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The following represent the editors choice of the best of the best Real GEMS articles of analysis published on the Market Oracle website out of a pool of more than 14,000 articles, the following truly represents a rich resource of financial markets analysis and research.

2009 : Apr to June
2009 - Q4 2009 - Q3
June 09
The Case Against Hyper Inflation- 30th June 09 -Brian_Bloom
A 20-Year Stocks Bear Market?- 30th June 09 -David Galland
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report - Market Wrap W/E 26th July- 28th June 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo

Global Business Sentiment Improves Inline with Stock Market Trends- 28th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
The Inflation Deflation Debate and Myth of the Kondratieff Wave- 28th June 09 -Gary North
The End of the Recession? - 27th June 09 -John_Mauldin
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Fed Market Manipulation, Surmounting The Main Threat To Profits And Protection- 27th June 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Financial Crisis, : and the Winner Is… GOLDMAN SACHS- 25th June 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
U.S. Financial System, The Audacity of CHANGE (Part 1)- 25th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
Bankrupt Banking System Bailouts & Stimulus , You Can't Borrow Your Way Out of Debt- 24th June 09 -James_Quinn
The Great Depression Revisited- 24th June 09 -Hans F. Sennholz
Investors Don't Get Trapped in the Next Asset Bubble- 24th June 09 -Gary North
GOLD, A Case for the Bulls - 23rd June 09 -Alistair_Gilbert
BIS Global Big Brother, Trading Financial Stability for National Sovereignty?- 23rd June 09 -Ellen Brown
A Tale of Two Economic Depressions - 23rd June 09 -John_Mauldin
Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order:" Part I - 22nd June 09 - Stephen_Lendman
No Green Shoots of Economic Recovery with US Debt at 700% of GDP- 22nd June 09 - Phil_Williams
Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Active Traders Report- 22nd June 09 - Chris_Vermeulen
Mass Deflation or Inflation?- 21st June 09 - Gary North
U.S. Economy Trending Towards an Inflationary Depression - 20th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Stocks Bull Market Bullish Bias, "This Time its Different"- 20th June 09 -John_Mauldin
The Great Reflation Continues Amidst a Tsunami of Debt- 20th June 09 -Ty_Andros
Trading Gold with the Gold Direction Indicator- 19th June 09 -Peter_Degraaf
Stock Market Downtrend Targeting Key Support S&P500 at 850- 19th June 09 -David_Petch
Stock Market Rally Following 1931 Bear Crash Pattern- 18th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Ankara Moscow and Washington in the Eurasian Crude Oil Pipeline Calculus- 17th June 09 -F_William_Engdahl
The Coming Stock Market Crash: Time to Review- 16th June 09 -Brian_Bloom
Fear for a Lost Economic Decade- 16th June 09 -John_Mauldin
The Precious Metal and Energy Trading Report- 15th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Stocks and Commodities Rally In the Direction of Economic Recovery- 14th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
How long Can the U.S. Dollar Last as the World’s Reserve Currency?- 14th June 09 - Bob Chapman
The Bankers Are Scared, Are You?- 13th June 09 -Gary North
Farmland Investing, the Quiet Land Grab is Just Beginning- 12th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
The Bush Doctrine, Economic Warfare and Your Investment Portfolio- 12th June 09 -Rob_Kirby
Stocks Secular and Cyclical Bear and Bull Markets - 12th June 09 -Zeal_LLC
American's Trapped by the Insidious Web of Debt by the Poisonous Banking Cartel- 11th June 09 -James_Quinn
The Financial Crash: The True Story- 11th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Bankrupt Britain's Public Sector Double Dip Debt Recession on Deep Spending Cuts- 11th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Parabolic U.S. Treasury Yield Curve Warning of Hyper Inflation- 10th June 09 - Gary_Dorsch
Is U.S. Heading for Zimbabwe Style Hyperinflation or Deflation?- 9th June 09 - Mike_Whitney
Stock Market Summer Trend Into a Crash- 8th June 09 - David_Petch
Gold Myth Busting- U.S. Dollar, Deflation and Hyperinflation- 7th June 09 - Adam_Brochert
The Great Crash Not Over, Stocks Bear Market Rally Built on Sand- 6th June 09 - Bob Chapman
Huge Budget Deficit Producing New Debt to Force Interest Rates Higher- 6th June 09 - John_Mauldin
U.S. and European Economies Accelerating Decent into Marxism- 5th June 09 -Ty_Andros
Ending of Deflation Fears, Big Inflation Coming - 5th June 09 -Zeal_LLC
United States Destined to Become the Great Britain of the 21st Century?- 4th June 09 -James_Quinn
UK Economy Set for Debt Fuelled Economic Recovery Into 2010 General Election- 3rd June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
How Stock and Currency Markets Behave After a Financial Crisis- 3rd June 09 -John_Lee
Quarterly $1 Trillion Monetization- 2nd June 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Inflation or Deflation, Which is the Greater Risk Over the Next Five Years?- 2nd June 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Mexico Economic Crisis, Fiat Peso Currency Skating on Thin Ice- 2nd June 09 -Covington_M_Wall
Stock Market Investing Profits Map For The Next 6 Months!- 1st June 09 -Larry Edelson
True Story of the Bilderberg Group and What They May Be Planning Now - 1st June 09 -Stephen_Lendman
May 09
Fed Credibility Bubble Bursts as Too Big to Fail General Motors Goes Bankrupt- 1st June 09 -Martin Weiss
U.S. Housing Mortgage Market Meltdown, More Pain To Come- 31st May 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Saudi's Say Crude Oil $75 is Fair: Parasite Economics Explained - 31st May 09 -Andrew_Butter
Stock Market Investors Mindset of Guaranteed Economic Destruction - 30th May 09 - Gary North
No U.S. Housing Bear Market Bottom Until 2011- 30th May 09 - John_Mauldin
The Next Debt Landslide: Lessons from Andrew Carnegie- 29th May 09 -Doug_Wakefield
Stocks Bear Market Rally or Real Bull Market Rebound?- 29th May 09 -William_R_Thomson
Obamanomics Reflating the U.S. Economy Out of Depression- 29th May 09 - Ty_Andros
Crude Oil and AMEX Oil Index Analysis and Forecast Trends- 28th May 09 -David_Petch
COMEX Gold Price Manipulation Stress Near Breaking Point - 28th May 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Can North Korean Nukes Rattle Global Stock & Financial Markets?- 27th May 09 -Gary_Dorsch
Government and Financial Institutions Controlled by Evil Men- 26th May 09 -James_Quinn
UK House Prices Summer Bounce an Illusion- 26th May 09 -Andrew_Butter
Stocks, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Inter Market Analysis & Forecasts- 26th May 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Stock Market Rally Over, Prepare for New Bear Market Lows- 26th May 09 -Clive_Maund
Global Debt Deleveraging Recession Gets Worse as Government Deficit Grows- 24th May 09 -John_Mauldin
U.S. Dollar’s Impact on Commodity Price Trends - 22nd May 09 -Zeal_LLC
Gold Wildly Bullish as Paradigm Shift Underway of Banking Power to Creditor Nations - 22nd May 09 - Jim_Willie_CB
The Fiat Currencies Death March, Got Gold?- 21st May 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
Financial Implosion and Economic Stagnation, Back To The Real Economy - 21st May 09 -J Bellamy Foster & F Magdoff
Is the U.S. Dollar Heading For a Mighty Crash?- 21st May 09 -Gary_Dorsch
Will the Stock Market S&P Index Fall to 450, P/E 7 or Not?- 20th May 09 -Andrew_Butter
Debt Crisis Economic End Game, Future Evolution of the Debt-to-GDP Ratio- 19th May 09 - Dr. Woody Brock
Portfolio Allocation Technical Analysis Tables Across 52 ETFs- 17th May 09 -Richard_Shaw
The Impact of Economic Data Revisions at Stock Market Junctures- 16th May 09 -John_Mauldin
Portfolio Hedging Strategies Against Fresh Stock Bear Market Lows- 15th May 09 -Andy_Sutton
Imaginary Green Shoots of Economic Recovery Based on Manipulated Statistics- 14th May 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Challenges and Implications for Energy Sector Investing- 14th May 09 -Joseph_Dancy
Gold, Silver and Crude Oil ETF Trading Update- 14th May 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank Revealed- 13th May 09 -Bob Chapman
U.S. Housing Market Driven by Super Sizing Baby Boomers Now Going Bust- 13th May 09 -James_Quinn
Current Stock Market Rally Within Supercycle Stocks Bear Market- 12th May 09 -Bob_Bronson
Is the Financial Crisis Really Over?- 11th May 09 -Niels Jensen
Crude Oil, Gold and Silver ETF Trading Breakout Signals- 11th May 09 - Chris_Vermeulen
Stock Market Crash Necessary to Boost Weak U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds- 10th May 09 - Clive_Maund
The Stock Market "Bull or Bear" Debate Will Be Resolved Soon- 10th May 09 - The BullBear
Imminent Global Stock Market Crash to Support U.S. Dollar- 9th May 09 - Bob Chapman
HUI Gold Stocks Bullish Technicals - 8th May 09 -Zeal_LLC
This is Not the 1930’s Depression, Which Means High Inflation to Come - 7th May 09 -Michael_Pollaro
Silver Leads Gold Higher as U.S. Dollar Teeters on the Brink - 7th May 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
UK House Prices Bear Market Trend Forecast 2009 Update- 7th May 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
Debt: If You Believe Borrowing Leads to Prosperity- 6th May 09 - James_Quinn
The Current Financial Market Collapse: Contours of Crisis: Fiction and Reality Part II- 6th May 09 - Bichler and Nitzan
Stocks Bear Market Rally or New Bull Market?- 6th May 09 - Guy_Lerner
Wall Street Oligarchs Engineer Stock Market Recovery- 5th May 2009 - Gary_Dorsch
Market-Long-Waves: Geithner's "Stressful" Katrina Bank Stress Test- 4th May 2009 -Andrew_Butter
U.S. Dollar Index Analysis and Forecast - 3rd May 2009 -David_Petch
Stark Evidence of an Impending Global Stock Market Crash- 3rd May 2009 -Brian_Bloom
Recession Ending and Stocks Sell in May and Go Away?- 2nd May 09 - John_Mauldin
The Great Asset Bubble Built on Debt- 1st May 09 -Dr_Martenson
Credit Crisis Bank Stress Tests: If You Believe the Banks are Recovering... - 1st May 09 - James_Quinn

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April 09
Gold Consolidation Ending as U.S. Treasuries Paper Bubble Bursting - 30th April 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
After Iceland’s Economic Collapse, Election Not about Left and Right - 29th April 09 -Prof. Michael Hudson
The Great U.S. Housing Market Depression- 28th April 09 -Sean Brodrick
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Energy Production and Going Green, Incompetent U.S. Intelligence Agencies- 28th April 09 -John_Mauldin
JP Morgan Collapse Could Trigger Next Global Stock Market Crash - 27th April 09 -Brian_Bloom
The Impending Mother of all Oil Shocks- 26th April 09 - Andrew_Butter
United States Empire Built on False Prosperity Collapsing- 25th April 09 - James_Quinn
Back to the Future Recession 2010-11, Professors Teaching Economic Garbage - 25th April 09 - John_Mauldin
Financial Crisis Opportunities Amidst The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History- 24th April 09 - Ty_Andros
Gold Bullion vs. Gold Mining Stocks Investing- 22nd April 09 -Nick_Barisheff
Looking for Signs of Economic Recovery From the Deep Recession - 21st April 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Financial Markets and Economy Outlook 2009, Inflation / Deflation- 20th April 09 -Hoisington and Hunt
Financial Markets Are a Mixed Bag- ETF Attributes- 19th April 09 -Richard_Shaw
Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a New Global Currency- 18th April 09 -Ellen Brown
The Stock Market Trend is Your Friend Until It Ends - 18th April 09 - John_Mauldin
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Stock Market "Sucker-Rally-Dead-Cat" Still Yowling!- 17th April 09 -Andrew_Butter
Powerful Cyclical Bull Market Within a Secular Bear Market- 17th April 09 -Zeal_LLC
Crude Oil and Amex Oil Stocks Index Analysis- 17th April 09 -David_Petch
Sector Rotation Investing Strategy for Beating the Recession- 16th April 09 -Hans_Wagner
Economic Deflation Goes Global- 16th April 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Goodbye to the Stock Market Rally? - 15th April 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Buy and Sell Gold On-line Securely
Stock Market Rebound Closely Linked with Economic Data Surprises 14th April 09 -William Hester
The Financial War Against Iceland - 12th April 09 - Michael Hudson
Green Shoots of Stock Market and Economic Recovery? - 11th April 09 - John_Mauldin
Emerging Copper Bull Market Signaling an End to the Recession? - 10th April 09 - Zeal_LLC
Towards New Global Currency, New Financial World Order - 8th April 09 - Andrew G. Marshall
Crude Oil $200, the Price for Wasting Financial Crisis Opportunity  - 7th April 09 - James_Quinn
Bailouts Insolvency vs. Liquidity, or Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics - 6th April 09 - Michael S. Rozeff
How Wall Street Robs the Banks that it Owns - 4th April 09 - Bill Moyers
U.S. Dollar Devaluation is Inevitable, Just Like 1934 - 3rd April 09 - Vronsky
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The G20's Hidden Agenda of Devaluing the U.S. Dollar to Inflate Asset Values - Larry Edelson
U.S. Debtor Meets G20 Creditors at the Dollar's Funeral - Jim_Willie_CB
The Cost of Running a Global Empire - James_Quinn


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