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The Best Financial Markets Analysis- May to June 2010

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

The Black-Art of Predicting Stock Market Dead Cat Bounces: One More for S&P 500? - 30th June 10 - Andrew_Butter
Gold Market Trend Review, The Bull Bear Debate - 30th June 10
20 Questions with Robert Prechter: Signs Point to Deflation - 30th June 10
Is the Gold Bull Market Complete? - 30th June 10
Defending the Slum Landlord - 30th June 10
The Economics of Great Depression Scrip - 30th June 10 - Clifford_F_Thies
China Agricultural Bank Largest IPO Ever - 30th June 10
Gold Mining Stocks on Verge of Breaking Out! - 30th June 10
Some ECB Relief But US Jobs Disappoint - 30th June 10
Gold Consolidates Near Record Highs Up 12% in Quarter; Silver Up 6% - 30th June 10
It's Time to Invest in Chile and Colombia - 30th June 10
Ferguson, Roubini vs. Krugman: Slowdown or Economic Depression for the U.S.? - 30th June 10
How Economic Policy Errors Cause Depressions - 30th June 10
War on Journalism - 30th June 10
Gulf Oil Spill Methane Release and Mass Extinction Events, How Bad Could It Get? - 30th June 10 - Washingtons_Blog
Economic Choice Between Austrian Austerity Or Keynesian Poverty - 30th June 10
The G-20 Power Grab Accelerates - 30th June 10
Gold, Oil, Spills and Chills - 29th June 10 - HRA_Advisory
Facing Debt Reality, Most of the So-called Developed World is Broke - 29th June 10 - David Galland
Is Amazon AMZN Losing it? - 29th June 10 - Adam Hewison
Big Cheap American Utilities Paying Big Dividends Part 2 - 29th June 10 - Greg Gordon
How To Handle A Bad Day In The Stock Market - 29th June 10 - David_Grandey
Keynesian Economics C + I + G = Baloney - 29th June 10 - Patrick Barron
The Social Function of Credit Default Swaps - 29th June 10 - Philipp_Bagus
Robert Prechter Answers 20 Tough Questions About Deflation - 29th June 10 - Robert Prechter
Crop Cycles and Agri-Food's Price Inelasticity - 29th June 10 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Why I'm 100% Certain the Euro Will Fall - 29th June 10 - Tom Dyson
Does This Chart Spell Doom for the Stock markets? - 29th June 10 - Adam Hewison
The China Syndrome Has Stock Markets Seeing Red - 29th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
FDIC Deposit Insurance, Yet Another Bailout for Reckless Savers and Investors? - 29th June 10 - Nilus_Mattive
Derivative Monster Alive and Kicking Despite Financial Reforms - 29th June 10 - Martin_D_Weiss
Short Squeeze in Coffee and Sugar Could Soon be Seen in Gold and Silver Market - 29th June 10 - GoldCore
How to Use Stock Options to Insure Your Holdings Against Short-Term Pullbacks - 29th June 10 - Larry D. Spears
Is it Finally Time to "Buy" Japanese Stocks? - 29th June 10 - Keith Fitz-Gerald
The 30-Year War in Afghanistan - 29th June 10 - George Friedman
Paul Krugman Warns of Depression - 29th June 10 - William_Anderson
Fractional Gold And Silver Accounts - 29th June 10 - Darryl_R_Schoon
Stock Market Downtrend Still Intact - 29th June 10 - Harry_Boxer
U.S. Housing Bear Market Second Down Leg Closer Look - 29th June 10 - John_Mauldin
Gold Miners and Explorers Face Serious Supply Problems - 29th June 10 - Brent Cook
UK ConLib Government to Use INFLATION Stealth Tax to Erode Value of Public Debt - 29th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
How do Other Nations Balance Their Trade? Try Germany - 28th June 10 - Ian_Fletcher
Gold Price Dips! - 28th June 10 - Steve_Betts
Gold Price Manipulation Prior to Options Expiration Exposed - 28th June 10 - Jason_Hamlin
Financial Markets React to G20 Confusing Conclusion - 28th June 10 - PhilStockWorld
Double Dip Economic Recession, This Chart Say's Its Guaranteed! - 28th June 10 - JD_Rosendahl
More Keynesian Clowns With Priming the Economic Pump Nonsense - 28th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
The Truth about North Korea, Contradictory Evidence About Cheonan Ship Sinking - 28th June 10 - Pravda
S&P Chart Set Up For Reaction to the G20 Austerity Summit - 28th June 10 - Mike_Paulenoff
Can Gold Cause the Boom-Bust Cycle? - 28th June 10 - Robert_Murphy
We're Nowhere Near the End of the Real Estate Houisng Bear Market - 28th June 10 - DailyWealth
An Austere G20 Impresses the Markets For Now - 28th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Gold and Crude Oil are Mandatory Investments - 28th June 10 - Larry_Edelson
The Utica Shale Natural Gas Play Revisited - 28th June 10 - Richard_Mills
U.S. Economy Mid Year Economic Forecast 2010 - 28th June 10 - Don Miller
Can Stocks Bulls Lift a Market Threatened By Economic Stimulus Uncertainty? - 28th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Fed Credit, Inflation and the Idiots in the Middle - 28th June 10 - Richard Daughty
Gold Investing, The Art Of Speculation - 28th June 10 - Howard_Katz
The Technical Traders View on Gold, SPX and Financial Sector - 28th June 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
Weekend Market Take, Those Terrible Unions, Greed is not Good and This is Theft - 27th June 10 - PhilStockWorld
The Final End of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm - 27th June 10 - Dr. Tom Termotto
UK Public Sector Workers Literally Wasting Tax Payer's Money Sitting Idle - 27th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Gold Imminent Reversal and Retreat, Stocks Bear Market Pattern Developing - 27th June 10 - Clive_Maund
Gold Price Recovery Suspect - 27th June 10 - Merv_Burak
Deepwater Drilling Gulf Of Mexico Fundamentally Flawed Protocol In Use Of Cement - 27th June 10 - Dr_Stephen_Rinehart
Let Your Stocks Tell You What To Do By The Action They Exhibit - 27th June 10 - David_Grandey
BP Gulf Oil Well Blowout May Never End - 27th June 10 - Washingtons_Blog
Is it Time to Bet Against the U.S. Dollar? - 27th June 10 - Keith Fitz-Gerald
Curious Move in United States Oil Fund USO - 27th June 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Terms of Trade Superiority at Forecasting U.S. Real GDP! - 26th June 10 - Francois_Soto
The Big Picture Following the Worst Crisis Since the Great Depression - 26th June 10 - Bryan_Rich
Congress Or Fed Too Big To Fail? - 26th June 10 - Gary_North
US Money Supply Plunges At 1930's Pace And Housing Index Dives - 26th June 10 - Sol_Palha
Gold, GLD, GDX and SLV, Does November 2009 Repeat in July 2010? - 26th June 10 - John_Townsend
Stock Market Ominous Pattern Developing - 26th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Increasing Risk of Double Dip Recession as Leading Economic Indicators Start to Turn - 26th June 10 - John_Mauldin
Industrial Production, Commodity Prices, and Inflation - 26th June 10 - Dhaval_Shah
Energy Sector Investing Update - 26th June 10 - David Galland
Rare Earth Metals Investing Explained - 26th June 10 - Jon Hykawy
Gold and Silver Preparing to Move Higher As Stocks Develop Further Bearish Confirmations - 26th June 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Gold, Silver, How High? and When? - 25th June 10 - DeepCaster_LLC
Towards a New Monetary Order - 25th June 10 - Thorsten_Polleit
Stock Market SPX Driving U.S. Dollar Trend - 25th June 10 - Zeal_LLC
U.S. Housing Market Shortage Coming, Now in the Best to to Buy, Inane Thoughts? - 25th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
BP Eventual Bankruptcy Certain - 25th June 10 - James West
British Banks Determined to Bankrupt Britain - 25th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Is The Stock Market Scaring You? Here’s What to Do! - 25th June 10 - Sean_Brodrick
Lousy U.S. Economy Pulling Rug Out From Under Housing Market - 25th June 10 - Mike_Larson
Gold’s Rise And The Dow’s Fate - 25th June 10 - Hubert_Moolman
Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: The “New Austerity” Road to Financial Serfdom - 25th June 10 - Michael_Hudson
How to Profit From Europe’s Stealth Economic Recovery - 25th June 10 - Martin Hutchinson
Crude Oil Looks Vulnerable - 25th June 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Wheat Commodity Price Tries To Find Support Once More - 25th June 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
The Case for a Second Round of Economic Stimulus - 25th June 10 - Mike_Whitney
Stock Market Technical Tipping Point Critical Bear Signal - 25th June 10 - Brian_Bloom
For the Last Time, Is Gold in a Bubble? - 25th June 10 - Jeff Clark
Chris Pikul Favors Oil Companies; Cautious on Natural Gas - 24th June 10 - Chris Pikul
Deep Water Oil The Final Frontier - 24th June 10 - Andrew_McKillop
Stock Market Thrill-Ride Thursday, Jobs or Bust! - 24th June 10 - PhilStockWorld
The Greek Plague, Sticky Wages - 24th June 10 - David_Howden
The Brilliant but Confused Radicalism of George Orwell - 24th June 10 - Jeff_Riggenbach
Sovereign Debt Worries Return to Plague Stock Markets - 24th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
ETFs for the Gold Bull Market - 24th June 10 - Ron_Rowland
Stock Market Good News, Bad News - 24th June 10 - Jay_DeVincentis
Is Alan Greenspan a National Security Risk? - 24th June 10 - Fred_Sheehan
Central Banking in Crisis, Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency - 24th June 10 - Bob_Chapman
Sovereign Debt Crisis Bad For Europe, Good For U.S. Stocks - 24th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Max Keiser Report on Financial Market Scandals - 24th June 10 - Videos
Dollar, Gold, Oil and the SP500’s Mid-Week Trading Video - 24th June 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
U.S. Home Sales Take a Big Hit - 24th June 10 - Mac_Slavo
We Cannot Afford a Double Dip Economic Recession - 24th June 10 - Alex Daley
FOMC Statement and U.S. Housing Market Post Tax Credit Fundamentals - 24th June 10 - Paul_L_Kasriel
Use Gold to Protect Purchasing Power Against Inflation - 23rd June 10 - John Doody
Path to Gold Backed Currency - 23rd June 10 - Jim_Willie_CB
Financial Crisis Asian Currency Markets Insatiability as South Korea Imposes Currency Controls - 23rd June 10 - Kavaljit Singh
Detroit is Dying, Impact of Globalization, Social Decay and Urban Destruction - 23rd June 10 - Li Onesto
Deepwater Horizon: The Worst-Case Scenario - 23rd June 10 - Richard Heinberg
Americans Worried Sick About Their Economic Future Are Barely Hanging on - 23rd June 10 - Gary_North
Nickel LME Inventories Fall Sharply, Putting Nickel Miners on Investor Radar - 23rd June 10 - Richard_Mills
China is on a buying binge that will last for many more years - 23rd June 10 - Tony_Sagami
Labor Market Dynamics, Defending the Rate Buster - 23rd June 10 - Walter Block
DJIA's 200-Day Moving Average: Will the Dow stay above or below this demarcation line? - 23rd June 10 - EWI
Which Way Wednesday - Fed Interest Rate Decision Edition - 23rd June 10 - PhilStockWorld
Bashing BP For Doing Exactly What Government Led Them to Do - 23rd June 10 - Matthew_J_Novak
Metals Industry Confidence Creeping Back as Australian Prime Minister Put on the Defensive - 23rd June 10 - Neil_Charnock
Two Leading Economic Indicators Point to Another Recession - 23rd June 10 - Claus_Vogt
Stocks Wait for US FoMC Meeting, What to Watch For… - 23rd June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Stock Market Next Two Weeks Will Set Up the Next Two Months - 23rd June 10 - Jay_DeVincentis
Euro Under Pressure Means Forex Trading Should Not be Foreign to You - 23rd June 10 - Adam Hewison
Falling Stocks, Gold, Silver and Miners - 23rd June 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
Gold Robust as Equities Fall On Concerns Over U.S. Economic Recovery and Sovereign Default Risk - 23rd June 10 - GoldCore
The Midterm Elections: No Panacea for the U.S. Economy - 23rd June 10 - Martin Hutchinson
Stock Market Head and Shoulder’s? Where's Your Money? - 23rd June 10 - JD_Rosendahl
Why Many Analysts See Gold Going As High As $10,000 - 23rd June 10 - Lorimer_Wilson
Little Surprise in U.S. Housing Market's Dive - 23rd June 10 - Andy_Sutton
A Look At Gibson's Paradox And Gold  - 23rd June 10 - Jim_Richter
Gulf Oil Spill - The Greatest Disaster Since The Flood? - 23rd June 10 - Joshua S. Burnett
Gold and the Architecture for a New World Financial System - 23rd June 10 - Professor_Emeritus
Cheap Big American Utilities Paying Big Dividends - 22nd June 10 - Greg Gordon
GasLand, Too Small To Matter - 22nd June 10 - James_Quinn
Stock Market Ominous Signs! - 22nd June 10 - Steve_Betts
Germany and Russia Move Closer - 22nd June 10 - George Friedman
Money vs Wealth - 22nd June 10 - Robert_Murphy
U.S. Global War Racket Exposed: Funding Our Enemies - 22nd June 10 - David_DeGraw
Gulf Oil Disaster Will Not Change U.S. Energy Policy - 22nd June 10 - Shamus_Cooke
European Stocks Trade Lower as Familiar Concerns Return - 22nd June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Gold Ready for Parabolic Take Off? - 22nd June 10 - Aden_Forecast
Here Comes the U.S. Housing Market Double Dip - 22nd June 10 - Justice_Litle
UK Budget 2010 Analysis, Consumers, Public Sector and Benefit Claimers to Carry the Weight - 22nd June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Gives Up New Record Nominal Highs - 22nd June 10 - GoldCore
China’s Yuan Appreciation Plan to Boost Inflation and Chinese Consumer Stocks - 22nd June 10 - Don Miller
China’s Foxconn Will Hurt the Global Economy More Than the BP Oil Spill - 22nd June 10 - Martin Hutchinson
Plundering the Planet, The earth is not dying, it is being killed - 22nd June 10 - Felicity Arbuthnot
Five Financial Crisis Disasters Ahead - 22nd June 10 - David Galland
If They Don’t Own Gold, Don’t Trust Their Opinion on Gold - 22nd June 10 - Justice_Litle
Stock Market Nasty Reversal! - 22nd June 10 - Harry_Boxer
What's the Point of Macro Events Research in Forecasting? - 22nd June 10 - John_Mauldin
What if the Chinese Let the Renminbi Float and Nothing Much Happened? - 22nd June 10 - Paul_L_Kasriel
UK Emergency Budget 2010: George Osbourne's Wage Inflation Price Spiral VAT Increase - 21st June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
North America Doesn't Need China's Rare Earth Metals - 21st June 10 - Jack Lifton
How Commodity Charts Are Reacting, or Not, to China Currency News - 21st June 10 - Mike_Paulenoff
A Classic Stock Market “Fade The Gap” Day - 21st June 10 - David_Grandey
Monday Stock Market Monetary Mark-Up - China Floats the World! - 21st June 10 - PhilStockWorld
UK Government Scraps NHS GP and Hospital Waiting Time Targets - 21st June 10 - N_Walayat
Ratio of Gold Price to Stock Market - 21st June 10 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Finding Gold in the Mainstream - 21st June 10 - Frank_Holmes
Central Banks Diversifying into Gold - 21st June 10 - GoldCore
Must Watch Stock and Commodity Market Signals - 21st June 10 - Larry_Edelson
China; Equities More Flexible Friend - 21st June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
101 Scary Thoughts about the U.S. Economy - 21st June 10 - Gary_North
U.S. Dollar Top Forecast, How to Play the Bear Side - 21st June 10 - Larry D. Spears
Four Factors to Consider Before Determining Your View on Stocks - 21st June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Systemic Crisis of the World Economy, Global Geopolitical Dislocation - 21st June 10 - GEAB
Where is the BP Gulf Oil Spill? - 21st June 10 - Washingtons_Blog
Right Time to Buy the S&P Stock Market Index? - 21st June 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
Gold Market Charting Characteristics - 21st June 10 - Howard_Katz
Consumer Deleveraging: the New “wall of worry” - 21st June 10 - Clif_Droke
Chinese Yuan Bent But Not Bowed, Trade War Still On  - 21st June 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Gold Bubble? What Bubble? - 20th June 10 - Toby_Connor
Stock Market Turning Points - 20th June 10 - Andre_Gratian
Can We “Fix” The Oil And Financial Crisis Before Its Too Late? - 20th June 10 - Danny_Schechter
Stock Market Resolves to Break Higher Leaving Bears in a State of Confusion - 20th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
How America Can Escape From Oil’s Stranglehold - 20th June 10 - David Fessler
Dow, Gold and Crude Oil Breaking Out or Just Bouncing? - 20th June 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
Cheap Natural Gas Becomes the Fuel of Choice for Power Stations - 20th June 10 - Charles_Maley
Stocks Bear Market Do or Die Time, Gold Caution - 20th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Retirement Armageddon: The Video Seminar - 20th June 10 - Gary_North
Signs of Stock Market Concern in the Economic Recovery Process - 20th June 10 - Donald_W_Dony
Robert Prechter Stocks Bear Market Long Down Wave - 20th June 10 - Robert Prechter
Gold New All Time High Lacks Momentumn - 19th June 10 - Merv_Burak
Design Considerations for a Shock-Hardened Deepwater Drilling Rig - 19th June 10 - Dr_Stephen_Rinehart
Nearly One Million US Workers Cut Off Unemployment Benefits - 19th June 10 - Patrick Martin
China Warns Obama Ahead of G20 Summit - 19th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Reasons Why American Workers Hate the State - 19th June 10 - James Petras
BP Could Survive Multiple Deepwaters But Not U.S. Bloodlust - 19th June 10 - Max Keiser
Following the Worst Crisis Since the Great Depression - 19th June 10 - Bryan_Rich
Washington Mafia's $20 Billion Shakedown of BP - 19th June 10 - Jim Davies
Deficits and Economic Growth, GDP = C + I + G + (X-M) - 19th June 10 - John_Mauldin
Gold Almost Free at Last - 19th June 10 - Brien Lundin
Stock Market Support is Now Resistance - 19th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
Economic Depression Solutions, Krugman vs. Greenspan - 19th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Inflation vs Deflation, The Winner is Gold? - 18th June 10 - Q1_Publishing
Gold Bull Market's Last Breath? Really? - 18th June 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
The Next Catastrophic Bubble to Pop Will Be Private Sector Debt - 18th June 10 - Andrew_Butter
GLD, GDX and GDXJ True Strength Index Momentum - 18th June 10 - John_Townsend
Sovereign Crisis from Economic Stimulus to Debt Austerity Snowball Effect - 18th June 10 - Mike_Larson
Gold and Silver, Precious Metals Summer Seasonal Doldrums - 18th June 10 - Zeal_LLC
Investor Profit Opportunity in the Deflation to Hyperinflation Transition - 18th June 10 - DeepCaster_LLC
Rhodium Commodity Trading Thoughts - 18th June 10 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Stock Market Choppy Recoveries and Rally Attempts - 18th June 10 - Chris_Ciovacco
Stock Markets Focused on Stress Tests And Options Expiry - 18th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Hyperinflation or Deflation? "Deficit Terrorists" Strike in the UK, USA is Next - 18th June 10 - Ellen_Brown
Trade Cycle Impact on the Market Economy - 18th June 10 - Ludwig von Mises
EXTEND & PRETEND: A Matter of National Security - 18th June 10 - Gordon_T_Long
BP Gulf Oil Spill Cost Now $22 Billion and Rising - 18th June 10 - Don Miller
How to Profit From Peak Oil as Crude Oil Prices Set to Double - 18th June 10 - Peter Krauth
The Western Way of Life is Collapsing - 18th June 10 - John_Kozy
Crude Oil Realities - 18th June 10 - Puru_Saxena
Stock Market Rally of 2009 Not likely to Be Repeated In Our Life Time - 18th June 10 - Sean Corrigan
Big Bear Markets Mean More Than Falling Stock Prices - 18th June 10 - EWI
Stock Market Stalls At Resistance - 18th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
International Energy Investing Opportunities, Carpe Cardium, Kurdistan & the North Sea - 17th June 10 - Kevin Shaw
Why Uranium Will Make Someone Rich - 17th June 10 - Dave Forest
Will China Housing Market Follow the U.S. In a Mortgage Bust? - 17th June 10 - Hans_Wagner
The Crisis of Capitalism; Why the Socialists are Wrong - 17th June 10 - David_Knox_Barker
U.S. Fights Global Debt Crisis Hangover: Getting Drunk in the Process? - 17th June 10 - Axel_Merk
Spain Clears Funding Hurdle But US Jobs Data Disappoints - 17th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Get Outside the Equity Style Box with ETFs - 17th June 10 - Ron_Rowland
Stock Barometer Analysis, Thursday's U.S. Jobless Claims Rise... - 17th June 10 - Jay_DeVincentis
UK House Prices Inflation Adjusted Long-term Trend Analysis - 17th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Flat as Coffee Surges 20% in 6 Days and Oats Surge 40% in Week - 17th June 10 - GoldCore
Spain's Financial System on the Verge of Collapse or Speculators Are Exaggerating Banks Vulnerability - 17th June 10 - Jason Simpkins
U.S. Stocks Are Hanging By a Thread – But It’s a Tough Thread - 17th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
Why Coal Prices Will Soar - 17th June 10 - Chris Mayer
Afghanistan Resoruces War For Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas - 17th June 10 - Michel_Chossudovsky
Stocks and Commodities Downtrend Could Have Ended, A Colorful View on SPX, Gold & Oil - 17th June 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
Mr. Denninger and Gold, A Rebuttal to All Fiat Money Apologists - 17th June 10 - Gordon_Gekko
Spotlight Shines on 2010 World Investment Conference - 17th June 10 - The_Gold_Report
BP Gulf Oil Well Underground Ocean Floor Blowout Disaster Concern Video - 16th June 10 - Videos
Silver, Is Now a Good Time to Buy? - 16th June 10 - Jeff Clark
Nurses are Right about the Problem, but Wrong about the Solution - 16th June 10 - Mike_Stathis
Psychology of the Copper Market, Implications for the Global Economy - 16th June 10 - Gary_Dorsch
Why You Must Invest in China, Asia - 16th June 10 - Tony_Sagami
As the Stimulus Fades U.S. Economy and Stock Market Loses Steam - 16th June 10 - Claus_Vogt
Gold, Soveriegn Risk and Austrailian Super Tax Redesign - 16th June 10 - Neil_Charnock
Gold Consolidates in All Currencies While Silver Breaks Out - 16th June 10 - GoldCore
Worried About Stocks? The U.S. Housing Market Should Be Your Real Concern - 16th June 10 - Shah Gilani
Busted Governments, Pensions and Unions - 16th June 10 - Gary_North
What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like - 16th June 10 - Richard Heinberg
Phantom Iranian Ship sails for Gaza  - 16th June 10 - Mike_Whitney
The Inflation Mega-Trend Continues With UK CPI 3.4%, RPI 5.1% - 16th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Crude Oil Technical Take Video - 15th June 10 - Adam Hewison
Big Bear Markets Mean More Than Falling Stock Prices - 15th June 10 - EWI
The U.S. Federal Government Debt and Deficit - Congressman, Heal Thyself! - 15th June 10 - Paul_L_Kasriel
End Game, Gold Investors Will be Destroyed - 15th June 10 - Shelby_H_Moore
CNBC Goes Too Far With Tag Team PIMPCO Bond Pusher El-Erian With Roubini Dr Doom - 15th June 10 - PhilStockWorld
Activity in Media Sector Lifts Stocks - 15th June 10 -PaddyPowerTrader
The Secret to Finding Winning Energy Stocks - 15th June 10 - Marin Katusa
Get Downside Stock Market Protection with Dividend Stocks - 15th June 10 - Nilus_Mattive
The Kyrgyzstan Crisis and the Russian Dilemma - 15th June 10 - Peter Zeihan
Will Afghanistan’s Commodities Mineral Wealth Bring the Nation’s Rebirth? - 15th June 10 - Jason Simpkins
Defensive Stock Market Investing: Seven Signs Your Dividend is in Trouble - 15th June 10 - Martin Hutchinson
The Criminal Legacy of Alan Greenspan - 15th June 10 - Ryan McMaken
U.S. Housing Market Crash Next leg Down Signaled by Bulging Inventory - 15th June 10 - Mike_Whitney
Government Quest to Buy Inflation, Print Baby Print - 15th June 10 - Dylan Grice
A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups - 14th June 10 - Jeffrey Kennedy
Investing in the Hydroelectric Renewable Energy Revolution - 14th June 10 - Marin Katusa
U.S. Economy Slows as States Lose Federal Stimulus Funds - 14th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
The Fractional Reserve Banking System Explained - 14th June 10 - Robert_Murphy
Gold and Commodities Technical Charts Analysis - 14th June 10 - Steve_Betts
Stock Trends Chart Analysis, Eye on Best Buy and FedEx - 14th June 10 - Mike_Paulenoff
Deflation Scare Dead Ahead - 14th June 10 - Captain_Hook
How To Trade Stocks and Indices Cup With Handle Patterns - 14th June 10 - David_Grandey
Japanese Candlesticks and The Gold Market - 14th June 10 - Adam Hewison
Stocks Start the Week on the Front Foot - 14th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
Global Financial Crisis Could Lead to World War III - 14th June 10 - Larry_Edelson
Economic Stimulus Sovereign Debt Crisis End Game - 14th June 10 - Martin_D_Weiss
BP's Gulf Of Mexico Disaster - Palinology Versus Geology - 14th June 10 - Andrew_McKillop
Options-Straddle Strategy Defensive Investing to Defeat Stock Market Volatility - 14th June 10 - Larry D. Spears
Stock Market Stuck as Investors Demand Risk Premium for Buying - 14th June 10 - Jon D. Markman
U.S. Economy Heading For the Rocks? - 14th June 10 - Gerard_Jackson
The Tea Party and the Looming Financial Cataclysm - 14th June 10 - Gary_North
Gold Bugs All Aboard the Last Train For The Coast - 14th June 10 - Howard_Katz
Deflation? Try a Tale of Two Inflations - 13th June 10 - Dian_L_Chu
Some Mining Stocks Analysis Using the True Strength Index Indicator - 13th June 10 - John_Townsend
Dow Jones, Crude Oil, Euro, Sterling and Gold Market Updates - 13th June 10 - Ajit_Singh
Two Decades Of Debt Induced Greed Unraveling into the Greater Depression - 13th June 10 - James_Quinn
Bernanke’s Bind: One Chart Reveals Gold’s Next Move - 13th June 10 - Q1_Publishing
Stocks SP500 Index, Crude Oil and Gold Trading at Resistance Levels - 13th June 10 - Chris_Vermeulen
Gulf Oil Spill Could Spark Agri-Food's Wheat Commodity Ethanol Demand - 13th June 10 - Ned_W_Schmidt
Gold Going to Parabolic Top of $10,000 by 2012 For Good Reasons - 13th June 10 - Lorimer_Wilson
Is Deflation in the United States Possible? - 13th June 10 - Frank_Shostak
Open Letter to President Obama Re: BP Gulf Oil Spill Solution - 13th June 10 - T_Anthony_Michael
Stock Market Internals Are Pre Crash Unhealthy, Sitting on a Precipice - 13th June 10 - Robert_McHugh_PhD
Is the Stock Market Trend Ready to Repeat Itself? - 13th June 10 - JD_Rosendahl
Stock Market Investor Sentiment: Lack Of Conviction? - 13th June 10 - Guy_Lerner
Is There Really a Debt Crisis? - 13th June 10 - Clif_Droke
Stock Market Bulls Watch for a Higher High Whilst Bears Growl For New Lows - 13th June 10 - Nadeem_Walayat
Crude Oil Stocks Sector Buy Signal - 12th June 10 - Jeff Clark
Abolish Publish Schools, a $600+ Billion Spending Cut - 12th June 10 - Gary_North
Seven U.S. State Pension Plans Out of Money by 2020 - 12th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
The U.S. Dollar’s Bull Market Is Just Getting Started! - 12th June 10 - Bryan_Rich
Investors Face Long-term Structural Changes of Lower Growth, Higher Volatility and Unemployment - 12th June 10 - Jonathan Tepper
Stocks Shrugging off Bad News Attempt a Rebound - 12th June 10 - Anthony_Cherniawski
BP Criminal Negligence and the US Culture of Crime and Punishment - 12th June 10 - Andrew_Butter
Buy Gold Bullion, Royalties and Juniors - 11th June 10 - Adrian Day
Gold Major Top? - 11th June 10 - Przemyslaw_Radomski
World Spotlight on South Africa - 11th June 10 - Frank_Holmes
Why Won't the Global Debt Crisis Die, and With it Gold? - 11th June 10 - David Galland
The Monetary or Circulation-Credit Theory of the Trade Cycle - 11th June 10 - MISES
Attacking Eurozone Core, USD Index and Swiss Knife - 11th June 10 - Ashraf_Laidi
In-Disposable Income and The Long Road out of Debt - 11th June 10 - HRA_Advisory
How to Survive Deflation, Important Warnings From Robert Prechter - 11th June 10 - Robert Prechter
Oil Stocks Deeply Oversold, Investor Buying Opportunity - 11th June 10 - Zeal_LLC
After Government Economic Stimulus - 11th June 10 - Andy_Sutton
MoneyFacts Best UK Personal Finance Provider Awards of 2010 - 11th June 10 - MoneyFacts
Sovereign Contagion Spreads to UK, Britain's Debt Facade Cracking - 11th June 10 - Mike_Larson
Stock Markets Cautious After A Big Up Day - 11th June 10 - PaddyPowerTrader
The Stocks Bulls and Bears Battle - 11th June 10 - Adam Hewison
Crude Oil Investing and Forecast Mid 2010 Update - 11th June 10 - Larry D. Spears
How to Cure Western Bankers of Bad Bankster Behavior - 11th June 10 - Martin Hutchinson
Brazil BRIC Economic Growth and China Retail Sales Analysis - 11th June 10 - Dhaval_Shah
Gold Gains as Risk Trade Back on Despite Sovereign Debt and Banking System Stress - 11th June 10 - GoldCore
China Trade War Threat, Who's Fault is it? - 11th June 10 - Mike_Shedlock
Is Gold Still a Buy and If So, Where? - 11th June 10 - Seven_Days_Ahead
PONZI Finance Recipe for Economic Catastrophe, Gold Not a Bubble - 11th June 10 - Ty_Andros
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