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The Best Financial Markets Analysis - Sept 08 to Dec 08

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

Most Popular Financial Markets Analysis of 2008 - 31st Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
How to Invest in Crude Oil 2009 - 31st Dec 08 - Richard_Shaw
Stock Market Forecast and Strategy for 2009 - 31st Dec 08 - Michael_Swanson
Stock Market Panic's The Greatest Investment Opportunities in History - 31st Dec 08 - Sean Brodrick
Agri-Foods Strong Bull Market Investment Fundamentals - 31st Dec 08 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Stocks, Interest Rates, Dollar and Commodities Mega-trend Forecasts 2009 - 30th Dec 08 - Tony Sagami
Financial Market Forecasts for 2009  - 30th Dec 08 - Oxbury_Research
UK CPI Inflation, RPI Deflation Forecast 2009 - 30th Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
Foundations of the Financial Crisis - 30th Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
Great Depression 2009 Similarities to 1930's - 29th Dec 08
Krugman Still Wrong on the Economy - 29th Dec 08
Stock Markets Heading for Test of Lows in January 2009 - 29th Dec 08
Deflation Inflates Global Bond Bubble - 28th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Credit Crisis 2008 Ends as Economic Crisis of 2009 Begins - 28th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
How We Can Avoid Another Tragic Ponzi Fraud Scheme - 27th Dec 08 - James_Quinn
Early Suspicions About Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme Fraud - 27th Dec 08 - Stephen_Lendman
What Happened to the American Dream? - 27th Dec 08 - James_Quinn
Gold Review 2008 and Outlook Forecast 2009 - 26th Dec 08 - Julian_DW_Phillips
Gold Secular Bull Market Investing Fundamentals - 26th Dec 08 - Zeal_LLC
U.S. Housing Market Forecast 2009 - 26th Dec 08 - Mark Larson
Insolvent Financial System Signals Much Higher Gold Price - 26th Dec 08 - Jim_Willie_CB
Uranium Investing- Analysts Forgot Yellow Cake - 24th Dec 08 - Oxbury_Research
The Unwelcome Xmas Guests - 24th Dec 08 - Eric_Chevrette
Credit Crisis Watch: Credit Market Freeze Continues to Thaw - 24th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
UK Christmas Early Sales, 50% Discounts for European Shoppers - 24th Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
Inflation Deflation Switch Turns Entire Investment World Upside Down for 2009 - 23rd Dec 08 - Martin Weiss
Market Forecasts 2009- Gold to Soar, U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds Crash - 23rd Dec 08 - Clive_Maund
Gold and Silver Forecast 2009 - 23rd Dec 08 - Mark_OByrne
Deflation Depression II as $10 Trillion Wealth Destroyed - 23rd Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
Financial Markets Review 2008 and Forecasts For 2009 - 23rd Dec 08 - Armstrong_Davis
Stock Market Dangerous Developments as Corporate Earnings Contract - 22nd Dec 08 - Brian_Bloom
Federal Reserve and Central Banking Responsible for Inflationary Booms and Busts - 22nd Dec 08 - Rob_Kirby
Great Depression 2009 Follows $30 Trillion Deflation - 22nd Dec 08 - Kurt_Kasun
Crude Oil Price Deflation Most Oversold Since the Great Depression - 22nd Dec 08 - Captain_Hook
Fiscal Insanity Virus Rapidly Spreading The Globe (Part 2) - 22nd Dec 08 - Mike_Shedlock
Fiscal Insanity Virus, the Irrational Fear of Deflation - 22nd Dec 08 - Mike_Shedlock
Gold and Stock Market Bear Attack Warning - 21st Dec 08 - Chris_Vermeulen
Obama's "Business as Usual" Economic and Security Appointments - 21st Dec 08 - Stephen_Lendman
The Great Stocks and Commodities Deleveraging Crash of 2009 - 21st Dec 08 - Eric_Chevrette
Global Recession, Crashing Interest Rates Igniting Government Bond Bubbles - 21st Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Zero Interest Rates, Plunging Bond Yields, Slumping Oil Price, Stocks Santa Rally? - 21st Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
U.S. Dollar Buying Opportunity? - 20th Dec 08 - Jack Crooks
Fed Targeting Long-term Interest Rates to Force Mortgage Rates Lower - 20th Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
How to Play the Obama Infrastructure Building Boom - 19th Dec 08 - Justice_Litle
Analysis of the Relationship Between Gold and Crude Oil Price Trend - 19th Dec 08 - John_Lee
The Great Gold Stock Panic Ends and Buying Begins - 19th Dec 08 - Zeal_LLC
The Greatest Wealth Transfer in the History of Mankind Starts Now! - 19th Dec 08 - Brent_Harmes
Despite the Crash, Stock Markets are Not Too Cheap to Buy - 19th Dec 08 -Keith Fitz-Gerald
Credit Collapse Financial Market Impacts and Implications - 18th Dec 08 - Doug_Wakefield
The Free Market has Failed, and Officialdom is Perpetuating that Failure - 18th Dec 08 - Mike_Whitney
Where to Invest 2009- Gold, Stocks and China - 18th Dec 08 - Larry Edelson
Ratings Agencies Greed and Fraud Magnified Credit Crisis - 18th Dec 08 - Shah Gilani
Bond Investors Turn Bullish on U.S. Treasuries - 18th Dec 08 - Mike_Shedlock
Deflation Crash 2009- How to Protect Your Investments - 18th Dec 08 - EWI
U.S. Fed Opts to Inflate Treasury Bond Bubble - 17th Dec 08 - Gary_Dorsch
Fed Policy to Drive U.S. Dollar Lower to Prevent Deflation - 17th Dec 08 - Axel_Merk
Fed Fights Deflation with Zero Interest Rates - 17th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
How to Protect Your Portfolio from Maydoff Style Ponzi Fraud Scams - 17th Dec 08 - Martin Hutchinson
The Great Crash of U.S. Dollar Begins Following Record Low Interest Rate - 17th Dec 08 - ForexPros
U.S. Dollar Crashes Through Support Treasury Bonds to Follow - 16th Dec 08 - Clive_Maund
Deflation and the Destruction of America's Wealth - 16th Dec 08 - Martin Weiss
Government Bailouts the Ultimate Ponzi Scheme Heading for Financial Collapse - 16th Dec 08 - Joseph_Russo
Federal Reserve Characteristics of a Crime Syndicate Faces Lawsuits - 16th Dec 08 - Jim_Willie_CB
Crude Oil Forecast 2009 and Geopolitical Implications - 16th Dec 08 - STRATFOR
Deflation 2009 as Central Bank Credit Creation Loses to Derivatives Deleveraging - 15th Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
U.S. Federal Reserve Sets Stage for Weimar Style Hyper-inflation - 15th Dec 08 - F_William_Engdahl
Financial Assets Forced Redemption Liquidation Wave Trend - 15th Dec 08 - Eric_Chevrette
Stocks Bear Market Rally Mixed Signals - 15th Dec 08 - Jack_Steiman
Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan”  - 15th Dec 08 - Richard_C_Cook
Gold Backwardation That Shook The World - 14th Dec 08 - Professor_Emeritus
Financial Markets Pullback Trading Secret - 14th Dec 08 - Adam Hewison
Abbey Squeezes Mortgage Payers Whilst Losing Billions to Wallstreet Fraud - 14th Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
Imploding Overly Leveraged Private Equity Deals Deepen Recession - 14th Dec 08 - Shah Gilani
The Market Oracles of Doom - 14th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Bullish Global Stock Markets Climb a Wall of Worry - 14th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
How to Prepare for the Deflationary Market Crash - 14th Dec 08 - EWI
The Stocks Bear Market Intermission - 13th Dec 08 - Tim_Wood
Free Money with that Credit Default Swap? - 13th Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
Junior Mining Stocks: Canada's Subprime Market Crash - 13th Dec 08 - The_Gold_Report
Our Asset Value Trend Dependent Economy - 12th Dec 08 - Tim_Iacono
Stock Market Extreme Panic Volatility - 12th Dec 08 - Zeal_LLC
U.S. Bond Markets on the Edge of Collapse - 12th Dec 08 - Mike Larson
U.S. Dollar Set to Decline on Back of Bailouts Frenzy - 12th Dec 08 -Martin Hutchinson
Forget Inflation Instead Focus on How Long Deflation Will Last - 11th Dec 08 - Mike_Shedlock
Gold and Gold Stocks to Soar During 2009 - 11th Dec 08 - Christopher_Laird
Fed Seeks to Issue Own Debt to Soak up Excess Liquidly - 11th Dec 08 - Paul_L_Kasriel
Bernanke and Paulson Attempting to Resuscitate Flawed Market Model - 11th Dec 08 - Mike_Whitney
Companies Trading at Bargain Basement Values - 11th Dec 08 - Larry Edelson
British Pound Heading for Parity Against the Euro - 11th Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Backwardation Resulting Gold Fever - 10th Dec 08 - Professor_Emeritus
Watching for Good U.S. Stock Market Entry Points - 10th Dec 08 - Richard_Shaw
Crude Oil Price Carnage Faces Supply Troubles - 10th Dec 08 - Sean Brodrick
Beware of the Stock Market Valuations Trap - 10th Dec 08 - Louis Basenese
Gold- How to Make Cycles Work in Your Favor - 10th Dec 08 - Peter_Degraaf
China's Stock Market and the Baltic Dry Index - 10th Dec 08 - Richard_Shaw
Stock Market Trends December 2008 Building a Base - 10th Dec 08 - Hans_Wagner
Economic Depression, Deflation and Your Financial Survival - 9th Dec 08 -
Stock Market Fundamentals, Valuations, and Technical Trends - 9th Dec 08 - Chris_Ciovacco
Credit Crisis Watch- Banking Sector Distrust Remains High - 9th Dec 08 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Obama and the Global Credit Crisis - 9th Dec 08 - Richard_C_Cook
Stock Market Valuations and Dow 5,000 Redux - 9th Dec 08 - William H. Gross
Silver Shines as Broad Financial Markets Face Meltdown - 9th Dec 08 - Chris_Vermeulen
Gold and the Last Contango in Washington? - 9th Dec 08 - Professor_Emeritus
Financial System in Collapse, Credit Crisis Worst Yet to Come - 9th Dec 08 - Dr_Krassimir_Petrov
Gold Backwardation Crisis: Seperating Facts from Fiction- 8th Dec 08 - Rob_Kirby
The Great U.S. Treasury Bond Market Trap - 8th Dec 08 - Clive Maund
Crude Oil Forecast 2009- Time to Buy? - 8th Dec 08 - Nadeem_Walayat
Stocks Bear Market Suckers Rally Underway?- 8th Dec 08 - Eric_Chevrette
Fed Deploys Every Trick in the Book to Avert Another Great Depression - 7th Dec 08 - Mike_Whitney
Manipulated Stock Market Discounting a Recovery? - 7th Dec 08 - Mick_Phoenix
Gold Stocks a Buy! - 7th Dec 08 - Brian_Bloom
U.S. Dollar Bull Market Thriving on Bearish Skeptics - 7th Dec 08 - Jack Crooks
The Velocity of Money and Economic Deflation - 6th Dec08 - John_Mauldin
Gold Red Alert- Gold Price Backwardation first time in History! - 6th Dec08 - Professor_Emeritus
U.S. Housing Market Crash- How Far To The Bottom? - 5th Dec 08 - Mike_Shedlock
Stocks Bear Market When Will it End? - 5th Dec 08 - Donald_W_Dony
Using Traded Options to Gauge the Safety of Dividend Payments - 5th Dec 08 - Nilus Mattive
U.S. Treasury Bonds the Biggest Bubble of All? - 5th Dec 08 - Mike Larson
Wealth of Nations- Government Assets Minus Liabilities Analysis - 5th Dec 08 - Mike_Hewitt
U.S. Economy Disintegrating as Government Supports Zombie Banks - 4th Dec 08 - Jim_Willie_CB
Opportunities in the Global Financial Crisis - 4th Dec 08 - John_Mauldin
  GBP and EURO on Hold Pending Interest Rate Decisions - 4fh Dec 08
  America's Second Great Depression Has Started - 4fh Dec 08
  UK Interest Rates Forecast to Crash to 1% - 4fh Dec 08
  Central Banks Open the Money Printing Floodgates to fight Deflation - 3rd Dec 08
  Bankrupt G7 Print Money to Reflate Economies - 3rd Dec 08
  Impact of Deflation and Death of the Economic Decoupling Theory - 3rd Dec 08
  Stock Market Deflationary Trend Scenario Into into 2013 - 3rd Dec 08
  U.S. Stock Market Valuations and Returns, What's Next? - 3rd Dec 08
  Portfolio Investment Management Strategy- Put More Smart Cash In Your Future - 3rd Dec 08
  Stock Market Caution, Caution, and More Caution - 3rd Dec 08
  U.S. Dollar Continues to Consolidate Ahead of Non Farm Payrolls - 3rd Dec 08
  Stock Market and Commodities Will Recover; Economic Crisis Far from Over - 3rd Dec 08
  Deflation, Nowhere to Hide for Investors - 2nd Dec 08
  Big 3 U.S. Auto's $25 Billion Bailout - 2nd Dec 08
  Financial Markets Technical Analysis- Yorba TV - 2nd Dec 08
  Stock Markets Finding More Promising Signs of a Turnaround - 2nd Dec 08
  The Current Global Financial & Economic Crisis - 2nd Dec 08
  U.S. Fed Monetizing Debt by Printing Money - 2nd Dec 08
  Comex Gold Shock and Awe - 2nd Dec 08
  Economic Restructuring, Recessions and Politics - 2nd Dec 08
  Stock Market Crash Technical Analysis Online Video - 2nd Dec 08
  US Dollar Strength Likely to Stall Due to Dismal Fundamentals - 2nd Dec 08
  Expect the Worst Recession Since WWII - 2nd Dec 08
  Destruction of Capital at an Ever Faster Rate, Workers Pay the Price - 2nd Dec 08
  Trading Markets Trap #2 Failure to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Trades & Investments - 2nd Dec 08
  U.S. Treasuries Massive Rally as Helicopter Ben Fires Buyback Bazooka - 2nd Dec 08
  US Dollar Strong on Seasonal Tendencies - 1st Dec 08
  Stocks Bear Market Rally Continues During December - 1st Dec 08
  European Banks to be Hit by Collapsing Emerging Markets - 1st Dec 08
  Inflate or Die Economic Policy to Drive Gold and Commodities Higher - 30th Nov 08
  Gold Breakout, Re-run of September Price Action? - 30th Nov 08
  Global Stock Bear Markets Over? - 30th Nov 08
  Investors Give Thanks for Stock Market Five Day Rally - 30th Nov 08
  U.S. Fed Fighting Deflationary Credit Contraction
  The Hyperinflationary Depression
  Important Questions for the Stock Market and U.S. Economy - 29th Nov 08
  Important Aspects of Dow Theory Interpretation - 29th Nov 08
  Stock Market Patterns Suggest More Upside - 29th Nov 08
  Economic Depression in 2009? - 29th Nov 08
  Gold and UK interest Rates as Proxy for Global Price of Money - 28th Nov 08
  Junior Mining Resource Stocks in Hell - 28th Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Watch- LIBOR Eases Whilst UK Spread Soars on Sovereign Debt Risks - 28th Nov 08
  Bankrupt Britain Trending Towards Hyper-Inflation? - 28th Nov 08
  China Panic Interest Rate Cut as Job Losses Soar - 28th Nov 08
  Bernanke's Deflationary Tactics and The Risk of Collateral Damage - 28th Nov 08
  Nationwide UK House Price Forecasts Track Record - 27th Nov 08
  Is the tide turning for the Stock Market? - 27th Nov 08
  The Millennium Wave Suggests Dramatic Technological and Economic Changes - 27th Nov 08
  Financial Mayhem to Fuel Gold's Next Surge? - 26th Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Continues to Sketch in a Significant Top - 26th Nov 08
  The Real Truth behind the Citigroup Bank Nationalization - 26th Nov 08
  Gold Price Set to Explode Higher on Surging Monetary Inflation - 26th Nov 08
  Deepening Recession in Germany and Across the Euro-zone - 25th Nov 08
  Does this Stock Market Rally Have Legs? - 25th Nov 08
  Citigroup Collapses! Global Banking System Shutdown Possible - 25th Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Continues to Slide as Equities Rally - 25th Nov 08
  Citigroup Bailout Raises Viability Questions For Entire Banking System - 25th Nov 08
  The Paradox of Deleveraging Will Be Broken - 25th Nov 08
  Obama's First Moves on the Financial Crisis and Foreign Policy - 25th Nov 08
  Stock Markets Remain at Extreme Risk of Crash Despite Rallies  - 24th Nov 08
  UK Government Debt to Double, Tax Rises to Follow Tax Cuts - 24th Nov 08
  Financial Market Forecasts and Investments Strategy - 24th Nov 08
  Agri-Foods and China Stocks Bottom - 24th Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Putting in a Top as Risk Aversion Diminishes - 24th Nov 08
  Gold Bullish Breakout as Bull Market Resumes - 24th Nov 08
  Citibank Eight Months Later - 24th Nov 08
  Gold Price Upside Breakout Whilst Crude Oil Continues to Slide Lower - 24th Nov 08
  Housing Market Heads South and S&P 500 Crashes Through Bear Market Low! - 23rd Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Persists as Bond Spreads Widen - 23rd Nov 08
  Stocks Soar as Obama Assembles Recession War Council - 23rd Nov 08
  U.S. Housing Market Forecast 2009, More Pain No Gain - 23rd Nov 08
  Global Stock Markets Heading for Imminent New Lows - 23rd Nov 08
  Financial Markets Wild Ride Between Fear and Optimism - 23rd Nov 08
  Gold and Financial Markets- A Nova-view - 23rd Nov 08
  Gordon Brown Bankrupts Britain to Win Next Election Mid 2009 - 23rd Nov 08
  Stock Market Technicals Point to Strong Rally - 22nd Nov 08
  Citibank Seeks More Bailout Cash as Corporate Bonds Crash to 20% Yields - 22nd Nov 08
  The Next Financial Markets and Real Earthquake - 22nd Nov 08
  Dow Jones Latest Crash and Recession Proofing Your Stocks Portfolio - 22nd Nov 08
  Unbelievable Values in the Commodities and Resources Sector - 21st Nov 08
  Gold and Silver Bullish Fundamentals- Keep Your Eye on the Prize - 21st Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Technical Analysis and Forecast - 21st Nov 08
  The Global Financial System is Coming to an End - 21st Nov 08
  Gold the Dumb Metal Beats Overqualified Ex-hedge fund Financial Hacks - 21st Nov 08
  Silver in Crisis - 21st Nov 08
  Why the Stock Market Keeps Falling Despite Value Bargains - 21st Nov 08
  Manipulated Inflation Statistics An Undisclosed Act of Treason - 21st Nov 08
  Why Gold Price Has Fallen Despite Record Demand - 21st Nov 08
  Why China Stocks are a Screaming Buy - 21st Nov 08
  How Low will the Dow Jones Stocks Bear Market Go? - 21st Nov 08
  World Economic Demand is Collapsing - 21st Nov 08
  Economic Consequences of De-leveraging for Investors - 21st Nov 08
  Global Economy is Being Sucked into a Black Hole - 21st Nov 08
  Worst Stocks Bear Market Since the Great Depression
  Credit Collapse, U.S. Treasury Yields Fall to Record Lows
  UK Real Retail Sales Deflationary Trend Continues
  More on Gold and the Reflation of Assets
  Secrets to Stock Market Value Investing Profits - 20th Nov 08
  Hyperinflation to Follow Deflationary Debt Unwind - 20th Nov 08
  Exploding Global Stock Markets Hit by Economic Torpedo - 20th Nov 08
  Stock Markets Look Set to Crash Through 2002 Lows - 20th Nov 08
  Global Stock Market Crash Alert- Here We Go Again? - 20th Nov 08
  Gold and Silver Obvious Price Maniupulation - 20th Nov 08
  Falling Consumer Prices Good or Bad News for Consumers? - 20th Nov 08
  U.S. Economy Reflation Challenge and LIBOR Deceptive Manipulation - 19th Nov 08
  Economic Forecast, Peering into a Debt Ridden Future - 19th Nov 08
  Misguided Bets On The Yield Curve Steepening - 19th Nov 08
  What's Frightening Saudis and Iranians into Buying Gold? - 19th Nov 08
  Stock Market Apocalyptic Crash Soon? S&P at the Tipping Point - 19th Nov 08
  The Road to Financial Ruin: Unrestrained Government Spending - 19th Nov 08
  Investing in Stocks During Scary Times - 19th Nov 08
  US Capital Markets Portfolio Composition - 19th Nov 08
  Spreading Global Recession Signals Caution for Investors - 18th Nov 08
  G20 Central Banks Unite to Fight Economic Depression - 18th Nov 08
  UK Inflation CPI Falls Sharply as Economy Heads for Deflation - 18th Nov 08
  U.S. Treasury the Final Bailout - 18th Nov 08
  What's ahead for Apple (AAPL), A Stock Worth Shorting? - 18th Nov 08
  Worse than the Great Depression? - 18th Nov 08
  Stock Market is Not in Uncharted Territory - 18th Nov 08
  G20 Meaningless Statement and the Manageable Recession - 18th Nov 08
  FINANCIAL PLANNING: My Guess Or Yours? - 17th Nov 08
  Critical Week for Global Stock Markets and Economic Recovery - 17th Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Bullish Worlds Reserve Currency Dynamics - 17th Nov 08
  The Ascent of Money and Descent of Niall Ferguson - 17th Nov 08
  Citigroups Survival in Doubt as 50,000 Jobs Cut - 17th Nov 08
  Flawed Central Banking System and Stocks Bear Market Bounce - 17th Nov 08
  Gold Needs to Rise Above $838 to Fullfill Annual Minimum Bull Market Target - 17th Nov 08
  Current Commodities Price Deflation to be Followed by Massive Inflation Later - 17th Nov 08
  Stock, Commodities and Currency Futures Markets Analysis 17th November - 17th Nov 08
  More Bailouts Coming, U.S. Automakers, Freddie Mac and Foreign Exporters - 17th Nov 08
  The Brutal Truth About the Credit Crisis - 17th Nov 08
  Stock Market Showing Signs of a Tradeable Low - 16th Nov 08
  Peak Earnings and the Secular Stocks Bear Market - 16th Nov 08
  Gold Long-term Bearish Projection Targets $480 - 16th Nov 08
  G20 Economic Summit Changes Nothing - 16th Nov 08
  Global Stock Market Crash Extended Leg Lower - 16th Nov 08
  Extreme Stock Market Volatility as Corporate America Heads Towards Bankruptcy - 16th Nov 08
  Stock Market Bear Still in Control - 16th Nov 08
  Why the Dollar is Rising and Potential for Large Stock Market Rally - 16th Nov 08
  US Dollar Bull Run, Gold, XOI, HUI, CBOE Put/Call Ratio - 16th Nov 08
  G-20 Summit Politicians Blame Investors For Credit Crisis - 16th Nov 08
  Bailout for GE But not Yet for GM - 15th Nov 08
  End of the Era of Big Consumer Spending - 15th Nov 08
  Hydrogen Energy, IEA-2008 World Energy, Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Depletion - 15th Nov 08
  Hope for a Dismal Economy & Stock Market? - 15th Nov 08
  Paulson's Blunders as Debt Securitization Market Remains Frozen - 15th Nov 08
  Economic Forecasts and Analysis For U.S. Financial Markets (Nov 17-21) - 15th Nov 08
  G7 Banking Systems Continue to Plunge into the Abyss - 14th Nov 08
  Goldilocks Economy Turns into the Humpty Dumpty Economy - 14th Nov 08
  The G-20's Secret Credit Crash Debt Solution - 14th Nov 08
  Are We There Yet? Finding that Elusive Gold Stocks Bottom - 14th Nov 08
  New Precedent for America : Financial Irresponsibility Pays - 14th Nov 08
  Gold GLD ETF Impact on the Gold Market - 14th Nov 08
  Consumer Spending Cutbacks Further Erode Retail Payrolls - 14th Nov 08
  Gold Will Rise as Governments Reflate to Resurrect Economies - 14th Nov 08
  U.S. Dollar Rallies Due to Global Destruction of Fiat Currencies - 14th Nov 08
  Stock, Commodities and Currency Futures Markets Analysis 14th November - 14th Nov 08
  Stock Market Rally Against the Primary Trend - 14th Nov 08
  Stock Market Crash Count Update and Bullish Gold Stocks Divergence - 14th Nov 08
  Japanese Stock Market Could Bounce in the New Year - 14th Nov 08
  Combating Credit Based Derivatives Deflation - 13th Nov 08
  Baltic Dry Index The Only Economic Indicator Worth Tracking - 13th Nov 08
  Where Stock Market Valuations and Technical Support Intersect - 13th Nov 08
  Stocks, U.S. Dollar and Crude Oil Video Analysis and Forecasts - 13th Nov 08
  UK on the Brink of Economic Meltdown - 13th Nov 08
  British Pound Crashes to New Lows as Economic Crisis Deepens - 13th Nov 08
  China Gets it Right on Economic Stimulus Package 17 Times U.S. Effort - 12th Nov 08
  Investor Capitulation in Metals and Mining Stocks Presents Great Buying Opportunity - 12th Nov 08
  Signs of a Stock Market Bottom as Bulls Duck for Cover Whilst Bears Roar - 12th Nov 08
  Investment Opportunities in High Dividend Paying Tech Stocks - 12th Nov 08
  Sell Put Options to Get Paid for Stocks You Want to Buy - 12th Nov 08
  The Great Global Deleveraging Cycle Continues - 12th Nov 08
  Your FDIC Backed Bank Could Fail, Discover the Safest U.S. Banks - 12th Nov 08
  Another U.S. Interest Rate Cut and Financial Market Trends - 12th Nov 08
  Volatile Stock Markets Heading for Possible Mid 2009 Rebound - 12th Nov 08
  Stock, Commodities and Currency Futures Markets Analysis 12th November - 12th Nov 08
  Global Stock Markets on a Knife Edge Warrant Extreme Caution - 12th Nov 08
  US Treasury Bonds Default Avoidance Means Dollar Death - 12th Nov 08
  Imminent Global Stock Market Crash - 12th Nov 08
  Corporate Industrial Bond Yields Strongly Support Economic Deflation Thesis - 11th Nov 08
  Strategic investing by Focusing on Companies that Sell to China - 11th Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Eases as Interbank Rates Hit Multi-year Lows - 11th Nov 08
  Stocks Bear Market Wedge Pattern Points to New Low -Yorba TV Show - 11th Nov 08
  Bretton Woods II- Roadmap Towards a New Financial System - 11th Nov 08
  Stock, Commodities and Currency Futures Markets Analysis - 11th Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Worse to Come as Bank Credit Contracts - 11th Nov 08
  Trading Markets Trap #1 Failure to Preserve Financial and Neuropsychiatric Capital - 11th Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Worse to Come as Bank Credit Contracts - 11th Nov 08
  Trading Markets Trap #1 Failure to Preserve Financial and Neuropsychiatric Capital - 11th Nov 08
  Credit Crisis Tentacles Spread to Every Sector of Finance Market - 11th Nov 08
  Investor Funds Flowing Back into Emerging Markets - 10th Nov 08
  Stock Markets Jammed Higher Before Final Capitulation - 10th Nov 08
  U.S. Economic Pain Precedes Greatest Investment Opportunity of a Generation - 10th Nov 08
  Why Washington Cannot Prevent Economic Depression - 10th Nov 08
  Peter Schiff and China's Economy Hard Landing - 10th Nov 08
  Stock Market Catches a Bottom - 10th Nov 08
  Gloom and Doom Folks Will Soon be Proven Wrong - 10th Nov 08
  Reaping the Derivatives Mania Whirlwind - 9th Nov 08
  Stock Markets Attempting to Bottom Against Grim Economic Background - 9th Nov 08
  Agri-Foods Long-term Opportunities Amidst Hedge Funds Deleveraging - 9th Nov 08
  Three Trends Driving U.S. Toward Economic and Dollar Collapse - 9th Nov 08
  Jump on Board the Global Capital Stampede to the Japanese Yen - 9th Nov 08
  Stock Market Indices Teetering at the Edge of the Cliff - 9th Nov 08
  Global Stock Market Rampant Buy Signals - 9th Nov 08
  Obama Victory Flashing a Stock Market Buy Signal - 9th Nov 08
  Economic Forecasts and Analysis For U.S. Financial Markets (Nov 10-14)
  Monetary Reform: Gold And Bills Of Exchange - 9th Nov 08
  U.S. Treasury Bonds Set to Crash, Heres How to Make a Killing - 9th Nov 08
  Bank of England's 1.5% Interest Rate Cut to Prevent Severe Recession - 9th Nov 08
  How Wars and Stock Market Rallies are Won - 9th Nov 08
  Global Stock Market Crash, What Happens Next? - 8th Nov 08
  The Impact of Deleveraging on Economic Growth - 8th Nov 08
  Deaf, Dumb and Blind Economists Still Failing to Call Recession - 8th Nov 08
  Bob Moriarty: Laying Out a Feast for Stock Bears and Gold Bugs - 8th Nov 08
  Obama Could Avoid Depression by Rebuilding America's Crumbling Infrastructure - 8th Nov 08
  United States in Recession End of the Debate - 8th Nov 08
  Stock Bull Market Being Born? - 8th Nov 08
  Capital Economics UK Housing Market Forecasts - 7th Nov 08
  UK Housing Market 15% Crash Forecast Fulfilled - 7th Nov 08
  Will Fortune Favour the Brave in This Crisis Investment Climate? - 7th Nov 08
  Crude Oil Crashes to New Lows, Where is the Bottom? - 7th Nov 08
  US Treasury Bonds to be Hit by $500 Billion Quarterly Flood - 7th Nov 08
  Stock Market Trends November 2008 Forming a Base - 7th Nov 08
  Financial Meltdown Worse to Come, More Bailouts Needed! - 7th Nov 08
  How to Survive the Coming US Dollar Collapse - 7th Nov 08
  Stock Market Trends November 2008 Forming a Base - 7th Nov 08
  Financial Meltdown Worse to Come, More Bailouts Needed! - 7th Nov 08
  J.P. Morgan Loving Their Market Manipulation Handiwork - 7th Nov 08
  Rick Rule on Commodities: Be Prudent, Study Hard, and Take Advantage of Volatility - 7th Nov 08
  President Obama Security Threats - 7th Nov 08
  After Shocks from the October Financial Markets Crash - 7th Nov 08
  Global Interest Rate Cuts ECB .50% BOE 1.5% Equals Deflation - 6th Nov 08
  Larry Edelson- Dow Stocks Bear Market Ended in October at 7884 - 6th Nov 08
  UK 1% Interest Rate Cut - 6th Nov 08
  Financially Deluded Gambling Hedge Funds Explode - 6th Nov 08
  Global Economic Recession, Country by Country - 5th Nov 08
  Bailout Failure and Investing in America's Future - 5th Nov 08
  Brien Lundin: Is Gold Holding a Wild Card? - 5th Nov 08
  Current Stock Market S&P Index P/E Ratio in Historical Perspective - 5th Nov 08
  Presidential Election's Impact on the Financial Markets - 4th Nov 08
  Nearing Impact: A U.S. Debt Crash Course - 4th Nov 08
  More from the Front Lines of the Financial Crisis - 4th Nov 08
  Obama Presidency, Is Redistribution of Wealth Really All That Bad? - 4th Nov 08
  This Stock is Getting Ready to Fly - 4th Nov 08
  Stock Market Unrelenting Bullishness Amidst Deteriorating Economic Conditions - 4th Nov 08
  Transitions From Stocks Bear Markets To Bull Markets - 4th Nov 08
  The Great American Housing Market Nightmare Next Phase - 4th Nov 08
  IMF Bailout of the United States Coming? - 4th Nov 08
  Stock Market Investing Dividend Yields Vs Bond Yields Analysis - 4th Nov 08
  U.S. Elections and Performance of Stocks, Dollar and Economy - 3rd Nov 08
  Stocks Bear Market How Low Could it Go? - 3rd Nov 08
  Emerging Markets Turnaround is Getting Closer—Here's Why - 3rd Nov 08
  Fed's Tough Balancing Act Between Inflation and Deflation - 3rd Nov 08
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