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The Best Financial Markets Analysis - June 08 to August 08

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

Crude Oil Demand Destruction Overdone? - 15th Aug 08
Epic Gold Stocks Buying Opportunity - 15th Aug 08
US Dollar Short-Term Rebalancing of Expectations, Long Term Risk - 15th Aug 08
Hard Cold Numbers on the Credit Crunch - 15th Aug 08
Russia Georgia War: Putin Walks Into Quagmire Trap - 15th Aug 08
Euro-zone on the Brink of Recession - 15th Aug 08
New Cold War Investment Profit Opportunities - 15th Aug 08
Bush's Dirty Little Medicare Secret - 15th Aug 08
Fundemental Change as Global Economy Heads For Recession - 15th Aug 08
The US Housing Market Mess the Experts Missed - 14th Aug 08
Global Oil, Food and Water Crisis Economic Tipping Points - 14th Aug 08
US Deceptive Q2 GDP Based on Fraudulent Price Deflator - 14th Aug 08
British Gold Sovereigns -The Preserve of Collectors, Savers and Smart Investors - 14th Aug 08
Investors Should Pay Attention to Important Stock Market Divergences - 14th Aug 08
Precious Metals Stocks on Major Buy Alert - 14th Aug 08
Another Geo-strategic Gain for the Chinese Manufacturing Dragon - 14th Aug 08
Slump in Private Equity Deals - 14th Aug 08
Global Goldilocks Economy ? - 14th Aug 08
Bank of England's Worthless 2% 2Year CPI Inflation Forecasts - 14th Aug 08
The Russia Georgian War and the Balance of Power - 13th Aug 08
Distressed Bank's Capital Destructive Debt Issuance - 13th Aug 08
China's Olympic Gold Medal Tech Economy - 13th Aug 08
The Case For and Against the US Dollar - 13th Aug 08
Gold Oversold at Seasonal Lows - 13th Aug 08
Fannie, Freddie Common Stock Now Valued as a Call Option - 12th Aug 08
China Growing Risk of Corporate and Economic Distress - 12th Aug 08
Gold Trying to Make a Bottom - 12th Aug 08
UK Inflation Shocking Rise to 4.4% CPI Confirms Stagflation - 12th Aug 08
India's Reliability Provides a Razor Thin Investment Edge Over China - 12th Aug 08
Gold Bull Market Correction Elliott Wave Analysis - 12th Aug 08
Fed Failing to Get Credit Flowing - 11th Aug 08
Could Lower Commodity Prices Pave the Way to Steady Interest Rates? - 11th Aug 08
Russia Georgia War - Washington Risks Nuclear War by Miscalculation - 11th Aug 08
AMEX GOLD BUGS INDEX (HUI): Again a Golden Opportunity to Buy Gold Shares? - 11th Aug 08
Economic Deflation is Not Coming, Deflation is Here! - 11th Aug 08
Russian Bear Delivers Crude Oil and Gold a Black Swan Event - 10th Aug 08
Stock Market Counter Trend Rally Heading for Consolidation - 10th Aug 08
Gold Succumbs to US Dollar Strength - 10th Aug 08
The Stocks Relief Rally and Commodities Correction - 10th Aug 08
RBS Record Loss as Systemic Banking Crisis Deepens - 10th Aug 08
Spreading Global Economic Weakness Is Positive for US Dollar - 10th Aug 08
US Dollar and Stocks Olympics Rally Despite Recession - 10th Aug 08
An Interview With the Kress Stock Market Cycle Master - 10th Aug 08
Gold Plunges Towards Test of Key Support at $850 - 9th Aug 08
Stocks and Commodities Bubbles, Parabolic Moves, and Resulting Collapses - 9th Aug 08
Gold Trend- The good, the Bad and the Ugly - 9th Aug 08
U.S. Dollar Soars Triggering Major Currency Breakouts - 9th Aug 08
Why Gold Fell Below $900 - 9th Aug 08
Stock Markets Heading for Price Earnings Reversion Below the Mean - 9th Aug 08
The Fast Disappearing U.S. Middle Class - 9th Aug 08
Using Macroeconomics to Obtain Long-term Market Forecasts - 9th Aug 08
The Day That Alt-A Mortgages Died - 8th Aug 08
US Dollar Bottoming? - 8th Aug 08
Gold Bull Markets Strong Seasonal Tendancies - 8th Aug 08
Bond Market Portfolio Building Strategies - 8th Aug 08
American Dream Optimism in Denial of Inflation and Slumping Economy - 8th Aug 08
Rising Inflation Ensures Stock Markets Headed for More Distress - 8th Aug 08
ECB Rate Freeze Boosts US Dollar Long-term Trend Change Probability - 8th Aug 08
Euro and US Dollar Headed Lower as Yen Carry Trade Continues to Unwind - 8th Aug 08
UK Housing Market Freezes as Chancellor Dithers Over Stamp Duty - 8th Aug 08
US Economic Wealth Last Chance Saloon Rant - 7th Aug 08
Israel Telegraphing of Attack on Iran Just Psychological Warfare - 7th Aug 08
Systemic Risk Spreads as Gold Loses Safe-haven Status - 7th Aug 08
US Soaring Jobless Claims and the "L" Shaped Recession - 7th Aug 08
German Manufacturing Hit by Crumbling Eurozone Economy - 7th Aug 08
Commodities Super Cycle Heading for Demand Destruction? - 7th Aug 08
The Case Against Investing in Gold - 7th Aug 08
Gold ETF- The Best Trading Vehicle for Trading Gold - 7th Aug 08
Money Printing to Save Imploding Banking System Will Send Gold Soaring - 7th Aug 08
Responding to Stocks Bear Market Conditions - 7th Aug 08
Gold and Silver Near Significant Secondary August Bottom - 7th Aug 08
UK Interest Rates on Hold as Economy heads towards Stagflation - 7th Aug 08
California Budget Showdown Over Wage Cut Defiance - 6th Aug 08
Asset Price Deflation Heralds Big Problems for Baby Boomers - 6th Aug 08
Investing in Solar Power Energy Technology - 6th Aug 08
California Budget Showdown Over Wage Cut Defiance - 6th Aug 08
BAC's Threatened Default on Countrywide Bonds Triggers Law Suits - 6th Aug 08
Asset Price Deflation Heralds Big Problems for Baby Boomers - 6th Aug 08
Investing in Solar Power Energy Technology - 6th Aug 08
Credit Crisis Continues as Banks Sell Assets to Cover Losses - 6th Aug 08
Financial Markets Monthly Analysis and Stock Pick - 6th Aug 08
Investing in Booming Chinese Food Stocks - 6th Aug 08
S&P500 Corporations Board and Executive Compensation Payments - 6th Aug 08
Agri-foods Correction Presents Long-term Investment Opportunity - 6th Aug 08
Northern Rock Turns Into a Pebble on Huge Loss - 5th Aug 08
The Birth Pains of a New Stocks Bull Market - 5th Aug 08
US Financial System in Crisis as Government Hides the Truth to Prevent Bond Market Panic - 5th Aug 08
Stock Market Mega-Trends August 2008 - 5th Aug 08
Stock Market Liquidity Which Way Will it Break? - 5th Aug 08
Profit from the BRICs Investing: India and China - 5th Aug 08
Where Next for Gold, Stocks and Bonds? - 5th Aug 08
Forecasting the Gold Stocks Bottom - 5th Aug 08
The Light at the End of the Tunnel of the Financial Crisis? - 5th Aug 08
SEC Selective Short Selling Protection Ensures Survival of the Unfittest - 5th Aug 08
US Blackmailed By China on Fannie and Freddie Bailout - 5th Aug 08
Commodities Coup: Moscow Seizes Control of Agricultural Exports - 4th Aug 08
The Four Tires of the Economic Apocalypse Herald the End of Capitalism - 4th Aug 08
Derivatives Deleveraging Forcing Lehman's to Sell Assets at a Big Loss - 4th Aug 08
Get Ready for the Corporate Earnings Meltdown - 4th Aug 08
Homebuilder Credit Defaults Swaps Review - 4th Aug 08
How Washington is Fooling You: Manipulated Employment Data - 4th Aug 08
Commodities Purge Offers Long-Term Investment Opportunity - 4th Aug 08
Precious Metals Portfolio Configuration Critical at this Point  - 4th Aug 08
Gold Buying Opportunity on Investment and Transfer of Capital Fundamentals - 4th Aug 08
US Treasury Bonds Auctions to Put Dampener on Bond Market Rally - 4th Aug 08
Economic Forecasts and Analysis For US Financial Markets (August 4th- 8th 2008) - 4th Aug 08
US Dollar Bullish and Bearish Scenarios - 4th Aug 08
Credit Crunch Anniversary and Mega Trends Investing - 4th Aug 08
Halifax Websaver Fixed Rate Savings Bonds Analysis - 3rd Aug 08
US Housing Market Crunching Banks, Earnings and Economy - 3rd Aug 08
Gold and Silver Outlook Remains Bearish - 3rd Aug 08
Gold, HUI and the Banking Crisis - 3rd Aug 08
Commodities Keel Over as US Heads for Prolonged Recession - 3rd Aug 08
Fake Inflation Statistics and the New World Order Heralds Class Warfare - 3rd Aug 08
French Economic Reforms Improve Appeal of Cheap French Stocks - 3rd Aug 08
UK 7% Plus Fixed Rate Savings Bonds- Aug 08 - 2nd Aug 08
The Cost of Escalating Fed Bailouts is Sustainable Home Ownership - 2nd Aug 08
United States Defeated in Iraq? - 2nd Aug 08
Worthless AAA CDO's Hit National Bank of Australia, 90% Debt Writedowns - 2nd Aug 08
'EURANIUM': The Weaponized Fiat Currency - 2nd Aug 08
Commodities Broad Consolidation Underway - 2nd Aug 08
Henry Paulson Loses Control Over US Economy, Financial System - 2nd Aug 08
General Motors Massive Loss Signals US Already In Recession - 2nd Aug 08
Investors Duped by CNBC Bubble Pumping Casino Propaganda - 2nd Aug 08
Payrolls and Unemployment Data Confirm US In Recession - 2nd Aug 08
New Investment Era, Contracting Earnings and PE Reversion Below the Mean - 2nd Aug 08
Panicking Fed Scrambles to Hide Credit Crisis Truth - 1st Aug 08
Get Ready for the Next Up Leg in Crude Oil - 1st Aug 08
Last Warning? Negative Real US Interest Rates Igniting Inflation - 1st Aug 08
Americans Put Retirements on Hold as Fund Real Valuations Have Collapsed - 1st Aug 08
Silver and Monetary Considerations of Hyperinflation - 1st Aug 08
Greenspan the Credit Crunch Maestro Won't Face the Music - 1st Aug0 8
Base Metals Bull Markets Impacted by LME Stockpiles - 1st Aug 08
What Inflated the Commodities Bubble? - 1st Aug 08
The Best and Worst Investments For the NEXT 5 YEARS! - 1st Aug 08
US Jobs Decline for 7th Month, Deep Revisions to Bad Data - 1st Aug 08
Special Investment Report: Profit from the BRICs - 1st Aug 08
Bank Bailouts and Weak Economy Ensure Worsening US Budget Deficit - 1st Aug 08
Making sense of the Stocks Bear Market- Round Table - 1st Aug 08
What's the Real Rate of Inflation? - 1st Aug 08
America's Lurch Away From Free Market Capitalism - 31st July 08
Fallacies and Lies of Bailouts as US Heads for Economic Armageddon - 31st July 08
Plunge Protection Team Rescues Wall Street Using Bank Window of Deceit - 31st July 08
Fed Massive Injections of Liquidity to Fuel Surging Inflation - 31st July 08
UK House Prices Falls Accelerate to -8.1% - 31st July 08
Shocking Downward Revisions to US GDP From Growth to Recession - 31st July 08
The Humble Light Bulb: a victim of political stupidity and green zealotry - 31st July 08
Credit Losses Keep Doubling, $400bn, $800bn, $1600bn - 31st July 08
America's Financial Collapse- It's the Economy Stupid! - 31st July 08
Credit Crunch Reaches Downward Spiral Critical Mass - 31st July 08
British Gas Punishes UK Customers with 35% Price Hike - 30th July 08
United States Abandoning Capitalism for Socialism - 30th July 08
US House Prices Suffer Record Falls In Case-Shiller Home Index - 30th July 08
Washington Manipulation of GDP Data to Hide Recessions - 30th July 08
Best Cash ISA Savings Accounts- Northern Rock Fixed Rates- July 2008 - 30th July 08
Gold Stocks Head for Final Bottom Before Huge Rally - 30th July 08
Battle for Strategic Control of Zimbabwe's Rich Mineral Treasures - 30th July 08
Central Bankers Safety Confidence Trick as Great Depression 2.0 Looms - 30th July 08
Bush Chief Economic Advisor Misleadingly Warns of Obama Recession - 30th July 08
Banking Stocks Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime or Capital Destroyers? - 30th July 08
U.S. Treasuries: Worse than the US Dollar! - 29th July 08
Institutional "Core Holdings" Warning to Bullish Investors - 29th July 08
Contracting S&P 500 Corporate Earnings Confirm US Recession - 29th July 08
Urgent Steps to Protect Your Savings from Bank Failures - 29th July 08
Depositors Require More Secure Financial Institutions - 29th July 08
Dark Investment Pools May Render Traditional Market Analysis Ineffective - 29th July 08
Cooperman's Investment Strategy- The Stock Market's Down, Not Doomed - 29th July 08
Ratchet Provisions Soak Merrill Lynch, Will Sink WaMu - 29th July 08
The Paradox of Deleveraging at the Heart of the Credit Crisis - 28th July 08
Stock Market Battles Between Technical's and Fundamentals - 28th July 08
Misplaced Stock Market Optimism Signals Crash Potential  - 28th July 08
US Banks in Death Spiral- Check Your Bank NOW! - 28th July 08
UK House Prices to Rise by 25% States National Housing Federation - 28th July 08
Gold Hold Steady at Start of Thin Summer Holiday Season - 28th July 08
US Recession Trend Status on US GDP Growth Data - 28th July 08
Open Letter To Obama- How to Save America - 28th July 08
Gold ETF- The Gold ETF Trading Experience - 28th July 08
US Treasury Bonds Remain Range Bound - 28th July 08
FTSE 100 Stock Market Seasonal Trend Analysis into End 2008 - 28th July 08
Economic Forecasts and Analysis For US Financial Markets (July 28-August 1) - 28th July 08
US Banks Going Straight to Hell on $1.5trillion Eventual Loss - 27th July 08
Government Plays Dr Seuss By Artificially Propping Up House Prices - 27th July 08
Dow Jones Stocks Index Major Deviation from Presidential Cycle - 27th July 08
Silver Trades Between Support and Resistance Awaiting Breakout - 27th July 08
Gold Hit by Crude Oil Sell Off, Technicals Still Bullish - 27th July 08
Bernanke's, Paulson's, Bair's, and Cox's Banking Crisis Next Step - 27th July 08
Bernanke Seeks a Great Depression to Test His Thesis - 27th July 08
US Economy Contracting as Paulson Seeks to Rescue Collapsing Banks - 27th July 08
Stock Market Roller Coaster- Forecasting the Markets, Where Next? - 27th July 08
Have the Stock Markets Reached a Bottom? - 27th July 08
Stocks Primary Bear Market Trend and Crude Oils Unsustainable Advance - 26th July 08
Stocks Bear Market Fed by Falling Earnings Expectations - 26th July 08
Gold Bullion Stabalises Whilst Gold Stocks Heading into Bear Market Territory - 26th July 08
Obama Dazzles Old Europe while Freaky McCain Cries! - 26th July 08
Financial Stocks Bottom, is Wall Street Living in Fantasy land? - 26th July 08
China Driving Force for Long-term Commodities Bull Market - 26th July 08
IndyMac Checks and Stocks Bounce, Commodities Deflate - 25th July 08
Broadening Top Megaphone Pattern Predicted Stock Market Crash - 25th July 08
Britain in Freefall as Economy, Housing Market and Labour Votes Crash - 25th July 08
Precious Metals Enduring Seasonal Weakness - 25th July 08
India 's Falling Gold Demand: A Panic for Gold? - 25th July 08
US National Debt Limit Raised Ahead of Budget Busting Bailout Legislation - 25th July 08
US Banking Crisis Warning: Uninsured Depositors At WaMu Are Asking For Trouble! - 25th July 08
US Conflicting Economic Data : Payrolls and Second Quarter GDP Growth - 25th July 08
Importance of Long-term Trending Markets in Investment Risk Management - 25th July 08
Stock Market Returns – The Wonder of Compounding Dividends - 25th July 08
Stocks Bear Market Phases - 25th July 08
Profit From the Trillion Dollar U.S. Budget Deficit - 25th July 08
Unwinding Yen Carry Trade Feeding Stocks Bear Market - 25th July 08
Energy Resources Bull Market Remains Intact - 24th July 08
Fortress Iran is Virtually Impregnable to a Successful Invasion - 24th July 08
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn...of a Economic Depression - 24th July 08
Gold Ambushed by Powerful Forces of Global De-leveraging - 24th July 08
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair Is Out Of Control - 24th July 08
Cash Rich Non-US Companies Trading in the US - 24th July 08
UK Retail Sales Worst Slump in 20 Years Surprises Market Commentators - 24th July 08
Oil and Food Prices Falling, Real Estate Stabilizing, Stocks Soaring, Crisis Over? - 24th July 08
Panic Building on Wall Street - 24th July 08
Bank of England Hawkish on UK Interest Rates Despite Slowing Economy - 24th July 08
Evidence of the US Banking System Teetering on the Brink of Collapse - 24th July 08
Gold Heading for Seasonal Lows Prior to Strong August Rally - 24th July 08
Beware the Stocks Bear Market Dividend Trap - 24th July 08
The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History is About to Unfold - 23rd July 08
Banking Crisis Alert -How Safe is Your Bank - 23rd July 08
Bailouts Mean US Tax Payers Pay for the Mistakes of Rich Bankers - 23rd July 08
How to Make Money in a Stocks Bear Market and Protect Your Bank Deposits Video - 23rd July 08
Investment Strategies to Exploit Current Macroeconomic Trends - 23rd July 08
GP Annual Reviews to Weed Out Incompetent Doctors - 23rd July 08
Australian Emerging Gold Stocks- Big Bang For Your Buck - 23rd July 08
Profiting from Alternative Energies That Work - 23rd July 08
Death Spiral Financing at Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, WaMu... - 23rd July 08
Junior Gold Stocks Benefit from Stabilizing Equity Markets - 23rd July 08
Dubai's Oil Boom Financial Centre Heading for Bust? - 23rd July 08
Stocks Boosted by Tracker Buying on Entering Major Indices - 23rd July 08
Investing Lessons for Today From Japans Lost Decade of Economic Depression - 23rd July 08
US Treasury Bonds at Risk Under Weight of Debt Moutain - 23rd July 08
Will the Euro Escape the Maladies Inflicting the U.S.Dollar ? - 22nd July 08
The Mother of All Short Squeezes in Financial Stocks.. - 22nd July 08
Russia 's Medvedev Makes Bold Proposal for a New Security Agenda - 22nd July 08
Financial Sector in Crisis as Gold Stocks Set to Go Ballistic - 22nd July 08
Crude Oil Prices, Monetary Stability and Credit Expansion - 22nd July 08
UK House Price Crash of Summer 2008 - 22nd July 08
United States Unfolding Financial and Economic Nightmare - 22nd July 08
The Insanity of Rising Crude Oil AND Gold Prices - 22nd July 08
Collapsing Fiat Currency In Need of a Golden Parachute with a Silver Lining - 22nd July 08
McFadden's Attempts to Abolish the Federal Reserve System - 22nd July 08
Gold Bullion and Stocks Flashing Seasonal Buy Signals - 21st July 08
Investors Look to Earnings Season for Stock Market Trend - 21st July 08
Primer in Mining Equity Market Investments - 21st July 08
The Most Important Chart In the Investment Universe! - 21st July 08
Global Stock Markets Dancing to the Same Bearish Tune - 21st July 08
UK Economy Heading for Recession 2009, All Gloom and Doom? - 21st July 08
Both Inflation or Deflation Point to Recession, Gold Outperforms Gold Stocks During Bear Markets - 21st July 08
Stock Market and Crude Oil at Critical Trading Levels - 21st July 08
Bonds Slump as Equities Recovery from the Abyss - 21st July 08
Barack Obama's Road to Ruin Economic Policies - 21st July 08
US Financial & Economic Crisis Heading for Repeat Misery of Japans Lost Decade - 21st July 08
Commercial Bankruptcies Soar as BLS Jobs Data Shown as Worthless - 20th July 08
Stocks Bear Market Decline Over? - 20th July 08
California Insolvent as Schwarzenegger's Financial Wizardry is Terminated - 20th July 08
Fannie and Freddie Rescue Could Result in a Run on the US Dollar - 20th July 08
Global Financial Crisis Worst Since 1930's Depression - 20th July 08
Fed Asks for Blank Check for Fannie and Freddie in Flawed Rescue Plan - 19th July 08
Gold Projects Bullish Trend to $1215 - 19th July 08
Ben Bernanke has Become the Destroyer of Worlds - 19th July 08
Credit Crisis and Housing Bust- Don't Worry the World Will Not End - 19th July 08
Stock New Bull Market Rally or Bear Market Trap? - 19th July 08
Stocks Bounce as Fannie and Freddie Looking for Fresh Capital - 18th July 08
Protecting Mortgage Giants from Slingshots - 18th July 08
Solution to the Current Crisis- Dissolve Fannie And Freddie - 18th July 08
Banking Stocks Rally is a Great Selling Opportunity! - 18th July 08
Dow Jones Stocks Index Hits Price to Earnings Fair Value - 18th July 08
Fannie and Freddie Bailout Trigger New Chapter in American History - 18th July 08
Stock Market Forecasting Made Simple - 18th July 08
Federal Housing Administration Mortgage Market Ticking Time Bomb - 18th July 08
Brown Breaks Another Golden Rule, Real UK Debt Above 40% of GDP - 18th July 08
Asian Stocks and Gold as Protection Against US Bond Market Collapse - 18th July 08
Banking Crisis Not Over, More Writedowns and Bank Failures Despite Short-covering Rallies - 17th July 08
US Dollar Final Decent - Dangers 2008-2009 Part2 - 17th July 08
Crude Oil Breaks Below Major Support as Forecast - 17th July 08
Nationalization Fiasco Forced Upon US Economy, US Dollar and Gold - 17th July 08
US Government Selective Enforcement of Regulation Short Sales - 17th July 08
Commodity Market Forecasts for Soft's, Agricultural's and Livestock - 17th July 08
Don't Buy the US Dollar Head Fake - 17th July 08
Stock Market Monthly Analysis and a look at RIM - 17th July 08
US Government to Intervene to Prevent US Dollar Collapse - 17th July 08
Traders Only– Prepare to SELL GOLD - 17th July 08
Fear on Wall Street– The Real Deal - 17th July 08
Invest in Gold and Silver as Protect from US Economic Catastrophe - 17th July 08
Stock Market VIX Indicator Pointing to Final Capitulation Lows - 17th July 08
President Bush Has been a Disaster for the US Economy - 16th July 08
Status Report on the Collapse of the U.S. Economy - 16th July 08
Understanding the Gravity of Current Stock Market Crisis Condition.. - 16th July 08
How to Profit From the Growing US Pension Fund Crisis - 16th July 08
Parasitic Bankers Achieve the End of Capitalism and the Sacking of America - 16th July 08
Crude Oil Parabolic Move Driven by Inflation Hedging that Could Unwind - 16th July 08
Gold Stocks Soar as the Bears are on the Loose in Goldilocks Economy Country - 15th July 08
US Tax Payers to Fund Banking Losses to Prevent US Bond Market Collapse - 15th July 08
Stock Market Fear Building as Investors Rush for the Exit - 15th July 08
Senators Blast Bernanke on Monetary Policy Failures - 15th July 08
Bernanke Delivers 'Hogwash' Testimony to Congress - 15th July 08
Crude Oil and the 6 Year Cycle as Speculator Sentiment Reaches Extreme Highs - 15th July 08
Former Prime Minister Confesses Real UK Inflation is 10%, Triple Official Rate of 3.8% - 15th July 08
Inflation Surges to 3.8% as Bank of England Loses Control of Monetary Policy - 15th July 08
The Next Financial Tsunami is Breaking Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and US Mortgage Debt - 15th July 08
Investing in Oil to Beat Inflation - 15th July 08
Consumer Discretionary Spending Sector Leads Stock Market Tops and Bottoms - 15th July 08
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Crisis Means Faster Decline of Foreign Currency Inflows - 15th July 08
US Banking Crisis Goes from Bad to Worse - 14th July 08
Global Money Supply Data and Comparison for 2008 - 14th July 08
Swiss Franc to Benefit from European Carry Trade Against British Pound - 14th July 08
An More Accurate Measure of the Money Supply TMS or M3 ? - 14th July 08
Price Inflation and Asset Deflation, the Reversal of 25 Years of Booming Markets - 14th July 08
Inflation and Oil Ratio Bullish for Precious Metals - 14th July 08
New Zealand Dollar Runs Out of Steam as Interest Rate Cuts Beckon - 14th July 08
Stock Markets Oversold and Pointing to Relief Rally - 14th July 08
Silver Breakout Above Resistance- Strong Buy Signal - 14th July 08
Fannie & Freddie Bailout: Truth or Consequences - 14th July 08
Economic Forecasts and Analysis For US Financial Markets (July 14-18) - 14th July 08
Gold Major Breakout on Freddie & Fannie Catastrophe - 14th July 08
Dow Jones Stock Market Forecast to Sept 2008 - 14th July 08
Credit Crisis Easing? Is the Stocks Bear Market End? - 13th July 08
Fed is Playing an Incredibly Dangerous Game, a Look Back Over the Past 2 years - 13th July 08
Financial Markets Reeling from Fannie & Freddie Collapse and Evitable Government Bailout - 13th July 08
Farewell Indymac, What's Next? Say Hello to the 1970s Inflation Rate (Part2)  - 13th July 08
Operation "Rescue Fannie Mae " Underway- Paulson a Blatant Liar - 13th July 08
Federal Reserve Strikes Gold! A Genius to Save the US Economy - 13th July 08
Plunging Dollar Drives Oil to New High.. Stocks Crumble on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Near Collapse - 13th July 08
Gold and the Credit Crisis - 13th July 08
Farewell Indymac, Who's Next? (Part1) - 12th July 08
Stocks Bear Market Classical Dow Theory Proven Correct Once Again - 12th July 08
Nature of the Fannie Mae Bailout - 12th July 08
Indymac America 's Northern Rock Goes Bust as US Housing Market Implodes - 12th July 08
US Housing Mortgage Market Meltdown- Say good-bye to Fannie and Freddie? - 12th July 08
Credit Crisis Losses Pass $1.6 Trillion as Credit Contraction Ensures Recession - 12th July 08
McCain's Nomination at Risk as Republicans Start to Panic - 12th July 08
Rise in Treasury Yields Could Benefit Stocks, though Flight to Commodities Continues - 12th July 08
US Dollar / Japanese Yen Homing in On Break Below 105 - 11th July 08
US Trade:Deficit Realities and Fallout - 11th July 08
Decade of No Investment Returns, Part II - 11th July 08
Trading the Stocks Cyclical Bear Market - 11th July 08
Crude Oil Demand Destruction Stops at the US Border - 11th July 08
The Big Secret about Peak Oil and the US Military - 11th July 08
UK House Price Crash In Progress! - 11th July 08
AMEX GOLD BUGS INDEX (HUI): Another Golden Opportunity to Buy Gold Shares? - 11th July 08
Protect Your Wealth from the Coming Hyper-Inflation! - 11th July 08
Fannie and Freddie Credit Implosions Are Too Big to Bail Out - 11th July 08
High Gas Prices Investment Opportunities - 11th July 08
Investors Should Stay Clear of Traditional Asset Classes - 11th July 08
Long-Term Treasury Bond Market Paradox - 10th July 08
Global Geopolitics: Saudi Arabian Petrodollars Driving Containment of Iran - 10th July 08
Stock Market Liquidity Contraction Points to Increasing Fear and Capitulation ... - 10th July 08
Bank of England: Caught Between Inflation and Recession - 10th July 08
Global Stock Markets Hit by Staglation Fears and Threat of War with Iran - 10th July 08`
Protect Your Stocks Portfolio- Industries to Avoid, Industries to Buy - 10th July 08
Economists Continue to Favor Failed Doctrine Against Real Facts - 10th July 08
Paulson: Financial Institutions Must Be Allowed To Fail - 10th July 08
Parasitic G7 Government Policies of Insolvency- Crack Up BOOM Part4 - 10th July 08
Are Dark Pools Destined to be the Next Financial Black Hole? - 10th July 08
Gold's Underlying Truth and Dow Jones Potential to Fall by 75% - 10th July 08
UK Interest Rates On Hold as Bank of England is Paralysed by Fear of Inflation - 10th July 08
Stocks Bear Market Generates Inane Mainstream Commentary - 10th July 08
Finally the Truth on the US Housing Bear Market - 9th July 08
USAGOLD's Annual Survey of Investment Performance- 12Months to June 2008 - 9th July 08
The Decade of Zero Investment Returns, Part I - 9th July 08
Soaring Unemployment, Collapsing Credit From Stagflation to Deflation - 9th July 08
All Eyes on Crude Oil … As Usual - 9th July 08
Osama Bin Laden's Oil Price Victory Fueling Red-Hot Inflation - 9th July 08
Gold Forecast to Rise to £1,800 (GBP) - 9th July 08
Emerging Markets Infrastructure Spending Boom for Next Three Years - 9th July 08
Collapsing Bradford & Bingley Forced Bailout by Major UK Banks - 9th July 08
Three Ways to Protect Your Portfolio Against Stock Market Drops - 9th July 08
Oil Stocks Will Continue To Under Perform The Oil ETF - 9th July 08
The Indian Gold Train is Leaving the Station ... - 9th July 08
Bernanke's Indecision on Interest Rates Opens the Door for Resource Juniors - 9th July 08
Agri-Food Funds Hit by Credit Crisis Hedge Fund Margin Calls - 8th July 08
Profit from Asia's E-Commerce Boom - 8th July 08
Brazil Stock Market ETF Suffers Serious Technical Damage - 8th July 08
Bursting Bubbles Mean Inflation to Give Way to Deflation - 8th July 08
BIS Plan to Save the Western World By Ending Free Markets - 7th July 08
Central Planners Trying to Mask Imploding Credit Cycle - 7th July 08
How to Survive and Profit From the NEXT Financial Markets Panic - 7th July 08
Earnings Season Again, Watch the Multinationals for Stock Market Trend - 7th July 08
Silver Short Positions Fallacies - 7th July 08
Commodities Are Strong, But Which Ones Are the Strongest? - 7th July 08
The 20% Rule and Stocks Bear Markets - 7th July 08
UK Economy Slams Into Reverse as Retailers Experience Sales Hell - 6th July 08
Gold Stocks - The Next Big Winners - 6th July 08
Gold's Technical Buy and Sell Signals - 6th July 08
Profit from the US Fed Inflating the Commodities Bubble - 6th July 08
How to Save Money - 6th July 08
NHS 60 Today! Reform or Die? - 5th July 08
UK Housing Bust to Hit British Pound - 5th July 08
Advice from Warren Buffet for Investing in Difficult Times - 5th July 08
US Insane Ethanol Biofuels Policies Cause of Food Crisis - 5th July 08
Banking Stocks Still Not a Buy, Heading for New Lows Into August - 5th July 08
Recent Hindenburg Stock Market Crash Omen - 4th July 08
Gold vs. the World Chart - 4th July 08
Inflation Fuse has Been Lit, Protect Your Wealth With GOLD - 4th July 08
Crude Oil Seeking Black Swan for Spike above $150 in Overbought State - 4th July 08
US Economy and Financial Markets Mid-Year Review - 3rd July 08
Secrets to Succeeding at Stocks Bear Market Investing - 3rd July 08
Algae a Greener Biofuel Than Ethanol? - 3rd July 08
Impact of Grains Bull Market on Meat Prices - 3rd July 08
Stock Market Forecast- How Low Can the Dow Go? - Yorba TV Show - 3rd July 08
Global Stock Markets Technicals Dangerous - 3rd July 08
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Fed Money Supply and Aggregate Credit Not Fueling US Inflation - 28th June 08
Californian Housing Market in Meltdown, Liar Loan Writedowns Have Barely Begun - 28th June 08
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Game Over- No Housing Market Rebound Whilst Debt Deflation Continues - 24th June 08
Exchange Controls Are Proposed For the United States - 24th June 08
Agri-Food Bull Markets Driven by Fundamentals - 24th June 08
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Inflation and Negative Real Interest Rates are Necessary to Avoid Depression - 24th June 08
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Dividend Reinvestment Is One of the Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Out There! - 13th June 08
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Credit Crisis Pressure Points Building as Major Banks Heading for Bankruptcy - 6th June 08
May Jobs: US Unemployment Skyrockets to 5.5% Confirming Recession - 6th June 08
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Ben Bernanke Soaking the Rich at Harvard - 6th June 08
Personal Reflections on the Crisis in America- Carter White House and Monetary Reform - Part1 - 6th June 08
The VIX, Banks, and the Shanghai China Stocks index in Trouble - 5th June 08
Six Reasons to Invest in India - 5th June 08
Climate Change Conundrum…Global Warming or Cooling? and US Dollar Update - 5th June 08
UK Interest Rate to be Kept on Hold at 5% - 5th June 08
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Silver - 4th June 08
Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Statistics - 4th June 08
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