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The following represent the editors choice of the best of the best Real GEMS articles of analysis published on the Market Oracle website out of a pool of more than 14,000 articles, the following truly represents a rich resource of financial markets analysis and research.

2008 Archive
2009 - Q3
December 08
Most Popular Financial Markets Analysis of 2008
How to Invest in Crude Oil 2009
Stock Market Panic's The Greatest Investment Opportunities in History
UK CPI Inflation, RPI Deflation Forecast 2009
How We Can Avoid Another Tragic Ponzi Fraud Scheme
What Happened to the American Dream?
Inflation Deflation Switch Turns Entire Investment World Upside Down for 2009
Deflation Depression II as $10 Trillion Wealth Destroyed
Great Depression 2009 Follows $30 Trillion Deflation
Fiscal Insanity Virus, the Irrational Fear of Deflation
Fed Targeting Long-term Interest Rates to Force Mortgage Rates Lower
Buy and Sell Gold On-line Securely
The Greatest Wealth Transfer in the History of Mankind Starts Now!
Credit Collapse Financial Market Impacts and Implications
Deflation and the Destruction of America's Wealth
U.S. Federal Reserve Sets Stage for Weimar Style Hyper-inflation
The Market Oracles of Doom
Gold and Gold Stocks to Soar During 2009
Companies Trading at Bargain Basement Values
Financial System in Collapse, Credit Crisis Worst Yet to Come
Crude Oil Forecast 2009- Time to Buy?
Gold Red Alert- Gold Price Backwardation first time in History!
U.S. Housing Market Crash- How Far To The Bottom?
Wealth of Nations- Government Assets Minus Liabilities Analysis
America's Second Great Depression Has Started
UK Interest Rates Forecast to Crash to 1%
Comex Gold Shock and Awe
November 08
Investors Give Thanks for Stock Market Five Day Rally
Bankrupt Britain Trending Towards Hyper-Inflation?
The Real Truth behind the Citigroup Bank Nationalization
U.S. Housing Market Forecast 2009, More Pain No Gain
Manipulated Inflation Statistics An Undisclosed Act of Treason
World Economic Demand is Collapsing
U.S. Treasury the Final Bailout
Critical Week for Global Stock Markets and Economic Recovery
Hope for a Dismal Economy & Stock Market?
Where Stock Market Valuations and Technical Support Intersect
Credit Crisis Worse to Come as Bank Credit Contracts
U.S. Economic Pain Precedes Greatest Investment Opportunity of a Generation
Gloom and Doom Folks Will Soon be Proven Wrong
Agri-Foods Long-term Opportunities Amidst Hedge Funds Deleveraging
Will Fortune Favour the Brave in This Crisis Investment Climate?
After Shocks from the October Financial Markets Crash
Transitions From Stocks Bear Markets To Bull Markets
The Great American Housing Market Nightmare Next Phase
Stock Market Investing Dividend Yields Vs Bond Yields Analysis
U.S. Elections and Performance of Stocks, Dollar and Economy
Emerging Markets Turnaround is Getting Closer—Here's Why
Current Economic Crisis Worse than the Great Depression
FTSE 100 Stock Market Index Forecast Year End Rally
Stock Markets Staring into the Abyss

October 08
Stock Market Price Earnings Reversion Towards the Mean
Comex Gold and Silver Markets Hurtling Towards Default
Crooked Central Bank Plumbing the Depths of Depravity
Wild Crude Oil Markets Long-term Trend
Stock Market Crash Investor Overreaction Value Investing
When Will the Stocks Bear Market End?
Bear Market Deleveraging Producing Incredible Value in Agri-Foods
U.S. Dollar Bull Market Update
U.S. Dollar Driven Gold Price Crash
S&P500 Stock Market Crash Compared to Nikkei Index
Investment Opportunities in Municipal Bonds?
Stocks Bear Market Long-term Investing Strategy
Understanding Derivatives to Understand the Credit Crisis
Zinc Two Year Bear Market Coming to an End?
Stock Market Will Bottom Well Before the Economy
The Mechanism Of Capital Destruction
Fed Fighting to Prevent 1930's Style Financial and Economic Deflation
The Financial and Economic Blue Screen of Death
The U.S. Housing Market Economic Double Negative Feedback Loop
Stocks Bear Market Has NOT Hit Bottom!
Financial Markets Crash Greatest Opportunity in History!
Gold Price Manipulation- Bear Stearns Murdered at the Golden Gates
Central Banks Panic as Bailouts Fail to Halt Stock Market Crash
Financial Crisis 2008 Similar to 1987 Stock Market Crash
UK Interest Rate Forecast 2009
U.S. Economy Rapidly Sinking Into Economic Depression
Manipulation of Gold and Commodity Prices to Prevent Inflation and Higher Interest Rates
Bailout Fixes Nothing, Banking System Collapse Approaches Climax
Buy and Sell Gold On-line Securely
September 08
Financial Tsunami: The End of the World as we Knew it
Financial Catastrophe Entire Global Financial System in Collapse
End of the Financial World- LIBOR TED Spread Flashes Trouble
America's Financial Apocalypse, What Can YOU Do as an Investor?
Bailout Crisis - What Happens Next
Credit Crisis Analysis and Conclusions
Financial Armageddon and the Re-pricing of Collateralized Debt
Systemic Failure of the United States- Game Over
Is the United States In Recession?
BANKRUPT Banks Wiped Out by Tulip Backed Securities

August 08
Stock Market Rally Does Not Change Fundamentals
Strong US Dollar Investment Implications for Stocks and Gold
Crashing Global Economy Boosts Dollar as Interest Rate Differentials Narrow
Economic Decoupling Fails as World Follows US into Recession
Yikes! Major Reversal in Fortunes for the US Dollar and Gold
Fundemental Change as Global Economy Heads For Recession
China Growing Risk of Corporate and Economic Distress
Stock Markets Heading for Price Earnings Reversion Below the Mean
Using Macroeconomics to Obtain Long-term Market Forecasts
Gold Bull Markets Strong Seasonal Tendancies
Israel Telegraphing of Attack on Iran Just Psychological Warfare -
How Washington is Fooling You: Manipulated Employment Data -
Economic Forecasts and Analysis For US Financial Markets (August 4th- 8th 2008)
Credit Crunch Anniversary and Mega Trends Investing
Commodities Keel Over as US Heads for Prolonged Recession -
Payrolls and Unemployment Data Confirm US In Recession
Base Metals Bull Markets Impacted by LME Stockpiles
July 08
Washington Manipulation of GDP Data to Hide Recessions
Broadening Top Megaphone Pattern Predicted Stock Market Crash
Importance of Long-term Trending Markets in Investment Risk Management -
Fortress Iran is Virtually Impregnable to a Successful Invasion
United States Unfolding Financial and Economic Nightmare
Stock Market Forecasting Made Simple
An More Accurate Measure of the Money Supply TMS or M3 ? -
Protect Your Stocks Portfolio- Industries to Avoid, Industries to Buy
Bursting Bubbles Mean Inflation to Give Way to Deflation
Recent Hindenburg Stock Market Crash Omen
June 08
Regional Velocity of Inflation a Consequence of US Trade Deficit
Sell, Hedge your Stock Market Investments.. or Be Prepared to Lose!
China's Geopolitic Imperatives and its Current Economic Position
May 08
Crude Oil Prices Set to Double and Double Again!
Grain Exporting Countries of Africa to Mirror Crude Oil OPEC Boom
Top 10 Global Investment Trends to Follow for the Next 18 Months
Fixing The Credit Markets to Avoid Another Credit Crisis
Investor Sentiment Improves on Worst of Credit Crisis Behind Us
How to Teach Your Children Financial Independence

Apr 08
Seven Ominous Crises: How to Protect Your Portfolio and Profit!
How the Economy Really Works- Inflation, Money Supply and the Velocity of Money
US Hot Dry Summer Forecast Bullish for Energy and Agricultural Investments
US Economic Quarterly Review and Outlook for 2008
Credit Crisis SCOOP- LIBOR Is Now Irrelevant to Derivatives Pricing
Stock Market Mega Trend and the Wolf Wave
It is 1937 for the US Federal Reserve
Forget the Credit Crisis Headlines, Listen to the Bond Market!
Central Banks' in Tatters- Facts are Stubborn Things Part II
Addressing the Cause and Effect of the Credit Crisis, Legislating Denial- Part1
Stock Market Valuation and Reversion to the Mean
Buy Chinese Stocks Like Crazy!
UK House Prices Plunge Over the Cliff
Lessons from Japan: Prepare for 0% US Interest Rates
Stock Markets to be Hit by Sharp Fall in Corporate Earnings
US Housing Bust and the American Dream
Contracting US Economy to Hit Corporate Earnings
Market Manipulation on Hedge Funds Margin Calls to Trigger Distressed Selling
Worst of Credit Crisis Over? Watch the Stock/ Bond Ratio
Central Banking Cartels- Crisis Cause and Effect
Buy and Sell Gold On-line Securely
Mar 08
US Housing Market Bottoming?
Bottomless Financial Sector Bottom
Stocks Bear Market- How Bad Can It Get?
DELEVERAGING- Gold and Commodities Teetering on the Brink of a Bear Market?
Bankrupt Bear Stearns Given Away to JP Morgan to Prevent Market Panic
Economy and PE Ratio Impact on Long-term Stock Market Investment Returns
Central Banks $2.5 Trillion Money Supply Fails to Stop Global Deleveraging
Stock Market Leading Indicators: All Showing Major Weakness
Deflating Housing and Credit Bubbles Will Lead to DisInflation
Stagflation and the Fed- Damn the Inflation Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!
Feb 08
Credit Crisis Timeline - From Foreclosures To Bank Failures
Bernanke's Mission Impossible- To Boost the Economy To Win the Election
Subprime Mortgage Scam Lands US Tax Payer $739 Billion Bailout Bill
Colossal Collateral Damage- Financial Tsunami Part V
Experts: Global Food Shortages Could ‘Continue for Decades'
The Credit Crash - The Next Shoe to Drop Will Be...
US Credit Markets Are Collapsing! - Last Chance to Defend Your Portfolio!
Bernanke's State of the US Economy Speech: "You are all Dead Ducks!"
Warren Buffet to the Rescue, Credit Crisis Creates Opportunities
A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order F. William Engdahl - Part I
Looming US Treasury Bond Market Crash
Seven Companies Set to Rake in the Cash on China's Consumer Boom!
Rising Risk of a Systemic Financial Meltdown:The 12 Steps to Financial Disaster By Nouriel Roubini
Credit Crisis is Getting Worse as ISM Services Survey Falls out of Bed
Healthcare, Industrials and Consumer Discretionary Investing Themes 2008: A Tale of Two Halves - Part 5
The Financial Tsunami Endgame: Unregulated Private Money Creation - Part IV
The Bush Financial and Economic Bust of 2008 - The Destruction of Capital
Sector Rotation for Recession - Lessons from the Business Cycle -
Commodities, Natural Resources and Precious Metals Forecasts 2008 - Part IV -
Aluminum and Natural Gas - the Next Commodities to Boom?
US and European Economies Heading for Depression 2.0
Jan 08
Stock Market Top Identified by Business Cycle - Rotate Sectors for Growth
US Stock Market Not Pricing in Recession!
Fed Duped by Rogue Trader and the Destruction of Bond Insurers
Stocks Secular Bear Market
UK Interest Rate 2008 Forecast Cuts to 4.75% by September 2008
Greenspan's Grand Design To Serve the Money Trust - Financial Tsunami Part III
Expert Views on the Stock Market Credit Crisis and Global Economy
Use Short Bear Funds to Hedge Crashing Stock Markets
Credit Default Swaps: The Continuing Crisis and Big Story for 2008
US Stock Markets Dome Top Signals Tragic End of the Bull Market
Commodities Secular Bull Continues Into 2008 - Many More Years to Run! -
Is Copper Signaling Lower Gold Prices Ahead?
Natural Gas Long-term Outlook
Deflation Economic Time-bomb As US Moves Towards Recession
Important Stock Market Investment Drivers for 2008: A Tale of Two Halves
Stock Market Valuations Misleading, Signal Substantial Weakness for 2008
Panic Buying of Agricultural Sector as Global Grain Inventories Hit Record Lows
Sovereign Wealth Funds - Saviours or Harbingers of Economic Apocalypse?
Energy Stocks Undervalued as Crude Oil Targets Beyond $100 During 2008
CRB Commodity Price Index Trend Manipulation
Dec 07
Lessons for High Yield Stock Market Investments 2008
Base Metals 2008 Trend Determined by LME Stock Piles - Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Lead and Aluminum
FTSE 100 Index 2008 UK Stock Market Forecast 2008
EXIT 2007: A Year of Denials of the Bad Loans Credit Crisis and Inflation
UK Economy GDP Growth Forecast for 2008 - NO Recession
Stock Markets Extremely Undervalued Under the IBES Valuation Model
US Bailout of Bond Insurers to Prevent Collapse of US Banking System
US Inflation Soars - Largest Rise in Producer Prices Since 1973!
Dow Theory Stocks Primary Bear Market Confirmation
Academics at the Fed Have No Real Money Markets Experience - US In Stagflation
Black Swans and Endogenous Uncertainty of the Financial Markets
End of the US Banking and Financial System
Beat The Market By Using Call Covered Traded Options Strategies - Part 2
Are We Heading for Hyperinflation or Deflation? - At Philosophical Crossroads
Nov 07
Beat The Market By Using Call Covered Traded Options Strategies - Part 1
US Fed Behind the Economic and Housing Curve
The Next Subprime Dominos to Fall: Junk Bonds and Hedge Fund Risk Insurers
UK Inflation Forecast 2008 (RPI and CPI)
Financial Sector Crash - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac The New Savings and Loan Crisis
Investing In Asia - Buy the Technology, Not the Trend
Megaforces Shaping The Greatest Global Wealth Shift of All Time
Quant Hedge Funds and the August Subprime Financial Markets Meltdown
P/E Ratio Global Stock Markets Analysis and Technical Outlook - Nov 07
COAL The Next Energy Resource Boom
Real US Inflation is 6% Not 2% Implying Stagflation
Invest in Gold ETF To Gain Gold Price Exposure
Understanding the US Credit Crunch of 2007
Next Phase of the Financial Markets Credit Crunch Crisis: The Great Ratings Debacle
Impact of the Credit Crunch on UK Borrowers Debt Mountain Going into 2008
Crash in UK House Prices Forecast for April 2008 As Buy to Let Investors Sell on Capital Gains Tax Change
Credit Crunch to Credit Crisis - Financial Sector Crash Continues
US Housing Crash - History Repeating in Florida and Lessons from the Roaring 20's
The Credit Markets Credit Crunch - Tragedy or Farce?
Major Stock Market Uptrends to Resume - China Shanghai Index Primed For a Crash
Why the Fed Will Keep Cutting US Interest Rates, Jobs Number is Really a Negative 211,000
Goldman Sachs Manipulation of Commodity Prices - Gasoline and Crude Oil
Oct 07
The Growth Recession and Early Stages of a Housing Depression
Could Crude Oil $100 Cause the Next Credit Crunch?
UK House Prices - Primary Reasons For a Sharp Fall
Subprime Credit Crunch - The Market for New Homes is Dead
Financial Market Myths Exposed! Three FREE Videos
Paulson's $100 billion “Bankers Bankruptcy Fund” and the G-7 Subprime Fiasco
Gold Gearing Up For Strong Bull Market Rally Into 2008
America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks
Historic and Current Hyperinflation From Across the Globe
1987 Stock Market Crash - How a Newbie Beat the Great Crash!
Systematic Threat to Global Financial System - The Fingers of Instability
Financial Crisis and Why Risk Valuation Tools in Practical Portfolio Selection are Meaningless
The Greatest Stocks Bull Market in History - Chinese Shanghai Red-chips
Stocks Bull Market - Bad News is Good News as Markets Continue to Price in Interest Rate Cuts
US In a Slow Motion Recession Due to Housing Market Bubble Bust
Loss of Confidence in the US Dollar As it Crashes Towards USD 40!
Lower Interest Rates = Lower Stock Market - The Double Failure of the So-Called Fed Model
Jan - Sep 07
Steepening US Treasury Yield Curve to Ignite Gold - Stagflation Around the Corner
UK Housing Market on Brink of Price Crash - Media Lessons from 1989!
Stock Market Returns After Interest Rate Cuts
House Prices to Drop by 50%, US Still Headed for A Recession Despite Fed Rate Cut
Historical Analysis of Stock Market Behavior Following Fed Interest Rate Cuts
UK Interest Rates Forecast to Fall to 5% by September 2008
US Now in Growth Recession, Full Blown Recession Tomorrow?
Housing Market Fire Sales - Fingers of Instability Series Part Six
UK Housing Market Crash of 2007 - 2008 and Steps to Protect Your Wealth
Sheffield Hit by Worst Flood in One Hundred and Fifty Years
UK Housing Market Heading for a Property Crash
A Random Walk Down The Path of Asset Price Deflation
The United States of Foreclosure - Subprime fiasco to trigger Stock Market Crash
US Housing Bubble Meltdown: "Is it too late to get out"?
US Housing Market Crash to result in the Second Great Depression
US Housing Market- The Mother of All Bubbles UK Housing Market Heading for a Property Crash
Gold Bull Market set to resume
Last Warning! Three-Pronged Collapse ... Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate


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