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The following represent the editors choice of the best of the best Real GEMS articles of analysis published on the Market Oracle website out of a pool of more than 14,000 articles, the following truly represents a rich resource of financial markets analysis and research.

2009 : Jan to Mar
2009 - Q4 2009 - Q3
March 09
Geithner's Plan Can Succeed in Stabilising Financial System - Mike_Shedlock
Do Bonds Beat Stocks Over the Long Run? - John_Mauldin
The Inescapable Inflationary Realities of Quantitative Easing and Economic Stimulus - Ty_Andros
Buy and Sell Gold On-line Securely
Stock and Housing Market Long Waves - 25th Mar 09 - Andrew_Butter
Geithner's Thirst for Greater Regulatory Powers and Sir Alan of Selective Amnesia - 25th Mar 09 - Rob_Kirby
Save the Big Banks, Trash the U.S. Dollar - 25th Mar 09 - LewRockwell
Roadmap to Inflation And How to Protect Your Investments - 24th Mar 09 - John_Mauldin
When the United States Ruled the World - 24th Mar 09 - James_Quinn
Fed Planning Inflationary Dollar Destroying 15-Fold Increase In US Monetary Base - 22nd Mar 09 - Eric_deCarbonnel
Global Stock Markets Enter Extended Bear Markets, Reflation Ain't Going to Work - 22nd Mar 09 - Tim_Wood
How China Could Use Currency as a Weapon - 22nd Mar 09 - Bryan Rich
Gold New Upleg as Lunatic Fed Creates $1 Trillion Dollars Out of Thin Air - 20th Mar 09 - Zeal_LLC
Central Banks Detonate the Quantitative Easing Monetary Nuclear Option - 19th Mar 09 - Gary_Dorsch
U.S. Economy Hits the Toxic Pothole - 19th Mar 09 - James_Quinn
The Real Ponzi Scheme– Unreal Interest Rates - 17th Mar 09 - Rob_Kirby
Long-Term Economic Forecast: Slow Growth And Deflation - 17th Mar 09 - Gary Shilling
Stealth Bull Market Follows Stocks Bear Market Bottom at Dow 6,470 - 15th Mar 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Japan's Economic Depression Deepens, Protectionism Could Trigger Global Depression - 15th Mar 09 - John_Mauldin
Stock Market S&P 500 Trends: 1980 - 2009 - 13th Mar 09 - Richard_Shaw
Don't Bet on Hyperinflation! - 13th Mar 09 - Mike_Stathis
Disintegrating Financial System: Haircut Time for Bond Holders - 12th Mar 09 - Mike_Whitney
Telegraph Runs with Improbable UK House Price Crash Forecast of Another 55% - 12th Mar 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
Grand Illusion - The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - 10th Mar 09 - James_Quinn
America's Second Great Depression and Great Stocks Bear Market Have Arrived - 10th Mar 09 - Money_and_Markets
Contracting Corporate Earnings Confirm Dow 5,000 Stocks Bear Market Target - 10th Mar 09 - John_Mauldin
The Worst Stocks Bear Market Since the Great Depression - 8th Mar 09 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Financial Markets Analysis - Stocks Bear Market Near Bottom? - 8th Mar 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
Hedge Funds Profit from Ratings Agencies AAA Rated Junk Bonds - 7th Mar 09 - John_Mauldin
Bank of England Ignites Quantitative Inflation - 5th Mar 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
Forecasting the Anatomy of the Stocks Bear Market Bottom - 5th Mar 09 - Donald_W_Dony
The Worst Global Crisis of All Time - 5th Mar 09 - Larry Edelson
Subprime Eastern Europe to Bankrupt Western European Banks - 4th Mar 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
The End of the Consumer Credit Empire: Stairway to Retail Heaven - 3rd Mar 09 - James_Quinn
Bankrupt European Banks Sitting on $23 Trillion of Impaired Assets - 3rd Mar 09 - Niels Jensen
SEC Market Regulation and FAS 157 Contributions Towards Financial Markets Chaos - 2nd Mar 09 - Frank_Holmes
Beginning Now: The Panic Phase of the Economic Collapse - 2nd Mar 09 - Martin Weiss
February 09
Stock Market Valuations, Siegel vs Standard & Poor's - 28th Feb 09 - Richard_Shaw
Stock Market Long-term Value Investing Fundamentals - 28th Feb 09 - John_Mauldin
A Crisis of Confidence - 27th Feb 09 - Andy_Sutton
Collapsing Earnings, Soaring PE Ratio Mean Much Lower Stock Prices - 27th Feb 09 - Hans_Wagner
As General Motors Goes, So Goes the Nation - 26th Feb 09 - James_Quinn
Global Financial Crisis and the Statue of the Three Lies - 25th Feb 09 - Rob_Kirby
Stock Market Fundamentals, Valuations and Technicals Say Investors Remain Patient - 25th Feb 09 - Chris_Ciovacco
Stocks Bear Market Deflationary Outlook - 25th Feb 09 - Michael_Swanson
Doug Casey: Investment Opportunities Amidst Economic Crisis - 25th Feb 09 - The_Gold_Report
United States Government Saving Capitalism From Itself - 24th Feb 09 - John_Mauldin
Stock Market Crash Red Alert: Meltdown Imminent! - 23rd Feb 09 - Martin Weiss
Debt Addiction Depression Destruction - 23rd Feb 09 - Darryl_R_Schoon
Crashing Corporate Earnings Resulting in Soaring S&P PE Ratio - 22nd Feb 09 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Risks of Investing in GLD ETF - 22nd Feb 09 - Eric_deCarbonnel
ECB Dithers as Eastern Europe Bad Debts to Bankrupt European Banks
Inside Story on Septembers Financial and Economic Meltdown- Video
Gold Stocks Surge
Protect Your Wealth from Collapsing Monetary Systems 
Obama's U.S. Housing Market Mortgage Bailout Plan Analysis
U.S. Economy 4th Quarter 2009 Recovery, SIVs to the Rescue?
The Perfect Storm: Financial Crisis of Epic Proportions
Russia's Post U.S. New World Order Blueprint
Fiat World Money Printing Mathematical Model
Stocks Bull Market Killers
Understanding the Difference Between Deflation and Hyperinflation: Deflationists Rebuttal
U.S. Zombie Banks to Avoid and Hidden Gems
Shopping for Toxic Assets at the "Zombie Bank". Final Chapter of the Credit Crunch?
Euro Currency Fractures as European Bond Markets Diverge on Default Risks
U.S. Economic Weakness Unmatched in 35 Years
UK Recession Watch- Britain's Great Depression?
Obama Economic Stimulus: Truth and Consquences
Anatomy of the Global Economic Downturn
World Trade Collapsing, Over-leveraged Bankrupt European Banks
Currencies 2009: Policies of INSOLVENCY, aka Falling Dominoes!
The U.S. Dollar and Monetary Policy
Dead Bankrupt Banks Stock Prices Diluted Into Oblivion
Extreme Credit Markets Stress: You Can't Fool Gold
Historic Oversold Conditions in Almost All Financial Markets
Fear Pushing Gold to New High this Year
Baby Boomers- Your Generation's Crisis Has Arrived
The Great Depression Facts: Double Dip Economic Slump
Stock Market to Fall AT LEAST Another 40%!
Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production
Economic Depression 2009?
Potential Dangers of Investing in Exchange Traded Notes (ETN's)
Lessons from Iceland's Financial and Economic Collapse
Why Economic Deflation Despite Inflationary Government Intervention
The History of Money: Peru and its Fiat Currencies
Euro Doomed to Fail as Governments Pull in Opposite Directions
Gold Manipulation and How Deflation Creates Hyperinflation
Financial and Economic Forecasts 2009, Stock Market Crash to New Lows
United States Day of Reckoning Treasury Bond Market Collapse Underway
January 09
Economic & Financial Markets Forecast 2009: Collapsing Global Financial System Ponzi Scheme
Investing in 2009, Six Mistakes You Must Avoid
U.S. Heading for Japan Style Two Decade Economic Depression
Gold Price Manipulation Further Forensic Examination
Global Money Supply and the Value of Gold
Peter Schiff Was Wrong on the U.S. Dollar and Foreign Stock Markets
Deflation Misconceptions and Inflationary Parabolic Money Supply Growth
Economic Depression 2009 Will Not Prevent Inflation
Financial Markets Forecasts for 2009
Gold Price Forecast 2009
Death Agony of Thatcherism Deregulated Financial System Model
The Six Biggest Myths About Gold
British Pound Panic Selling, Counting Down to Bankrupt Britain
FTSE 100 Index Stock Market Forecast 2009
Dow Jones Stock Market Forecast 2009
Economic & Financial Markets Outlook 2009, Part1: Nightmare on Main Street
US Dollar Bull Market 2009 Update
Hyperinflation Beginning in China Will Destroy the U.S. Dollar
Deflation? Stimulus? Deleveraging? Recession? Soft Depression?
Farrell's Rule #2 U.S. Stocks Won't Bottom Before 2011, 25% Below End 2008
Orwell's 2009- United States Big Brother is Watching
Post Stock Market Panic Rallies
Stock, Commodities and Real Estate Asset Price Drivers 2009-2010
Stock Markets Could Rise a Wall of Terror!
Stock Market Forecast 2009 -
Breakpoint for the Global Monetary System
Financial Markets Vertigo and Forecasts for 2009
Growth of Global Money Supply
Which Shines More: Gold, Silver or Crude Oil?
Fair-Value and Mark to Market...The Most Expensive Scam in History?
Global Stock and Commodities Market Crash 2009
Economic Forecast 2009: Deflation, Deleveraging, and Recession
Stock and Financial Markets Outlook for 2009
Stock Market Mega-trend Super-cycle Wave IV
Fraudulent Commodity Market Manipulations Vs Money Printing
The Global Gold Bull Market in Major Currencies
Unintended Consequences of the 20th Century and Beyond
Nouriel Roubini 2009 U.S. GDP Forecasting 40% Home Mortgage Failures ?
Stocks Bear Market, Setting the Bull Trap
Stock Market Investing 2009: Major Post Asset Deflation Themes
Great Economic Paradox of Stimulus and Bailout Packages
Depression 2009 The Largest Train Wreck in Economic History
UK Housing Market Crash and Depression Forecast 2007 to 2012
Bad Corporate Earnings Points to Retest of Stock Market Lows
Bailouts Breeding Something for Nothing Economic Policy


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