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The Best Financial Markets Analysis - April to June 2009

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

Is the U.S. Fed Juicing the Stock Market?- 30th June 09 -Mike_Whitney
Gold Breakout Above $1,000 Only a Question of Time- 30th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
U.S. House Prices Have Bottomed - 30th June 09 -Larry Edelson
How to Improve Your FICO Credit Rating Score- 30th June 09 -Nilus Mattive
The Case Against Hyper Inflation- 30th June 09 -Brian_Bloom
Which Tek Stock is a Better Investment, Apple vs. RIMM - 30th June 09 -INO
Obama: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 1)- 30th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
What Happened to the Stock Market New Goldilocks Era?- 30th June 09 -Sy_Harding
Inflationary Pressures and the MAE Faber Investment Strategy- 30th June 09 -Guy_Lerner
Goldman Sachs The Fourth Branch of the U.S. Government- 30th June 09 -Graham_Summers
OECD Joins the UK Double Dip Recession Forecast Club- 30th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Summer Sun Shines on Rising UK House Prices in June- 30th June 09 -Nationwide
The Real Crisis is Beginning to Unfold… and It’s Not Financial Part2- 30th June 09 -Graham_Summers
A 20-Year Stocks Bear Market?- 30th June 09 -David Galland
Objective Analysis of the Increase in the Fed's Balance Sheet - 29th June 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Green Shoots Recovery Forex Markets Fatigue & Intermarket Setup- 29th June 09 -Ashraf_Laidi
Government Regulations to Force Agricultural Food Prices Higher- 29th June 09 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Power Shortage at the U.S. Fed?- 29th June 09 -William Patalon III
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Trading- 29th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
Stock Market Summer Crash Forecast- 29th June 09 -Captain_Hook
This Summer May Prove Hot for Gold Prices Despite the Weak Seasonal Tendencies- 29th June 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
U.S. Jump in Savings Rates Means Debt Deflation in America- 29th June 09 -Michael Hudson
CNBC Admits to Manipulated Market that Continues To Be Propped Up By Government Intervention And Manipulation - 29th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Important Week Ahead For Economic Data- 29th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Where to Find Jobs in a Jobless Economic Recovery- 29th June 09 -Money_Morning
Bernanke is a Total Failure Unsuited for Role as Fed Chairman- 29th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Stock Index Trading Signals Update- 29th June 09 -Angelo_Campione
Public Sector Pensions Deficit of £1.2 trillion Adds to Britains Debt Crisis- 29th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Energy Fields in Gold and How to Trade Them- 29th June 09 -INO
GLD, SLV, USO & UNG ETF Commodity Trading Update- 29th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Manipulated Financial Markets and Mainstream Media- 28th June 09
Ben Bernanke on the Great Depression- 28th June 09 -Clif_Droke
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report - Market Wrap W/E 26th July- 28th June 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
What PIMCO's Bill Gross Doesn’t Want You to Know (Part 2)- 28th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
The Coming Economic Apocalypse- 28th June 09 - Roy_F_Grieder
SHEPHERD’S of Financial Markets ILLUSION- 28th June 09 -Joseph_Russo
Global Stock Market Performance and P/E Ratio Valuations- 28th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Global Business Sentiment Improves Inline with Stock Market Trends- 28th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
The Possibility of Credit Collapse Deflation - 28th June 09 -David Calderwood
The Inflation Deflation Debate and Myth of the Kondratieff Wave- 28th June 09 -Gary North
China Mega-trend Stocks Stealth Bull Market Update, SSEC Up 47%- 28th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Retains Bullish Rating Despite Weeks Lackluster Performance- 27th June 09 -Merv_Burak
Smack in the Middle of the Greatest Stocks Bear Market of Our Lifetime - 27th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
The Big Banks Have Won through Deception and Fraudulently Structured Assets- 27th June 09 -Mike_Whitney
Lessons from the Humbling of General Motors- 27th June 09 -Sam Gindin
European Governments Bow to the Banks- 27th June 09 -Peter Schwarz
Embrace Deflation - It's The Cure, Not The Problem- 27th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
The Stock Markets Repeating Weekly Pattern- 27th June 09 -Mike_Burk
Dow Jones INDU On-Balance-Volume Stock Market Sell Signal - 27th June 09 -Brian_Bloom
The End of the Recession?- 27th June 09 -John_Mauldin
Has the Stock Market Peaked for 2009? - 27th June 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
Stock Market Trading Range Continues...Bullish Pattern Holds Potential- 27th June 09 -Jack_Steiman
What PIMCO's Bill Gross Doesn’t Want You to Know (Part 1) - 27th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
Why Higher Gold Prices Will Come- 27th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
A Case For U.S. Treasury Bonds!- 27th June 09 -Sy_Harding
Fed Market Manipulation, Surmounting The Main Threat To Profits And Protection- 27th June 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
How the Media Uses Buffett to Make Money- 27th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
US Economy Spending & Income: Two Charts- 26th June 09 -Adrian_Ash
Gold and Silver GLD, SLV ETF Demand Stickiness- 26th June 09 -Zeal_LLC
Five Fatal Flaws of Trading- 26th June 09 -Jeffrey Kennedy
US Savings Rate Hits 6.9%, Highest In 15 Years- 26th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
How to Profit from the Big Gold Squeeze- 26th June 09 -Sean Brodrick
The Source of the Current Economic Crisis: "A Chicago State of Mind"- 26th June 09 -Maidhc Ó'Cathail
Bernie Madoff, Will Other Financial Criminals Be Investigated And Prosecuted?- 26th June 09 -Danny Schechter
Finding Big Trades with MarketClub Trade Triangle Technology- 26th June 09 -INO
Is Obama Pushing Us Toward State Controlled Capitalism?- 26th June 09 -Shah Gilani
Stock Markets Surreal Trading Day - 26th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Stock Market Advantage Credit Spreads Weekly Update- 26th June 09 -Angelo_Campione
Bernanke Suffers From Selective Memory Loss- 26th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Digging for Opportunities in Rare Earths Resource Sector- 26th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
Ford: Playing Its Last Hand?- 26th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
What’s Wrong with the British Pound?- 25th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Crude Oil Bears Lower the Tone - 25th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Terminal Absence of Leadership - 25th June 09 -James West
Stocks Bear Market and Financial Crisis Not Over, US Regional Banks The Next to Go - 25th June 09 -Garry_Abeshouse
Inverse ETFs Let You Profit In a Falling Stock Market- 25th June 09 -Ron Rowland
Epidemic of Bankruptcies Symptomatic of the Deflating Bubble- 25th June 09 -Doug French
Decade of Lost Jobs, Worst Since the Great Depression- 25th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
China Decision to Buy $80 Billion of Gold, the Dragon's Hoard- 25th June 09 -Michael_J_Kosares
S&P Stock Index Trading Tools Update- 25th June 09 -INO
Can the "Mimetic Effect" Explain Speculative Bubbles?- 25th June 09 -Jeremie T.A. Rostan
Fiat Currency in Circulation, How Much Money is There?- 25th June 09 -Mike_Hewitt
Status Quo Fed FOMC Meeting Disappoints The Stock Market- 25th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Financial Crisis, : and the Winner Is… GOLDMAN SACHS- 25th June 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
Commodity Bulls Snared by China Stimulus Snafu - 25th June 09 -Justice_Litle
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report - Market Wrap - 25th June 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
U.S. Financial System, The Audacity of CHANGE (Part 1)- 25th June 09 -Mike_Stathis
Gold, Crude Oil and Gas Commodity Trading Made Simple- 24th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
U.S. Federal Budget, Where Do The Dollars Drain?- 24th June 09 -Global_Research
What’s Up With Crude Oil- 24th June 09 -Hans_Wagner
Defeating the Cartel... With Profit, Part 2- 24th June 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Does Gold Rise or Fall During Deflation?- 24th June 09 -Adrian_Ash
Gold and U.S. Dollar Trends Update- 24th June 09 -Jordan_Roy_Byrne
Stock Market Investing Long-term Buy and Hold Still Bad Advice- 24th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Gold Doesn’t Care If It’s INflation or DEflation- 24th June 09 -Graham_Summers
Inflation or Hyperinflation- 24th June 09 -Axel_Merk
Bankrupt Banking System Bailouts & Stimulus , You Can't Borrow Your Way Out of Debt- 24th June 09 -James_Quinn
Prescription to Chinese Pharma Industry Stock Market Profits- 24th June 09 -Tony Sagami
What the Index of Leading Economic Indicators is Really Telling Us- 24th June 09 -Claus Vogt 
Four Ways to Immunize Your Savings Against the Ravages of Inflation- 24th June 09 -Keith Fitz-Gerald
Are You Intent On Missing The Next All Out Cyclical Buy- 24th June 09 -Eric_Chevrette
Stock Market Flat Ahead Of The Fed Interest Rate Decision- 24th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
The Great Depression Revisited- 24th June 09 -Hans F. Sennholz
Investors Don't Get Trapped in the Next Asset Bubble- 24th June 09 -Gary North
The Miracle of the Market- 24th June 09 -LewRockwell
Gas and Electric Energy Bills Consumption and Tariffs Analysis- 23rd June 09 -MoneySupermarket
Best UK Financial Products and Services Award Winners 2009- 23rd June 09 -MoneyFacts
Silver Could Outperform Gold by 2:1- 23rd June 09 -The_Gold_Report
GOLD, A Case for the Bulls - 23rd June 09 -Alistair_Gilbert
Seasonal Factors Influence Summer Stock Market Trend- 23rd June 09 -Guy_Lerner
Personal Finance Five Simple Rules for a Happier Wealthier Life- 23rd June 09 -Nilus Mattive
BIS Global Big Brother, Trading Financial Stability for National Sovereignty?- 23rd June 09 -Ellen Brown
Obama Regulatory Reforms to Establish Banking Dictatorship - 23rd June 09 -Paul Joseph Watson
How to Profit From the Global Currency Wars- 23rd June 09 -Chris Weber
When Economic Green Shoots Are Dandelions- 23rd June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Obama's Financial Reforms A Stealth Scheme for Global Monetary Control - 23rd June 09 -Stephen_Lendman
Gold Miner Fundamentals About to Improve- 23rd June 09 -Adam_Brochert
Unemployment Crisis Grips U.S. States - 23rd June 09 -Tom Eley
Future Inflation Fears Fuel Price of Gold Shares and Warrants- 23rd June 09 -Lorimer_Wilson
A Tale of Two Economic Depressions- 23rd June 09 -John_Mauldin
Is Gold a Buy or is it “Toppy”?- 23rd June 09 -Q1_Publishing
Wild, Profitable Moves Coming; Update on China Economy- 22nd June 09 - Larry Edelson
Will Institutional Investors Start Selliing Stocks ???- 22nd June 09 - Marty_Chenard
GOLD Analysis and Trading Strategy - 22nd June 09 - Florian_Grummes
The Big Inflationist Scare- 22nd June 09 - Mike_Shedlock
California's Economy Collapsing- 22nd June 09 - Martin Weiss
An Outrageous Stock Market Prediction- 22nd June 09 - Q1_Publishing
Stock & Commodity Markets Bullish Trends and Significant Corrections - 22nd June 09 - Chris_Ciovacco
Obama Capitulates to Wall Street, No Real Financial System Reform- 22nd June 09 - Prof. Michael Hudson
Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order:" Part I - 22nd June 09 - Stephen_Lendman
Gold Price Is Boiling Hot!- 22nd June 09 - Ronald_Rosen
Analysis of Sentiment Suggests that Precious Metals Are Likely to Shine Once Again- 22nd June 09 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
The West's Global Hegemony, the Columbus Era 1492–2009- 22nd June 09 - Scott Kelly
A High Unemployment Rate Correlates to a High Rate of Inflation- 22nd June 09 - Michael_Pento
Stock Markets Ended Last Week With A Whimper- 22nd June 09 - PaddyPowerTrader
Deflation vs Hyperinflation, Déjà Vu All Over Again. Once More- 22nd June 09 - Bill Bonner
Is the Economic Rebound For Real?- 22nd June 09 - William Patalon III
No Green Shoots of Economic Recovery with US Debt at 700% of GDP- 22nd June 09 - Phil_Williams
Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Active Traders Report- 22nd June 09 - Chris_Vermeulen
The Battle Rages On Between Stock Market Bulls and Bears - 22nd June 09 - Jack_Steiman
Silver Correction Over, Strongly Bullish Overall Pattern- 22nd June 09 - Clive_Maund
Stock Market Fundamental and Technical Indicators Convergence- 22nd June 09 - Richard_Shaw
Gold Corrective Downtrend Imminent End to Target New Highs - 21st June 09 -Clive_Maund
Geithner's Plan Just Doesn't Get It: Securitisation Is The Solution - Not The Problem - 21st June 09 -Andrew_Butter
Stock Market Rally Remains a Debt Induced Fictitious Rally- 21st June 09 -Joseph_Russo
Gold Stock Correction Timing- 21st June 09 -Adam_Brochert
Stock Market Investor Sentiment Indicator: Bulls Losing Conviction- 21st June 09 -Guy_Lerner
Stock & Commodities Markets Profit Taking After Strong 3 Month Advances- 21st June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Inflation or Deflation, Which is More Likely?- 21st June 09 -Brian_Bloom
Mass Deflation or Inflation?- 21st June 09 - Gary North
Gold Potential Long-term Double Top Pattern- 21st June 09 - Merv_Burak
U.S. Congress Proposes Seling Crude Oil Reserves To Halt Price Increases- 21st June 09 - Mike_Shedlock
Why “BRIC” Posturing Against the U.S. Dollar Just Doesn’t Add Up- 21st June 09 - Bryan Rich
Investor Downside Risk Protection, Stop Loss Orders vs. Protective Put Options- 20th June 09 -Hans_Wagner
Economic Deflation: How to Survive the Deflationary Depression- 20th June 09
Stock Market Warning, Counter Trend Rally Moves Continue to Spark False Hopes- 20th June 09 -Tim_Wood
U.S. Economy Trending Towards an Inflationary Depression - 20th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Iran's Election and US - Iranian Election- 20th June 09 -Stephen_Lendman
Obama Financial Reforms, On The Road To Change Or Perdition?- 20th June 09 -Danny Schechter
Stocks Bull Market Bullish Bias, "This Time its Different"- 20th June 09 -John_Mauldin
PSYOPS and the Waning Power of Truth- 20th June 09 -Paul_Craig_Roberts
Transcript of Ayatollah Khamenei's Friday Evil Britian Speech- 20th June 09 -NiteOwl
Mickey Fulp Sees Bright Outlook in Junior Gold and Rare Earth Elements Sectors- 20th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
The Great Reflation Continues Amidst a Tsunami of Debt- 20th June 09 -Ty_Andros
Time to Buy Gold Stocks and Not the Metal?- 20th June 09 -Julian_DW_Phillips
Quantitative Easing Impact on U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds- 20th June 09 -Ashraf_Laidi
Basic Financial Markets Analysis – PartI- 20th June 09 -Andy_Sutton
Very Dangerous Time For Dollar Index- 20th June 09 -Guy_Lerner
How the Gold Bull Market Ended- 19th June 09 -Adrian_Ash
Economic Deflation hard Evidence from Flow of Funds Report- 19th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Silver Gold Ratio Reversion Points to Serious Under Valuation of Silver- 19th June 09 -Zeal_LLC
Trading Gold with the Gold Direction Indicator- 19th June 09 -Peter_Degraaf
Washington Moves to Muzzle Wall Street- 19th June 09 -Mike Larson
Four Key Reasons the U.S. Economy is Facing a ‘Jobless Recovery’- 19th June 09 -Martin Hutchinson
Key Support Could Trigger Bounce in Coffee - 19th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
UK Gilt Bond Market Looks Vulnerable At These Better Levels- 19th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Another Damp Squib Day For Stocks- 19th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Companies Flooding Stock Markets With New Shares to Drive Stocks Lower Over Summer- 19th June 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
The Federal Reserve System's Party Line- 19th June 09 -LewRockwell
What's Next for Gold and Gold Stocks- 19th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
Stock Market Downtrend Targeting Key Support S&P500 at 850- 19th June 09 -David_Petch
U.S. Treasury Bonds Bear Market Final Head-Fake- 19th June 09 -John_Handbury
Mickey Fulp, Mercenary Geologist: Uranium Demand is There- 18th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
U.S. Doubling Unemployment Pay Checks to Stimulate Economy- 18th June 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
The Larger Context of the 2009 Iranian Elections- 18th June 09 -Reza Fiyouzat
Obama’s Financial System Overhaul Would Give the Fed Broad Powers Over Wall Street- 18th June 09 -Don Miller
Credit Contraction as Shadow Lenders Retreat Means Deflation Not Inflation- 18th June 09 -Ellen Brown
China Commodities Undercut U.S. Dollar- 18th June 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Protect Yourself From the Volatile U.S. Dollar with Currency ETFs- 18th June 09 -Ron Rowland
Stock Markets End Flat After Up Down Battle- 18th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Towards a Sound Economy- 18th June 09 -Rudo_de_Ruijter
Gold, Oil and Natural Gas ETF Trading Report & Forecasts- 18th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Stocks Bull Markets Bullsh*T & Bubbles- 18th June 09 -Darryl_R_Schoon
U.S. Recession Over by End of Summer 2009- 18th June 09 -Pravda
Stock Market Rally Following 1931 Bear Crash Pattern- 18th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Banking Stocks Sector Index Trend Damage- 17th June 09 -Marty_Chenard
Ankara Moscow and Washington in the Eurasian Crude Oil Pipeline Calculus- 17th June 09 -F_William_Engdahl
BRIC Countries Flying Kites For Independence from the American Financial System- 17th June 09 -John_Browne
U.S. Deflation CPI Drops 1.3% in Past Year, Biggest Drop in 59 Years; Where To From Here?- 17th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
How to Forecast Stock and Commodity Asset Prices Part2 - 17th June 09 -Adrian_Ash
China’s Got a New Currency… and It Sure AIN’T the Dollar- 17th June 09 -Graham_Summers
Stock Market S&P 500 Correction or a Major Turning Point?- 17th June 09 -INO
Country Fund Portfolio Attributes Comparison- 17th June 09 -Richard_Shaw
Get Ready to Hop on the Asian IPO Pipeline- 17th June 09 -Tony Sagami
The Recession Is Far From Over- 17th June 09 -Claus Vogt
The Great Unwinding of Credit Will Continue, So Make Absolutely Sure You’re Prepared! - 17th June 09 -Nilus Mattive
Indian Stock Market Forecast: A Road Map To SENSEX 100,000- 17th June 09 -Mark Galasiewski
Stocks Bear Market Targets- 17th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
Stocks Suffer Again As Financials Take The Strain- 17th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Obama's Blueprint for Reform Concentrates Still More Power in Hands of the Fed- 17th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Iran Election Protests and Western Criticism Hypocrisy - 16th June 09 -Bill Van Auken
Gold and Silver Junior Mining stocks Summertime Buying Opportunity- 16th June 09 -Adrian Day
U.S. Dollar: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 16th June 09 -Axel_Merk
Global Stock Markets The Biggest Crash Ever In The Making- 16th June 09 -Eric_Chevrette
Gold Important Trading Update - 16th June 09 -INO
Wall Street vs. Main Street: The Regulatory Battle Begins Tomorrow- 16th June 09 -Shah Gilani
Have Stock Markets Run Away from Reality?- 16th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
The Coming Stock Market Crash: Time to Review- 16th June 09 -Brian_Bloom
Fear Returns To Stalk Stock Markets- 16th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Stocks Bear Market Rally is Over- 16th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
Fear for a Lost Economic Decade- 16th June 09 -John_Mauldin
Is Economic Recovery Closer Than You Think?- 16th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
Crude Oil and Islam, Will America Shift Away from Its Past Unilateralist Policies?- 16th June 09 -Prof. Peter Dale Scott
When Gold Climbs Silver Soars, Silver Stocks Where Cheaper is Better- 15th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
How to Profit From Front-Running the Government Bond Auctions - 15th June 09 -Tom Dyson
Iran Election Result and Western Misconceptions About the Iranian Reality- 15th June 09 -STRATFOR
Chinese Consumption of Agri-Foods has Changed the Dynamics of the Global Agri-Food Situation- 15th June 09 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Manipulated Bond & Stocks Markets- 15th June 09 -Captain_Hook
The Secular Trend Change in U.S. Treasury Bonds- 15th June 09 -Guy_Lerner
It's Official, The Era of Cheap Crude Oil Is Over- 15th June 09 -Michael T. Klare
Stock Market S&P 500 Valuation With Normalized Earnings- 15th June 09 -Richard_Shaw
The Plunging Economy Vs. The Stock Market Rally - 15th June 09 -Larry Edelson
Several Factors Suggest the Bottom in Gold and Silver Correction Is Near- 15th June 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Stock Markets Tread Water Amidst Low Volumes- 15th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
The Precious Metal and Energy Trading Report- 15th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Stock Index Intra-day Trading 4-days in June and a Personal Story of Tribute- 15th June 09 -Joseph_Russo
Stocks Bear Market Rally Running Out of Steam Reversal Imminent- 15th June 09 -Andre_Gratian
Financial Markets Analysis - Record Debt Forcing Inflation and Interest Rates Higher- 15th June 09 -NewsLetter
Interest Rate Hikes Coming as Investors Return to Risky Assets- 14th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Stocks and Commodities Rally In the Direction of Economic Recovery Whilst Bonds Retreat- 14th June 09 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Stock Market Range Bound, Waiting for Something to Happen- 14th June 09 -Jack_Steiman
Gold Bullish Trend Intact Despite Strong Reaction From $1000- 14th June 09 - Merv_Burak
How long Can the U.S. Dollar Last as the World’s Reserve Currency?- 14th June 09 - Bob Chapman
De-Dollarization, Dismantling America’s Financial-Military Empire- 14th June 09 - Michael Hudson
Mega Trends Suggest Investors Being Over Weight Emerging Markets- 14th June 09 - Richard_Shaw
What's the Relationship Between the U.S. Dollar and Commodities?- 14th June 09 - Bryan Rich
Ben Bernanke's Next Parlor Trick on U.S. Debt Financing - 13th June 09 -Mike_Whitney
U.S. Fed in Trouble as Falling Dollar Risks Bond Investors Revolt- 13th June 09 -Frank Shostak
Bond Yields Soaring is Not Always an Inflationary Event- 13th June 09 -Adam_Brochert
The Bankers Are Scared, Are You?- 13th June 09 -Gary North
Will the Gold Price Fall, When Consumer Confidence Really Rises?- 13th June 09 -Julian_DW_Phillips
Stock Market Rally On Borrowed Money Living on Borrowed Time?- 13th June 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
John Embry Expects $1,500 Gold and Early Stage Hyperinflation by Year End- 12th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
The Coming Economic Collapse Part3- 12th June 09 -Graham_Summers
China's New Commodity Hoard- 12th June 09 -Jennifer_Barry
Farmland Investing, the Quiet Land Grab is Just Beginning- 12th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
The Bush Doctrine, Economic Warfare and Your Investment Portfolio- 12th June 09 -Rob_Kirby
How to Forecast Stock and Commodity Asset Prices- 12th June 09 -Adrian_Ash
Stocks Secular and Cyclical Bear and Bull Markets- 12th June 09 -Zeal_LLC
Top List of Companies with Greatest Financial Strength - 12th June 09 -Richard_Shaw
Is Short Sterling Topping Out?- 12th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
How to Make Money on the Summer Stocks & Commodities Rally- 12th June 09 -Sean Brodrick
Surging Commodity Prices the Unintended Consequences of Printing Money- 12th June 09 -Mike Larson
Crude Oil - The New World Currency- 12th June 09 -INO
Stocks Almost Back In Black- 12th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
Silver Temporary Setback- 12th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Phoenix of Renewable Energy Out of the Ashes of General Motors- 12th June 09 -Dr. Ellen Brown
Looks Like a Stocks Bull Market- 12th June 09 -Chris_Ciovacco
Why the Mainstream Financial Media Could DESTROY Your Stock Portfolio - 12th June 09 -Graham_Summers
Stock Market On the Edge of Something Big - 11th June 09 -Q1_Publishing
Alternative Energy Bull Market Coming- 11th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
American's Trapped by the Insidious Web of Debt by the Poisonous Banking Cartel- 11th June 09 -James_Quinn
U.S. Treasury Bonds Volatility and Interest Rate Swaps- 11th June 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Profit from Rising Interest Rates with ETFs- 11th June 09 -Ron Rowland
Goldman Forecasts China Economy in the Ascendency- 11th June 09 -Richard_Shaw
US Dollar Index Embarking on Voyage of Recovery…- 11th June 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Stocks Take Solace In the Fed Economic Beige Book- 11th June 09 -PaddyPowerTrader
U.S. Mortgage Market Remains Solidly Frozen- 11th June 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Commodity Markets, Gold, Silver and Oil- What to do Next?- 11th June 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
The Financial Crash: The True Story- 11th June 09 -Bob Chapman
Long-term Review of Stock & Commodity Bull Markets, Alternating Leadership- 11th June 09 -Donald_W_Dony
Bankrupt Britain's Public Sector Double Dip Debt Recession on Deep Spending Cuts- 11th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Which Housing Mortgage Applications are More Important, Refinance or Purchases?- 10th June 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
European Union Being Held Together With Duct Tape- 10th June 09 -Justice_Litle
Has the U.S. Housing Market Made a Bottom?- 10th June 09 -Hans_Wagner
Falling Stock Markets Still Key for the U.S. Dollar- 10th June 09 -Ashraf_Laidi
Why Gold Mining Stocks and Warrants are Up so Dramatically - 10th June 09 -Lorimer_Wilson
NIESR Reports UK Recession Over, Economic Recovery Underway- 10th June 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Government Subsidizes Corporate Failure and Penalizes Success- 10th June 09 -Tony Sagami
Parabolic U.S. Treasury Yield Curve Warning of Hyper Inflation- 10th June 09 - Gary_Dorsch
The #1 Predictor of Inflation or Deflation- 10th June 09 - INO
How to Buy Banks Leaving Tax Payers with All the Risk- 10th June 09 - Shah Gilani
Is the U.S. Economy Heading for a “Jobless Recovery?”- 10th June 09 - Don Miller
A Tale of Two Diverging Economic Worlds- 10th June 09 - F_William_Engdahl
What the Dramatic Turn in the U.S. Saving Rate Could Mean to You- 10th June 09 - Claus Vogt
Stocks Snooze While The Great Economic Recovery Debate Rumbles- 10th June 09 - PaddyPowerTrader
British Motorists Fronting Young Drivers on Car Insurance to Cut Premiums- 10th June 09 - MoneySupermarket
Regional Central Banker Blows the Whistle on the Fed- 10th June 09 - Gary North
What the Dramatic Turn in the U.S. Saving Rate Could Mean to You- 10th June 09 - Claus Vogt
Stocks Snooze While The Great Economic Recovery Debate Rumbles- 10th June 09 - PaddyPowerTrader
British Motorists Fronting Young Drivers on Car Insurance to Cut Premiums- 10th June 09 - MoneySupermarket
Regional Central Banker Blows the Whistle on the Fed- 10th June 09 - Gary North
Is U.S. Heading for Zimbabwe Style Hyperinflation or Deflation?- 9th June 09 - Mike_Whitney
As Treasury Bond Yields Rise, Why Are Other Yields Falling?- 9th June 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Silver’s 61.8% Fibonacci Top Is Here- 9th June 09 -Florian_Grummes
Conservative Economics Based Upon Greed - 9th June 09 -Cage Innoye
Silver's Scarcity Price Premium- 9th June 09 -The_Gold_Report
Stock Market Warning- Get Out of Higher Risk Stocks Now!- 9th June 09 - Nilus Mattive 
Suspicious Late Day Spike Pushes Stocks Flat- 9th June 09 - PaddyPowerTrader
Lessons for Economists on Deflationary, Deleveraging Recessions- 9th June 09 - John_Mauldin
Wall Street Goes on the Political Offensive- 8th June 09 - Barry Grey
Gold Heading Below $900 on Seasonal and Fed Driven Reduction in U.S. Dollar Liquidity - 8th June 09 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Stock Market Summer Trend Into a Crash- 8th June 09 - David_Petch
Gold and Silver Correction Over Is This Just a Beginning?- 8th June 09 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Summer Of Stock Market Discontent as Capital Flees to Precious Metals - 8th June 09 - Captain_Hook
Investing in Commodities: The Three Greenest Economic Shoots of All- 8th June 09 - Q1_Publishing
U.S. Debt Crisis as Treasury Bond Prices Collapsing and Interest Rates Surging- 8th June 09 - Martin Weiss
Stock Markets End Week Higher Despite U.S. Unemployment Data- 8th June 09 - PaddyPowerTrader
Silver Ugly Double Bearish Engulfing Chart Pattern- 8th June 09 - Clive_Maund
Is the U.S. Economy Heading for Stagflation?- 8th June 09 - Gerard_Jackson
Gold Uptrend Weakens as U.S. Dollar Bounces off Support- 8th June 09 - Clive_Maund
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