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Putin's Flaky Ritual Of May 8th

Politics / GeoPolitics May 10, 2014 - 06:19 PM GMT

By: Andrew_McKillop


Putin Celebrates VE Day His Own Way
What are dubbed the “western allies” of the USA – Great Britain, France and Germany – joined with the US, or at least with Obama, to celebrate the total defeat of Nazi Germany on May 8, 1945. This is called VE Day for Victory Europe Day - but Vladimir Putin wasn't there.

He went to Crimea to celebrate the Russian version of VE Day, which is May 9. This drew stern editorials in the glove puppet media and howls of protest from Obama, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel. All four of them - including Merkel.

Angela Merkel was celebrating the defeat of her own country. Impressive elite schizophrenia! How many people celebrate the defeat of their own favorite football team – in Germany or anywhere else? Roughly 6 million German civilians died in World War II, plenty of them killed by massive US and British aerial bombing.

France throughout World War II was split into Occupied France in the north, and the Nazi-collaborating south called Vichy France. One of its civil servants until 1943 was a certain Mr Francois Mitterand. His administration's tasks included the Vichy Quota of around 700 deportees-per-week,  rounded up by Vichy French police, who were sent in sealed trains straight to the Nazi death camps. But he was only doing his job! In any case the French elite was at least 50:50 split  on who would win the war. Later on, Mitterand became an almost lifetime president of France. Elite schizophrenia, again.

As we know, the grandfather of George W. Bush, as well as the father of John F. Kennedy never hid their admiration for Adolf Hitler. Joseph Kennedy hung on as Roosevelt's Ambassador to Britain until he was forced out. He never wavered with his idea that a Jewish Conspiracy was in place and afoot, trying to force the US to declare war on Nazi Germany. The grandfather of Bush, through his banking empire, invested in Nazi Germany almost to the bitter end – almost to VE Day. Bush's grandfather also invested in Stalin's Russia for good measure. Always bet on both horses in a two-horse race!

The British like to play clean-fingernailed about their rejection of the Nazis. The plain fact is their abdicated King Edward VII and his American showgirl wife Mrs Simpson (Mr Simpson, not called Homer, had disappeared!) lived in Nazi occupied Paris throughout the war. They had regular cordial teatime sessions with high-rank Nazis as well as night-time fun and games in Nazi-serving clubs and restaurants. It was so much fun – for them – and they were serving their country. Weren't they?

Plenty of historians, but not of the widely published variety, say the that the Brit elites, like the French were pretty sure and certain that Germany was going to win World War II. The British elite was glad to have the former-king stationed so close to the Winning Team. In daily contact that is.

The Winning Team lost but, predictably, another May 8 brings out the tiresome two-faced ritual drum banging, handwringing and soul-searching, the whining and moaning about Preserving Democracy and the Market Economy. Meaning how do we keep the banksters happy, default on our national debts, ignore the unemployeds, and run dirty wars in small countries to show we're the Winning Team?

Dont Cry For Me Argentina
Until America got around to entering World War II in Dec 1941 using a well-staged sinking of a US ship to sway public opinion, despite Joseph Kennedy's attempts to keep the US neutral, it was business as usual for US foreign policy. It was more concerned with making sure the right (and far right) teams won in the USA's own patch – called South America. The openly pro-Nazi Peron regime in Argentina, for example. For a joke, in March 1945, the Peron-clique of army generals running Argentina stopped formally backing the Axis Powers and sided with the Winning Team. Wasn't that clever?

The common thread is of course this. Why did the Western elites gush with praise for, and invest in Hitler and Stalin?

Germany and Russia, well before the start of World War II, had highly effective police states in operation. All information was monitored and controlled. Lies substituted the truth even better than the NSA, CIA, FBI and the sinister Department of Homeland Security can presently do. Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia pioneered the cult of Security Dependence, making it massive and obsessional. State insanity ruled, and it wasn't OK.

If there is any one single result or cause of the US and Western leadership syndrome – Lost Greatness - the Stasi-like security obsession must be put high up the list. For Stalin and Hitler there are explanations if not excuses. Both of them were paranoid and megalomaniac. Their quest for security could never be satisfied. They pioneered the use of mass hysteria, which they ran on a permanent basis with their glove puppet media using huge dollops of straight repression until they went right over the top and right out of control.

The USA and its “Western allies” are therefore on the right (we mean far-right) track, but Obama and his Gang have still got some way to go.  They know it, so they are always upping the ante with their paranoid security quest - and their megalomaniac urge to recapture the Lost Greatness they always talk about – whatever it was.

Absolutely linked with this, the role of destroying the economy is paramount and total.

The Revolution
The “Western allies” and the US can be relied on for a clumsy ersatz version of the Stalin-Hitler Terror State, especially when it concerns so-called “foreign policy”. What is this thing?

Accelerating all the time, what used to be called “foreign policy” is a dance down a dark rocky lane on a foggy night.  It is in shreds and tatters. One day the US and its allies, all 3 or 4 of them, will be gurgling with joy that the Flash Mob grabbed power in Kiev, overturning an elected government. The next day they will be lecturing Asians and Africans about “the deficit of democracy”. You can't beat those flaky-pastry leaders for hypocrisy – but in fact it is plain old schizophrenia.

Which is a mental disease. It can be treated. First you remove the diseased persons from any kind of power. If they don't want to go – and they don't – you use force.

OK, they elites have excuses. Take Egypt which also had a Kiev-style Flash Mob street festival ending with a Saudi-paid military coup. For at least several minutes, Obama and of course his Western allies “regretted” the overthrow of elected president Mohamad Morsi. For at least several minutes! Before that and for decades in Egypt, airforce general Hosni Mubarak was America's man, supervising an East German style security “apparatus”, destroying the economy, managing the future - but he also got overthrown by a Flash Mob.

So the scene is set: the Western allies, however many they are, now like street mobs and do not think its a “deficit of democracy”. After all, this economizes on voting booths and ballot boxes although it has a heavy appetite for tires to burn at the barricades. And please don't forget the Democracy Martyrs, fighting to overthrow an elected government, who have to be shot to give us all-gore pictures.

That World War II strategy - of always backing the winning horse, or both of them – has come back to haunt the elites. It used to be called democracy, but it certainly isn't that any more.

The deficit of democracy starts at home. That's the origin of the disease. For some historians, this firstly shows what the 1770s-vintage American revolution and Europe's nationbuilding from the same period in history also showed – history is surprising. Democracy starts out as a nice idea, but then it meets history. That doesn't have to be a love affair. It can end with street riots – but best of all it can end with the elites getting disowned and trashed. In the gutter where they came from.

We Didnt Know – Honestly We Didn't
From the early 1980s, according to David Stockman and his book “The Great Deformation”, the US led the developed world into a maze of economic policy fantasy, bundled together under the beguiling title, for some, of 'neoliberalism”. This was in fact a mix-and-mingle of Stasi-type security obsession and the ultimate excesses of the casino-type financialized economy, but it took more than 30 years of damage to get a handle on what had happened.

The ritual bleat is “We didn't know”. Right after that we get: “There is no alternative”. We can translate these one-liners real easy. We didn't know we messed up in a big way. And there's no alternative to going on messing things up in a big way.

For decades now, May 8th VE bleatings like July 4th whinings in the US will always find some way of larding the economy and the climate into the so-boring speeches. As if self-willed and inevitable economic decline was unexpected and unmerited, a punishment from on high like bad weather (we mean Global Warming) or because “we” did something wrong. For example releasing so much carbon our children will hate us for the thoughtless damage we did to the lifestyle of polar bears. Curiously enough, in Mrs Thatcher's time, her fear was that penguin lifestyles could harmed – but the elite got around to The Consensus View that its polar bears we have to worry about. So that's settled.

The main point is this. The police states of Hitler and Stalin were fantasy states. Apart from the repression, the sadism and the cruelty, the people were given relentless daily doses of fantasy.

For the US and its “Western allies” of today we have the fantasy theme of Surprise Change. Did you know there could be a Flash Crash on stock markets as fast as a Flash Mob comes together? Another example: Vladimir Putin suddenly went flaky on us. Also, the Chinese and Indians won't have anything at all to do with our pet themes like Bomb Iran, or even Syria. And so-surprisingly, the economy will not come right. Ergo, for schizoid elites, it is obligatory to deny the existence of the future.

Not knowing anything about that thing, we can gurgle “We didn't know” with even more po-faced, pop-eyed idiot “sincerity”.

Stockman and plenty of others, for example Kevin Philips and Paul Craig Roberts simply lay out the pertinent facts of a 30-year bad trip. This happened in the US and its Western allies. All of them, this time including Japan which doesn't celebrate VE Day (isn't that a surprise?). Their elites destroyed the economy in a big-big way.

They Govern With God, Don't They?
Obama and the others can do themselves a favour by checking with persons like Morsi, Yevtushenko, and why not Mubarak or, using a ouija board, with Muammar Gaddafi on the before-and-after conditions for heads of state who “Govern with God” or, even worse, think they are God themselves. Megalomania, that's called. Before, they really had no choice and lived well screwing up their countries. Afterwards, they were in prison, on the run, or dead.

They didn't know. They didn't know what was going to happen to them.

Obama and the Losing Team can take a look at how Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted to Morsi's ouster in Egypt – and to Internet Threat. Himself a latter-day Mubarak, Erdogan was even more troubled than Morsi's Gulf Arab paymasters when Morsi's bungled attempt at creating the Islamized Republic of Egypt fell to the Flash Mob. Erdogan went Twitter, or more accurately, twitty!

The Elite Disease is so easy to diagnose – and treat. Self-satisfied refusal to take any account of the real world, deny the future, and govern by half-backed ideology while the economy is systematically ruined by the crony capitalist really does carry risks for those who, passively or actively, enable the Festival of Degeneracy to take the driver's seat.

Almost certainly under-appreciated by the Losing Team's army of spin doctors, times change and the process is cumulative. History tells us this has no problem ending with a revolution – which naturally means street protests and violence. As if that could surprise anybody except the brain dead!

By Andrew McKillop


Former chief policy analyst, Division A Policy, DG XVII Energy, European Commission. Andrew McKillop Biographic Highlights

Co-author 'The Doomsday Machine', Palgrave Macmillan USA, 2012

Andrew McKillop has more than 30 years experience in the energy, economic and finance domains. Trained at London UK’s University College, he has had specially long experience of energy policy, project administration and the development and financing of alternate energy. This included his role of in-house Expert on Policy and Programming at the DG XVII-Energy of the European Commission, Director of Information of the OAPEC technology transfer subsidiary, AREC and researcher for UN agencies including the ILO.

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