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The Best Financial Markets Analysis - Jan to Mar 2010

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

You Still Believe The Fed Can Stop Deflation?- 31st Mar 10 - EWI
Stock Market Melting Up, A Different Take- 31st Mar 10 - Guy_Lerner
Is The Stock Market Topping and What Does It Mean for Gold?- 31st Mar 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Wildly Bullish Scenario for Gold Stocks- 31st Mar 10 - J_Derek_Blain
U.S. Interest Rates and Treasury Bonds, World Funding Devastation - 31 Mar 10 - Bob_Clark
Americans Still Not Working- 31st Mar 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
The China Economic Growth Juggernaut Is Alive and Well- 31 Mar 10 - Tony_Sagami
Iran Attack, Rumours of a Hard-Rain and the Price of Oil: My Trip to Tehran- 31 Mar 10 - Andrew_Butter
Solving Britain's Economic Crisis Through Micro Business Capital Investments and Credit- 31st Mar 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Price Manipulation, Fact or Fantasy?- 30th Mar 10 -Toby_Connor
How to Corner the Gold Market- 30th Mar 10 -Janet_Tavakoli
Chechnya Oil Pipeline Politics True Underlying Cause for Moscow Metro Bombings - 30th Mar 10 -OilPrice_Com
10 Signs of Speculative Mania in China- 30th Mar 10 -Mike_Shedlock
How the Dow Has Really Performed When Measured in Real Money (Gold)- 30th Mar 10 -EWI
Stock Market Correction or Continuation? Market Will Answer Very Soon - 30th Mar 10 -Steven_Vincent
US Stocks Trading At 18 Month Highs - 30th Mar 10 -PaddyPowerTrader
Gold and “States Rights”…Bye, Bye! - 30th Mar 10 -David_Vaughn
Silver Surges as Copper, Crude Oil and Gold Rise - 30th Mar 10 -GoldCore
Profiting From Commodities, Tech and Emerging Markets Capital Waves - 30th Mar 10 -William Patalon III
Gold Is Not “Money”- 30th Mar 10 -Brian_M_Thiesen
Why Gold Will Not Make New Highs or Lows This Year- 30th Mar 10 - INO
Trading Strategies for Unpredictable Markets, Current Wave Pattern Creates Difficult and Dangerous Trading Environment- 30th Mar 10 -Glenn_Neely
Interest Rates Surge Higher on Debt Crisis, Stock Market Dow Non-Confirmation- 30th Mar 10 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
U.S. Stock Market Returns, What's in Store?- 30th Mar 10 - John_Mauldin
Academic Economics Profession in Crisis- 30th Mar 10 -Sterling T. Terrell
China Inherently Unstable Economic System Crunch Time- 30th Mar 10 -STRATFOR
U.S. Economic Stimulus Works, Economy Recovers Under Obama- 30th Mar 10 - Daniel_Bruno
Global Sovereign Debt Crisis, Country Bankruptcy Relative Risk of Default- 30th Mar 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Forex Market Signals from Commodities and LIBOR- 30th Mar 10 -Ashraf_Laidi
Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis, The Impoverishment of the Middle Class- 30th Mar 10 -Andrew_G_Marshall
Argentina Running Out Of Options Over UK Falklands Oil Fight - 30th Mar 10 - OilPrice_Com
Silver Producers Who Shine- 29th Mar 10 - Mike Niehuser
Gold $5,000 Rapture, China Buys Gold!- 29th Mar 10 -Adrian_Ash
Agri-Food Stocks Sector Positive Trends Supported by 2.4 Billion China India Consumers- 29th Mar 10 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Socialized Medicine Impact on Gold Bugs- 29th Mar 10 -Howard_Katz
Three Breakouts That Could Break the Stock Market Rally- 29th Mar 10 - Justice_Litle
When The Stock Market Music Stops Will You Have A Chair?- 29th Mar 10 -David_Grandey
Economic Optimism Lifts Stocks- 29th Mar 10 -PaddyPowerTrader
Critical Week for Stock Market Ahead of March U.S. Employment Report- 29th Mar 10 -Mike_Paulenoff
Stock Market Set To Surprise- 29th Mar 10 -Captain_Hook
India's Stock Market Sensex Index Up More Than 100% In Just Over A Year!- 29th Mar 10 -Larry_Edelson
Should Investors Believe in the Stocks Bull Market?- 29th Mar 10 -Jon D. Markman
Greenspan Signals warnings for Bubble-maniacs, the Break-out of Inflation Has Already Begun- 29th Mar 10 - Gary_Dorsch
Emerging Markets Decoupling, The Great Dichotomy Continues- 29th Mar 10 -Martin_D_Weiss
The Fannie May and Freddie Mac Bailout Debacle- 29th Mar 10 - Sol_Palha
How to Apply Fibonacci Math to Real-World Trading- 29th Mar 10 - EWI
Gold and Dow Stocks Index Congestion Zone Trading - 28th Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
Gold Bouncing Off Long-term Moving Averages- 28th Mar 10 -Merv_Burak
Stock Market Pending Crash?- 28th Mar 10 -Jay_DeVincentis
Stock Market Rally, S&P 500 is on a Mission to Reach 1200 Over the Short-term- 28th Mar 10 -Andre_Gratian
Stock Market Investing Game Plan- 28th Mar 10 -Toby_Connor
Stock Market Rally and Economic Recovery Blowing in the Wind- 28th Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
Stock Market S&P Index Readying For a Crash- 28th Mar 10 -Shaily
Stock Market Sentiment Indicates Investor Nirvana And New Paradigm- 28th Mar 10 -Guy_Lerner
Dow Theory Stocks Bear Market Rally Update- 28th Mar 10 -Tim_Wood
Three Things Investors Really Need to Know About Healthcare Reform- 28th Mar 10 -Q1_Publishing
California Could be Destroyed by Looming Water Disaster - 28th Mar 10 -Yasha Levine
Obama's Road to Economic Ruin- 28th Mar 10 -Gerard_Jackson
What Does the Greek Debt Crisis Mean For You?- 27th Mar 10 - John_Mauldin
Jim Rogers on Crude Oil, Gold and the Biggest U.S. Bubble Treasury Bonds- 27th Mar 10 - Video
Major Stock Market Sell Off Warning, Investor Defensive Plays - 27th Mar 10 -Mike Burnick 
America and China, the Next Major War- 27th Mar 10 -Clif_Droke
Stocks Bull Market Continues Grinding Higher, Fear is Good!- 27th Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Financial Fraud on Wall Street- 27th Mar 10 - Bob_Chapman
Stock Market Selling Pressure Increasing in Stocks?- 27th Mar 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
More Greenspan Financial Crisis Excuses- 27th Mar 10 - Video
Green Energy Vanity- 27th Mar 10 - Andrew_McKillop
Class Warfare in the U.S. House Price Gold Ratio - 26th Mar 10 - Adrian_Ash
Gold's Performance Relative to The U.S. Dollar Provides Us with Invaluable Insight- 26th Mar 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Junior Gold Stocks GDXJ ETF Investing- 26th Mar 10 - Zeal_LLC
Big Oil Companies Entering the Shale Natural Gas Arena- 26th Mar 10 -Hans_Wagner
Crude Oil Price Impact on Gold Price- 26th Mar 10 -Julian_DW_Phillips
Gold Rises after Option Expiry but May Close Lower on Week - 26th Mar 10 - GoldCore
The Crude Oil Futures Bubble - 26th Mar 10 - Kent Moors
SP500 and Dow Short-term Trading, Bearish Head and Shoulders Pattern- 26th Mar 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
Sultans of Swap: ACT III - The Getaway! - 26th Mar 10 -Gordon_T_Long
India Bombey Sensex Stock Market Index Forecast to Touch 50,000 by 2015- 26th Mar 10 - Dr. Alok Aggarwal
How to Protect Yourself and Prosper in the Coming Bear Market- 26th Mar 10 - DailyWealth
Financial Markets and Economic Outlook Conclusions 2010, When Hope Turns to Fear, Part V- 26th Mar 10 - Ty_Andros
The Dow Marches On as Gold Investors Increasingly Throwing in The Towel - 26th Mar 10 - Steve_Betts
Indonesia, Get in on the Ground Floor of This Growing Global Profit Machine- 26th Mar 10 - Jon D. Markman
China Economy, A Tale of Three Swan Songs - 26th Mar 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Healthcare’s Double-Dip Recession- 26th Mar 10 - Andy_Sutton
U.S. Dollar Index Going Higher?- 26th Mar 10 - Adam Hewison
USD/JPY Bulls Straining at Their Leash- 26th Mar 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Week of U.S. Treasury Bond Failures- 26th Mar 10 - Shaily
U.S. Treasury Bonds Are Riskier than Toilet Paper!- 26th Mar 10 -Mike_Larson
Higher U.S. Treasury Bond Yields, Lower Equities?- 26th Mar 10 - Guy_Lerner
U.S. Treasury Notes Under Pressure With Still More Bear Potential- 26th Mar 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
U.S.A. Going Insane Over Healthcare Reform Bill Passage- 26th Mar 10 - Pravda
The Higher Education Bubble Must Burst, The Mentality of Entitlement in Academia- 26th Mar 10 -Daniel_Coleman
Best Cash ISA Savings Account as April 5th 2010 Tax Year Deadline Looms - 26th Mar 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Swoosh goes Nike, NKE- 26th Mar 10 -Adam Hewison
Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust Hospital Tip of NHS Hospitals of Death Iceberg- 25th Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Doug Casey, U.S. Can Never Win the “War on Terrorism”, Investment Implications - 25th Mar 10 -Doug Casey
Financial Sector Regulations Fleeting Opportunities- 25th Mar 10 -DeepCaster_LLC
What the Fed Does Not Want You to Know - 25th Mar 10 -EWI
U.S. Treasury Bond Yields Advance, Inflationary Pressures Continue- 25th Mar 10 -Donald_W_Dony
Gold and Metals Continuum- 25th Mar 10 -HRA_Advisory
What International ETFs Have To Say About Our Stock Market- 25th Mar 10 - David_Grandey
How to Invest in China’s Turbo-Charged Economic Recovery- 25th Mar 10 -Tony_Sagami
How Investors Can Control Political Risk with ETFs- 25th Mar 10 -Ron_Rowland
Euro Currency Bashing, How Perceptions Have Changed- 25th Mar 10 -Claus_Vogt
The Fable of the Krugman- 25th Mar 10 -William_Anderson
The Paradox of Keynesianism, Paul Krugman and the Consumption Myth- 25th Mar 10 -Jonathan Finegold Catalán
Risk of Eurozone Sovereign Debt Contagion Bolsters Gold's Status as Currency Hedge- 25th Mar 10 -GoldCore
U.S. Policies Will Fail to Avert Hyperinflation- 25th Mar 10 -FutureOfDollar
Despite Record Rally in U.S. Stocks, Oil, Commodities and China Will be the Long-Term Winners- 25th Mar 10 -William Patalon III
Social Inequality in America, Widening Income Disparities- 25th Mar 10 -Vi_Ransel
Financial Fraud, Wall Street, The Next Big Fight- 25th Mar 10 -Danny_Schechter
Sure Looks Like A Stock Market Top? VIX, NYSE, DOW & GOLD- 25th Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
What if the Stock Market, Housing and Economy Since 1970 Was Just a Big Bubble?- 25th Mar 10 - Tim_Iacono
Should California Get a Bail Out?- 25th Mar 10 - Mike_Stathis
The Case for Silver Bullion Investing - 24th Mar 10 -Adrian_Ash
The U.S. Dollar Rules- 24th Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
Bond Market Collapse and Stock Market Crash This Year to Send Gold Price Soaring - 24th Mar 10 -Greg McCoach
U.S. Healthcare Reform Bill, Help! I’ve Been Taxed and I Can’t Get Up- 24th Mar 10 -Jeff_Clark
The Stock Market Is Patterned, Here's Proof- 24th Mar 10 - EWI
Lithium Commodity Investing ABC- 24th Mar 10 -Richard_Mills
Stock Market Buyers Beware- 24th Mar 10 -Toby_Connor
An Extreme Investment Profit Opportunity in Oil and Natural Gas- 24th Mar 10 -Q1_Publishing
U.S. Dollar Trend and China News Impact on Gold- 24th Mar 10 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Government Healthcare Intervention, The Bigger Picture- 24th Mar 10 -Douglas_French
The Federal Reserve Banking System is a Confidence Game, What They Were Saying in 2007- 24th Mar 10 - Mark_Thornton
Obamacare and the Death of Detroit, the First U.S. City To Face Extinction- 24th Mar 10 - Gary_North
The Stocks Bull Bear Market Report- 24th Mar 10 - Steven_Vincent
Sex and Trade Surplus in China- 24th Mar 10 - Dian_L_Chu
China, The Coming Costs of a Super Bubble- 24th Mar 10 - Vitaliy_Katsenelson
U.S. Economy, Banking Sector and Gold, Houdini Lives!- 24th Mar 10 - Steve_Betts
Lithium Commodity Investing - New Participants Positioned for Near Term Production & Supply Chain Fundamentals- 24th Mar 10 - Madison_Avenue_R
Stocks Stealth Bull Market Trend Forecast Into May 2010- 23rd Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Stock Market Dow Theory Contrived Buy Signal or Paranoia?- 23rd Mar 10 -Brian_Bloom
Bob Prechter Reveals the Most Dangerous Gold & Silver Myths- 23rd Mar 10 -Nico Isaac
U.S. Debt Crisis, Battle for the Budget- 23rd Mar 10 -Bud Conrad
ObamaCare: Soon to be the Worst Bill Passed in U.S. History (Part 1)- 23rd Mar 10 -Mike_Stathis
Five Major Stock Market Myths Exposed!- 23rd Mar 10 - Larry_Edelson
Successful Day Trading Brief- 23rd Mar 10 -Christopher_Quigley
How to Day Trade Spot Gold Futures with Accuracy- 23rd Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
U.S. Dollar Debt Tipping Point to Price Inflation- 23rd Mar 10 -Jim_Willie_CB
Socialized Medicine, The Road to Wealth Destruction- 23rd Mar 10 -Mac_Slavo
Greece Exposes Future and Gold Opportunity- 23rd Mar 10 -Neil_Charnock
UK CPI Inflation Falls to 3%, RPI Remains at 3.7%- 23rd Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
A Hard Look at Gold, Silver Premiums - 23rd Mar 10 -Tarek_Saab
Investors Beware of Eurozone Plans for Greek Debt Bailout- 23rd Mar 10 -Keith Fitz-Gerald
Capitalism Is Racist, More Crazy Keynesianism From Krugman- 23rd Mar 10 - William_Anderson
Can You Help Me Find My Market?- 23rd Mar 10 - LewRockwell
Which Way Emerging Market Equities?- 23rd Mar 10 - Prieur_du_Plessis
Fed Stock Market Capital Infusions On Options Expiration Weeks- 23rd Mar 10 - Graham_Summers
The Stealth Palladium Bull Market - 22nd Mar 10 -Sol_Palha
Stock Market Lessons From Legendary Small Cap Investors- 22nd Mar 10 -Joseph_Dancy
Raging Bull in Greed and Abject Stupidity- 22nd Mar 10 -Charlie_Tarango
Investing in Australia's Stunning Resource Wealth- 22nd Mar 10 -Richard Karn
Stock Market, An Up and Down Day- 22nd Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
Gold and Stocks, When it Breaks, It's Going Somewhere In a Hurry... - 22nd Mar 10 -J_Derek_Blain
Three Reasons U.S. Housing Market Will Head Lower- 22nd Mar 10 -Q1_Publishing
Bernanke Running Amuck, Trashing History And Threatening America's Future- 22nd Mar 10 -Martin_D_Weiss
What Health Care Plan and A Rising U.S. Dollar Mean For Financial Markets - 22nd Mar 10 -Mike_Paulenoff
Gold and the Keynesian Flat Earth Theory- 22nd Mar 10 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Wall Street Redux- 22nd Mar 10 -Captain_Hook
U.S. Dollar Trend Driving Gold, Stocks and Commodities- 22nd Mar 10 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
Sir John Templeton, Financial Chaos and Investing- 22nd Mar 10 -Janet_Tavakoli
Inflation Bond Issuance Hits Record $200 Billion ahead of Deflation- 22nd Mar 10 -Mike_Shedlock
Three Stocks Trend Change Chart Patterns To Profit From- 22nd Mar 10 -David_Grandey
Ukraine and a Tectonic Shift in Heartland Power, The USA Russia Pipeline Wars- 22nd Mar 10 - F_William_Engdahl
Fastest Economic Recovery Ever Could Push Corporate Profits to Record Highs 2010- 22nd Mar 10 - Jon D. Markman
BubbleOmics: U.S. Treasuries are Not a Bubble, Federal Debt Target 150% GDP- 22nd Mar 10 - Andrew_Butter
Krugman's Hoover History, Very Misleading Analysis of Deficit Spending- 22nd Mar 10 - Robert_Murphy
The Second Austrian Monetary and Business Cycle Theory Revival- 22nd Mar 10 - Joseph_T_Salerno
U.S. Election November 2010, Just More Rearranging of Deck Chairs- 22nd Mar 10 - Scott Lazarowitz
Predator States Consuming Our Capital- 22nd Mar 10 - Butler_Shaffer
Gerald Celente Forecasts Financial Crash and China Trade War 2010- 22nd Mar 10 - Submissions
NO Stock Market Investments, Commodities Second Inflationary Upswing- 21st Mar 10 -Howard_Katz
Silver Trendline Failure SELL Signal - 21st Mar 10 -Clive_Maund
Gold Succumbing to Bullish Dollar- 21st Mar 10 -Clive_Maund
Fed Orchestrated Money Printing Lifts Stock Market Higher- 21st Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
Weekly Commodity Analysis for Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas- 21st Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
Two Corporations Run for Congress. Yes, I'm Serious- 21st Mar 10 -Trader_Mark
Stock Market Indices Hit 18 Month Highs on Fed Policy Statement- 21st Mar 10 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Euro, U.S. Dollar and Crude Oil: Oil is the Winner Hands Down- 21st Mar 10 - Fresbee
Iraq War Seventh Anniversary Muted Media Coverage- 21st Mar 10 - Danny_Schechter
The Economic Elite Versus The People of the USA- 21st Mar 10 - David_DeGraw
Divisions Between the US and Europe Widen Over Greek Financial Bailout- 21st Mar 10 - Stefan Steinberg
Jim Rogers on Chinese Currency and Trade War: My Thoughts- 21st Mar 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Stock and Gold Market Trading Range Madness- 21st Mar 10 - Clif_Droke
Gold Rally Disintegrates on Friday- 21st Mar 10 - Merv_Burak
Stock Market Bullish Extreme Going Forward - 21st Mar 10 - Guy_Lerner
Greenspan is Back With More Excuses on Why He did Not Cause the Financial Crisis- 20th Mar 10 -Mike_Whitney
Investment Mega Trends, A Dangerous Mix of Water and Oil- 20th Mar 10 -Uncommon_Wisdom
Next Down Leg for the Euro- 20th Mar 10 -Bryan_Rich
The Dummies Guide To Valuing A CDO: Reference Barnett-Hart’s Thesis- 20th Mar 10 -Andrew_Butter
China Currency Dispute Threat to U.S. Muddle Through Economic Growth- 20th Mar 10 -John_Mauldin
Fake Forecasts, Misleading Statistics, Misguided Policies, Mass Unemployment and the Current Economic Crisis - 20th Mar 10 -Prof. Alan Nasser
Brain Drain From U.S. to China - 20th Mar 10 -Mike_Shedlock
Stock Market Distribution Day Friday?- 20th Mar 10 -Behrouz_Fallahi
Economic Bubbles and Financial Crises, Past and Present- 20th Mar 10 -Prof_Rodrigue_Trembl
Faber Expects U.S. Interest Rates to Stay at Zero Forever (Below the Rate of Inflation)- 20th Mar 10 - Marc Faber
Jim Rogers Says 2012 Recession Will be Worse - 20th Mar 10 - Jim Rogers
U.S. China Dispute Over Currency Manipulation and Bubbles- 20th Mar 10 - Jim Rogers
Ponzi Economics, Ferris Geithner's Day Off- 20th Mar 10 - Gary_North
Has the Stock Market Broadening Top Crested?- 20th Mar 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Lithium Commodity Investing, Hot Now, Soon to Sizzle- 20th Mar 10 - Jon Hykawy
Is it better to buy Gold Bullion or Gold Shares?- 19th Mar 10 -Julian_DW_Phillips
Stock Market Investors Remain Cautious!- 19th Mar 10 -Sy_Harding
The Economic Impossibility of John Maynard Keynes- 19th Mar 10 -Adrian_Ash
The Taylor Rule Tool for Predicting Fed Interest Rate Policy- 19th Mar 10 -Bud Conrad
Are the Precious Metals Stocks Breaking Higher or Topping Out- 19th Mar 10 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Take Time from March Madness for 2010's Most Important Investment Report - 19th Mar 10 -EWI
HUI Gold Stocks Post Panic Recovery - 19th Mar 10 -Zeal_LLC
The Road to Hyperinflation- 19th Mar 10 -Dr_Krassimir_Petrov
Inflate, Deflate, Confiscate, Investor Authentic Wealth Enhancement Essentials- 19th Mar 10 -DeepCaster_LLC
SULTANS OF SWAP ACT II - The Sting!- 19th Mar 10 -Gordon_T_Long
More Ugly U.S. Housing Market Data, Forget the Bottom and Recovery Hype - 19th Mar 10 -Adam_Brochert
Gold and Stocks 1-2-3 Reversal- 19th Mar 10 -Toby_Connor
Gold and Hyperinflation, Watch the Bond Market Not Bank Lending or Velocity- 19th Mar 10 -Jordan_Roy_Byrne
Dow Theory Major Stock Market Confirmation - 19th Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
The Independence of the Fed?- 19th Mar 10 -Sarel_Oberholster
Why Should Your Children Pay for My Retirement?- 19th Mar 10 -Gary_North
What May Trigger A Spring in Wheat?- 19th Mar 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
S&P Stock Market The Technical Trader’s View- 19th Mar 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
EUR/USD Recovery Off 61.8% Support Feeble So Far- 19th Mar 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
The American Dream is Over, It Was A Wonderful Life- 19th Mar 10 - James_Quinn
Creating our Own Credit, The Growing Movement for Publicly-Owned Banks- 18th Mar 10 -Ellen_Brown
Gold, In the Shadow of the Castle- 18th Mar 10 -David_Galland
Paul Krugman Versus Economic Reality- 18th Mar 10 -Peter_Schiff
Economic and Stock Market Recovery, Maybe The Emperor Has No Clothes- 18th Mar 10 -Charles_Maley
Silver SLV ETF- 18th Mar 10 -Guy_Lerner
What Do I Need To See To Make Me Take A Stock Trade?- 18th Mar 10 -David_Grandey
Stock Market Sentiment Remains Positive- 18th Mar 10 -PaddyPowerTrader
Fear The New Krugman- 18th Mar 10 -Brady_Willett
Iran’s Natural Gas Riches- 18th Mar 10 -Finian Cunningham
How Capital Waves Are Creating the Biggest Profit Opportunities in Today’s Markets- 18th Mar 10 -Shah Gilani
What the Stock Market Cycles are Saying Now!!- 18th Mar 10 -Jim_Curry
Stock and Commodity ETF Trading Sector Rotation- 18th Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
Gold, Stocks and Falling Inflation Producer Price Index - 18th Mar 10 -Steve_Betts
Stocks Stealth Bull Market Closes At New Dow High- 17th Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Was That The Beginning of a New Rally For Gold and Silver?- 17th Mar 10 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Scoop Up Resource Stocks on Dips On Stock Market Corrections- 17th Mar 10 -The_Gold_Report
Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?- 17th Mar 10 -Tony_Sagami
China FXI ETF Blasting Higher!- 17th Mar 10 -Larry_Edelson
Stock Market S&P 500 Parts and Pieces Performance- 17th Mar 10 -Richard_Shaw
Nothing Performs Better in Times Like These Than Real Estate REITs- 17th Mar 10 -Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Business Sours on China- 17th Mar 10 -Trader_Mark
Differences Between Lehman Brothers and the U.S. Government- 17th Mar 10 -Michael_S_Rozeff
Stock Market Run Run Away- 17th Mar 10 -Toby_Connor
Lehman's Bankruptcy Report, Evidence of a Financial Coup in America- 17th Mar 10 -David_DeGraw
Fed Keeps The Cheap Money Tap Running- 17th Mar 10 -PaddyPowerTrader
Sovereign Debt Credit Ratings Emerging Markets Advantage- 17th Mar 10 -Frank_Holmes
The Dubai Hainan Connection: The Millionaire Speculators of Wenzhou, China- 17th Mar 10 - Mario_Cavolo
The Next Big Bank Bailout is on the Way Prepare To Get Reamed!- 17th Mar 10 - Mike_Whitney
Fiat Currencies Devalue or Die Era is Picking Up Steam- 17th Mar 10 - Sol_Palha
Marc Faber Says Accumulate Gold As All Currencies are Set to Fall- 17th Mar 10 - Marc Faber
My YouTube Stock Market Sentiment Index- 17th Mar 10 - Steven_Vincent
All Eyes on the Fed- 17th Mar 10 - Steve_Betts
UK Petrol Prices to Hit Record High As Stealth Inflation Rages- 16th Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
New Baghdad and the Collapse of Capitalism - 16th Mar 10 -Doug Hornig
Conquer the Crash, What To Do With Your Pension Plan - 16th Mar 10 -EWI
Fed Smoke, Mirrors, SDRs and Gold: Why Central Banks Cannot Tell the Truth- 16th Mar 10 -Rob_Kirby
The Climax of the Stock Market Broadening Top- 16th Mar 10 -Anthony_Cherniawski
Blanchard IMF Chief Economist Pushes Governments for More Inflation- 16th Mar 10 - Marius_Gustavson
Natural Gas ETF/ETN, A Small Example of Acceptable Fraud- 16th Mar 10 - Adam_Brochert
Gold is Money, Unlike the World’s Currencies, Gold Retains its Value- 16th Mar 10 - Nick_Barisheff
More Pensions and Retirement Disasters- 16th Mar 10 - Nilus_Mattive
The Great Credit Squeeze 2010- 16th Mar 10 - Martin_D_Weiss
Financial Market Investors & Traders Beware The Ides of March- 16th Mar 10 - Steve_Betts
Geithner and Bernanke's Possibly Criminal Roles in Lehman's Scandal - 16th Mar 10 - Mike_Whitney
Euro Debt Crisis, Latvia and the PIGS - 16th Mar 10 - Eric_Walberg
What Caused the Financial Crisis, Delusion or Crime? Critique of Michael Lewis- 16th Mar 10 - Danny_Schechter
It's Time to Invest in Canada- 16th Mar 10 - Martin Hutchinson
Wealthbuilder Quarterly Stock Market Brief and McDonald's MLD Stock Pick- 16th Mar 10 - Christopher_Quigley
Crude Oil Current Technical Picture- 16th Mar 10 - Adam Hewison
Misconceptions about Money and Velocity- 16th Mar 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Germany’s Place in Europe, The MittelEuropa Redux- 16th Mar 10 - STRATFOR
How Is Credit Created? What is the Best Public Banking- 16th Mar 10 - Washingtons_Blog
Will Gold Price Get Compressed?- 16th Mar 10 - Bob_Clark
What Can Movies Tell You About the Stock Market?- 16th Mar 10 - EWI
Stabilizing Tax Revenues Is this Economic Recovery Secretly Strong?- 16th Mar 10 -The Liscio Report.
Currencies and Gold Analysis- 16th Mar 10 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
PDAC and Gold Fever- 16th Mar 10 -The_Gold_Report
Feldstein and Goldman Sachs Say Buy Euro's Now - 16th Mar 10 -Dian_L_Chu
Stock Market Constructive Pullback Could Create Buying Opportunities- 16th Mar 10 -David_Grandey
Agri-Food's Stock Rotation Expectations for 2010- 16th Mar 10 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Nuclear Power Investing Critical Mass- 16th Mar 10 -Richard_Mills
Indices and Component Stocks Charts Analysis of the Week- 16th Mar 10 -Mike_Paulenoff
The Currency Markets and the Gold Price- 16th Mar 10 -Miles_Banner
The New Dumb Economic Idea: Velocity Of Money Was Driven By Securitization- 15th Mar 10 -Andrew_Butter
Stock Market S&P 500 Uptrend Concerns- 15th Mar 10 -Adam Hewison
Is The U.S. Dollar Reversing Again?- 15th Mar 10 -Adam Hewison
Strong Yuan Currency in China's Interest- 15th Mar 10 -Axel_Merk
Marc Faber Says We're All Doomed and Washington Can't Do Anything About it - 15th Mar 10 -Marc Faber
Stock Bulls Winning Market Tug of War - 15th Mar 10 -Jon D. Markman
Unemployment Continued…- 15th Mar 10 -Howard_Katz
Stock Market Bulls Remain in Control!- 14th Mar 10 -Behrouz_Fallahi
China Joins Inflation Mega-Trend, Stock Market Drifts Higher Into Resistance, Delaying Correction?- 14th Mar 10 -Nadeem_Walayat
Inflation Lessons Learned and Lessons Forgotten- 14th Mar 10 -Jim_Richter
US Retail Stocks Sector Surges. Consumer Confidence Returns - 14th Mar 10 -Donald_W_Dony
Stock Market Rally Sustainable For Another 2-3 weeks- 14th Mar 10 -Andre_Gratian
The Four Stages of the Prospective U.S. Dollar Bull Market- 14th Mar 10 -Bryan_Rich
What's Your Investment IQ?- 14th Mar 10 -Steve_Selengut
Life is Great ... But Only If You Are Already Mega-Wealthy- 14th Mar 10 -Washingtons_Blog
U.S. Financial System is On the Edge of Default- 14th Mar 10 -Bob_Chapman
The Greatest Financial Crime Ever Perpetrated, This Video Could Put Geithner Behind Bars- 14th Mar 10 -Mike_Whitney
Stock Markets Push to New Highs Despite Lingering Credit Crisis and Recession Reminders- 14th Mar 10 -Prieur_du_Plessis
Tison's Fiasco: Your Money's at Risk and You Don't Know It.- 14th Mar 10 -DailyWealth
Video on How to Day Trade Spot Gold & Stock Indexes - 14th Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
Are Crude Oil & Natural Gas about to Explode Higher?- 14th Mar 10 -Chris_Vermeulen
Gold Tumbles Into Short-term Bearish Trend, Long-term Still Bullish- 14th Mar 10 -Merv_Burak
The Giant Financial Risk You'll Never Hear About on Television- 13th Mar 10 -Matt Badiali
New ETFs: Bullion Equivalent or Metal Facade?- 13th Mar 10 -Jennifer_Barry
Marc Faber Says Cash is High Risk, U.S. Dollar Will Eventually Fall to Zero- 13th Mar 10 -Marc Faber
The Implications of Velocity of Money on the Economy- 13th Mar 10 -John_Mauldin
Paper Gold Market Is Going to Explode, Buy Physical Bullion NOW!- 13th Mar 10 -Gordon_Gekko
Back to Market Fundamentalism, How Champions of Neoliberal Economics are Reversing New Deal Economics- 13th Mar 10 -Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Stock Market Broadening Top, Time to Look for the Exit?- 13th Mar 10 -Anthony_Cherniawski
End of Keynesian Blood Sucking Parasitic Economic System- 13th Mar 10 -Gary_North
Marc Faber vs Mish on Inflation Vs Deflation- 13th Mar 10 -Mike_Shedlock
Is Gold Starting to Trade Like a Currency?- 12th Mar 10 -Sol_Palha
More Propaganda from Washington's Corporate Media Partner- 12th Mar 10 -Mike_Stathis
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