terrorize and exterminate all the Infidels, Critics and Enemies of Allah and Islam, to engage in constant war with the enemies and kill them and also extend the reign of Islam all over the world and establish the Primitive Arab Desert Tribal Social Order, including dress and appearance as specified in the Quran and Hadiths. The fighters have been entitled the highest rewards in the Paradise after death or Martyrdom.

The Old Story of the Arabization of Egypt and Babylonia  

Years back, Islam could effectively put into practice its strategies in conquering the Pharaoh’s Egypt, Civilized Syria, Babylonia and Palestine, destroying their civilizations and establishing the Primitive Arab Tribal Social Order and Culture there. The Islamic invaders had converted every male survivor into Islam, forcefully married all the women by the Islamic warriors and introduced the Arabic language after burying down their own languages. However, the Kurds could withstand the Islamic invasion and Islamization.

Primitivization of the West

Drawing inspirations from the Quran and Hadiths and the earlier Islamic Invasion of Egypt, Babylonia, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and etc., now the Radical Islam and Islamism have faithfully been copying down them in the West and the rest of the world. They are basically concerned with the Arabization of the world with primitive tribal social and political order rather than spreading Islam as a religion of peace.

Arabization consists of a set of primitive beliefs, customs, practices, mode of dress or appearance and above all Primitive Tribal Caliphate with regimentation, social hierarchy, tribal identity, fear, loyalty, brutal execution of the infidels and non-believers, and above all hate, war, revenge and terror with rival tribes besides honoring the martyrs with high esteem as had been existed in Arabia at the birth of Islam.

Why Political and Terror Islam and Not Religious Islam?

Islamism and Radical Islam are fully aware that their God, Allah is the weakest God compared to the Gods of all other religions, necessitating the believers to protect Allah and to fight for Allah. No other religion on the earth asks its members to protect their God from enemies and infidels; instead the God protects the believers. Just for the sake of Allah, they have no other option, but to become fighters and terrorists. They believe that only by transforming Islam into Political Islam and establishing an Islamic System very much similar to the Primitive Arab Desert Tribal Social and Economic System can they protect Allah from infidels, non-believers and enemies of Allah.

Islamism and Radical Islam fear that their religion, Islam is the most fragile or volatile religion of the world compared to all other religions as it is built upon just two concepts, Allah and Mohammad, and not any other sound dogma or ideology. If anybody worships a God other than Allah and if anybody rejects Mohammad as the last prophet, they fear that Islam is finished and they cannot imagine a world without Islam. It is their firm conviction that without Terror, Radicalism and Islamic Political and Economic Systems built like the Primitive Arab Desert Tribal Social and Economic Order, Islam cannot survive, unlike all other religions.

In short, the weakest God and highly fragile religion force the Political, Radical and Terror Islam to opt the path of brutality and cold-blooded terror. They are eager for establishing their social and political order, by invasion, conquest, rape and looting all over the world, especially the West. Radical Islam demands absolute submission and obedience and fears the empowered, educated and thinking women besides arts and literature and any knowledge other than the Quran related.

Clash of Islamism and Ultra-Fascism 

Unless Islam turns towards Peace and Pluralism and proves as a Religion of Peace, besides distances itself  from Arabization or Tribalization,  Ultra-Fascism spreads like a dreadful virus and millions of poor and innocent Muslim women and children will be victimized or prosecuted all over the world.

Time is not too far in which all Islamic Symbols and Identities besides Muslim business and industrial enterprises will be attacked all over the world. A situation has been evolving throughout the world in which every Muslim man with beard or woman with hijab or the other Islamic Symbols and Identities is branded as terrorist or ISIS man or woman and then attacked. This has provoked many Muslims in the West to do away with explicit dress or appearance that proclaim their identity as Muslims. Muslims will find it difficult to go to schools, universities, hospitals, markets, mosques and above all find a job or livelihood, as they will be discriminated everywhere.

Secularists, Jews and Christians in the West, Buddhists in Myanmar or Korea or Sri Lanka or Japan, Atheists and Communists in Russia and China and Hindus in India are joined together to fight against Islamic Terrorism and Fundamentalism.

United to Hate Islam

It is high time for the thinking Muslim Youth and Women to ponder, why everybody hates Islam, not only the Jews or the Christians but also the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Communists, the Secularists, the Atheists besides a large number of modern and progressive Young Muslims? Hate is coming from fear. Though all the Non-Muslims do not hate Muslims, a decisive and highly influential peer groups and leaders do Hate Islam. There is also another category that loves Muslims and at the same time hates Islam after knowing it. Had Islam been confined with these aspects besides its own Five Pillars, undoubtedly Islam could not have been branded as a Religion of Terror.

Muslims - The Real Victims

Of course, the great victims are Muslims, especially innocent and peace-loving Muslim women and children. In the coming days, Muslims will be prosecuted throughout the non-Muslim world, as Islamophobia becomes a unifying force for all Non-Muslims all over the world. It is potent enough to grow to the extent of the Third World War. Religious Muslim men and women will be treated just as Savages unfit to live in the Modern, Plural and Democratic Societies.

Millions of Muslims are forced to leave Islam just for survival within five years. The Price of Islamic Terrorism and Fundamentalism is too high for Muslims all over the world. Now it is extremely difficult to establish or prove "Islam as a Religion Peace", as nobody is ready to accept it as Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalists, especially ISIS and Boko Haram have already done Enough Damage to Islam and Irrecoverable Loss to the Muslim World, proving Islam as a Religion of Terror and Savages.

If Muslims strictly follow the Five Pillars of Islam; Denounce the Terror or Killing, Savagism and also the Primitive Arab Desert Social Order; Integrate Themselves with the Secular and Plural World and above all Preach Peace and Tolerance, then gradually situations can be changed. It needs a lot of dedication and commitments from the Muslim World. Otherwise, they have to pay very high price. Islam is in Great Crisis and under the Great Threat. This is a Very Great Human Tragedy too. Time is too short for the Muslim World for Crisis Management, Damage Control and Ensure Peace as no Popular Rhetoric and War Cry will serve any purpose other than more Crises.

In my following earlier works, I cautioned about the present situation:

1) 9 Jan 2015- Islamic Terrorism And Counter Terrorism - New Twists And Turns

My recent writings on these topics appeared in the Market Oracle (UK) can be found with the help of the following link:

Prof. (Dr.) Raju M. Mathew

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