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2009 : July to Sept


Sept 09
What Is Money?, Precious Metal Coinage- 1st Oct 09 - Gary_North
Are U.S. Treasuries A Bubble Ready To Pop?- 30th Sept 09 -Andrew_Butter
Is Gold a Reasonable Investment or Not?- 30th Sept 09 -Washingtons_Blog

What Is Money? - 29th Sept 09 -Gary_North
Stock Market Close to Major Turning Point- 29th Sept 09 -David_Petch
The Coffin Shaped Economic Recovery- 29th Sept 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
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Founding Fathers Of Our New Country- 28th Sept 09 -James_Quinn
Debt, the Rogue Elephant In Our Living Room- 28th Sept 09 -Mark_B_Rasmussen
Inflation, Deflation or Economic Growth? Markets Will Answer Soon- 27th Sept 09 -The_BullBear
Rampant Debt Monetization Means U.S. Financial System is Doomed - 27th Sept 09 - Bob_Chapman
Reflections on the Great Inflation Deflation Debate- 27th Sept 09 - Mike_Shedlock
Double Dip Economic Recession?- 27th Sept 09 - John_Mauldin
Inflation Is Mortally Wounded And Rapidly Fading, Dump Gold?- 26th Sept 09 - Ronald_Rosen
Copper Panic and Recovery- 25th Sept 09 - Zeal_LLC
Does a Liquidity Trap Pose a Threat Economic Recovery?- 25th Sept 09 - Frank_Shostak
Stock Market, A Peter Pan Market- 24th Sept 09 -Brian_Bloom
The Global Financial Crisis Explained- Credit and Credibility- 24th Sept 09 -Richard_Karn
New Deadly U.S. Dollar Carry Trade- 23rd Sept 09 -Jim_Willie_CB

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Martin Weiss Abandons Deflation for Inflation After 27 Years- 23rd Sept 09 -Gary_North
Government is Setting Us Up for a Second Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis- 23rd Sept 09 -Shah Gilani
UK Inflation Forecast, Will RPI Deflation Return to Inflation?- 23rd Sept 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Gold $1,500 This Year- 22nd Sept 09 -The_Gold_Report
The Flawed Theoretical Framework of Modern Economics- 21st Sept 09 -Fred_Buzzeo
New Research Suggests Stocks and Warrants Going Higher, Gold less so - 20th Sept 09 -Lorimer_Wilson
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Economic and Financial System Train Wreck Dead Ahead!- 20th Sept 09 -Ty_Andros
Outrageous Artificial Deflation and the FDIC Black Hole- 19th Sept 09 -John_Mauldin
The Recession has Technically Ended, Is Bernanke Joking?- 19th Sept 09 -Bob_Chapman
Keynesian Economics and Negative Interest Rates- 19th Sept 09 -Gary_North
Banking Cartels Angst Equals Investor Advantage- 18th Sept 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Stock Markets Could Soar by Another 50%- 18th Sept 09 -Sean_Brodrick
Rich and Poor Parallel Economies, Recession and Record Profits- 18th Sept 09 -Rev_Richard_Skaff
Barrick Gold Ripe for Bear Raid - 17th Sept 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
S&P Stocks Bear Market Rally Top Update- 17th Sept 09 -Alistair_Gilbert
Is the Fed's Money Pumping Inflationary?- 17th Sept 09 -Frank_Shostak
The Looming Global Debt Crisis- 17th Sept 09 -Bob_Chapman
9/11 and the Mysterious Collapse of WTC Seven- 16th Sept 09 -David_Ray_Griffin
Stock Market Investing, Not a Time for Buy and Hold- 16th Sept 09 -Claus_Vogt
U.S. Economic and Interest Rate Outlook, Depression Avoided- 15th Sept 09 - Paul_L_Kasriel
More Financial Bubbles Ahead?- 15th Sept 09 -Bob_Chapman
Lehman Bankruptcy and Engineered Financial Armageddon Real Story- 15th Sept 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Can Keynesian Spending Achieve National Energy Security ?- 15th Sept 09 -Andrew_McKillop
U.S. Retail Sales Bounce on Federally Subsidized Auto Sales- 15th Sept 09 -John_Mauldin
Lying Politicians Using Financial Crisis Opportunity to Double U.S. National Debt- 14th Sept 09 -James_Quinn
Unemployment And Stock Markets, Next Good News Or Great Depression?- 14th Sept 09 -Andrew_Butter
1929 Great Crash, Depression, Then and Now Lessons From History- 13th Sept 09 -Hans_F_Sennholz
Fiat Money a Tool for War to Kill Americans - 13th Sept 09 -Robert_Murphy
Deflation, Falling Velocity of Money Ensures Printing Presses Will Keep Running- 13th Sept 09 - John_Mauldin
The Economy Will Not Recover Until Trust is Restored- 12th Sept 09 -Washingtons_Blog
Profit Opportunity Knocks, But Beware The Stock Market Rally- 11th Sept 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Crude Oil Manipulation Reality, Close Look at the Almost Perfect Crime- 11th Sept 09 - Rob_Kirby
Currency Market Forecasts for U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar- 11th Sept 09 - David_Petch
Economic Fundementals Suggest This Fall and Winter Could Get Ugly- 11th Sept 09 - ArbitraryVote
G-20 Governments Inflate the Global Economy to Economic Prosperity- 10th Sept 09 - Gary_Dorsch
Wave of Unemployment in the U.S. What to Expect and What to Do- 10th Sept 09 - Washingtons_Blog
Derivatives Collapse and the New China Gold and Silver Markets- 10th Sept 09 - Bob_Chapman
A Tale of Two Inflations- 10th Sept 09 - Tim_Iacono
Dumb Money Shorting Stocks Using Funds and ETF's- 9th Sept 09 -Mike_Stathis
Will The Collapse Of FDIC Insured Banks Cause Another Stock Market Crash?- 8th Sept 09 -Andrew_Butter
The American Dream Built on Debt, Living in Beverly Hills- 8th Sept 09 -James_Quinn
The Crumbliest Flakiest Stocks Bull Market Never Tasted Before- 7th Sept 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Financial Crisis, US Market Trends - 6th Sept 09 -Bob_Chapman
Deflation, Inflation, Stagflation, Mass inflation, Hyperinflation, Which One Will Get Us?- 6th Sept 09 -Gary_North
Gold, Precious Metals Real or False Breakout?- 6th Sept 09 -The_BullBear
Financial and Geopolitical Intelligence, Gain From the Banking Cartel Game Plan- 6th Sept 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Failure of Economics, the Super Trend and Elements of Deflation- 5th Sept 09 -John_Mauldin
Global Recession Or Low Carbon- 4th Sept 09 -Andrew_McKillop
How Overpriced Is The Stock Market S&P 500 Index?- 4th Sept 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Gold Jumps Without U.S. Dollar Drop, Separation Before Liftoff- 3rd Sept 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Does Loose Monetary Policy Cause Economic Growth?- 1st Sept 09 - Frank_Shostak
Six Million Home Foreclosures: Next Ticking Lehman-Style Bomb…FDIC Insured Banks?- 1st Sept 09 - Andrew_Butter
Spain, The Financial Black Hole In Europe's Balance Sheet- 1st Sept 09 - John_Mauldin
Major Financial and Commodity Markets Turning Point Dead Ahead (Part I)- 31st Aug 09 -The_BullBear
August 09
The Interest Rate Cosa Nostra- 31st Aug 09 -Rob_Kirby
Are We Facing a Banking Crisis? Is the Gold Price About to Explode?- 31st Aug 09 -Brian_Bloom
Gold and Silver Hidden Chart Messages- 30th Aug 09 -Ronald_Rosen
Fed is Accelerating the Monetization of Debt, High Inflation is on Its Way- 30th Aug 09 -Bob Chapman
Palladiums Bullish Posture Bodes Well for All Precious Metals- 30th Aug 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Uncomfortable Choices in a Deflationary High Deficits Economic Environment- 29th Aug 09 - John_Mauldin
Protecting Profits and Deflecting Threats, Climacteric Crash is Coming! - 28th Aug 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Gold's Seasonal Bull Market- 28th Aug 09 -Zeal_LLC
What Can Stop This Stock Market Rally?- 28th Aug 09 -Tim_Iacono
Forex as an investment of the future, What is Forex, what is investing, what is the future?- 28th Aug 09 -Joe_Gelet
U.S. Bank Enemies At The Gates Could Trigger Sudden Gold Breakout- 27th Aug 09 - Jim_Willie_CB
Global Fresh Water Crisis, Peak Water- 27th Aug 09 - James_Quinn
Stock Market Rally Engineered by the Government - 27th Aug 09 - Bob Chapman
The Process of Creative Distruction of Corporations- 27th Aug 09 - Mike_Shedlock
Are the Bullion Banks losing their grip on Gold and Silver? - 26th Aug 09 -Peter_Degraaf
Inflation Breeds Even More Inflation- 25th Aug 09 -Thorsten Polleit
Why the Federal Reserve Bank Must Die- 24th Aug 09 -James_Quinn
U.S. Housing Market Bottoming, Stocks Soaring, is the Crisis Over?- 24th Aug 09 -Martin Weiss
Potential Potholes in Economic Recovery, Gold Patience Required Ahead of Seasonally Strong Period- 24th Aug 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Stocks Stealth Bull Market Crushes Bears Hopes (Again) as U.S. Dollar Weakens- 24th Aug 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Pentagon Plans For Global Military Supremacy- 23rd Aug 09 -Rick Rozoff
Secular Stock Bear Markets and the Statistical Economic Recovery- 23rd Aug 09 -John_Mauldin
Big Autumn Silver Bull Market Rally Forecast- 21st Aug 09 -Zeal_LLC
Goldman Sachs Over Regulation Could Lead to Higher Crude Oil and Commodity Prices- 21st Aug 09 -Peter Krauth
Stock Markets Bailout Bubble, What's On the Horizon?- 21st Aug 09 -William_R_Thomson
Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolution of the Elites- 21st Aug 09 - Andrew Gavin Marshall
Bank Failures in the United States- 20th Aug 09 -Bob Chapman
The Most Important Aspect that most Economists and Analysts Fail to Recognize - 20th Aug 09 -Steve_St_Angelo
An Analysis of Production and Consumption Based Economic Stimulants- 19th Aug 09 -Fred_Buzzeo
The Crime of Big Government- 19th Aug 09 -David M. Woods
Seasonal Demands Analysis for Gold, Crude Oil and Copper- 19th Aug 09 -John_Winston
Inflation and the Fall of the Roman Empire- 18th Aug 09 -Prof. Joseph Peden
The Potential for Future Economic GDP Growth- 18th Aug 09 -John_Mauldin
Canadian Dollar Rattled by Shanghai Stock Meltdown- 17th Aug 09 -Gary_Dorsch
How To Get Rich . . . and Why- 17th Aug 09 -Gary North
Why Iceland and Latvia Won’t Re-Pay the E.U. Credit Crisis Debts- 17th Aug 09 -Prof. Michael Hudson
Gold and Why Gold Now?- 17th Aug 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
Recession Ending, Celebrate Economic Growth in Third Quarter- 16th Aug 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Financial Armageddon Part Two: Securitization Is Too Big To Fail So The Racketeering Must Stop!- 15th Aug 09 -Andrew_Butter
The Forging of a New World Order Under a One World Government- 14th Aug 09 -Andrew Gavin Marshall
U.S. Dollar Bull Market Trend Forecast 2009 Update- 14th Aug 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Energy Firms See Positive Long Term Trends- 13th Aug 09 -Joseph_Dancy
U.S. Dollar Pressure (Countdown) Toward Breakdown- 13th Aug 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Top Six ETFs Active Investors Should Know- 13th Aug 09 -Ron Rowland
Bernanke, Do You Have The Cojones To Raise U.S. Interest Rates?- 13th Aug 09 -Mike_Whitney
Turning America into a Nation of Idiots, Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to go Through Life - 12th Aug 09 -James_Quinn
Is Silver Overvalued, Undervalued or Priced Just Right?- 12th Aug 09 -Bill_Downey
There is No Recession, This is Planned Financial Demolition- 12th Aug 09 -Mike_Whitney
No Economic Recovery, United States the Pink Slip Nation- 12th Aug 09 -Gary North
GOLD Analysis and Trading Strategy for August 2009- 11th Aug 09 -Florian_Grummes
Slow Long-Term Economic Growth, And Government's Response- 11th Aug 09 -John_Mauldin
Expanding Balance Sheets and Monetizing Debt to Engineer Economic Recovery- 10th Aug 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
U.S. Dollar May Soon Confirm a Secular Bear Trap Trend Reversal- 9th Aug 09 -The_BullBear
Entering the Greatest Economic Depression in History, More Bubbles Waiting to Burst- 9th Aug 09 -Andrew G. Marshall
Efficient Market Hypothesis Destroying Industry and Forever Blowing Bubbles- 9th Aug 09 -John_Mauldin
Helping Investors Navigate Metals and Mining Rocky Road to Riches- 8th Aug 09 -The_Gold_Report
Economic Suicide and the ABC’s of DEPRESSION!, Stocks Bear Market Rally Underway- 8th Aug 09 -Ty_Andros
Mega-Bank Juice Earning Numbers and Cartel Market Manipulations- 8th Aug 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
SPX Stock Index Driving Gold Price Trend - 7th Aug 09 -Zeal_LLC
Crude Oil, Gas, and Gold Seasonal Trend Update- 7th Aug 09 -Bill_Downey
The Hidden Risks of ETFs Investing- 7th Aug 09 -Shah Gilani
U.S. Dollar Stage #1 Breakdown, Lost Control & Economic Mythology- 6th Aug 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Charting the U.S. Recession Unemployment Crisis- 6th Aug 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Gold and Silver The Only Gauranteed Way to Preserve Wealth- 6th Aug 09 - Bob Chapman
Goldman Sachs the Great American Financial Markets Bubble Machine- 5th Aug 09 -Matt Taibbi
Gold Seasonal Trend Analysis, Is the 18 Month Consolidation Complete?- 5th Aug 09 - Bill_Downey
Stock Market Bubble-Mania in China Spreads to Global Markets- 4th Aug 09 - Gary_Dorsch
Derivatives Interest Rate Swaps, The Elephant In the Room: More Pieces of the Puzzle- 4th Aug 09 - Rob_Kirby
Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve- 4th Aug 09 - Andrew Gavin Marshall
Is America Broke Part II, The Debt God- 4th Aug 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Financial Market Forecasts 2009 Update, Gold Ready For $1,000/oz- 3rd Aug 09 -John_Lee
Which Commodity ETF to Trade, Gold, Crude Oil or Natural Gas?- 3rd Aug 09 - Bill_Downey
Investors Favor the Inflation Trade on Better than Expected Corporate Earnings- 2nd Aug 09 - Prieur_du_Plessis
State of the Economy and Markets, Bearish on Most Things Except Gold- 2nd Aug 09 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Bernanke Is Stuttering, Stammering, Panicking- 2nd Aug 09 - Gary North
U.S. Housing Market Forecast, One Dead Cat Bounce and Two Sucker Rallies to Go?- 1st Aug 09 -Andrew_Butter
The Debt Super Cycle and the Great Reflation Experiment of 2009 - 1st Aug 09 - John_Mauldin
Manipulated Government GDP Statistics Report is Just Plain Wrong- 1st Aug 09 - Dr_Martenson
July 09
Profitably Playing the Next MegaMove in Gold and Silver- 31st July 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Economic Arguments Against the Re-nomination of Bernanke as Fed Chairman- 30th July 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Has the U.S. Housing Market Hit Bottom?- 29th July 09 -Tim_Iacono
U.S. Govt Yuan Bond Threat to U.S. Dollar- 29th July 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Why You Should Not Bank on Banking Stocks- 29th July 09 -Martin Hutchinson
Foreign Investment Flows into U.S. Treasuries and Money Printing Consequences- 29th July 09 -Michael_Pollaro
U.S. Empire Origins: Revolution, World Wars and World Order- 28th July 09 -Andrew G. Marshall
The Three Triggers for the Global Gold Bubble- 28th July 09 -Peter Krauth
Stocks Bear Market Short Covering Rally- 28th July 09 -David Rosenberg
Bernanke Upside Down and Backwards: Is Central Banking at Death’s Door?- 27th July 09 - Rob_Kirby
Gold Bull Market Guaranteed to Make new Highs During 2009- 27th July 09 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Investors Place Bets on Global Economic Recovery, Propelling Stocks Higher- 26th July 09 - Prieur_du_Plessis
From Stocks Bear Trap to Bull Market? The US Dollar is Key- 26th July 09 - Steven Vincent
Citizens of the United States Welcome to Animal Farm 2009- 25th July 09 - James_Quinn
The Statistical Economic Recovery and the Last Stocks Bear Standing- 25th July 09 - John_Mauldin
Investors Overcoming Profit Pitfalls & Fed Perfidy- 24th July 09 - Deepcaster
Gold's Quest to Break Above $1000- 24th July 09 -Zeal_LLC
Agricultural Commodities Bull Market- 24th July 09 -Sean Broderick
Abandoned U.S. Dollar and Paradigm Shift- 23rd July 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Three United States Gold Scenarios, Fort Knox, Fort Hocks or Fort Shocks- 23rd July 09 -Stewart_Dougherty
Global Depression Triggering the Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System- 23rd July 09 -Andrew G Marshall
Vicious Stocks Stealth Bull Market Eats the Bears Alive!, What's Next?- 23rd July 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
The Coming Great Government Debt Default- 22nd July 09 -Gary North
Fiscal Ruin of the Western World Beckons, a Bigger Financial Crisis Brewing- 21st July 09 -Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Which Metal Is Shining More, Copper or Gold?- 20th July 09 -Bill_Downey
Seven Myths About Gold Debunked, Bubble Bursting Warning Target $600?- 20th July 09 -Andrew_Butter
Goldman Sachs: A Vampire On The Jugular Of America- 20th July 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
China Surging Money Supply a Strong Driver for Inflation and Commodities- 20th July 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Goldman Sachs Raking in Massive Profits, Market Review- 19th July 09 -Bob Chapman
Europe Banking and Financial System on the Brink of Collapse- 18th July 09 - John_Mauldin
Surmounting Deception, Distortion & Intervention Thus Protecting Profits & Wealth- 17th July 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
The Seven Immutable Laws of Bubbles: Example, Housing Markets in USA, UK & Dubai- 17th July 09 -Andrew_Butter
Plunging CCI Resulting in Cheap Commodities on False Bearish Prognostications- 17th July 09 -Zeal_LLC
Investment Banks CDS Derivatives Positions Deceptions, Deceit and Distrust- 17th July 09 -Rob_Kirby
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the Financial Sector’s Profit Powerhouse of the Future- 16th July 09 - Shah Gilani
Keynesian Economics, the Usual Suspects- 16th July 09 - Fred Buzzeo
Gold Mid-Year Seasonal Trend Review July 2009- 15th July 09 - Bill_Downey
From WW II To WW III: Global NATO And Remilitarized Germany- 15th July 09 -Rick Rozoff
Keynes, Monetary Cranks Promoting Fiat Currencies and Deflation - 14th July 09 -Gary North
The Big Well Seasoned 2009 Summer Feast Of The Market Bears, Tasting Right Or Too Perfect?- 14th July 09 -Eric_Chevrette
Debt Deflation the Reason Why Government Economic Stimulus is Doomed to Fail- 14th July 09 -Dr. Lacy Hunt
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report- Markets Wrap 12th July 09- 13th July 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Baby Boomers Your Financial & Economic Winter is Coming, The Fourth Turning- 13th July 09 -James_Quinn
U.S. Economy Recession End, Recovery and Interest Rate Forecast- 13th July 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Correcting Stock Market Calls for Second Economic Stimulus- 12th July 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Does 5 Trillion of New Debt Mean End of the Recession?- 12th July 09 -John_Mauldin
Fool’s GOLD Part2- 11th July 09 -Mike_Stathis
Banking Cartels Engineered Financial Crisis Endgame- 11th July 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Top 10 Elliott Wave Theory Investing, Trading and Analysis Resources Special- 11th July 09
Iceland's Banking Crisis: The Meltdown of an Interventionist Financial System- 9th July 09 -Philipp Bagus
The Secret to Commodity Investing Profits- 9th July 09 -Peter Krauth
How Long Can the U.S. Dollar Defy the Law of Gravity?- 7th July 09 -Gary_Dorsch
Credit Expansion, Crisis, and the Myth of the Saving Glut- 7th July 09 -George Reisman
Inflation or Deflation, Make Sure You Get This One Right- 6th July 09 -Niels C. Jensen
Fiat Currencies Race To Zero Acceleration A Certainty- 6th July 09 -Captain_Hook
End of the Financial Crisis, the Great Lie of 2009- 6th July 09 -Martin Weiss
The Technical Trader Dow, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil & Nat Gas Charts- 5th July 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report- Markets Wrap 5th July 09- 5th July 09 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Stock Market Investors Roller Coaster Ride Hit by Bad U.S. Jobs Data - 5th July 09 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Current Recession Is a Severe Credit Bust of Depression-Era Magnitude- 4th July 09 -Mike_Whitney
Inflationary Crack-up Boom has Commenced in the G7 Economies!- 3rd July 09 -Ty_Andros
The Keynesian System, the Economics of Illusion- 3rd July 09 -L. Albert Hahn
U.S. Economy Heading for Japan of the 1990's or Argentina 2002?- 2nd July 09 -John_Lee
In the Future, Interest Rates Will Soar and Consumers Will be Sore Also- 2nd July 09 -David_Petch
Understanding The Dangers of Leveraged ETFs- 2nd July 09 -Ron Rowland
Commodities Sector Timing Trading for Gold, Oil, Silver and Natural Gas - 2nd July 09 -Chris_Vermeulen

Walls to Block U.S. Deflation- 1st July 09 - Jim_Willie_CB
Warning of Severe Economic Collapse- 1st July 09 - ArbitraryVote
Is America Broke- 1st July 09 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo



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