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June 2010
Gulf Oil Spill Methane Release and Mass Extinction Events, How Bad Could It Get? - 30th June 10 - Washingtons_Blog
U.S. Housing Bear Market Second Down Leg Closer Look - 29th June 10 - John_Mauldin
Gold Miners and Explorers Face Serious Supply Problems - 29th June 10 - Brent Cook

UK ConLib Government to Use INFLATION Stealth Tax to Erode Value of Public Debt- 29th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Price Manipulation Prior to Options Expiration Exposed - 28th June 10 - Jason_Hamlin
Gold and Crude Oil are Mandatory Investments - 28th June 10 - Larry_Edelson
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Weekend Market Take, Those Terrible Unions, Greed is not Good and This is Theft - 27th June 10 - PhilStockWorld
Gold Imminent Reversal and Retreat, Stocks Bear Market Pattern Developing - 27th June 10 - Clive_Maund
Deepwater Drilling Gulf Of Mexico Fundamentally Flawed Protocol In Use Of Cement - 27th June 10 - Dr_Stephen_Rinehart
Congress Or Fed Too Big To Fail? - 26th June 10 - Gary_North
Increasing Risk of Double Dip Recession as Leading Economic Indicators Start to Turn - 26th June 10 - John_Mauldin
Stock Market Technical Tipping Point Critical Bear Signal - 25th June 10 - Brian_Bloom
Deep Water Oil The Final Frontier - 24th June 10 - Andrew_McKillop
The Brilliant but Confused Radicalism of George Orwell - 24th June 10 - Jeff_Riggenbach
Path to Gold Backed Currency - 23rd June 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
Stock Market Head and Shoulder’s? Where's Your Money? - 23rd June 10 - JD_Rosendahl
What's the Point of Macro Events Research in Forecasting? - 22nd June 10 - John_Mauldin
Four Factors to Consider Before Determining Your View on Stocks - 21st June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Where is the BP Gulf Oil Spill? - 21st June 10 - Washingtons_Blog
The Next Catastrophic Bubble to Pop Will Be Private Sector Debt - 18th June 10 - Andrew_Butter
Stock Market Choppy Recoveries and Rally Attempts - 18th June 10 - Chris_Ciovacco
EXTEND & PRETEND: A Matter of National Security - 18th June 10 - Gordon_T_Long
The Crisis of Capitalism; Why the Socialists are Wrong - 17th June 10 - David_Knox_Barker
Afghanistan Resources War For Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas - 17th June 10 - Michel_Chossudovsky
Mr. Denninger and Gold, A Rebuttal to All Fiat Money Apologists - 17th June 10 - Gordon_Gekko
Silver, Is Now a Good Time to Buy? - 16th June 10 - Jeff Clark
Psychology of the Copper Market, Implications for the Global Economy - 16th June 10 - Gary_Dorsch
What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like - 16th June 10 - Richard Heinberg
The Inflation Mega-Trend Continues With UK CPI 3.4%, RPI 5.1% - 16th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
The U.S. Federal Government Debt and Deficit - Congressman, Heal Thyself! - 15th June 10 - Paul_L_Kasriel

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The Kyrgyzstan Crisis and the Russian Dilemma - 15th June 10 - Peter Zeihan
Government Quest to Buy Inflation, Print Baby Print - 15th June 10 - Dylan Grice
The Fractional Reserve Banking System Explained - 14th June 10 - Robert_Murphy
Stock Market Stuck as Investors Demand Risk Premium for Buying - 14th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Two Decades Of Debt Induced Greed Unraveling into the Greater Depression - 13th June 10 - James_Quinn
Stock Market Bulls Watch for a Higher High Whilst Bears Growl For New Lows - 13th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Investors Face Long-term Structural Changes of Lower Growth, Higher Volatility and Unemployment - 12th June 10 - Jonathan Tepper
BP Criminal Negligence and the US Culture of Crime and Punishment - 12th June 10 - Andrew_Butter
PONZI Finance Recipe for Economic Catastrophe, Gold Not a Bubble - 11th June 10 - Ty_Andros
EXTEND & PRETEND: A Guide to the Stock Market Road Ahead - 11th June 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Gold Seasonal Price Trends are Favorable for Summer Purchases - 10th June 10 - Michael_J_Kosares
Stock Market On the Edge of Something Very Big, Crash? - 9th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
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Sovereign Debt Concerns Continue to Hit Stocks and Commodity Markets - 9th June 10 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
How to Use Gold to Avoid Vulnerability to Market Volatility - 8th June 10 - The_Gold_Report
The Doctor and the Dealman: Energy Resources Sector Investing Update - 8th June 10 - David Galland
Why U.S. Stocks Can Outshine Faltering Global Economic Growth - 7th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Second Stocks Bear Market, The Right Path! - 7th June 10 - Steve_Betts
Implications of the Gold Silver Price Divergence... - 6th June 10 - Clive_Maund
It's Un-American To Be Bearish On Anything Besides Gold and Silver - 5th June 10 - Adam_Brochert
U.S. Negative 2% GDP Q3, Economy Return to Recession? - 5th June 10 - John_Mauldin
U.S. Real Jobs Only Increase by 20,000, Unemployment Dips to 9.7% - 5th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Investors Commodities Stock Buying Opportunity - 4th June 10 - Zeal_LLC
A Primer on Austrian Economics - 4th June 10 - J_M_Finegold_Catalan
Euro-zone Credit Crisis and China Shanghai Commodites Market Shakeout - 3rd June 10 - Gary_Dorsch
North European Euro Nations Preparing to Slaughter the PIGS - 2nd June 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
Health Care Sector, the Ultimate Hedge in Economic Crisis - 2nd June 10 - John_Mauldin
Stock Investing Top Profit Plays for a Defensive Portfolio - 2nd June 10 - William Patalon III
U.S. Housing, Real Estate, Credit Bubble Deflation, 5 More Years of Financial Hell - 1st June 10 - Steve_Moyer
Sovereign Debt Crisis Fails to Deliver Knock Out Punch to Stock Markets - 31st May 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Marc Faber on the Coming Economic Catastrophe Triggered by the Next AIG to Fall - 31st May 10 - Marc Faber
May 2010
Gold and Silver Bull Market Progress Report - 31st May 10 - Peter_Degraaf
The Looming Financial Holocaust, Massive Bearish Patterns Across Multiple Markets- 30th May 10 - Clive_Maund
Mr Denninger and Gold or Why the Dollar-Deflationists Are Wrong - 30th May 10 - Gordon_Gekko
SPX Establishes Lower Low As China Stocks Reverse Higher - 30th May 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
The Wall Street Journal Hates Gold, Missed the Whole Bull Market - 29th May 10 -Gary_North
Pity the Greeks, Should the U.S. Bail Out European Banks? - 29th May 10 - John_Mauldin
Glenn Beck and Co. Cashing in through Scare Tactics - 29th May 10 - Mike_Stathis
U.S. Stock and Bond Market Total Return vs Price Return - 28th May 10 - Richard_Shaw
Greece, Portugal and Spain Are the Least of Our Economic, Financial Challenges - 27th May 10 - Paul_L_Kasriel
Towards Another Stock Market Crash? - 27th May 10 - Bob_Chapman
E.U. Bailout Just Delays Inevitable Sovereign Debt Default - 26th May 10 - Roger Wiegand
Gold Correction Factors, Hidden Dollar Swap Hammer - 26th May 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
What's Really Wrong with the U.S. Health Care Industry - 26th May 10 - Vijay_Boyapati
Interview with Nick Leeson on Gordon Brown Gold Sales and GATA - 25th May 10 - GoldCore
After the Crisis: Planning a New Financial Structure, Learning from the Bank of Dad - 25th May 10 - Paul McCulley
Stock Market Investors Don't Go with the Flow - 24th May 10 - Douglas_French
Will Extreme Market Volatility Actually Stabilize the Markets? - 24th May 10 - Jon D. Markman
Sovereign Debt Crisis, America, PIIGS “R” Us too?- 23rd May 10 - Michael_Pollaro
U.S. Interest Rates Remain on Hold or Heading Higher? - 22nd May 10 - John_Mauldin
Deficits To Go Galactic, Sell in May and Run Away . . . Fast - 22nd May 10 - Gary_North
Smart Money Holds Gold and Buys Major Miners - 22nd May 10 - Matt Badiali
EURO EXPERIMENT: German Steel or Schmucks? - 21st May 10 - Gordon_T_Long
The Eurozone Stimulus Package and Economic Fundamentals - 21st May 10 - Frank_Shostak
Natural Gas Shale-Shocked in America - 20th May 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Global Debt Defaults Ahead as Keynesian's Race to Bankruptcy -19th May 10 - Gary_North
British Petroleum (BP) Stock Price Valuation Analysis -19th May 10 - Mike_Stathis
The Great Commodities Con, Dangers of Investing in ETF's, Exchange Traded Funds - 18th May 10 - Niels Jensen
Germany, Greece and Exiting the Eurozone - 18th May 10 - STRATFOR
Sovereign Debt Crisis: Investor Emergency Strategy Update - 17th May 10 - Martin_D_Weiss
U.S. Economic Recovery is Strengthening the Global Economy Against Europe’s Debt Turmoil - 17th May 10 - Jon D. Markman
Stocks Bull Market Hits Eurozone Debt Crisis Brick Wall, Forecast Into July 2010 - 16th May 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Stock Market Rally Failure Whilst Gold Rally Continues - 16th May 10 - Steve_Betts
ECB Abandons Independence and Prints $1Trilion to Prevent Euro-Zone Collapse - 15th May 10 - John_Mauldin
Euro Plunge, Stocks Bear, Gold Topping and China SSEC Reversal - 15th May 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Silver Seasonal Trend Analysis, Sell in Early May and Lose Average $1 per Ounce Each Year - 14th May 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
European Sovereign Debt Crisis Sends Euro Gold to €1000, Will it Hold ? - 14th May 10 - Zeal_LLC
EURO EXPERIMENT: E.U. Bullied into $1T Banking Bailout Bonanza - 14th May 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Greek Debt Wildfire Engulfs the Euro in Flames, Boosts Gold - 13th May 10 - Gary_Dorsch
Gold Trend Forecast 2010 Updated and Related Market Ratios - 13th May 10 - David_Petch
Financial Markets Debt Currency Shock Events and Gold Breakout - 12th May 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
U.S. Budget Deficit and Debt Landmines Dead Ahead! - 12th May 10 - Casey_Research
Gold And The Myth Of Free Markets - 11th May 10 -Darryl_R_Schoon
The Big Short – How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street - 11th May 10 -James_Quinn
Europe's Shock and Awe Bailout Impact on Bonds, Stocks, Gold and Currencies - 11th May 10 - Bill_Downey
Real Story Behind Last Week’s Stock Market Panic - 10th May 10 - Jon D. Markman
Gold Targets New All Time High Whilst Gold Stocks Avoid Market Crash - 9th May 10 - Clive_Maund
Fed Fraud and Stock Market Crash Bamboozles Investors - 9th May 10 - Steve_Betts
Stock Market Rational Panic - Where Are We? - 9th May 10 - Adam_Brochert
Sovereign Debt Goes Bang! Challenge for Central Banks - 8th May 10 - John_Mauldin
EXTEND & PRETEND: Shifting Risk to the Innocent - 7th May 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Stock Market Crash More to Come - 7th May 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Death, er… Debt Spirals; Blow Out and BLOW UP, The Sovereign Policies of Insolvency - 6th May 10 - Ty_Andros
What if the EuroZone Breaks Up? Looking to the Collapse of the Soviet Union for Answers - 6th May 10 - Charles Gave
Investing in Russia, Doug Casey on the Russian Bear BRIC - 5th May 10 - Louis James
Greece Economic Depression Resulting in INFLATION NOT DEFLATION Surge - 5th May 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
U.S. Dollar Doomsday Crash 2010, Protect Your Wealth With Gold - 3rd May 10 - Larry_Edelson
The Great Interest Rate Explosion of 2010-2011 How to Protect Your Wealth and Profit - 3rd May 10 - Mike_Larson
What Next for U.S. Treasury Bonds? - 3rd May 10 - Frank_Shostak
Global Debt Crisis Future Public Debt Trajectory Protections - 2nd May 10 - John_Mauldin
Global Debt Crisis Hits Markets, The Moment of Truth is Upon Us - 2nd May 10 - Steve_Betts
Stock Market More Bearish Food For Thought - 1st May 10 - Adam_Brochert
Debt, A Simple, but Painful Economic Lesson - 1st May 10 - Doug_Wakefield
Today’s Most Important Gold Price Points - 30th April 10 -Bill_Downey
April 2010
EXTEND & PRETEND: Uncle Sam, You Sly Devil! - 30th April 10 -Gordon_T_Long
Greece Financial Markets and Economic Collapse Sinking Euro Zone Economy - 29th April 10 - John_Mauldin
UPDATE: America’s Second Great Depression (Part 1) - 28th April 10 - Mike_Stathis
Bailouts, Stimulus Packages and Jobless Recovery, Crisis of Wealth Destruction - 28th April 10 - Henry_CK_Liu
Could Greek Debt Tragedy Morph into a Lehman Meltdown Market Crash?- 28th April 10 - Gary_Dorsch
Stock Market Sell Signals Abound, VIX Spikes Higher, XLF Says Good-bye to Support - 28th April 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
The Greek Debt Tragedy From Banks to Sovereigns Back to Banks - 27th April 10 - John_Mauldin
The Imminent Crash Of The Oil Supply - 26th April 10 - Nicholas C. Arguimbau
Stocks Led by Apple On a Hot Bull Run No Investor Should Miss - 26th April 10 - Jon D. Markman
E.U. Greece Debt Crisis Impacts on Gold, Silver and Stocks - 26th April 10 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Nasdaq Tek Stock NDX at 2050! - 26th April 10 - Behrouz_Fallahi
Inflation or Deflation, What to Do and When to Act - 25th April 10 - Gary_North
Euro Crisis Could Trigger Stocks, Dollar, Commodity and Bond Markets Drop - 25th April 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Gold, HUI and Stocks On the Brink of an Asset Explosion II - 24th April 10 - Toby_Connor
EXTEND and PRETEND, Is the U.S. Facing a Cash Crunch?- 24th April 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Are Interest Rate Derivatives a Ticking Time Bomb? - 23rd April 10 -Washingtons_Blog
Greek Bond Market Crash, Greece Budget Deficit Worse Than Feared - 23rd April 10 - Mike_Shedlock
The Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, Gold's Springboard - 22 April 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Conflict of Interest in Market Transactions - 22 April 10 - PhilStockWorld
Teaching Inflation - 22 April 10 - Hunt Tooley
Bankster Gangsters Global Commodities Grab Causes Major Bank Profits to Soar - 22 April 10 - Peter Krauth
Money Supply Metrics, the Austrian Take - 21 April 10 - Michael_Pollaro
Deeper Double Dip Recession as Keynesian Fails- 21 April 10 - Gary_North
U.S. In the Midst of the Greater Depression, Fourth Turning Generational Crisis - 20th April 10 - James_Quinn
America’s Economic Recovery Is a Rotten Sham - 20th April 10 - Justice_Litle
Global Financial Maelstrom Continues, Government Policies of Insolvency - 19th April 10 - Ty_Andros
14 Risks of Holding U.S. Government Treasury Bonds - 19th April 10 - Martin_D_Weiss
Financial Reform Bill Will Devastate U.S. Economy, and Goldman Sachs CDO's Squared- 18th April 10- John_Mauldin
Gold Technical Pullback, China Demand, Euro PIIGS and Goldman Sachs Paulson Massive Positions- 18th April 10- Dian_L_Chu
China and the Emerging Markets Investing Mega-Trend - 18th April 10- Nadeem_Walayat
Financial Regulators and Insiders had Foreknoweldge of the U.S. Housing Bubble - 17th April 10 -Washingtons_Blog
EXTEND & PRETEND: Gaming the US Tax Payer - 16th April 10 - Gordon_T_Long
U.S. Faces Second Lost Depression, Why This Recession Is Different and What To Do About It - 15th April 10 -Mike_Shedlock
Britain's Accelerating Trend Towards High Inflation and UK Debt Default Bankruptcy - 13th April 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Gold, Professor Fekete And The Economic Armageddon Signal - 13th April 10 -Darryl_R_Schoon
Latvia’s Cruel Neoliberal Economic Experiment - 13th April 10 -Michael_Hudson
Bernanke the Great Inflator Says Welcome to Zimbabwe - 12th April 10 -Douglas_French
Wall Street Banks Looting Main Street - 12th April 10 -Matt Taibbi
Foreign Stock Markets Outshine U.S. on Increasing Investor Risk Appetite - 12th April 10 - Jon D. Markman
Manufacturing a Minsky Stock Market Melt-Up! - 11th April 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Credit Default Swaps Threaten the Whole System, Real Financial Form Needed - 10th April 10 - John_Mauldin
The Current Financial Crisis — and After - 9th April 10 - Kevin Dowd
The Global Bubble Has Reflated - 8th April 10 - Mike_Stathis
The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution- 7th April 10 - Andrew_G_Marshall
Two U.S. Dollar Signposts and Gold Silver Stealth Run- 7th April 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
Protect Your Wealth From Exploding Debt as States Implode- 6th April 10 -Sean_Brodrick
Where Are Mortgage Interest Rates Headed And Why?- 6th April 10 -John_Mauldin
Stocks Valuations and Market Psychology, Greed is the Winner, Fear is Waiting- 6th April 10 - Shaily
Oil Price BubbleOmics: $90 and Rising Is the New Reality- 5th April 10 - Andrew_Butter
The Urge to Save Humanity is Almost Always a False Front For the Urge to Rule- 5th April 10 - James_Quinn
EXTEND & PRETEND: U.S. High Yield Debt Hitting the Maturity Wall!- 5th April 10 - Gordon_T_Long
Is This a Economic Recovery?- 4th April 10 -John_Mauldin
India Economy and Stock Market Relentless Surge - 1st Apr 10 - Shaily
The Long Wave (aka The K Wave) “Jubilee” Cycle- 1st Apr 10 - David_Knox_Barker



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