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The Best Financial Markets Analysis - Oct to Dec 2009

The Market Oracle site publishes several hundred articles per month, and thus it can be difficult for site visitors to reach the real gems that deserve special attention. Therefore this section features a selection of the best of recent articles posted on this site.

Presidential Cycle Impact on the Stock Market 2010- 31st Dec 09 -Sy_Harding
Are You Ready for a Stock Marke Crash of 2010?- 31st Dec 09 -Oakshire_Financial
Global Financial Crisis, Globalization and the Economy in 2010- 31st Dec 09 -Ty_Andros
Inflationary Pause Before the Deflationary Collapse- 31st Dec 09 -Janet_Tavakoli
UK Economy GDP Growth Forecast 2010 and 2011, The Stealth Election Boom- 31st Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Why I am Bullish on India Economy and Stock Market 2010- 31st Dec 09 -G_Abraham
China's 2010 Gold Rush- 31st Dec 09 -Adrian_Ash
All Fiat Currencies Will Continue to Fall Against Gold - 31st Dec 09 - Bob_Chapman
Is the U.S. Housing Market Recovery for Real?- 31st Dec 09 -Martin Hutchinson
The Peak Oil Lie, Petroleum is Plentiful- 31st Dec 09 -George_Giles
Year End Commodity and ETF Trend Trading Signals- 31st Dec 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds At Risk Following Fannie and Freddie Debt Monetization- 31st Dec 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Vote for the Best Financial Markets Analysis of 2009- 30th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
United States Debt Ridden Road to Perdition- 30th Dec 09 -James_Quinn
Gold and Silver Stocks Bottom or Downtrend Pause?- 30th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
2010 Perils and Potential Profits as Hyperinflation Nears- 30th Dec 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Marc Faber on What to Expect for Financial Markets 2010 - 30th Dec 09 - Marc Faber
JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs Trillions Deep In Derivatives or Dumbed-Down Reporting?- 30th Dec 09 -Rob_Kirby
Bank of England Quantitative Easing Gilts Market Smoke and Mirrors Dangerous Game- 30th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
2009 a Bullish Year for Stock and Commodity markets, 2010 Debt Monster Looms- 30th Dec 09 -Aden_Forecast
Stock Market, Commodity and Dollar Forecasts for 2010 - 30th Dec 09 -Tony_Sagami
Low Volume Stocks Bear Market Rally and the Real Estate Bust 2010- 30th Dec 09 -Claus_Vogt
Stock Market Trend Signs of Weakness- 30th Dec 09 -Jay_DeVincentis
Financial Reform Just Camouflage for Wall Street’s Latest Power Play- 30th Dec 09 -Shah Gilani
Are Stock Market Sentiment Indicators Useless?- 30th Dec 09 -Guy_Lerner
China Leads the Way to Strong Global Economic Growth 2010 and Beyond - 30th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Top Contrarian Investor’s Big Bet for 2010- 29th Dec 09 -Q1_Publishing
U.S. Dollar and Gold Trends into 201- 29th Dec 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
U.S. Dollar, Gold Stocks and Inflation 2010- 29th Dec 09 -Captain_Hook
U.S. Dollar Collapse 2012- 29th Dec 09 -Christopher_Laird
John Hussman Says Stock Market Bulls Dancing on the Edge of a Cliff- 29th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Understanding the Global Warming Hoax- 29th Dec 09 -James_P_Hogan
Falling Dollar to Benefit Foreign Dividend Stocks During 2010- 29th Dec 09 -Nilus_Mattive
Stock Market Remains in Buy Mode Going into Year End- 29th Dec 09 -Jay_DeVincentis
U.S. Economic Disaster Worse Than Weimar or Zimbabwe- 29th Dec 09 -Doug Casey
Stock Market Forecast 2010- 29th Dec 09 -Jon D. Markman
Why is the U.S. Dollar Rising, Treasury Bond Market Failure 2010?- 29th Dec 09 -G_Abraham
Agri-Food's Investing to Profit From China and India Economic and Consumer Growth- 29th Dec 09 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Budget Deficit Cutting Solutions to Britain's Debt Crisis- 29th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Labour's 10 Year Economic Boom Evaporated into an Even Bigger Bust - 28th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Marc Faber Discusses U.S. Dollar, Stocks, Inflation 2010 - 28th Dec 09 - Video
Astonishing Inflation Data from the BLS- 28th Dec 09 - Larry_Edelson
U.S. Democrats Subverting Iranian Peoples Revolution- 28th Dec 09 - Shamus_Cooke
U.S. Treasury Bond Market Crash Not Stocks the Big Story of 2010- 28th Dec 09 - Graham_Summers
The Most Redeeming Feature of Capitalism is Failure- 28th Dec 09 - Mike_Shedlock
The World According to Gold - 28th Dec 09 - Midas_Letter
Gold to Recover, New Bull Trend Into 2010? - 28th Dec 09 - Merv_Burak
Stock Market Seasonal Trend, Real or a Myth?- 28th Dec 09 - Sy_Harding
John Cassidy Fails in His Critique of the Financial Markets- 28th Dec 09 - Robert_Murphy
Democracy the Supreme Object of Adoration as a Global Religion- 28th Dec 09 - Robert_Higgs
Iraq Crude Oil Output to Rival Saudi Arabia, if…- 28th Dec 09 - OilPrice_Com
Why Gold Will be the “Greatest Trade Ever”- 28th Dec 09 - Peter Krauth
A Year on From Financial System Collapse, Something is Not Quite Right- 28th Dec 09 - Bill Moyers
Stock Index Analysis for S&P and Nasdaq- 28th Dec 09 - Behrouz_Fallahi
Gold Pullback to Support, A Historic Perspective- 28th Dec 09 - Howard_Katz
Gold, Crude Oil and Stock Index Trading into January 2010- 27th Dec 09 - Chris_Vermeulen
American Capital Agency Corp Dynamic Dividend Stock Investing- 27th Dec 09 -Jay_DeVincentis
Silver Showing Positive Bullish Developments- 27th Dec 09 -Clive_Maund
Gold Technical Picture Brightens- 27th Dec 09 -Clive_Maund
UK CPI Inflation Forecast 2010, Imminent and Sustained Spike Above 3% - 27th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
China On the Verge of a Freat Crash and Its Impact on Crude Oil Price- 27th Dec 09 -Dr. Raju M. Mathew
S&P500 Stock Market Rally and Forecast 2010- 27th Dec 09 -MarketTimingCycles
UK Interest Rate Being Kept Artificially Low For Bank Profiteering- 27th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
UK House Prices Continue 2010 Debt Fuelled Election Bounce- 26th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Gold The Greatest Currency Trade of the Millennium - 26th Dec 09 -Chris Weber
Gold and Silver Forecast Update - 26th Dec 09 -G_Abraham
End of Year Stock Market Portfolio Rebalancing 101 - 26th Dec 09 -Zeal_LLC
Global Markets Face Rising Risk of a 2010 Double Dip Recession- 26th Dec 09 -Bryan_Rich
Krugman’s Keynesian Christmas Carol- 26th Dec 09 -William_Anderson
British Pound GBP Forecast 2010 Targets Drop to Below £/$1.40- 26th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
UK Unemployment, Claimant Count Drop Surprises Academic Economists- 26th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Fragile U.S. Economy Under Increasing Stress from Escalating Afghanistan War- 25th Dec 09 -Sherwood Ross
The Economic Crisis Ends 2009, the Political Crisis Begins 2010- 25th Dec 09 -Shamus_Cooke
Does Economics Deserve a Nobel Prize?- 25th Dec 09 -Michael Hudson
Global Food Crisis 2010 Means Financial Armageddon- 25th Dec 09 -Eric_deCarbonnel
2009 The Year of the Stocks Stealth Bull Market- 25th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
UK Retail Sales Signal Debt Fuelled Election Consumer Boom- 25th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
UK Boxing Day and Christmas Holiday Sales List, Shop for Recession Bargains- 24th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
UK Inflation Analysis, M4 Money Supply Adjusted for the Velocity of Money- 24th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Motley Fool Says Ignore Stock Market Forecasts and Predictions for 2010, But...- 24th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Broad Social Trends Driving Global Financial Crisis and Economy 2010- 24th Dec 09 -Ty_Andros
Selling You with Baseball Legends and the Buffett Name- 24th Dec 09 -Mike_Stathis
Faber Says Watch US vs. China Great Powers Game Play During 2010- 24th Dec 09 - Marc Faber
Stuff Your Stocks Portfolio Stocking With Micro-Cap ETFs- 24th Dec 09 -Ron_Rowland
Financial Markets and Economic Forecasts 2010, Recovery or More Crisis?- 24th Dec 09 -William_R_Thomson
The Top Five Natural Gas Companies to Watch During 2010- 24th Dec 09 -Kent Moors, Ph.D
Good Time For Investors To Get Back Into Gold And Mining Stocks?- 24th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
The Zero Interest Rate Corner, Costs and Isolation 2010- 24th Dec 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
10 Days of Stock Indexes and Commodities- 24th Dec 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Labour Government Ends 2009 With Britain's Greatest Economic Depression- 24th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Pockets of Promise in Natural Gas and Crude Oil- 23rd Dec 09 -Porter Stansberry
Stock Market Portfolio Risk Management - 23rd Dec 09 -Hans_Wagner
‘Tis the Season for Gold’s (False) Hope- 23rd Dec 09 -J_Derek_Blain
Bernanke's Flawed Understanding of Economic Theory- 23rd Dec 09 -Frank_Shostak
Will the U.S. Dollar Rally End the Gold and Silver Bull Market?- 23rd Dec 09 -Julian_DW_Phillips
Intellectually Bankrupt Mainstream Press Awards Bernanke Person of the Year - 23rd Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Bernanke, Time’s Person of the Year Drives the Debt Crisis Spiral- 23rd Dec 09 - Claus_Vogt
Robert Prechter on Socionomics and Elliott Wave Theory- 23rd Dec 09 - EWI
Brace Yourself For a Hard Economic Landing- 23rd Dec 09 - Mike_Whitney
U.S. 2 Million Troop, $1 Trillion Death Machine- 23rd Dec 09 - Rick_Rozoff
Dr. Keynes's U.S. Health Care Prescription- 23rd Dec 09 - Gary_North
Will Gold Bullion Investors Become Enemies of the State?- 23rd Dec 09 - Adam_Brochert
Obamas Healthcare Reform Spells Disaster for Americans (Part 1)- 23rd Dec 09 - Mike_Stathis
China Secures Natural Gas From Turkmenistan, Who's the real winner?- 23rd Dec 09 - OilPrice_Com
Why Crude Oil Isn’t Safe For Individual Investors- 23rd Dec 09 - Graham_Summers
The Long Decline of the U.S. Economy- 21st Dec 09 -John_Kozy
Stock Market Myths Exposed - 21st Dec 09 -EWI
Gold Forecast 2010- 21st Dec 09 -Ned_W_Schmidt
Gold Investing is Speculation on the Certainty of the Debasement of the Currency- 21st Dec 09 -Chris Mayer
Is Dr Perma Doom, Marc Faber Wrong on the Economic Collapse?- 21st Dec 09 - Video
Marc Faber on Economic Armageddon and the Collapse of Capitalism- 21st Dec 09 - Video
U.S. Debt Totals $133 Trillion, China Prime Beneficiary of Fed Money Printing- 21st Dec 09 - Larry_Edelson
U.S. Government Caught in a Lie on Bogus Jobs Data - 21st Dec 09 - Captain_Hook
Is the Economic Stimulus Recovery Party Over?- 21st Dec 09 - Q1_Publishing
Holiday Season Good for Oil Stocks- 21st Dec 09 - Frank_Holmes
Government Reports Reveal Economy Faces Unprecedented Risk of Rising Interest Rates- 21st Dec 09 - Martin_D_Weiss
Krugman Falls into the Keynesian National Income Accounting Trap- 21st Dec 09 - Robert_Murphy
Reliving the Stock Market Crash of 1929- 21st Dec 09 - Murray_N_Rothbard
The Credit Crisis is Not Over- 21st Dec 09 - Bob_Chapman
Obama's Planned 400% Excise Rip Off Tax- 21st Dec 09 - Michael_S_Rozeff
U.S. Economic Recovery Presents New Investment Profit Opportunities For 2010- 21st Dec 09 - Jon D. Markman
How to Respond to the Inevitable Stock Market Crash in 2010 - 21st Dec 09 - Theo Casey
Stocks Bear Market Rally Inflection Point and Dollar Rally Impact on Gold- 21st Dec 09 - Douglas_V._Gnazzo
The Fed, A Weapon of Monetary Destruction- 21st Dec 09 - LewRockwell
Gold Bugs Cheer Up, Happy Days Are Coming - 21st Dec 09 -Howard_Katz
Gold, Hot Commodities and the Major Indexes Trend Trading- 21st Dec 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
U.S. Economy Faces a Very Unhappy New Year 2010- 21st Dec 09 -Gerard_Jackson
Gold Futures Trading Multi Time Frame Trends Update into 2010- 21st Dec 09 -Patrice_V_Johnson
IPO Basics, Some Things to Consider Before Buying- 20th Dec 09 -Jay_DeVincentis
U.S. Dollar Breakout Means Gold Has a Lot Further to Fall- 20th Dec 09 -Clive_Maund
Silvers Failure to Breakout Means Get Out or Get Reamed- 20th Dec 09 -Clive_Maund
Stocks Bear Market Rally Last Thrust Higher?- 20th Dec 09 -Andre_Gratian
Gold GLD and Oil USO ETF BubbleOmics Mis-pricing- 20th Dec 09 -Andrew_Butter
Stock Market Dumb Money Indicator Says Investors are Extremely Bullish- 20th Dec 09 -Guy_Lerner
U.S. Dollar Grinds Higher after Convincing Breakout- 20th Dec 09 -Mark_Brown
Key Financial Markets and Economic Forecasts for 2010 and Beyond - 20th Dec 09 -Akhil_Khanna
Stock Market, Commodities and Economic Forecasts 2010- 20th Dec 09 -Sean_Brodrick
Afghanistan, World's Longest War Has Only Just Begun- 20th Dec 09 -Rick_Rozoff
Has the U.S. Dollar Bottomed?- 20th Dec 09 -Bryan_Rich
Euro Single Currency and the Pseudo Gold Standard- 20th Dec 09 -Phill_Tomlinson
Gold Disaster Ahead?- 20th Dec 09 -Merv_Burak
Stock Market Update- 19th Dec 09 -Tim_Wood
2010 The Year of Debt Deleveraging- 19th Dec 09 -John_Mauldin
Gold Beware Detour Dead Ahead- 19th Dec 09 -Ronald_Rosen
Revising U.S. Q4 Economic Growth Higher but 2010 Will Still Be Weak- 19th Dec 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
The Greatest Outpouring of Money and Credit from Central Banks and Governments in History- 19th Dec 09 -Bob_Chapman
Bankruptcy and Fiscal Collapse,Global Economic Crisis Tipping Point Forecast for Spring 2010- 19th Dec 09 -LEAP/E2020
Why Copenhagen COP15 Failed- 19th Dec 09 -Shamus_Cooke
Financial Crisis 2008-2009, The Seeds of the Credit Crunch- 19th Dec 09 -Akhil_Khanna
Goodbye to Stock Market Santa Rally?- 19th Dec 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
Financial Markets 2010 Scenario's Building - 19th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
S&P500 Stock Market Consolidation Continues- 19th Dec 09 -Donald_W_Dony
Gold Bull Market Is Nowhere Near the Top- 19th Dec 09 -The_Gold_Report
Academic Economists and Futurologists Make Worthless Forecasts 2010- 19th Dec 09 -Douglas_French
World Wide Economic Depression, Maybe Its Time to Become a Farmer?- 18th Dec 09 -Charles_Maley
Ebeneezer Scrooge Hero Not Villain- 18th Dec 09 -Butler_Shaffer
U.S. Dollar Rally for Real? - 18th Dec 09 -Sy_Harding
Gold and Silver Correct But What If The Stock Market Really Plunges? - 18th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Financial Markets Profit Opportunities and Wealth Destroyers in 2010- 18th Dec 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Gold HUI Stocks Recovery- 18th Dec 09 -Zeal_LLC
Crumbling U.S. Treasury Bond Market Suggests Spike in Interest Rates 2010- 18th Dec 09 -Mike_Larson
How to Profit From Russia's New Oil Boom- 18th Dec 09 -Kent Moors
Is the NASDAQ Stock Market Index Running Out of Steam?- 18th Dec 09 -Adam Hewison
As the Dow Stocks Index Goes, So Goes the Country - 18th Dec 09 -Adam Hewison
Social Credit and Meta-Feudalism- 18th Dec 09 -Christopher_Quigley
China Facing Economic, Financial and Stock Market Crash Scenario- 18th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
US Dollar Bulls Stirring, But Not Yet Wide Awake- 18th Dec 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
UK Government Bonds, Gilts On Edge of Bear Market Triggers- 18th Dec 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
Gold Price Pullback Looks Set to Continue- 18th Dec 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
The Debt Time Bomb- 18th Dec 09 -Puru_Saxena
Global Dimming Impact on Climate Change- 18th Dec 09 -David Sington
Is Obama Preparing for War in South America?- 18th Dec 09 -Mike_Whitney
What Motivates U.S. Home Owners in High Mortgage Negative Equity Properties to Stay Put?- 18th Dec 09 -Tim_Iacono
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast 2010- 18th Dec 09 -Keith Schaefer
Agricultural Food Production and Arable Land and Water Trends- 17th Dec 09 -Charles_Maley
Audit The Fed, Then Abolish It- 17th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Mega-Cap Stocks ETF's For the Bluest of Blue Chip Investing 2010- 17th Dec 09 -Ron_Rowland
A New World War for a New World Order, The Origins of World War III- 17th Dec 09 -Andrew_G_Marshall
Times, Bernanke Joins a Long List of Infamous Underachievers- 17th Dec 09 -Martin Hutchinson
Gold Enters Silly Season Trading Zone- 17th Dec 09 -Adam Hewison
Crude Oil Headed Lower? - 17th Dec 09 -Adam Hewison
Has the U.S. Dollar Bottomed?- 17th Dec 09 -Adam Hewison
U.S. Takes a Significant Step Towards War with Iran- 17th Dec 09 -Dr_Ron_Paul
Austrian Economists WIn, Keynesians and Friedmanians the Big Intellectual Losers- 17th Dec 09 -Gary_North
Gulf Monetary Union to Launch Petro Currency, What Does It Mean?- 17th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Stocks and Commodities Christmas and New Year Trading Trends- 17th Dec 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Time Magazine's Kiss of Death to You!- 17th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Political Decision Making Process Guarantees Much Higher Gold Prices- 17th Dec 09 -Lorimer_Wilson
Gold Beginning of the Current Cycle to $2,000- 17th Dec 09 -David_Morgan
Gold Price Meteoric Rise Cannot Be Stemmed by Central Bank Agreements- 17th Dec 09 -John_Browne
Chicken Little Nouriel Roubini Says Gold Apparently Has No Intrinsic Value?- 17th Dec 09 -Adrian_Ash
China's Strong Impact on Precious Metals, But Silver Yet to Bottom- 17th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
U.S. Housing Market Will Continue to Suffer in 2010- 16th Dec 09 -Oakshire_Financial
Stock Market S&P 500 Price Earnings Forecast 2010 to 2011- 16th Dec 09 -Hans_Wagner
Could the Fed Hike U.S. Interest Rates Sooner than Expected?- 16th Dec 09 -Gary_Dorsch
Rise and Fall in Dubai, An Austrian Economics Perspective- 16th Dec 09 -Fernando_Ulrich
Rules for Making Stock Market Profits in the Next Decade- 16th Dec 09 -Tony_Sagami
Why You Should Expect U.S. Interest Rates to Rise Soon- 16th Dec 09 -Claus_Vogt
Oil Companies that Won Iraq Crude Oil Bids - 16th Dec 09 -Jason Simpkins
Paper Fiat Currencies Trampoline Jumping- 16th Dec 09 -Adam_Brochert
Gold Price Crash, Deja Vu All Over Again- 16th Dec 09 -Bob_Clark
The Inflation Mega-trend and the Illusion of Price Deflation- 16th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
U.S. Dollar Hedging Strategy Using Golden Commodity Currencies - 15th Dec 09 -The_Gold_Report
Deflation or Inflation, Which Lurks Around the Corner?- 15th Dec 09 -Jeff_Clark
The Not So Orthodox Broadening Stock Market Top- 15th Dec 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
UK CPI Inflation Soars as RPI Deflation Comes to an Abrupt End- 15th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Gold Correction Targeting and Inter-market Dynamics- 15th Dec 09 -Douglas_V._Gnazzo
How Washington Will Mess with Your Money in 2010- 15th Dec 09 -Martin Hutchinson
Sovereign Government Debt Defaults Come Full Circle- 15th Dec 09 -Jim_Willie_CB
Gold Near-Term Trend Analysis and Forecast- 15th Dec 09 -Jordan_Roy_Byrne
U.S. Investor End of Year Tax Loss Harvesting and Other Strategies- 15th Dec 09 -Nilus_Mattive
Gold and Related Silver and Stock Ratio Analysis- 15th Dec 09 -David_Petch
Buying a House – A Risky Proposition?- 15th Dec 09 -Axel_Merk
Historic Bull Run in Bonds Points to Higher Prices for U.S. Stocks in 2010- 15th Dec 09 -Jon D. Markman
Gold Shares Buying Opportunity, Investors Back Up the Truck Now- 15th Dec 09 -Neil_Charnock
Gold Gives Back Bounce Despite Risk of Government Debt Defaults- 15th Dec 09 - Adrian_Ash
Economic Contraction will Continue in 2010 - 15th Dec 09 - Brian_Bloom
Don't Blame the Federal Reserve for Prescience of Financial Crisis- 15th Dec 09 - Stephen_Mauzy
Investor Long-Term U.S. Stock Bond Portfolio Allocation Results- 15th Dec 09 - Richard_Shaw
U.S. Housing Underwater, Securitized, and Screwed by the "Pass the Trash" Strategy- 15th Dec 09 - Mike_Shedlock
U.S. Dollar, Commodities and Emerging Market Trend Forecasts for 2010- 14th Dec 09 - John_Mauldin
Agri-Food's and the Global Warming Research Dollars Ponzi Scam - 14th Dec 09 - Ned_W_Schmidt
The Cult of Stock Market Investor Non-participation- 14th Dec 09 - Clif_Droke
Warning The Great Credit Expansion Financial Market Trend of 2009 Is About to End- 14th Dec 09 - Q1_Publishing
Trendy Markets- 14th Dec 09 -HRA_Advisory
Robert Prechter Getting Desperate for Deflation, Martin Armstrong’s Revenge Revisited- 14th Dec 09 -Captain_Hook
American Fractionalized Banking Madness- 14th Dec 09 -Douglas_French
China as a Nuclear Power Play- 14th Dec 09 -Romeo Dator
How to Profit Goldman Sachs Evil Genius- 14th Dec 09 -Jon D. Markman
Gold Bounces off Four Week Low- 14th Dec 09 -Adrian_Ash
S&P 500 Trend Analysis, Techies Holding the Market Back- 14th Dec 09 - Behrouz_Fallahi
Stephen Roach Vs Mike Shedlock on Fed's Easy Money Exit Strategy- 14th Dec 09 - Mike_Shedlock
U.S. Economy Forecast 2010, The Year of Severe Economic Contraction- 14th Dec 09 - Mike_Whitney
America's Race to the Bottom- 14th Dec 09 - David Michael Green
Malalai Joya's Afghanistan Solution Withdraw All Foreign Troops- 14th Dec 09 - Mike_Whitney
U.S. Economy Looking Very Sick Indeed- 14th Dec 09 - Gerard_Jackson
Gold Inflation Big Picture- 14th Dec 09 - Howard_Katz
Where Next for the Stock Market, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil? - 14th Dec 09 - Chris_Vermeulen
Orange Juice Futures 2010 Commodity Trade Setup- 14th Dec 09 - Patrice_V_Johnson
Stock Bullish Trend Turning Sideways- 13th Dec 09 - Peter_Navarro
Gold Approaching Important Support and U.S. Dollar Bullish Wedge Pattern- 13th Dec 09 - Clive_Maund
Nassim Taleb, Time to Nationalize US Banking System - 13th Dec 09 - Nassim Taleb
Financial and Commodity Bubbles Everywhere?- 13th Dec 09 -Charles_Maley
Agriculture Investing, Everybody Has to Eat- 13th Dec 09 -Charles_Maley
U.S. Housing Market, All Bubbles Pop, No Matter What Color They Are- 13th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Stock Market Santa Rally and Election Weapons of Mass Deception - 13th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Most Accurate Financial Market and Economic Forecasts of 2009 - 12th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Financial, Economic and Climate Crisis Ushering In Brave New World 2009 - 12th Dec 09 -James_Quinn
What Could Lift the U.S. Dollar?- 12th Dec 09 -Bryan_Rich
New Derivatives Regulation Is Weaker Than Current, Resulting in Greater Destabilisation of Economy- 12th Dec 09 -Washingtons_Blog
Gold Correction, When Will it Bottom?- 12th Dec 09 -Merv_Burak
Sell Your Gold Only IF You Want to Lose Money! - 12th Dec 09 -Sean_Brodrick
Obama Calls for More Leverage and More Debt On Path Towards Financial Ruin- 12th Dec 09 -Bob_Chapman
Bernanke's Faux Economic Recovery - 12th Dec 09 -Mike_Whitney
Jim Rogers Says Gold Not a Bubble, Silver a Better Buy- 12th Dec 09
Dubai Debt Default, Jones La Salle and RICS Property Valuation Track Record- 12th Dec 09 -Andrew_Butter
The Statistical Economic Recovery and Double Dip Recession- 12th Dec 09 - John_Mauldin
Where is the Stock Market Santa Rally?- 12th Dec 09 -Anthony_Cherniawski
Barack Obama Ensures a Long Economic Depression - 11th Dec 09 -Benjamin_Weingarten
Safeguarding Our Future Supply of Rare Earth Metals- 11th Dec 09 -Jack Lifton
Gold is Money in Extreme Times, Have They Now Arrived?- 11th Dec 09 -Julian_DW_Phillips
A Hot Future for Geothermal Energy - 11th Dec 09 -Marin_Katusa
Gold Brutal Sell off Over or Just Beginning?- 11th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Gold and the Last Real American Dollar- 11th Dec 09 -Bill_Downey
Middle Class Debt and Economic Outrage, Solutions, and The Financial Markets- 11th Dec 09 -DeepCaster_LLC
Robert Prechter, What Really Moves the Stock Market- 11th Dec 09 -Robert Prechter
GLD ETF and Fake Gold Conspiracy Theories- 11th Dec 09 -Zeal_LLC
China Buying Gold, The Big Story- 11th Dec 09 -Adrian_Ash
Nuclear Power, the Real Money to be Made in Copenhagen Conference- 11th Dec 09 -Q1_Publishing
Debt and the Blowout Federal Deficit, Economic Review of 2009- 11th Dec 09 -Andy_Sutton
Sovereign Debt Defaults the Next Shoe to Drop? - 11th Dec 09 -Mike_Larson
Gold and Crude Oil Seasonal Analysis- 11th Dec 09 -John_Winston
Thanks to the Fed We Live in a Crystal Meth Economy- 11th Dec 09 -David_Calderwood
Sterling’s Politics v the U.S. Dollar and the Euro- 11th Dec 09 -Seven_Days_Ahead
U.S. Treasury Bonds Interest Rate Yield Curve Steepest Since 1980- 11th Dec 09 -Mike_Shedlock
Are GLD and SLV ETFs Good Proxies for Gold and Silver Bullion Investing? - 11th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
ETF's To Buy, Sell, or Hold- 10th Dec 09 -Guy_Lerner
All That’s Gold Does Not Shine- 10th Dec 09 -Richard_Shaw
Cap and Trade, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Price Trends- 10th Dec 09 -Jennings Capital
U.S. Housing Market Equity Cushions and Impact of Negative Equity- 10th Dec 09 -Tim_Iacono
Bernanke Blamed, U.S. Economy Lost Revenues and Inflation /Deflation Fears- 10th Dec 09 -Paul_L_Kasriel
Know Your ETF Sponsors, iShares, SSgA, Vanguard, PowerShares, ProShares and Van Eck- 10th Dec 09 -Ron_Rowland
The Hottest Places to Invest in 2010- 10th Dec 09 -Martin Hutchinson
The Power of The Theory of Money and Credit- 10th Dec 09 -Douglas_French
European Monetary System Crisis, Debt Show Down in Athens- 10th Dec 09 -Mike_Whitney
Gold Price Top Indicated by Record Trading Volume- 10th Dec 09 -Miles_Banner
UK Pre-General Election Pre-Budget Report- 10th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Commodities ETF Trading Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas - 10th Dec 09 -Chris_Vermeulen
Mexico At War with the Drug Cartels - 10th Dec 09 -STRATFOR
Larry Summers is Steering U.S. Economy Towards Structural Adjustment - 9th Dec 09 -Mike_Whitney
Should the Weakness in The Silver-to-Gold Ratio Make You Worried? - 9th Dec 09 -Przemyslaw_Radomski
Socialist Debt Crisis Greece Puts Pressure on ECB For Bailout - 9th Dec 09 -Mike_Whitney
Ten Facts and Ten Myths About Climate Change and Global Warming- 9th Dec 09 -Prof_Robert_Carter
The Multi-Billion Trade in Carbon Derivatives, Copenhagen's Hidden Agenda- 9th Dec 09 -Washingtons_Blog
The Economic Curse of Good Government- 9th Dec 09 -William_Anderson
Gold Gets Hit Hard, Goldbugs Buying Opportunity or Time to Panic?- 9th Dec 09 -Claus_Vogt
Aristophanes on Inflation- 9th Dec 09 -Clifford_F_Thies
Stock Market Investing Too Late to Buy, Too Early to Sell - 9th Dec 09 -Q1_Publishing
Natural Gas Outlook 2010- 9th Dec 09 -Hans_Wagner
Hedge Fund Titan John Paulson Bullish on Bonds and Equities, Inflation Concerns Remain- 9th Dec 09 -Trader_Mark
Have We Avoided the Economic Depression Many Feared? - 9th Dec 09 -Mac_Slavo
Stock and Financial Market Forecasts 2009 Awards Vote - 9th Dec 09 - Nadeem_Walayat
The Secrets to Successful Market Investment Entry and Exit Timing- 9th Dec 09 -Shah Gilani
Alistair Darling's UK Pre-Budget Report Full Text- 9th Dec 09 - Alistair Darling
Global Warming Climagate Illustrates Lying Academics for the State- 9th Dec 09 - Gary_North
Government Socialist Intervention and the Distortion of Capital- 9th Dec 09 - Frederic_Bastiat
Alistair Darling's UK Election Give Away Budget Crippled by Debt and Liabilities - 8th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Bankrupting Britain's AAA Credit Rating at Risk- 8th Dec 09 -Nadeem_Walayat
Hedge Against Hyperinflation, Hard Assets Should Continue to Appreciate During 2010- 8th Dec 09 -The_Gold_Report
Canadian Gold Junior Mining Stocks Soar, Should You Buy Now?- 8th Dec 09 -Jeff_Clark
Shanghai’s Stock Market Not A Bubble, SSE Targets 4000 - 8th Dec 09 -Andrew_Butter
World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest - 8th Dec 09 - F_William_Engdahl
Q&A with Eric Coffin on Gold and Base Metals Exploration Companies - 8th Dec 09 -HRA_Advisory
Why Do Traders Lose? Five Five Fatal Flaws of Trading- 8th Dec 09 - EWI
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